Outriders Worldslayer – NEW Best Devastator Build INSANE Damage Guide!

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hey what's up guys it's nicktoon today i'm going to be showing you guys the best devastator build in the entire game that is so beyond insane you can just walk up to the arbiter and kill him in just three earthquakes which feels pretty instant and is kind of ridiculous the boss damage is so high in fact that on this character which is only apocalypse here 28 i was able to kill the last arbiter on apocalypse here 38 with absolutely no issues at all and the health scales exponentially so it's just insane that that's actually even possible and devastator is just ridiculously good there's honestly not a whole lot to say about devastator other than that it's just incredibly strong it's very easy to set up it doesn't really require any crazy gear or anything and the icing on top is that the build is pretty much invincible and extremely easy to use it's a ton of fun just smashing your earthquake button pretty much watch everything get one-shotted and today i'll be teaching you guys how you can do that pretty easily if you enjoyed the video or you found it helpful please make sure to drop a like as it helps me out a ton and subscribe for videos similar to this one also today i am live on saturday the 9th of july doing a carryathon so if you want to stop by get some free carries help support the stream etc i'd appreciate it a ton it's probably one of the last times i'll be streaming out writers in the near future so if you want to stop by ask me some questions just hang out chit chat etc i'd appreciate you stopping by getting into the skills this is fairly cookie cutter we're going to be using earthquake of course because this is going to be doing the bulk of our damage and then we want a protection skill to proc the paladin node within our skill tree this protection skill can either be reflect bullets or golem golem is significantly better when you're embossing because to pretty much proc uh reflectables you have to activate it and then cancel it which is a little bit annoying whereas with golem you can just activate it and then fly in and you don't really have to worry about it but gollum has a pretty long cooldown and also it's going to last a pretty long time which means that you can't have uh 100 up time on the additional anomaly power from paladin but reflect bullets does allow you to do that because if you instantly cancel it it's not really going to go on cooldown so ultimately for bossing i would just swap the golem or if you just want you know infinite survivability pretty much and then for add clear and general play i would swap to reflect bullets then we have a gravity leap here which is not only going to be a kinetic skill to proc some extra additional anomaly power but it's also going to appear very nicely with the um mod spare which gives you a whole bunch of additional anomaly damage and is one of the main reasons this build is so good not only that it's going to act as a debuff so if you're playing in a team it's going to increase the damage that they do against targets which is very very strong as well all right when it comes to the skill tree again things are pretty cookie cutter there's not a whole lot that you could really swap around here if you felt like it you could swap two of these perpetual motion mods for the strong arm of the anomaly to get some extra resist pierce which is going to directly buff how much normally power you get so it's going to help you do a little bit more damage honestly you don't really need the damage and the cooldown reduction on these skills is very nice for general ad clear and stuff but another thing you could do is swap one of them for protected by the anomaly if you want to be literally invincible not only you're going to get a ton of shield but you're also going to get an armor from this node so you'll be pretty much entirely invincible with this build otherwise everything is pretty much straightforward just going to be getting some additional anomaly power reduce the cooldowns of your seismic skills get pallid in there um get some extra armor and resistance by default get some exercise mixel damage resist pierce blah blah it's pretty simple we're mainly going up here to get 20 additional um armor piercing the reason for this is we're using an armor mod that's going to convert armor piercing into resist piers which then gives us more anomaly power which is just going to buff the damage of our earthquake if you wanted to ditch this additional damage and just go for pure survivability there's a lot of options down here as well as in the middle that'll give you a bunch but honestly you do not need it when it comes to the pack street this is pretty much the whole reason that this character is broken not only do you just get a whole bunch of extra anomaly damage or skill damage rather with impact point um free bleed application through puncture which is going to work with a seismic commander very well with this build and it's going to proc bleed whenever you use earthquake so you get to take advantage of that modifier for free and then earth and shell every time that you deal damage it's going to convert all that damage into shield so you're pretty much walking around with full shield all the time which is why i keep saying the build is nearly invincible then we have upheaval and multi-strike which is basically just going to continuously stack up how much damage you're dealing with your earthquake enabling you on your third earthquake too like you see in this clip uh pretty much one shot the boss it's kind of insane kind of bugged right now i don't really want to go into super detail um it might end up getting patched but even if it does it'll probably still be really good but if it gets patched i'll just make a future video on devastator otherwise i mean not really much to note upheaval and multi-strike getting into the build itself you want to be using um three pieces of seismic commander this character's gear is pretty much perfect i'm on my friend dawson's account if you guys didn't notice this is not my account because i am spreading my time very very thin already with the three characters that i'm making builds on and he was um generous enough to let me hop on this character but regardless um you wanna have three pieces of seismic commander because it's gonna increase your damage towards enemies with bleed by fifty percent and of course we're applying bleeds for free with earthquake so 50 extra damage all the time let's talk about weapons real quick and then we'll talk about all the mods that you want this build is so so easy to set up you barely need anything for it to work you just need earthquake mods and then you just get a whole bunch of damage amps and you're good to go so getting into the weapons we're actually going to have two weapons here um devastator takes heavy advantage of weapon swapping when it comes to dealing damage against one target however if you're running around mobbing you can just keep one weapon out the reason that we want to have two weapons is pretty much to proc multiple status effects and then while those status effects are active we're then going to use some mods that are going to increase our damage against enemies afflicted by those status effects so for example we have violent compound for damage against enemies afflicted with toxic pair that with euthanizer and then we have bullet kindling for enemies deflected with burn etc meaning we're going to not only deal pretty good damage with these mods but also we're instantly going to be applying toxic burn so we get all that extra damage the main reason we're doing this is there's literally just not that many other mods that are going to increase the damage of our earthquake and that is the main thing that we're trying to do here so this enables us to just do a whole bunch of damage with our earthquake so we want one weapon that's going to have a lot of mod applications in the form of pretty much fire and toxic are your best friend freeze is an option but on bosses it's going to fall off fairly quickly if you don't have high status power and then you want to swap to a weapon that has armor pierce on it ideally a mythos is perfect with mage's rage and fortress here and then omen is very very good and the main reason that the mythos is good is because it rolls with omen so we get 10 extra damage whenever we proc it and also the armor pierce is very good because um with this mod here where is it um no resistance against the fortified um armor pierce is increased or our resist pierce is increased by 100 of our armor pierce so we're getting 30 extra resistance piercing there which is then going to turn into an additional 15 anomaly power so that's really really good on the weapon and then fortress is of course just 20 extra damage and mage's rage is absolutely mandatory if you don't have a mythos just use any weapon that has armor pierce on it and just slap mage's rage on it everything else is just min maxing and when it comes to the main weapon just make sure that you have some form of toxic application and fire application ideally and the fire could be swapped for uh freeze but like i mentioned the uptime on freeze could be a little bit difficult but uh freeze does have better mods of bullet kindling in the form of shatter and freezing boost alternatives for applying bleed or toxic could be you know stigmatized firestorm is a good way to apply bleed noxious bonds is a good way to apply toxic or if you just get t3 of these mods there's a lot of different ways to apply statuses so not going to go over all of them when it comes to the mods these are pretty much the absolute best ones that you want and you don't want to deviate too much but we'll talk about which ones are mandatory so arms anomaly gives you a whole bunch of additional anomaly power very good for the build and this uh when it comes to the gear you want anomaly power on everything and you want a three-piece seismic commander any pieces of seismic commander that you can get good rolls on or is probably going to be pretty good ideally i think you want the helmet uh chest and then pants because those are going to have an only power but getting purple gloves and boots is really really difficult so not all that big of a deal if you don't have purple items and you have all legendaries like we have here sorry for the side tangent i already mentioned no resistance against the fortified very good for the extra anomaly power and then anomaly echo again for just more anomaly power to boost our damage and then we have on the chesapeake's extra quake so we can activate earthquake another time pretty simple then we have earth's legacy for add clear which is really really good just increases the range of earthquake then we have um captain hunter for pretty much extra damage against elite's pretty simple on the pants we have tainted blood so 16 extra damage against enemies with bleed which is really good because we're always applying bleed and then we have despair enemies within the damage radius of gravity leak will receive two times more anomaly damage for five seconds so that's kind of insane uh the more that i think about it the more insane that this is and this is a very very good debuffing tool as well and then violent compound which could instead be radical therapy if you had radical therapy instead of ireland compound on the pants this is just for the toxic another toxic mod we have euthanizer and bloody boost for more damage against enemies with bleed then ground crush just increase the damage of our earthquake lastly we have another earthquake mod just so we can use it a third time and then bullet killings for the extra damage against enemies with fire on them and then unstoppable force the build is pretty simple the only thing that you could really swap from this i mean the main thing is just get all the earthquake mods that's like really really easy because the seismic gear kind of just rolls with it on it just get the earthquake mods then after that probably focus on uh some of the anomaly power mods and if you can't get like an omni echo you could get like power simulation is a decent option get the additional uh resistance piercing and top of force and then just throw on statuses whatever you have whatever you're able to get on a weapon like it's not that big of a deal um having a weapon with vulnerable on it actually wouldn't be that bad either because that's 15 extra damage um if you happen to get you know a weapon that has a freeze and burn on it for example like this one here you could just swap this out apply freeze and burn which i think you can do at the same time maybe maybe don't quote me on that maybe replace some freeze instead of burn i haven't tried that exactly but um you could have freeze burn toxic whatever to apply those statuses and just take advantage of it with some mods the gear is pretty simple i'm gonna throw up a priority list right here because i don't know it's kind of guesstimation um this is what i would focus on first but it really isn't all that big of a deal i guess it's my new thing now but i'm just gonna show you guys some gameplay of the build in the catacombs so you know exactly how to use it when it comes to add clear you can just ooga booga around i don't even bother weapon swapping because everything will kind of just get one-tapped by earthquake anyway but if you want to be super optimal weapon swapping is a thing to do just weapon swap for the weapon that has all the statuses on it walk up to the boss blow it up pretty simple um for the normal ad clear just smash your earthquake button and everything will pretty much die uh that's pretty much it um otherwise you can just spam your reflectable to just get that additional anomaly power shoot this gun make sure to land headshots actually kind of forgot to mention that definitely make sure to land headshots to get the additional anomaly power from mage's rage and arms and anomaly and otherwise it is pretty simple thank you for removing my skills i really much appreciate that we're just going to leave that guy alone we'll apply status on this guy because i feel like being a nerd and boop it's so dumb dude this this character is kind of stupid it's very very simple and just boop boop just blow everything up man hey look i don't want you to do anything to me so i'm just gonna i'm just gonna put my reflective oh i'm close to dying guys i don't know man i don't know dude i think i might die here look at my shield guys it's kind of it's kind of scary looking is that guy going to die to the firestorm kind of scary-looking way i can't even die if i try oh wait everything just wait wait i'm actually trolling right now but what just happened dude everything died around me and i didn't even do anything let me just let me just get my shield up oh yep i'm having i'm having too much fun being being a clown i'm supposed to showcase the build being good i'm just being stupid but i mean you guys know what's up dude it's devastator man you you just smash the earthquake oogaboog press the earthquake button we don't need to go into too much detail about uh what's happening here just make sure to land the headshots if you want to be a nerd and proc some status effects or you could even use a mod that just has damage on it when it comes to ad clear just help your ad clear out with a bunch of like little dudes running around but you don't really need it and when it comes to the bossing that's kind of the main thing that i wanted to talk about so i'm actually going to swap the golem here because it'll just make it a little bit easier for me so it's pretty simple but the order of priorities basically proc your status effect stuff swap to your other weapon proc mages rage or whatever is on it and then use a golem for the ap gravity leap and then press earthquake three times and everything around you should pretty much die so i should have my smg equipped i don't have the smg shoot this guy a few times not a big deal pro golem do that boom boom boom and he dies 273 mill at apoc tier 28 very balanced character very very good i'm kind of curious how much upheaval did of that damage but we'll take a look got some loot very very cool i gotta pad out the video if you're still watching at this point if you haven't dropped a like or subscribed i mean are you really a fan that's a question you should ask yourself before you go to bed every single night all right let's take a take a little peaksy at the overall damage here earthquake yep yeah upheaval isn't really there because we're not really cheesing it anymore but um still it's still juicing the damage over earthquake so yeah earthquake broken alright that's pretty much it guys i don't really have all that much else to say this character looks ridiculous thanks for watching um see you later peace here i just wanted to show that it's like literally impossible to die on this character i'm just gonna let this game play play it's also apoc tier 38 and i ended up just killing him because i got bored and i'm only 28 on this character so yeah not all that much to say devastator is just really really stupid [Music] youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 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  1. The thing i don't like about devastator right now is , you have to use despair or your damage is horrible. If you try making a seismic build without it and use that same pax tree. The damage is just awful. I'd like to see them nerf despair then balance things a little better for more build diversity.

  2. come Tuesday we can kiss all this fun and good damage goodbye. I have a feeling they are going to nerf the crap out of all of our builds now.

  3. At first I went with moxsy dev build but yours is better for what I got in terms of mods plus I like dipping up top tree for faster leap and 20 armor piecing means 20 resist pierce means 10% to AP means harder hitting EQ and GL! And I notice your EQ cast speed is dependant on your weapon like I used an LMG The Reaper, big mistake. SMG like Sunfall really is best, pistols are the fastest for EQ cast speed but hard to get any good mods on pistols!

  4. I'll go for this build on my devastator if the dlc drops below 15 euros.. No way that i'm going to pay 40 euros for the dlc after the awful initial launch.

  5. NickTew its those apcolypse version of the endgame expeditions is a real pain in the ass to try to solo I've tried on T16 its fine on none endgame, but in the endgame stuff its hell mode on steroids not saying it should be dumbed down either its just a bitch to solo, I'd just uninstalled the game too. not rage quit either worldslayer is good for those that're veteran game mechanic abusing players that knw how to abuse yet exploit the exploits etc.

  6. when they patch i hope they do not screw up dev that much. I understand that it needs to be balanced like how we take very little damage at all.

  7. How hard is it to run the game solo as a pyromancer or technomancer? I love fiery deaths in game and also that satisfying one shot kill out of a scoped bolt action!

  8. Im on AT 25 now and cant get any commander gear to drop with AP cooldown and status for the life of me..anywhere specific to farm it?

  9. Do you think no resistance for the fortifide, achilles heel, resistance piecer and plate piercer would be a good combo for a build or better to go straight fp over crit damage?

  10. I'm using this build on a new character apoc tier 13 and it's impossible to die. I farmed on my main character gear for dev so have all weapon tier 3 mods but the thunder bird with ult storm whip snd dimensional rockets with 3 piece seismic commander is became so OP before I had it as a fire arms build but now it's just made life so easy

  11. At 2:00 you say gravity leap is kinetic so it'll proc additional anomaly power, what source does that come from? i know the part about Despair mod though

  12. This build is bugged. The stored damage Carries into the next game if you’re running multiple boss runs by backing out. I’ve played a duos and the dev “literally” one shot with boulder dash. This build ruins the game for everyone else.


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