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SearchThisVideo: OUTCAST SECOND CONTACT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary (PC)

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Watch video at 00:00

in the discovery of the superstring

spear which stated that an elementary

particle that is 10 to the negative 35

meters in diameter was the basic element

of all matter this prompted the idea

that an infinite number of worlds exists

parallel to our own all separated by

extra dimensions at the subatomic scale

maybe a year long remembered in the

scientific world is Professor William

Kaufman's published work on your victory

strings is released

simply put Kaufman predicts the travel

to a parallel world may be possible

using a method is called springing


and in the scientific field while

agreeing with his findings say that the

power that is needed is far beyond the



not guilty verdict the families of the

11 MIT lab workers who were killed in

the July 1999 explosion contend that Jew

was at fault and that his attempt to

create the first matter/antimatter

reaction was


you're in my light pal commander slate

not bad I guess my weight to my major

Vernon sir we've got a diamond priority

situation at one of our outposts and I'm

to bring you to the site they attend to

finish my drink guess not




sorry sir but we're almost to the site

and I'm supposed to debrief you before

we land

get on in your mission briefing you'll

see that yesterday at 16:30 GST a top

secret military experiment was launched

coffee no sir

now if you'll just follow along to him

okay I'm all ears major well as you may

know scientists have talked about

traveling to parallel worlds for the

last couple of years and yesterday we

did it did why we sent a probe through

the boundary separating us on the other

dimensions really where'd you wind up

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

Belgium for 71 minutes we were receiving

data back from the probe before an

entity from that world damaged it

sending an energy backlash due to our


that's caused an atomic chain reaction

we were unable to contain smoke your

precious lab lure not exactly pilot give

me a 30-degree role support

it caved in

get this straight the probe you shot in

the twilight zone screwed up and is

sucking us in yes and the vortex is

growing exponentially commander we

estimate 25 days before the earth is no

more than a cosmic memory

so why am I here you're here to escort a

group of three scientists into the same

parallel world to repair and retrieve

that probe I'm trained in combat and

survival I don't run an escort service


- come with me go and 1300 hours look

all I'm saying anthony's we weren't

ready i was a tigress you to test our

theories but that didn't give us license

to us I'm not taking the fall for your

flawed theories Kaufman my energy source

didn't lose that probe and when we find

it out gentlemen this is commander

cutter Slade he's here to make sure you

have no problems on your little trip no

more than you've got anyway this is

Professor William Kaufman head of the

Christopher project he's a pleasure

commander I'm sorry you and me both

professor and professor Anthony su

professor Kaufman guiding light without

me you'd still be at the blueprint stay

where I feel we should have stayed we

can't save the speculation until after

we plug that hole gentlemen professor

Kaufman you're due at the pad first oh

I'll be a lot momentarily major so

what's the plan professor quite simple

really when we get to the other world we

locate the damaged probe and repair the

systems using these backup cars because

the damage could be anything from the

power output to the it's not the power

output it's the string tunneling device

we'll find that out soon enough

professor now if you'll excuse me and

I'm off to the pad

why did they choose you commander yes I

drew the short straw night to know we

have something in common

see you on the other side gentlemen one

step away from proving my energy source

can work and now this I can't believe my


don't worry professor stick close to me

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

we'll get through this

listen GI Joe I'm only gonna tell you

this once I don't take orders from

anyone is that so I have a strong

feeling you're going to be trouble

mm-hmm the feeling's mutual professor

suits a bit on the tight side sorry

we've already sent a shipment of new

technology' weaponry to the other world

the instructions were in your brief

thanks by the way you said three

scientists so far I've only seen double

wolf oh god what's she doing here you

two know each other

not really I know her lawyers pretty

well though look about that um is there

a problem

I don't really know is there a wolf I

wouldn't want the senator upset again my

mother has nothing to do with this I'm

here on my own credentials Ms wolf is

our exobiologist commander if your

mission runs longer than expected she'll

be helping you figure out which bugs to

eat and what plants do they'll also be

attempting communication with the

sentient beings we saw on the pro

munication her how ironic you don't

understand commander what happened

wasn't this happy reunion will have to

wait you too commander we need you on

the pad now

miss wolf what was all that about guess

you guys didn't have time for background

checks level with me pardon is this

thing really gonna get us there alive

would you rather stay here you've got a

point there just try not to break

anything else before I get back we will

try commander good luck





Mukai any kind Sun Sun quarter you guys

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

want to keep it down burn my head is

splitting look are you one hurt

I think so doc he said my hearings have

been out of whack I do not understand

look I uh Luke I what's that some

egghead word for holy [ __ ]

what is egghead who are you where are

the others

I am Doctor Who leader of the Dalek like

objects what others do you talk of

others like me

we found you alone look I know others

were there brilliant now what now now we

will help you retrieve your five months

and defeat Sairam and his soldier leader

coax then all of add alpha will be free

whoa whoa whoa slow down there chief I

hate to burst your bubble but I've

already got a world to save

yes you look like and that is a toughie

why you keep calling me uh Luke I the

name is cutter Slade hundreds of moons

ago the Prophet kazar spoke of a higher

being the guy who would arrive at this

time to save Adela from destruction at

the hands of a rock to do this you will

meet the five moms sacred objects but

have been hidden around the regions of

Adelphi awaiting your arrival

sounds like you have some real problems

zouk Grimm was it but right now I gotta

find the three other people on my team

and a busted probe that's my first

priority I have time afterwards I'll see

what I can do about helping you okay if

you search for friends and buster probe

of you our way of funding them

now that you mention it now I don't then

I propose a deal with you ooh no Kai I

will tell the other demoted Guardians to

go out into their regions and search for

what you seek when they discover

anything they will get word to me then I

do you and I'm NDA have once we numbered

in the thousands now we are but a

hundred and getting smaller with each

room so if I help you get these Mons you

use your hundred eyes and ears to look

around this world for me yes doesn't

sound like I have much of a choice here

how will you know where I am we will

know who look I many Talyn will not

believe in you until they hear stories

of your good deeds all will watch your

every move

ferony now the probe is a big shiny

metal object and I need to find it first

is this what you see a backpack

where'd you get that it was found where

you arrived

yokai has won many sacred objects of the

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


now the probe is much bigger than that

he said the rest of the equipment is

there no work I went secret objects were

discovered many Colin take them for

themselves to have a little part of the

yards and fulfill hope but some moons

they would help most to Tallinn will not

want to give up their sacred objects

this mission will be a snap

commander it's just a simple repair

operation what could go wrong well let's


I lost my crew can't find the probe my

equipment is being used by the natives

it's rosary beads and I have one

backpack with my hkp twelve and thirty

rounds of ammo and believe that place is

this mission somewhere just south of foo

bar I do not understand all of what you

serve loci but if you are looking for

more items I would like to give you this

what is it this gun stuff is believed to

save as Holland's essence one it is help

is pleased in one's hand

when you do this a strange glow builds

inside the gum stuff and after a few

moments it lets out a bright light this

is believed to imprint your essence on

the gum stuff but you cannot move while

the light is growing as Skippy chief

this is too much

look I think I need to clear my head got

a place I can stretch my legs a bit oh

cool Lulu Kai our camp is open to you

you should find my son nah he can help

you once he has done some returned to me

and I will open the doll car so you may



yo ru yan yes Lulu Kai I am glad that

you are feeling better

thanks your father said you could help

me get the kinks out though what forget

it I need to get some exercise

can you help me out I can do that Luka

there are four tests we do here to train

other Guardians I can guide you through

them if you would like I would then you

can choose from our tests of jumping

swimming targeting or sneaking what

about this targeting test we have some

pots set up to test the shooting skills

of the new Guardians

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


well let's try this jumping test follow

me who knew Kai



but now across the water you can see the

steps that lead to the top of the rocks

jump across there


let's see if this headset transmitter

works Slade - group Slade - group is

anyone reading me dammit people turn on

your receivers be careful coming down


tell me about your test of swimming we

test the ability of all guardians to

swim down into the waters around a delta


able organic energy detective



navel organic energy detected


can I ask you something you this water

is very cold but it holds I



Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00


what is this sneak this is our most

difficult test since my father orders

that we follow the no violence teachings

of kaizar are they wrong with a little

sneak and peek saves on ammo if you say

Luke I me I want to fight but my father

forbids it and so now we trained how to

retrieve objects without being spotted

follow me and I will tell you the rules



pardon me buddy not as his work Lucar

you will now begin the most difficult of

our tests what sounds easy enough

it will not be unkind if you leave the

square before I count three I will start

oh if I see you I will tell you and you

will have to come to me to restart the

test let's go then enter your Square and

we will begin

one two three


you did it I could not see you so did I

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

pass yes Luke I I have no doubts that

you could pass our tests it was my honor

to help you get out of your tank I hope

now that we will be able to learn more

useful battle strategies from you your

father wouldn't be too happy about that

my father does not want to see what is

happening around him he talks of the old

moons of the Guardians and the honor

their name once held never does he see

that few are being left alive which

believe the way he does

don't worry yon I've never failed in a

mission yet may the odds be silent

during your travels Oh Luke I my father

will be glad to hear that you are ready

to begin Thanks oh yes I almost forgot

you will need this hey that's an EVD

where did you find this this and many

secret objects are all around to Delfin

now Luke I when they were found many

believed them objects of the yards




yo shorty so how can I get out of this


have you finished Young's test we sure

did he says I passed with flying colors

now I should get going as you wish

raka but before you leave I will remind

you of our deal you find the five months

and we will attempt to find that what

you seek I'll have to do for now

but just know the second I find that

probe I'm completing the mission first

understood HOV is to say okay now the

path to your first mom lies in Shamas

are the region beyond the dark I in our

camp once you arrive there you will need

to find Shamas said he may be in the

village to the far west of the Doha

where you appear sounds like a plan

in other regions as well you will need

to find the shamar's they are the only

ones who can help you find the mums so

the only people I should find are then

others will try to help you look i a

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

good talent of fine is also a recreator

i think they have to stop at secrets

about your sacred objects the recreate

errs yes they and all others will help

you I only hope you will find the help

of the leaders as well the leaders of

what many of the regions produce

resources for the soldiers of falen and

clerics I have been in contact with many

of them but all are unwilling to stop

their work for theron they like working

for him no look I

they simply fear his ina or they are too

dumb to understand what we want to do

this well I'll see what I can do about

that if I have the time I know you can

win them over you have the mark of the

all akai on you and all will know your

words carry on wait wait so that's what

it is I thought maybe one of your guys

mistook me for a New York subway car

be warned or Lakai many soldiers have

been seen now that you are known to be

alive you will want to stay away from

the temple say in the center of shamisen

there are many soldiers there stays to

the south end of shamatha thanks for the


know this all Guardians will be watching

you you will find our help when you are

fulfilling the prophecy of the uruk-hai

and you will know our anger if you do

not all Talyn will know your actions and

treat you in the manner you treat them

you just remember that I need to find

the others and that probe and we'll get

along famously

then I will activate the daca for you

may the odds be silent

uno pi





OUTCAST SECOND CONTACT Walkthrough Part 1 Let's Play OUTCAST SECOND CONTACT Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game & Ending for OUTCAST SECOND CONTACT on PC.

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  1. There's a glitch in my game where Zokrym accidently walked into the river. Now he's just chilling underwater and doesn't move, hence never activates the portal.. -.-

  2. In some of the trailers for the game, Cutter is seen walking. Is it possible to walk? Don't tell me it's only restricted to controller and we on PCs are always fu*ked by not having toggle walk button?


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