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SearchThisVideo: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Walkthrough PART 1 – Intro (PS4 PRO 1440p)

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you're awake are you okay
no clue we woke up here
maybe we should just go back to sleep
maybe you should just sleep forever
everyone else is here too this place is
doesn't make any sense i went to sleep
in my own room
as did i when i woke i was here with the
everyone's here could this be an attack
yamagishi do you have an understanding
of the situation
there are no signs of shadows it seems
we're safer now
but huh
what the
ladies and gentlemen
i have been waiting for you welcome to
the velvet roux
and i mean for one night only a magical
paradise where a gathering of passionate
souls revel as one
welcome to club velvet
whoa that was unexpected i mean
what's going on here who are you
that was merely an ingenious
orchestration of a dazzling entrance
no big deal uh
you're calling yourself a genius
whatever she's such a hottie you know
no way when did you meet her but that
means she's not an enemy right
well what do you want with us
oh yes allow me to explain however
i will not answer any more questions
until i am done
she she's kind of overbearing huh
you think we're gonna be okay
due to an incident involving my sisters
we shall be holding
a ball here accordingly i have summoned
you all to proudly participate in the
a ball you mean like a party
oh sounds like fun i'm totally down for

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hold on iori this doesn't seem like just
any old party
what do you want us to do
oh yes thank you for asking
i would like for you my guests to
dance for me
oh there's no need for rumination
it's as simple as following your heart
and releasing your passion on stage
uh it doesn't sound simple
sorry but we don't have time for this
ah there's no need to worry about that
in the real world you are all fast
what happens here will only take place
tonight and then it will vanish
like a fleeting dream
regardless of how much time you spend
here it will not have
any effect on reality
um so since we're in a dream we can
spend as long as we want here
and it won't matter
yes perfectly stated
in addition once you wake in the real
world your memories from this place will
all be removed will be quick and
allowing you to rise and shine just like
any other morning
so please enjoy your time here to your
heart's content
that's easy for her to say does she
really expect us to go along with this
why must we dance though you need to
give us a reason
why you ask hmm
you all are currently on a very dark
i can only imagine how stressful it must
i apologize for my audacity but i only
wish to provide you with some relaxation
thus i prepared such an occasion to lift
your spirits for the days to come
will this explanation suffice
you just thought of that didn't you
should you refuse me i would have no one
else to turn to
i would be unable to even the score with
my incompetent sister for all of
and without a doubt my dignity would be
in the mud your sister
oh don't let it trouble you that is

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truly a personal affair after all
anyway i thought i had done my utmost to
support this man's journey from the
yet to think you won't even oblige one
teensy little request from me
however the blame rests solely with me
my sadness is deeper than the color of
this room
hey she's crying
those are obviously crocodile tears
she's attempting to appeal to our
however her acting lacks any true
what are we gonna do you're indebted to
her right
then she's an ally and if that's the
case we can't turn our backs on her
i'm okay with it what about you guys
i don't mind either it's not like i have
any strong objections
wait what you're actually okay with
you have all accepted my terms yes
a guest never goes back on their word so
our contract has been sealed
now then i ask that you all dance
passionately into your heart's content
i knew it she didn't even try to hide
how quickly her mood changed
but i didn't agree to it
first off none of us have any dance
skills or techniques
what will be done about that
not to worry as i am well aware
club velvet is a mysterious space that
only exists within your dreams
your emotions will be transformed into
dance moves
enabling your body to move exactly how
you imagine it to
it's merely child's play here
she completely has the upper hand it
seems we've fallen right into her trap
fine by me sounds fun
basically we just have to dance and rile
up the crowd right um
oh i beg your pardon it seems i forgot
to introduce myself
the one who will be guiding no producing
you is me
my name is elizabeth please feel free to
call me by my nickname
lp fine
whatever so then what do we need to do

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please tell us in more detail uh lp
yes just as kinney boy said we're
pressed for time here
permit me to wrap things up and get
right to the point
uh he didn't say that and what's with
the forced use of idioms
i shall gracefully forgo the
insignificant details and tell you about
club velvet
first this room you are in now is the
room exclusively for your private use
please utilize it as you wish be it to
or to chat with one another
oh so this isn't where we'll be
the dance floor where you will actually
perform is located
just outside this room
the images in a dancer's heart will
create the stage
on which they'll perform within reason
within reason that sounds scary coming
from her
in addition i have prepared a separate
waiting room for
each of you yo for real
we're like celebrities
to ensure that your waiting rooms will
have a most relaxing effect on you
i have created each one to reflect the
very rooms in which you spend your daily
i'll give you your keys so that until
it's time to perform you can relax
no whole wheat oh whole grain
well whatever relax how you would like
our rooms you mean our dorm rooms
good then i can train
you're accepting this way too easily
plus what's the point of training in a
now then as leader of the dance team
please get this party started
wait what you're our leader here too
that's fine with me you're best suited
after all go ahead
yeah it's time to party
let the music play
huh she did it herself
guess we'll just have to give this a go
by the way i'm ready whenever
i'm still a bit lost but i'll make sure
to be ready too
we'll look to you later

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thank you

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over here

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what to do
oh it's you i understand that we can
dance here just by imagining
i've been trying it out myself however
i've never danced in a setting like this
straightforward huh well you're
basically correct
i've never dealt with this sort of thing
the closest would be ballroom dancing
and even that's an overstatement i only
learned the basics to perform on the
thus i have no confidence in riling up
the crowd as we were instructed
to true that is what i've learned over
this past year
then i'll give it a try turning my back
on this would be a disgrace as a kirijo
i swear on my family's name to make the
crowd's cheers all mine
quite if i were to falter now putting on
a great show would be beyond my wildest
i'll be sure to reference everyone's
dancing sorry
but i'll need your help when i do so
alright then
time to pull myself together and get to
you'll join me now
my turn
let's rock
time to get started well then you'll
surprise me once more

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yes great
that's it
stay calm
ready to go
this isn't baseball you know
yes great
that's it you're doing great
finally here now's my chance
your brilliance on stage was top-notch
as well that was an electrifying dancer
clear pretty good results thanks for
good you managed to pull through

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okay leave it to me
so this is my outfit
we're starting
okay focus focus you sure look the part
feeling good
yeah clear it in one shot
feeling good
feeling good
you don't let this chance go guess your
upbeat personality boosts your dancing
feeling good

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good synchrony
this is just wrong you're not supposed
to look cool
gotta try harder next time it's all good
as long as you finish
i've never felt strong
oh hey there sorry
i still don't really get what's going on
here this is a dream right
in reality we're all asleep in our beds
which means we're all having the same
and we don't have to worry about time
we'll forget everything when we wake up
well no sense in overthinking it i'll go
with the flow
it's scary how used to this i am somehow
it just feels like another day to me
a few years ago i would have been
freaking out
i adjusted things way too fast
dancing though that really came out of
nope but nothing ventured nothing gained
oh but i think i can picture myself
doing it
i like music and i watch dance videos
what else oh cheerleading i kind of used
to think that was cool
but i turned down the cheerleading club
when they asked me to join
i was too embarrassed what about you
ever tear up the dance floor anywhere
like a club
what really whoa no way
well i guess that'll come in handy here
i used to be interested in dancing so
seems like a good chance to try it out
honestly i still think this is crazy but
then again i can dance my heart out here

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

i'll be counting on you if something
happens okay
you seem like you can handle anything
all right i think i'll go practice it's
our job to hype up the crowd right
okay time to dance i'm gonna be the
disco queen
huh is that not right
i've never felt
no objection here
all right sound the bell
nailed it
took this
well done
i can do it too
always exceeding is your moves were

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

things are really getting amped up you
saved me yukari that was great
take this
check this nails
we are
take this
like this
stage clear that was a great sweat but i
can do better
looking forward to seeing what you do
next time
oh hello are you here to practice too
greetings leader i've just concluded
practicing as well
i guess your dancing is so amazing
i feel even more inspired now
fukusan you seem happy being here
your expression is more carefree than
oh yes dancing with everyone has been
it's like we get our own little school
i've only ever been in liberal arts
clubs so i've always dreamed of joining
a sports club
i'm ready to cheer on everyone
huh oh no i'll try to dance too
but i'm not great at physical activities

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

so i thought i might help more as a
even if that is the case isn't this
optimal for your attempts according to
lp our bodies will perform any dance
exactly as we imagine them thus
even if you lack talent in physical
such an issue is no matter here
well i guess that's true
my assessment is that the only necessity
for your successful dancing
is self-confidence you previously
that you consider dancing to be fun like
a club activity
you should then consider this place as
our dance club
with yourself as its president
me the president uh i don't think i
could do it
the title is merely a presumption but
this will allow you to achieve your
oh that's true
you're right it'd be much more difficult
to do it any time besides now
all right i'll do my best for the dance
cheer club
oh of course i'll dance but i also
really want to cheer everyone on as they
i've been providing support whenever we
went to tartarus and dealt with shadows
so i want to use my strongest skills and
help everyone while we're here too
it's true that dancers try harder if
they are being cheered on
that sounds like fun then it's decided i
hereby elect myself
president of the dance cheer club
thanks i guess it is a bit daring for my
usual self
after all we are in a dream this might
not be the best way to put it
but since we'll forget everything when
we wake up
i'd rather go and try new things
in that case one must strike while the
iron is
hot i will now resume practice
so please cheer me on fukusan
all right

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

oh you're here to practice too oh
that was a good workout i'm gonna take a
little break
being together like this it's almost
like we're back in the dorm
this dream rocks i don't have to go to
class and my room is the same as it is
in reality
oh you mean our waiting rooms yeah i was
it looks just like my actual room
it even has all the same things in it
how does that work
like i wanted to listen to a cd but it
wasn't in its case here
either wait
uh what's up yucatan i just realized
that i let you
borrow that cd jupy
oh you remembered that huh
unbelievable give it back already
yeah wait please just let me hold on to
it for a little longer
actually uh can i borrow a few more
are you kidding me how about you get
back what you've already got
first wait
this is a dream right yeah
lp said we'd forget everything when we
woke up
oh that's right lucky me i mean uh
wow that's too bad huh all right
just forget stupay for now hey
you're always wearing earphones huh what
kind of stuff do you listen to
oh like classical i can sort of picture
for me it's got to be rock and maybe a
little pop
i'm a pretty good singer myself you know
don't believe me
wait i'm on stage i don't know
don't want to know ah come on
at least listen music sure
is interesting though just listening to
is enough to fire someone up or make
them cry
it can even make you remember the past
if you listen to a song from that time
right memories just come flooding back
yeah i was so young and foolish back in
the day
not that you really learned anything ah
lay off i worked hard to get where i am
the music we listened to this year it's
definitely linked to our memories
maybe we'll end up remembering this
place after all so we have to do our
i don't want my memories of this place
to be embarrassing

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

okay i mean we won't get a chance like
this again right
i'm raring to go too this is gonna be
the best night ever
we're gonna forget everything anyway so
we don't have to worry about jumping
messing up
i do wish i could remember seeing
everyone on stage though
wait why am i the only one getting
singled out here
hey it's our leader what's up here to
thank you the ball is off to a smooth
it seems this talented producer was
correct about you
all please excuse my audacity
but my heart is dancing as well
i'm starting to get into the groove too
we're totally gonna liven up this party
what promising words
please enjoy the ball with your friends
but man this place sure is strange my
body moves exactly how i imagine it too
there is that however club velvet is
merely the manifestation of the strength
of your heart
strength of our heart you mean like our
indeed as you know a persona is the
strength of one's heart
club velvet is no different from your
persona ability
the images you hold so dear in your
heart manifest
as movement the strength of your heart
equates to the strength of the passion
you emit when dancing
i ask that you strive to make your mic
drops reverberate
and secure victory for me huh
victory does that mean we're competing
against someone
oh my how carelessly thoughtless of me
it seems i've made a slip of the tongue
in short this is a big fight between me
and my younger sister
our pride is on the line ah
i think you mentioned something like
that at the start
i have a brash older sister as well
a short while ago her guest resolved a
certain incident by dancing

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

our primary role is to assist our guests
and watch over them on their journey
just as you are my guest my older sister
has a guest as well
upon hearing that my younger sister said
our guest could have resolved it faster
her words lit an infernal flame within
what about my guest i thought would he
be defeated
no he would never
uh so basically you stood up to your
sister huh
man you're totally into this guy i gotta
admit though he's no average
joe however my impertinent sister
wouldn't back down
so i came up with a plan
my older sister's guest resolved a
situation with dance
so i stole i mean borrowed that idea
and organized a dance competition with
their guest
seems like it well as long as it's fun
so how do we figure out who the winner
is whoever moves the crowd most is kind
of vague
the cheers that echo across the stage
are the voices that rise from the sea of
in other words countless unseen
spectators are
waiting in anticipation to watch you
how frenzy the audience is will be a
so the winner should be obvious huh
i'd like to say i get it but i don't
well is there some kind of reward for
i'll try even harder if there is of
course there is
for real yes in the event that you
emerge victorious
i will forever honor your names as the
most remarkable guests for generations
to come
uh wait that's it
above all as your producer your victory
is also my victory thus
my impertinent younger sister will have
been totally served
and i'd be ecstatic wow i'm impressed
with our honesty
and if we lose we will all fall into an
eternal hell of endless suffering and
hell how vicious is your younger sister
there is no need to worry when you wake
those memories will have disappeared
into oblivion and be forgotten
that's not the issue here and that
smile's freaking me out
then again this is a private affair
amongst sisters please do not let it
worry you
as your producer all i ask is that you
amazing dance routines you can do it

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

my dear guests if you can't do it no one
we got this right i mean our team's got
the amazing
me and you i'm gonna go tell everyone to
give it their all
i'll be counting on you too
oh it's nothing although i am not worthy
i lp will do my utmost to help you be
victorious at this ball
as you know this room exists between
and reality mind and matter
space and even time escape the chains
that would normally bind them
however this is still a transient
fleeting dream
that only lasts one night please
do not forget this regardless of the
fate that awaits you on the road ahead
then there is nothing more that i must
in any case please focus your efforts on
livening up the ball
now as i am quite busy being your
talented producer
i shall take my leave
i'll do my best
i'm a bit nervous but i'll give it my
okay just relax keep calm puka
this is starting to be fun

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

looking good
yeah feeling good
thanks for helping me stay relaxed
how's this oh yeah
this is going to be fun
i did it yay
this is starting to be fun oh yeah
what's this
this is starting to be fun
this is starting to be fun
this is starting to be fun

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

stays clear i've got a lot to reflect on
i need to practice more too that was
pretty good
stripe higher next time


Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

stays clear

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