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    Part 1 How to play: Has Been Heroes – In-Depth Tutorial Full Commentary

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    1. very nice video, thank you.
      When you select some spells a little box pops up with six circles, one of which is sometimes filled in yellow or blue. what is that?

    2. Thank you for explaining things so clearly, and without embellishment. It's refreshing to see someone talk about a game on YouTube without screaming and shouting. I honestly had no idea about Doublestrike stacking to multiply over the first casting. I've unlocked the guy with the scimitar, and done it the hard way, apparently. This should help out a lot more.

      When trying a second time at a Spell Gambler, I have noticed a very significant tendency for the game to never hide the spell in the chest I first selected. I was wondering, have you noticed the same thing in your playthroughs?

    3. Excellent tutorial / video! Thank you! This is a good game let down by the abysmal in game tutorial of the developers. I don't know if it was intentional but I'm sure it put many people off after a few hours playing the game.


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