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SearchThisVideo: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Walkthrough PART 4 – Social Events (PS4 PRO 1440p)

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every time
wouldn't it mess up the middle part if
we did that we need to turn
smoother we also fell out of sync on the
last part
we need to focus on maintaining our
you're right let's take a short break
and then give that a try
hey what's up mitsuba senpai and i are
practicing together
is that how we looked we were getting
pretty serious just now
i'm thankful to have someone who can
give me an honest opinion
i'd never hold back from you we're best
friends after all
i know i hope you'll continue to be
patient with me yukari
well that's kind of a secret
right mitsuru senpai right
that was a much needed and painful
but it's not just us we've all been
getting along
surprisingly well a lot has happened
that's for sure
everyone's amazing no matter who's on
stage they always dance well together
i started thinking again that maybe our
hearts are all connected or something
of course you're the one who brought us
all together
yes it's only due to having a strong
leader that we have such a tight bond
that said keep up the good work we're
all counting on you
all right let's use the power of
friendship to really hype up that crowd
my i never thought the day would come
when i'd hear you say that
oh uh maybe i got it from akihiko senpai
or do you pay
oh hello i was just asking lp about our

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the bow has reached its peak the
excitement on stage is that of a raging
you are likely nearing victory would you
you say that pumps me full of confidence
everyone is doing great i have to
continue doing my best as well
but you mustn't take your eyes off the
i sense a similar amount of excitement
from the dance floor in my younger
sister's domain
really i can't sense a thing
oh it's only because of my keen
intuition as a talented producer that i
can sense it
she's always been arrogant but this is
the first time she hasn't backed down
she must be quite confident in her
guests ability
i must gird my loins for the showdown
she doesn't respect me as her older
sister so i
am resolved to teach her a lesson
why don't you two get along what is your
younger sister like lp
to put it bluntly she's tiny and sassy
and thinks she knows everything in the
well yes she's literally small and
she's part of the know-it-all generation
hmm so there are others like you lp
allow me to take this opportunity to
introduce the rest
my elder sister is my rival she rambles
and on while maintaining a haughty
my younger brother is a naive pup worthy
of teasing
his height is his most mature trait
lastly there's me and my impertinent
younger sister
we all serve the same master
wow that's a big family it must be fun
to have so many siblings
that sums up my siblings but as i've
we all believe that our guest is most
truly remarkable
understand that this mini sibling
competition is because we take
great pride in our duties
my astute as always
the way in which we compete against each
other could be considered a means of
we are awkward siblings who'd know no
other way of doing so
huh adults sure are complicated
but even when i'm filled with love for
them there are
moments when my blood boils
i might blast them with inferno flames
but that is the type of relationship we
i see that aside
tonight's ball is exquisite i'm sure

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it'll be passed down for eons to come
there's no doubt that even my master
will be pleased
upon further thought i cannot allow my
master to find out about tonight's
if he learns that we used this room to
settle our quarrel
we'll be in big trouble that doesn't
sound good
oh no there's no need to worry i must
simply keep things quiet
luckily i have a very obedient younger
it sounds like you're up to something
don't turn june pays popularity just
went up
how was my star performance perfect am i
you've never looked better june become
you're like a professional dancer
maybe i'm not just like a dancer maybe i
was born to be a star
you ain't seen nothing yet no sir i'm
just getting started
don't miss your chance to see a living
legend june pay is taking the stage
right after this you sound like a tv
i'm definitely looking forward to it
you look really cool when you're dancing
don't you get nervous when you're up
you just seem so confident i wish i
could be like that
is that how i look i'm actually trying
pretty hard out there
i was pretty nervous when we started my
legs wouldn't even move at first
i really didn't want to be the one who
screwed up and got laughed at by
but then i thought it's not like i'm
gonna die from making a mistake
this is nothing compared to when we're
fighting and putting our lives on the
the old me might have been nothing more
than a big joker but that's over now
i've learned to put my all into things
that matter and not be half-assed about
i changed after watching you guys i'm
thankful for that even if i don't show
yeah i feel the same way
that was good right what'd you think
didn't it sound like an actual
a star's true colors revealed june

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peyory's untold secrets unveiled
there's a lot of those on tv right i bet
the ratings would be
sky high oh sure
it's like um good evening japan
yeah i think that's the name of the show
yeah just like that oh man it'd be so
sweet if i was on that
hey maybe this is actually my thing
i should have written that down as a
career choice sorry if i
leave everyone behind for stardom just
know that i'll never forget you
yeah that's just like him he's doing his
best so we should still cheer him on
the cheers of my fans give me strength
oh yeah bring it on
oh hey there i was just chatting with
akihiko senpai
did you come here to practice too you
know senpai
i've noticed that you tend to wear a lot
of bread
like your vest and your scarf too is red
your favorite color
well it is the color of vitality and
passion so i guess you could say so
don't you think so huh i do try to keep
up on basic fashion at the very least
red is a lucky color for me when i was
in my first boxing match they put me in
the red corner
i was so nervous stiff as a board but i
managed to come out on top
since then i've always been fond of the
color gets my blood going
and in title matches champs get the red
corner that's why red's the color of
oh so it's like a good luck charm for
that kind of surprises me though i would
have figured you for a complete skeptic
not at all and how about you are you
i definitely agree i can't help but
check fortunes and stuff
i don't follow them blindly but if they
help things work out all right then
after all not everything can be
explained with logic
we've learned that personally that's

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

a lot's happened over the past year
my approach is to go all out and that's
what i'm going to do for this challenge
the most unlucky thing for us would be
if we couldn't pull off this hype up
and maybe i should borrow some of your
luck what would you recommend
senpai well i've got a special one up my
i wear red underwear for the greatest
and trunks won't do either they have to
be completely
form-fitting red underwear huh
oh but do i have any bread wait
why am i telling you
oh what's up you're here too mitsuru
senpai showed up while we were
practicing so we're just chilling for a
hmm impressive akihiko especially how
you've incorporated boxing into your
what's the deal mitsuru praise me all
you want but i don't have anything for
sorry just ignore me i'm here to analyze
everyone's dancing styles and moves
i had hoped to reference them so i could
perform even better on the stage
well look at you dedicated as ever
fine by me would you mind practicing
with them as well
i'd like to see some of your best moves
thank you i apologize for causing you so
much trouble all the time
well let's do this then watch us rock
material senpai
i'm beat so
did watching us end up doing you any
good mitsuru senpai
yes that was greatly helpful
your dance is gentle yet powerful
it's both fluid and still most
it was almost as if i were watching you
fight it was quite exciting
as for you akihiko your splendid
footwork and weight shifting
showcase your fitness you each have your
own forte
and your routines reflect your
that may be the exact approach i need
i'll strive to imbue my moves with my
how about me senpai what part of my

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

dancing blew you away
or was it my whole routine oh
iori you uh
uh well you were
very energetic
that's it does senpai not really care
about me at all
no i just wanted to give our leader the
opportunity to contribute his own
oh yeah well then let me have it i
totally thrive off compliments
i mean comments
what backflip wait you weren't watching
me at all were you
that's fine no one cares about me
i'm just some nobody don't be so
discouraged diori
let's all come up with some positive
aspects of your dance
hmm you might be able to come up with at
least one thing if all three of us think
on it
you're not trying to cheer me up at all
are you
oh it's you perfect timing i was
observing their moves just now
you know senpai you keep watching us but
shouldn't you practice dancing too
we're almost done so you can use this
place on your own after us
thank you but that's all right i'd
prefer to continue watching you too
i'm analyzing everyone's dancing to
further improve my own approach
analyzing come on isn't that a bit much
wouldn't it be better if you danced
plus you watching us is a bit
i've still got a lot to learn myself
that's not true your positive qualities
are quite apparent in your moves
i'd like your input as well what was
your impression of yamagishi's dancing
wholly agree just watching her dance was
a soothing experience
the calm tenderness of yamagishi's moves
accurately reflects her personality
wow thank you to think that you would
watch me dance so closely
what about me then how'd mine look to
yours well what do you think

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

indeed her vibrant moves keep the
viewers entertained
and her palpable emotions give the dance
its vitality
they're both women like me yet their
approaches left such different
thank you that was very useful i'll
strive to make the stage my own as well
um mitsuru senpai i think your dance is
full of personality and charm
too it's elegant and refined
with the air of dignity it gives me the
impression of an ideal woman
oh yeah totally it's not just all
graceful but
kick ass too actually
i'm a little jealous just from watching
is that so i appreciate your kindness
but i haven't really noticed it for
oh really later don't you agree with us
i mean mitsuru senpai's dance is so
hey who's dancing do you like the most
i'm super interested in hearing that
isn't that a bit hard to answer i'd sort
of like to know
too but still that is indeed intriguing
i'm curious to hear a man's perspective
on the subject
well that's expected no sorry but i
won't back down this time
that was quite an impressive dance amada
you had a larger stage presence than
a small physique but agile moves that
embody your age
oh you may take offense to that
oh no it's okay thank you mr senpai
there's no point in copying someone
else's style so i'm just trying to
express myself
oh leader yeah it's thanks to you
all your dancing was also impressive i
in addition to the moves that only you
could do your routine was
full of emotion i wasn't highly
so i'm happy to hear you say that
you all have your own styles i hope that
i can fully realize my own soon
that being said i need to work some more
on polishing my stage presence
but thank you all that was quite useful
i'll be heading back to my room now

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

excuse me mitsuda senpai before you head
won't you dance with me for one song
i too would like to dance with you
immediately if possible
well i appreciate the offer but i'd like
to hammer out my routine's details first
you know i think you could be
overthinking this it'd be quicker if you
just danced
envisioning your routine is important
but letting yourself feel the music
is fun too though i must admit that my
saying something like that
possibly sounds a bit odd amada
i guess
i'm sorry it seems i was about to return
to my bad habits
contemplating alone in my room would
only put me further away from my goal
dear me to think that i'd be the one
taught how to enjoy a ball
i'm disappointed with my own immaturity
but i'm more relieved to have such loyal
i think i finally understand why your
dancing is so wonderful
yes and it's thanks to you as well allow
me to express my appreciation again
okay mitsuda-san let's dance come on
that is unfair i wish to dance with her
ah it's you i hope you don't mind being
but i figured you may wish to be present
for this
she's our producer correct so in other
words that would make her our commander
i wanted her input on a few topics
communication is vital in teamwork
indeed i wholeheartedly concur
as your producer i am willing to handle
any queries you could imagine
thank you well then allow me to ask you
a few things
first i'd like to learn the weaknesses
of my performance and what i should be
oh my consultations of that sort have
been entrusted to your leader
i see then i'll ask him after we're done
secondly you told us that this ball is a
what should our strategy be i believe

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

that i've entrusted that decision to
your leader as well
is that so i suppose that's satisfactory
then about the selection of our music
entrusted to your leader
well giving you all the choice must be
her acknowledgement of your talents as a
however as producer she'll still bear
responsibility for your decisions how
that is absolutely positively the case i
pinky swear that i am not shirking
after all only you could have united us
so your making the decisions is
we give you plenty of trouble every day
i hope you're not bitter about it
how reliable of you truthfully our
team's already become as fully united as
one can be
no one's better suited for your role
than you are my hat is truly off to you
it's thanks to your excellent leadership
that we've been able to overcome our
i'm fortunate to have seen you in action
i must keep striving to reach your level
that reminds me i heard that lp's sister
also has a team pitted against us
i suspect their leader is burdened with
challenges similar to your own
i've been told that the companions of
our opponent's guest are quite unique as
supposedly they have a cat a fox and
possibly even a crow in their company
they're all animals talk about a tough
no rather a wild pack of comrades
hmm what should i use it'd be boring if
i just use the standard fare
oh later
well i've been giving dance cheer clubs
activities a lot of thought
i was wondering if i could do something
more besides just cheering during the

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

since i'm good at making rice balls i
thought why not make some for the team
but now i'm at a loss about what feeling
to put in them
these are for all the dancers so i don't
want to choose any boring
ingredients maybe i should make
something that's dance themed
or russian roulette style
when it comes to dancing the wilder the
better right
it's all about the excitement so making
some fillings extremely spicy
and some other ones super sweet might
work best
ah well look who's here
ah akihiko senpai what are you two up to
doesn't seem like you're practicing
we've been considering potential
fillings for the rice balls made by the
dance cheer club
ingredients for the what what are you
talking about
um well
i see dancing does use up a lot of
rice balls sound like a great idea all
count me in on the plan you'll help us
akihiko senpai
thank you why not keep it simple at
first and put some protein in them
hmm good point that could be the most
effective for the dancers
but if you put the powder in the center
it might spill out when we eat them
it'd be best to coat the rice ball or
put the powder directly into the rice
i see they do say that good cooking
needs to have a twist
this is quite enlightening but other
than that
why not try putting whole lemons inside
the rice balls
lemons yeah they're great for recovering
they also speed up metabolism when i go
running i always take one with me and
bite right into it rind and all with a
lemon wrapped in a rice ball it'll be
filling as well
three birds one stone that sounds
very unique but also like a wonderful
i'll try making both your recipe and my
own right away
that's true we're in a dream there's no
need to eat or cook any food here
i see what a bummer we came up with such
great ingredients too
damn right we'll just have to think of
something else

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

sorry i couldn't be more help i guess
oh don't worry about it thank you for
taking the time to hear my request
i requested fukusan's help as she knows
a great deal about mechanics
i was hoping she could tune my motion
programming to be more dance oriented
i don't have the expertise for something
like that
we also lack proper equipment here
this part of the code seems very special
so it's best not to tamper with
understood i will try to make do with
what i have
modifications for dancing what kind of
functionality do you think would be
that does seem useful for specialized
dance moves
i'd like to break the sound barrier
that sounds dangerous also would we even
be able to see you
um i guess don't you think it's more
heart than equipment or functionality
i think letting the audience know you
want to do a good job is enough
that is how i feel i want to be able to
dance as well as
everyone else good idea
maybe you can show her how it's done
thank you both of you i feel much better
i want to dance right away would you
both join me
of course let's all practice together
okay i'll do my best
my most sincere apologies given the
current circumstances there was nothing
i could do
well i understand i just wish you were
nothing important you know who we're
talking about though right leader

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

yes i'm so glad you remembered caramaro
to be more accurately specific the topic
is the absence of the dog
i mean koromaru you arrived in the midst
of ken exhaustively interrogating and
scolding me on this point
uh i wasn't exactly scolding you
i just i just feel like coramaru is part
of our team too
in complete honesty i plan this ball to
coincide with my masters abs
i mean it is pure unbounded coincidence
that it was arranged for such a time
anyway while there was a good chance
that it would have posed no
issues in the end my master could have
strongly against admitting a quadruped
guest here
in more direct terms the thought alone
made me fear for my life
it's just unfortunate it is all i'm sure
coramaru would have been a real good
how unprecedented do you truly mean that
fido maru possesses an ability to dance
well it's koromaru and i would guess
he's even more physically capable than
we are
he should be able to dance don't you
uh i don't know if he's that good
is he what a revelation
i was unaware that barcoramaru had such
exceptional talent
upon deeper consideration i now recall
his persona summoning
despite being quadrupedal not only that
but he could understand human speech and
fought well alongside you all
in a sense he could well be the most
extraordinary unpoochly pooch
ever yeah
i guess that's true kotomaro is pretty
isn't he now that i envision it
the cat from the opposing team versus
your dog
if only cat
wait you mean there's a cat that can
dance on the other team
yes while somewhat overbearing he is a
fully kitted
or fully kittened dancer
a cocky dancing cat nope
i can't even imagine that well whatever
i already decided that i would dance
enough for kotomaru's sake too
that way when we return i can pet him
and say i worked hard enough for the
both of us
just so you know i don't plan on losing
to you either
you know how i was the last one in the
dorm to become a persona user
since i joined the fight late i really

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

struggled to catch up to you all
but here we all started at the same
i'm not letting myself fall behind this
all right how about some practice i've
got a dance for carl morrow's sake too
his without a doubt a wonderful song
however it may not be
suitable to dance to
oh dear me i was so focused on my
personal matters that i didn't notice
you two
i have truly let my guard down
more importantly how's the ball going
from all the cheers it seems to be
revved up
yes the ball has reached its peak
forgive my forwardness but i am ecstatic
at how it has exceeded my expectations
reba the ball bravo everyone club velvet
the point is i'm enjoying this on a
personal level
beyond my duty as your producer
still i'm surprised at how good we all
dance even though we're amateurs
thank you as your talented producer that
was simple enough
or so i'd like to say but the power of
your imagination has played a big part
in it
to be blunt no matter how much power you
borrow from me and this room
i presume that only you and your group
can perform
such wonderful dances your individual
strengths are impressive
but the energy when you're together is
the source of this comes from mutually
enhancing each other
good encounters give birth to power i'm
getting excited
seeing that for myself please continue
to use that
power to further invigorate the ball
that depends on when everyone is content

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

what a surprise i have forgotten that
the goal of this ball was to repay my
i humbly request that you leave
everything to me
lp my intuition as your talented
tells me your absolute crushing victory
is nigh
actually it wouldn't be exaggerating to
say that you've already won from the
well there's no point in us worrying
about our opponent
we'll just enjoy this that is extremely
not a problem at all
the more you all enjoy this the more
wonderful this ball will become
ah who will be dancing next
i cannot wait to see i'm trembling just
thinking about it
i must sing a song to express this
our producer sure is unpredictable
hey what's up leader we're in the middle
of a secret training session
we were trying to figure out the best
way to do a spin
yeah he came up to me just begging for
guess i've grown to be pretty reliable
huh just goes to show that i'm good at
looking out for my little juniors right
uh no i just asked you about it because
you happen to be here
but do you actually have some dancing
experience tune pace on
huh well yeah you know i
i guess not
so you don't huh that's a relief maybe i
do have a chance then
thank you that gives me confidence
don't get too cocky kid i'm a grown man
now you know
i've got a bit of an advantage
shakin you don't have a girlfriend do
what no i don't why are you even asking
i don't know what i would have done if
you were just like um yeah
well i do get love letters from the
girls in my class
what you're kidding what do they say
i don't know i don't read through them
i'm not really interested in that right
now we have more
important things to do oh man

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

a grade schooler with love letters i
figured that could only be an urban
well i have thought about saying yes
it could have been fun to dance together
but i don't know how to talk to girls
and dating seems really daunting
dude you're hopeless and look at you
oh blushing obviously a total noob hey
don't call me hopeless you're in the
same boat as me
aren't you jun pesan
what are you butting in for that's not
even true
there's no question in my rep classy
chicks gothic lolitas they're all crazy
about me
i can't even walk down the street
without getting mobbed by fangirls you
okay sorry i lied so
what about you you're asking if he's a
hit with the chicks right
so what do you say
huh obviously what come on man
chatting with just the guys like this is
nice every now and then
it's kind of hard to speak my mind when
girls are around
ken did you just admit you're always
surrounded by girls
so this is what guy talk is like huh
this is kind of fun
ah this conversation has gone nowhere
come on
let's dance ken okay
okay i'm coming you're joining too right
wow i didn't know that that's kind of
oh leader ken and i were just chatting
about superheroes
live action superhero shows he's gonna
get the wrong idea if you say it like
we thought it might be cool to adapt
some superhero poses into dance moves
we were talking strictly about dancing
it definitely wasn't some childish
wow ken that must really bother you huh
you don't have to act so mature you know
i i'm not acting okay
okay so who's your favorite hero ken
oh what's that show airing now mongolian

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

it's feather man r where did you get
that mongolian girl from
i mean i only know because i hear a lot
about it from my friend who likes it
turning superhero moves into dance moves
doesn't sound really fun though
doesn't it superhero stunts are so
incredible while other shows rely
heavily on cg
those actors are still so devoted to
their roles
and they're all just so intense and
is what my friend says about them
wow i didn't think it was that
old-fashioned or should i say
analog yeah superhero shows have been
using the same filming techniques
since the old days their movements were
originally adapted from kabuki theater
do you know what mia is yukari-san
um is that that thing where they go yo
and then strike a pose
yeah that's it well apparently superhero
poses originate from mia in kabuki
oh i never would have guessed that
that's kind of interesting
how about this do you know why the
superhero team leader's color is red
wow you're right did you already know
it's from kabuki dancing you know the
makeup that the actors wear
red is for justice and blues the color
of evil
some people theorize that superhero team
leaders get their color from that
wow i had no idea hey if we were all
divided into colors what would we be
yukari sawn would be pink mitsuru-san
would be
white would junk song be green
uh i don't think doom page should get
such a cool color
he's more of a brown or peach
that's harsh there are no superheroes
with those kinds of colors
what color would our leader be i think
blue is fitting for some reason
oh it's gotta be red right he's our
leader after all
by the way which color would i be
not red i figured as much
i'd like to be red but i'm not good
enough to be a leader yet
someday though i want to become a leader
just like you
i want to stand front and center before

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

all the other heroes
dressed entirely in red
go for it ken i'm rooting for you
oh wait we're supposed to be turning
superhero poses into dance moves right
oh yeah so superhero teams have these
poses that they do

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

it was so risky
but we brought it back
stage clear

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

to watch
pretty cheers
you can
you wanna see what's behind the mustang
stage clear

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

how's that i john did you see me on
yes i've been observing everyone's
i have all the dances and practice
sessions recorded as video data for
i haven't been doing anything special i
simply observe with my eyes
everything i see is saved and stored in
my internal memory
seriously that's awesome wait are you
recording right now
good evening from the world of dreams
i'm jupiori
i trust you're enjoying the ball
um i'm not recording at the moment
i have limited storage space
oh i see i feel like an idiot now
external video output cannot be done
i can replay it internally if the need
please let me know it might come in
yeah right we should totally make use of
hey aichan you think you could make a
copy of the girls dancing for me
ah come on man i needed to become a
better dancer
understood i will ask mitsuru-san's
permission to copy the
no never mind forget i said anything i
are you sure you just said it would make
you a better dancer
super sure sometimes you just got to do
things on your own you know
i see still everyone is having so much
if only i could keep these memories
ah those are gonna be gone too huh yeah
that's too bad
that's really really too bad
i hope we get another opportunity like
this back in the real world
i hear you maybe we can celebrate at
matsuru senpai's place or something
with a nice big buffet of course
that goes without saying it'll be like a
victory party
if there is one thing i learned here
it's the dancing with everyone is a lot
of fun
we must restore peace so everyone can
make fond memories again
all right i think i'll get back to
practicing now

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if i'm gonna be on camera i get to get
into the right mindset you know
once again

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stays clear
ah leader jimbecoon thanks for making
time to come see me
it's all good so what's up well
this room is the same as my real room so
my computer's here too
i wondered if the network would work so
i gave it a try
no it wouldn't connect to the internet
so there was nothing i could try
but when i was testing a few things i
seem to have received a one-sided
for real wait a sec you just said
sorry attempting communication was
but nobody was responding to my attempts
that's why i gave up but for some reason
someone managed to send a message to me
sorry i'm so bad at explaining things
i don't get all the technical stuff but
doesn't that mean it's from a hacker
you know like gin from strega
well it's something like that except
the feeling i got from them was
different they also didn't do anything
i don't really know the communication
link cut out too quickly
and when i say i got a message it was
really just a simple greeting
i was just tinkering around and then a
chat window suddenly
opened like i was hacked and that still
sounds scary
maybe it was a bug or something no it
didn't seem like that
it felt like someone was actually on the
other end
they seemed a lot more tech savvy than
me and we're trying to get online too
huh and oh right
so i managed to talk to them just a bit
their online id was alibaba and i think
the user is a girl
a girl what luck that really changes
things even more so if she's a babe
at any rate since we connected once
another connection should be a
i'm a bit happy that there's someone
else out there who's good at computers
besides myself

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yeah oh i know maybe we can find
something out if i ask lp about this
oh sweet idea well then
i'm gonna go look for lp
take along it'll give me a chance to get
to know that mysterious babe

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here's another one
stage clear

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