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SearchThisVideo: Picnic Road and Overlook Mountain! – Paper Mario: The Origami King – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3

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what is up guys zack scott here playing
paper mario the origami king and before
we kick off today's episode i want to
take the time to thank you guys so much
for your support on this series
i really really do appreciate it you
guys left over what was it now 8 000
likes in the first episode
in less than 24 hours by the way and uh
i just wanted to thank you so much
because now that episode has over 200

000 views and that is just incredible
for such a short period of time
i really really do appreciate it i'm
trying to figure out how to go back to
where i was
i think i was over here i'm gonna go i
was up over here yeah there we go
there's where the new bridge is up here
we're gonna head
east here to where that red streamer
goes and
uh you know i'm a streamer but
okay bad pun let's move on we're gonna
head this way and uh
have some fun see what we can do uh
maybe we'll enter a new area that needs
to be completed i'm not really sure

how how it all pans out but hey i'm
thankful that you guys are here watching
me play
i really do appreciate it uh look at
this already some this is picnic road
if we look here is picnic road picnic
roads like a whole brand new area on the
toads uh bought non-bottleness holes
collectibles blocks we got it
let's fill them up this is at least
probably uh
oh man yeah i gotta get a different
angle on that one

is it still not what the heck just
follow the place please thank you i used
so many
all right nope wrong button wrong button
oh whoa
whoa this is what is that a toad it's a
i've been hiding in those leaves for so
long i turned green wait is that no it
couldn't be
all right i'm just going to ask is that
luigi's origin story am i the luigi of
is that luigi's origin story you know
what i'm gonna lean into it

gonna find a green hat grow a stash work
on my sneer
i wonder if luigi were here he'd tell
you to try pressing the plus to open up
your menu
from there you can equip weapons use
items and check out all kinds of helpful
info mamma mia
did i do that right all right you did
unfortunately do that right uh what
about this
there you go i see it fills up my
confetti i just use so much confetti
that i
i really am glad that i need something
to fill up and now i'm taking the time
i'm looking for potential places for

you know i'm just looking that is a huge
area there
i'm looking to where like where maybe
some item blocks might be because
some of them are very well hidden
uh but we'll get to what's this place
looks great
wow this place is really beautiful
nothing like bright blooming flowers and
abundant sunshine
in fact it's so nice i think we should
stop and have a picnic
no what am i thinking sorry mario it's
so nice here i almost forgot about the
and all of our other problems all right

yeah we'll get to them we'll see what
to do there's so many holes here is this
a hole what is this
oh just a coin hanging out what the heck
is this
uh it's just a coin
interesting this is like a multi one
all right let's let's start filling up
some more of these uh non-bottomless
all righty there we go
lots of opportunity to whoa whoa

get out of there it's another toad
i hope you weren't expecting a treasure
map or a scroll filled with ancient
i didn't know what to expect actually i
expected you to be honest
uh so what else we got here oh oh oh oh
wow i got him instantly
there's like three toads here though
holy cow
i was just having a peaceful picnic when
i got folded thanks for saving me mario
so all these toads are going to go back
to toad town all right i missed the

entire picnic
got you there's also a shy guy over here
maybe uh sniff it
i hope there's still some potato salad
uh hey oh i was trying to hit him see it
doesn't it like pauses me and then it
makes him run up on me
oh wow okay so those two okay that's
fine line them up i can do that i can do
that if i get
two hits should be no problem uh so
we're gonna hit him with hammers

so far i've been enjoying uh this game
and the combat system is pretty unique i
hear it gets harder though
that's great but we'll see how it goes
hope it doesn't get too hard
anyway mario's turn
perfect all right there we go battle
all right great got a bunch of confetti
don't flatten me this is like having a
new super power

oh where's he going all right hold up oh
my gosh she's really getting out of here
hold on hold on
hey hey hey i'm trying to catch up
i don't know if i can i think he just
left okay we'll maybe deal with him
later i don't know
uh we'll figure it out this place is
fairly large but you got to appreciate
the large worlds that are made here
and i simply don't know where item
blocks may or may not be but
it's a butterfly but i bet it's any
anything it's a toad

all right but first clearly there's an
item block here how do i get up there
i don't know yet i'm gonna hit this
there you go it's a toad oh i was flying
now i'm just flapping
get out of there i'm rescuing a lot of
toads yes i knew someone would come
along who had a compulsion about hitting
every surface with a hammer

i'm i'll flap until i fly you just watch
all right so clearly let's get
i don't know if i needed to do two but
that's okay i'm gonna try to sneak up on
this guy
got him and
boom all right
ah what all right so here's we get what
two rotations

okay i just don't know hold on hold on
this one looks good
but wait this one needs to move two
but i only have two ring moves right
dude what only one left
all right whatever yeah it's not good is
um here we go i know

they're still alive oh boy
let's just do it again here we go
all right that was excellent now i
totally messed it up but the enemy gets
it turned
i try to block that
there we go i did take some damage but

okay oh my gosh
what the what the heck
all right uh so i mean i guess i gotta
line them up each and every time here
all right here we go here we go with
this one
and then basically you know i gotta

really figure out how to line them up
properly uh let's just use the boot
stop on him i don't know maybe this
won't be good enough actually
no we got him no no yeah we got him we
got him okay good
not too shabby
all right
there's gonna be more guys to fight over

here most likely
pow i gotta be careful
got him there we go now how many are
there that's an easy one to do
all right that's a super easy lineup to
do uh so
all right attack power up cool uh let's
just use boots
here we go simple fight mario's turn
got them all with excellent

all right great 15 000 coins so far
is mine
all right and uh so clearly we got
you know more stuff to do
probably need three to cover that one up
just good guess
all right

so i am gonna try to collect a little
bit of graffiti before we move on
not bad not bad okay so
all right let's go up here now
ah mario i didn't know you were one of
the faithful
have you have you come here seeking
salvation like us
situation oh what's this

situation situation we got a situation
whoa whoa calm down what kind of
situation is it a good situation or a
bad one
bad situation bad situation okay
what does this say this says meet the
earth uh vula mental
developmental developmental temple
donate worship and donate again
okay seems kind of odd but hey we'll
figure out what's going on okay i got

one of them but
you know we got a wave battle we gotta
figure out how to sort these guys out
let's see so gosh
okay this is actually gonna be easy so
uh we're gonna switch it here
i'm glad i i thought i got this one so
there we go there's one move
and then uh there's one move over here
that's easy enough
my attack power is up by the way which
is super important so let's go ahead and
start this uh
assault off with the right foot

of course i got boots on my feet so it
works out quite well
and then hammer time it's hammer time
great knocked him out last wave coming
at you so
all right we got two moves we're gonna
use them both
on these guys

so i can hammer them so there we go if
we're going to face them first then
boots are it's the name of the game
all right there we go
i only have 38 hp hopefully that'll fix
itself soon if i find like a bench or
something i can sit down and relax maybe
one of these uh
great one maybe one of these uh
encounters will will give me oh whoa 676
that's a lot
i will see that one give me a mushroom

which i could maybe use
uh here we go let's cover that up
there we go
oh wow this is a lot of oh whoa oh whoa
that was a toad
okay he's on the run
all right i saved you did that really
just happen i can't even swim
okay i guess it did just happen

cover up this little thing there
and then let's see about this uh
all right i don't know how to get up
there yet but
we'll figure it out there's a total
crumpled up there
okay before we do that let me just make
sure i can't go in here i don't think i
and i don't fully know how to get there
but i bet it has to do with the slave

jumping on the same block jumping up
there because uh we got that there you
that's a lot of coins a lot of coinage
of course some coins over here don't
forget about those
and then uh there's a toad and i know
there's this guy oh wow thanks for that
mario but if you're looking for a
fortune you've rescued the wrong toad
i run the fun funky and functional
accessory shop in toad town come see me
for accessories
all right i'm going to be at this

situation very soon
all right so he's going he's going to
run up there i'm going to go over here
there we go cheers mario that was a
right proper swing with the old hammer
in it swing like that a bloke would
assume you're wearing some of them fancy
of course i don't need to tell you about
pressing that to open up the equip
accessories do i
you might because i'm not that smart uh
was there something down here

there was one there whew thanks for
being a completionist mario
indeed all right let's save it
then we'll go see what this situation is
in all caps what are you still doing
here what about you
maybe i ought to take my own advice
equip some of them flashy accessories
they keep talking about me equipping
i don't have a single one so i haven't
been to the accessory shop either
it's a real bad situation mario the door

to the earth developmental is sealed no
one can get inside it to pay tribute
oh no the door will open only when all
five holy shell stones are placed in the
shell stone
receptacles but four of them are gone
and the
that heathen is trying to steal the
fifth right now
we go try to stop him but you know we're
koopa troopas what are we gonna do
walk into him slowly seems to work
against mario sometimes
um but that's a good question what are
you guys gonna do

i'm gonna go over here
i might have to do something really
something involving my my folded arms
oh i broke it i saved the toad
you see that guys we're saved let's
rally behind mario whenever he gets into
a fight just press y and we'll
we'll be your 12th codes oh wow
holy cow that's a lot of toads saved
remember to press y

all right that was pretty cool
there's a coin over there
okay let's see what's going on over here
because clearly we got a lot to do
all right i'm gonna go stop him maybe i
just walked up and
hammered him in the back of the head
that could be lethal
there you go all right so
they just moved a little bit now i'm a
little concerned
that countdown timer is just goes

doesn't it it makes the lineup face so
oh hey it looks like you can press and
hold to spin coins and add more time to
the countdown clock okay great
i bet you can press that for a long time
but it'll cost you a lot of coins
so don't overuse it time is coins time
is money uh so we're gonna switch to
i think that this is gonna be a actually
let's go with this one
uh is this how i wanted to do no
this one's fine and then we're gonna
switch and this there we go look i lined

them up
all right there we go i'm happy with
that boots time here we go
against all these shy guys
perfect i'm glad i got the lineup
correct that time or at least
one that works boots
mario's turn
excellent all right beat those guys
that's a battle bonus for me i did not

take damage that time around
all right there we go is the situation
good now whoa i haven't seen power like
that since i watched a documentary about
the earth elemental itself
are you going to watch it i don't want
to spoil anything for you
but you should really see the exhibit
first and the other four shell stones
are missing
oh how frustrating that they ran off
with your precious stones
and i really want to see the exhibit for
myself let's head off and find those
shell stones mario i'm sure these guys
have thoroughly searched this area

i don't know about that but maybe
yeah so i don't have any but just so you
know there are four more of those
well one way is down
there's a filthy rat

all right that is full back up
all right we'll just make it all the way
over here
even b yo rats
let's see how we do
all right there's uh okay is it do i get
two moves or just one
i get two so this should be easy enough
we're going to do
uh this one over here and then flip the
and there we go great lineup attack

power up of course it is thanks to my
let's do it
there we go
there's a toad i never would have got
crumbled if i had equipped a weapon
are you equipping your weapons mario you
got to stay ready i think i
am okay and that's a dead end for me

but i did get a toe another toad rescued
of course there's got to be a lot of
toads here i've rescued so many
look at the map only 39 complete so
there's going to be a
lot of toads uh we've gotten several of
the in over half of the not bottomless
holes repaired
and some of the question blocks we got
like four of them all at once though or
maybe that was three all at once though
that was pretty cool
can't fall can i i don't know if i can
alright so we did
this section a little bit and now we're
going to save it before moving on

there we go and then
up top where the happy music is all
right well let's take a look over here i
don't want to you know
miss anything but this place is big whoa
look at that cute house it's all wrapped
up in my brother's streamer
do you think anyone's inside oh they
must be in a real bind
look at their soon hey if anyone's
inside that super cute house we're here
to help
just hold on tight and we'll come back
after we unwrap the red streamer okay

that should do it consider the people
inside 100 reassured
i don't know about that but let's see
all right good things are good
don't come right oh i thought i think
was gonna come running at me anytime
but he didn't
darn i was gonna okay maybe i should try

to jump on them and they are goombas
after all oh my gosh there's a lot of
shy guys here too
okay this is two moves that should be
easy to do uh we're gonna start here
that's one and then over here we're
gonna move these over and then that's a
hammer and a jump
should be good my attack power is up
we're going to start with the boots here
mario's turn
got him
and then uh hammer time

mario's turn again
that was great it was good enough to win
coins fall from the sky
now now is this something like no
there we go oh you got something you
want to yak about
ah yeah that place there's some kind of
weird toad living in there he's science
is a whole bunch of weird junk

good luck getting to getting to see the
guy place is blocked by some kind of red
streamer thingy yeah
you can see for yourself indeed i can
got some letters are these all toads
thank you mario wondering how i already
had this written me too
toad another one right there we go
call me a hipster but i prefer to send a
real letter
now i have to actually call my friends
thanks mario sarcasm
and then what's this thank you so much

the invention helped me truly find
weird there's another toad in the form
of a butterfly
i can't keep this up forever but i'm
going to try this is going to keep
trying to fly
all right let's uh
another toad here tiny
ugh i'm so weak from being crumpled up
for so long i wish i could just press y
and use a mushroom like you mario and
then i press b
to order burrito is that not what beat

it'd be funny if that was a function i
just hadn't remembered like i didn't
know and like oh you can you can just do
all right so clearly i'm not getting in
here yet until we deal with the red
whoa but that guy scared me for sure
popping out of things like that come on
all right they're both lined up oh they
messed it up for me but it should be
easy enough to do two uh rotations here

and then there's one over here
all right here we go i'm ready to jump
with boots
and get this going on mario's turn here
we go
and same situation here we just jump on
him we hit him it's all good right
there we go

all right no one else is going to jump
out of there ever again
no um so yeah we're getting a lot done
that much is true am i supposed to even
get this guy let's go ahead and fill
this in this is a large probably
three whole flings of confetti another
fourth one oh geez

oh man you can you can actually fall in
all right so here's the thing what if i
go ahead and no
i'm worried about the shell stones but
also i'm worried about the streamer it
keeps going up past the hill
i knew i know uh but what i'm worried
about is how do i get to
my items there we have seven mushrooms
let's use one there we go 50 50 is a lot
actually um there we go we filled it
back in
oh he came to the flowers that's what

happened this is almost as good as
toad thanks mario i was using my sand
wedge when i started thinking about my
sandwich and hit a bad shot into the
sand's edge
it's a poet there we go
i'm gonna clear this out there you go

all right so a bunch how they're gonna
shuffle okay that's not so bad to do
line them up uh we could do it really
only one way let's
let's just do it like this
then we'll do this one like that as well
great lineup
you better believe it great lineup with
a hammer here we go
mario's turn
that was an excellent one boom
hammer again please mario's turn again

another excellent one perfect
i'm happy that was great a great
performance by me
all right um
okay so what do we want to do now um
there's a golf course
almost looks like a golf course right
can i drop down here probably not
these hidden things over here probably

there's someone in that golf course i'm
almost out of confetti too by the way
oh man it's rats
what there's a toad is here surprise
fungus finder
how what oh great

man okay ah gotta fight this guy
all right this is not so bad uh so what
i wanna do
is this is gonna be one maybe simple
i think this could work really well look
at that beautiful right
and then we just say uh confirm and then

perfect lineup there we go look at that
and we did it without even having to do
two two lineup moves
and then this one too right
just great but still that's just great

pick up that confetti dude i don't know
if the
toes are just gonna be a flower oh wrong
finally got that done
all right what is that that's a toad we
now i'm free to frolick and skylark
won't you join me no need
all right what is this

no clue
i think i think i hear a dog barking or
something in this so there it is
it's like a little red dog
i hit him instead oh it was just a toad
woof i mean

put up your dukes i mean come to the
battle lab and put up your dukes
i mean i run the battle lab in toad town
you should stop by sometimes near the
huh you came all the way here from toad
town and now you're headed back
yeah unless you want to know a shortcut
like maybe that pipe up ahead on
overlooked mountain i'm still feeling a
bit doggy so i'm going to move it back
hope to see you at battle lab
oh and i forgot to mention we have a
membership drive going on right now free

gift for new members
boof all right good for him a free gift
mario it's free we should definitely
remember to check out
that dog toad's lab all right we will
it is free after all to do so
but i might even buy something there
no i almost jumped into that something i
don't know how
i got that one done

why am i hitting the wrong button like
every time
is there anything over here can i just
fall off of this
oh wow
just you try just you try

oh my goodness what is that what is
happening here
oh my gosh you gotta be joking kidding
me how the heck
do i need like a running potion or
something how do i deal with this

i don't understand
dang it oh you know what
those two are side by side those those
are the closest ones to each other so
dang it i messed it up again oh man okay

but those those two are probably the
ones i gotta settle on right because
those are two are so close side by side
so this is a bit of a puzzle
so no big deal though
got him whoa he was really giving me the
run for the money whoa that was you
i wouldn't have made it so hard if i'd
known here let me make it up to you
there we go a thousand coins almost 20
000 coins total
i'm gonna whack you on the head again

for real i found that in the ground by
the way
do you think those guys walking around
with metal detectors might be on to
maybe so how do we get out of here
though oh there's a there's a thing over
so i was kind of lucky to find that
honestly that wasn't such a clear
path how do i get out of here now though
oh no
oh i see now there we go
oof okay so
where are we going exactly

there's obviously a place up there to go
to there
is we finished up all this over here i
mean i kind of feel like i did maybe i
didn't though
i don't know what i'm possibly double
checking let's take a look at the uh the
so only a little over the half but i
have all the non-bottleness holes
repaired that's
good to know but lots of toads left some

uh some collection
um some of those blocks
you know what i'm saying i've been over
here right
i have how do i get down there
can i drop down or that just be a mess
let's find out
all right i'm just gonna check something
i cannot but at least there's no fall

damage so let's go back up to where that
dog toad was
all right so let's see what's what i
don't know how i'm gonna get all the
shells seems like a
quite the endeavor
this is a whole new section overlooked
mountain hit huh look at the red
it goes all the way up there is climbing

up there gonna be
a problem you know for your legs
who am i kidding you're mario you can do
it i'll just observe and reflect from my
cozy spot inside your pocket
all right i suppose so man though
uh so we we were down here
and uh we spent a lot of time here and
we didn't quite get it done so now we
got to go
and uh i did not mean to do that i don't
mean to get rid of that
so quickly um so yeah if we look at the

yeah we got to go to overlook mountains
so picnic road uh we got all the holes
but still missing a collectible still
missing some toads
uh we we clearly know there's something
amazing to do but
i don't know how to do it yet but then
also we get the same do the same thing
at overlook mountains so that's gonna be
really intriguing uh so let me let's get
let's get on to it
all right before we move on i just
realized that there are these coins here
i don't remember if they were there
already but it seems like all the coins
and stuff have replenished

and so that's really interesting i don't
really know uh okay hold on
did i get this i don't know if i got
that there's a lot of toads
get out of there last toad are they
gonna talk to me
all right i'm the last one i hope you're
you're not too disappointed
oh i just meant i was the last toad
rolled up in that hole there are tons
more of us to find
so yes there are okay great did i do
this i feel like i've done
i haven't what the heck how did i miss

okay does this like did this just now
appear or
uh ah the sun the sky fresh air i'm free
that flagpole is jittery you see that
now i swear what the heck so i've been
over here of course
okay what i thought i got this oh no
that's no no not okay
okay i don't know i'm getting distracted
i want to take a quick break before we
go to the next part
but now okay all right uh

what needs to happen here
oh yeah i remember this this one was
easy so this one is uh i didn't know
can i yeah this is fleet i'm out of here
i'm out of here because we don't need to
do it again do we
oh what oh no
oh no i couldn't actually flee uh oh
this is bad news i thought this okay
this is bad news all right i'm trying to
i'm i'm believing me i'm trying to guard

there we go block both of those i can't
believe i couldn't flee
like let me flee can you will you let me
flee this time
there we go okay weird
so yeah all the toads are here so what
about this flagpole how do i go up
i swear what is this oh my gosh

of course whoa
that's a lot of toads what the heck it's
the fires like fireworks
what the heck okay
that's pretty cool okay let's let's not
get too distracted by this area here oh
jeez he's chasing me
we gotta go back up here right
let's see uh let's see what's up here

all right um overlook mountain
reed overlooked tower ahead this path
leads directly to overlook tower mario
i knew that was a toad i knew it if you
stick to the path you should make it to
the top mario
don't ask me how long i've been waiting
here to tell you that
i won't but how long have you have you
been waiting yeah
okay um break this there's an okay now
here's something

i got some iron boots i already had iron
boots but now i also have iron boots
all right so i can use iron boots to
jump on these guys probably
boom all right okay interesting this is
an interesting
lineup do i get two moves i do get two
ring moves so one's right there
one's right here great lineup
and then so we're gonna use those iron
boots i'm gonna need them
here we go mario's turn

great that was easy oh that one's still
oh enemies gets a turn then
well i blocked it and i took six damage
oh boy oh boy let's just use regular
boots maybe i don't know
there we go all right not too bad
wish i would have done it without
getting hurt but it was what it was
there you go look at that look at all

those coins all right so
we're talking about the main path or
uh what does it say oh yeah insects are
people too please be kind to our
mini-legged friends and approach so
where are the so-called insects this is
not the path that we're trying to be on
is it
thank you for finishing that up

and this is just a place to relax i'm
gonna need it
there we go there's a chest way back
listen do you hear that is the river
going splish splash ah what a relaxing
oh listen closer you can even hear the
fishies jumping
all right great so this play i mean this
part looks pretty
you know big i always have a hard time
trying to understand like where to stop
the episodes

but this place looks huge so i don't
oh my gosh they just dropped down at me
boom all right whole bunch of things
that's not too jumbled for me um we're
going to rotate
this one over here and this one over
that should be an easy lineup right
there to make and then let's just use
the regular boots
mario's turn

i make it look easy
and then over here some more boots
mario's turn again
there we go
there's another one let me open up the

chest first
lush greenery there's another treasure
over there how do i get to there
i imagine we'll find out soon there's
how was my telepathic cries for help got
through to you and i'm going to go into
the business as a psychic right now
and the thing is like i i was just doing
that to smash i gotta smash like
because like th so many of them are just
like hidden in weird spots that i never
would actually think to look for toads
just the fact i'm i'm busy smashing some
stuff so okay

i don't like this lineup
let's cheer really quick
475 sounds pretty good right
do what you got to do thank you for that
okay that was a much easier lineup than
i thought it was going to be maybe
so now we move these guys there we go
great lineup here we go boots

mario's turn i don't know how much they
actually helped me
probably not at all they did one move
for me and they helped me understand
that but i probably would have made that
move myself and plus the
the countdown timer was going down and
freaking me out so
there we go we got him to tell me like
coins is to do that that's okay you can
apparently fight these over and over
so uh good
there we go got that too nice all right

so uh again it's like well how do i know
for sure where toads may or may not be
you know
i might have to make like an all toad
video or something after all this is
said and done
there's a toad over here clearly
i'm gonna i'm gonna finish this up first
thank you

i got one will i ever hop again
probably so that was kind of weird i
just sneaked up on him and then
yeah okay i hit next to them and then
they fall over there we go thanks mario
any more jumping and i might have grown
actual legs
so many toes just hanging out here of

course there's a treasure down there i
gotta remember to walk off the ledge
there if i can that even works
okay i just snuck up on him direct wow i
was a grasshopper for days and i didn't
learn a thing grasshopping is the worst
what the heck okay
all right let's see how this fight goes
they're upside down thankfully
uh so okay hold up

two moves oh yeah this is easy then
this is an easy easy way to do it
now i think i can jump on them
i'm just gonna use the iron boots anyway
even though the their spikes are on the
other side
because the iron boots do a little more
damage i don't know how strong these
guys are
so there we go 240 coins you gotta love
he came out of the tree like coming for

like come on dude is there anything else
over here i
just don't know
i see this guy he has wings
all right boom
what's gonna happen now okay these guys
were you were in a perfect position
okay this is gonna be a little bit hard

let's let's cheer a little bit
i know man gosh this is so imprecise
oh there yeah that makes sense okay yeah
that that was
more clear now than ever before uh so
got him got him lined up much easier
uh boots let's do it start the battle
here we go
mario's turn

oh great so they lost one okay um
let's do iron boots on
these guys let's see if iron boots will
do the trick
should have done iron boots could have
taken them all out that's okay
enemies get a turn of course they look
pretty there we go block them all
okay now i'm going to re-line you guys
up you know that right

it looked pretty miserable honestly uh
let's just do the regular boots then
here we go
i still made it excellent all the time
there we go there we go indeed
so i get whatever comes coming to me
from that that was great
oh yeah hey let's get how do i get those
quick quick quick quick before they

they're having like a party over here
what's going on oh here's another enemy
now do i have to fight oh there's a crab
or something
sort of a tick i'm saved and now i'm
going to save you mario
try pressing sometimes when you're in a
pickle it'll open up a whole new world
of info
all right seriously i i'm talking
control settings basic info it's all
right there for you
all right great thank you toad

i meant to jump on him oh man okay we'll
figure this out
all right okay i hate it already because
i still don't
get it oh actually i do kind of get it
or do i get it
hold on so if i move okay wait
yeah this oh those aren't lined up
perfectly what the heck
oh yeah they are this is good this is
good then we're gonna move
uh this one like so there we go
have a seater son versus looking at me

uh we're gonna have to uh use boots iron
boots on these
on these guys i don't know if the hammer
is gonna work
but here we go they should clip their
not just flip their wings but also take
them out
all right and then these guys are going
to get the hammer if i can do a good
i'm aiming for excellent here
i did get excellent and there we go took
him out there we go
all right battle bonus i love that

i love that all right there we go i'm
going to take my
dog out and i will be rb
all right guys i'm back look mario is
asleep he was taking a nap i had to take
my dog out
uh let's see oh hey that's that pipe
that will take me back to
i still i never hit that button that's
the pipe that will take me back to you
know where
anyway let's go talk to these these guys
step right up calling all savings
seekers coupon clippers and thrifty
types alike
you sir with a mustache fancy a fair

deal yes
is this really a fair deal i'll get
right down to it what i'm offering today
is a once in a lifetime deal a real
bargain in the rough
all right feast your greedy eyes on at
the miracle orbit dices it slices it
purees it's one of a kind
that's a shell stone i need it now just
calm down folks
and then get excited all over again
because if you don't buy and buy it now
you'll never get another chance

let's start the bidding at ten thousand
coins just ten thousand coins for this
absolutely necessary item uh
what happens if i don't buy no takers
huh i see i see
but we can't let this a serendipitous
situation go to waste
i've got an item and you've got coins
and let's see if we can't make the magic
happen huh
now then this hurts me deeply but i'm
going to offer you the discount of a
for an extremely limited time you can
purchase this fine item for the low
low price of 5 000 coins we got a deal

it's half price what a deal
that's still kind of a lot i'm going to
say don't buy see if it goes down even
more i see i see now this is a slippery
situation we've
got developing here i'm looking to sell
you're you're looking to buy surely we
can meet in the middle
just like your mustache i'm just gonna
put it out there
three thousand coins that's it that's
the offer take it or leave it wow that's
a bargain why didn't bring more coins
what happens if i don't buy
i think it's a good deal but say don't
oh boy i didn't want to do it but you're

forcing my hand
and this price is as good as highway
robbery all i need is a 2000 coins wow
that's cheap no way
don't buy you're kidding me you still
won't buy it
i'm losing it you want this shirt off my
back too
take this thing away from me for a
thousand coins will ya
let's say don't buy see what happens i
don't even want to sell it now this
price maybe i'll keep it
ah but you got me you got me on the day
my rent is too
my loss is your gain 500 coins take it

or leave i'll okay i'll i'll buy it for
500 coins
so for five records sorry pal i got no
enthusiasm left for you
there we go only 500. and that's a green
shell stone
uh sold by a shady above ground mole
well there we go mario you just found
the first of the earth developmental
shell stones
all right that sounds great uh thanks
for the bargain dude
still can't believe i got 500 coins for
a rock i found on the side of the road
all right how are you guys doing enjoy

your new shiny stone
now i got to get more of those obviously
all right there was some coins for me
now i know there's a treasure
somewhere there it is i knew it
all right there's a little goomba paper
macho goomba
i don't know if i like him but i don't i
do i do like him
um so now we're going to continue up
this path
now clearly this would be a great place
say that's that that's a shiny looking

pipe and such a nice bright shade of red
didn't we hear something about a
shortcut pipe that leads to total maybe
this is it
that is it by the way i recognize it now
i don't know that i need to go there
right now
there's a toad right there i want to
thank my friends my family my coach my
teachers and all of the other toads who
in me this is for you good
now that tree is that missing something
that tree oh my gosh
i'm glad i looked some of these things
are too well hidden like i get lucky
finding these things is this a path over

oh wow and there's also a toad this game
i mean i feel like it's hard like i i'm
just lucky to stumble upon these things
i had this whole whole lonely ledge to
myself for ages
it was great but i should probably get
back home thanks
all right here we go

all right
uh let's keep pounding away here uh did
i hit the tree i think i did
this oh you know i need to take the tape
off of this
not that i want to go in there because i
want to finish up this place first but
it's good to know that that is now
a an open shortcut oh great some enemies
so many enemies are here whoa
hold up hold up i see what they're doing
to me

how do i
oh why i hit the wrong button
how do i even oh that's how
all right i like his sad flag
all right all right come on hit me with
your best shot goomba
once more come this way
thank you goodbye to you goomba now i

can go over here
and feel that there's a toad there too
just gotta fill that up great
slime down leave me alone you folded
freaks i'll never surrender never
come on down oops
mario oh thank goodness it's you i was
about to surrender
all right so he's he's out of here
that's a piece to fill up of course

i wonder if this is going to be an area
i can 100 complete
maybe so let's save it it's been a while
since i saved
some rocks here sometimes i wish i could
move the camera angle around a little
bit i don't know how to get up there
what the heck was this what the heck
oh it's a goomba great all right let's
fight him all right let's find him

okay i'm super confused what just
uh i'll get three moves okay perfect
uh oh my gosh
oh no oh no uh uh
uh how do i how do i add time
there we go there we go there we go
sorry i freaked out dude
all right so there's one
two three okay

that does put the stress on but there we
go i had to pay coins for that
here we go with the regular boot mario's
12 seems good enough
you know had they not given me three
moves i don't know that i would have
been able to do much
but perfect let's uh let's do the
squared away here
there's like a toad in the little corner

you see him back there
anyway a bunch of arms let's do it reach
grabbing what the heck another stone
i need that oh my gosh mario this is so
interesting but also kind of spooky
it's the skeleton of a koopa troopa it
must have been trapped in here poor
all thing cool yellow shell stone
held by a very much alive dry bones
that's the second one we found
i'm actually coming through pretty quick
on these rest your weary bones poor

you're in a better place now
rattle rattle hey i'm fine and i'm not a
koopa troopa i'm a dry buns and i'm just
dehydrated okay
all right oh i look so happy we'll never
forget you
all right uh i don't know how to get
there unless it's dropping down from the
top or something
why not say it again
i'm gonna hit this a couple times you
never know you never know just
hit everything in this game apparently

got enough that's enough
so um
all right let's let's head down here
because this is a wow whole bunch of
these guys
there's one thanks don't forget my
all right i won't there's something else
over there this is just a hand or
there's two thanks mario we didn't have
mushroom to our

we didn't have much room to ourselves
like that nice pun buddy
then we got uh okay yeah we what oh oh
isn't it stop it it tickles
all right should i go help that guy
i hope he's okay um and then
got this guy here
all right eek ahead

you are now cursed by the head of toad
ooh i don't have a body
i'm just kidding my body's just folding
under me see
all right uh then we'll pull up this
they bury me in the deepest because i'm
the one they were afraid of
now vengeance will be mine yeah all
that guy's scary uh can i no i can't
drop down there
isn't there like uh there's like uh

something over here right
how do i i don't get down okay that's
makes sense here we go cover that up
uh how do i get up oh like that okay
now there's got to be a way there's i
swear there's there's a yep i knew it
i knew it oh don't want to fall in
there's another collectible thing over
open it up there we go sap sister

collectible treasure all right
then we'll head back what's up
dang old fish got my lucky rock well
guess what i need that back then
yes go fishing dangle fish got my lucky
you want to help me out i can learn you
how to fish let's
let's see here first get a good old grip
on them zl and cr buttons and use l to
aim for the fishies
all right i get the idea i think right

flick it
fishing got it patience the fishies like
to tease a little bit wait until you get
them good and hooked to yank back
all right cool
this is gonna be hard
get it okay
nope nope that didn't work okay bit late

come on try again nope
my bad i should maybe look to the
tutorial a little bit clearer
all right all right come on
dang it i hate i'm so bad at fishing uh
let's see
there you go

i want the big one honestly
this is it might be toads though right
man i thought he had it what is wrong
with me in this game
what's wrong with me fishing i'm not
good at fishing lately in these video
uh come on
surely you don't you surely you see this

there you go
here we go i'm shaking it there we go
that's it oh i gotta fight it
oh boy okay hello fishies
line them up how many moves do i get
three that's fair
uh i think it's fair i'm gonna move uh
this one down uh then i'm gonna move

this one over okay i know i know
this one over okay great i don't know
how powerful these things are but i'm
gonna use my iron boots
here we go mario's trying to jump
they're gone perfect
awesome now you think that would be the
one of course it is
blue shell stone awesome

that's the third one we found
thanks for getting my lucky rock back i
guess i probably knew all along it
weren't really mine
can you take it take it on back to the
temple and uh maybe don't tell them
where you found it
all right maybe not maybe not all right
uh let's continue wrong way
let's continue up this way
i know there's a toad over here
aren't you gonna save here yeah i guess

so good good point
good point i guess i don't know how to
get up to some of the stuff up here but
yeah i'll save here why not
and then let's just see exactly what's
up i know that we have uh
oh my gosh
uh oh yeah i'm out i'm out i'm out
oh boy oh boy
and there's a star on top of this
christmas tree now
let's see let's do it here we go

here we go i got all of you guys
anything else i need to take care of
over here
there you go and then there's definitely
okay something awesome up there let's go
ahead and uh here let's pick up these
while we can
and then fill that in uh one more okay
there's one more for you

okey doke um
i need to get more confetti
i do have a lot of coins let's smash
these flowers and see if we can find any
secrets as well as the you know the
confetti we're looking for
okay again if i miss anything
major or even minor let me know in the
comments below what i'm missing so that

can find it
i know there's a toe down here i saw him
through a little crack
oh there he is gotcha i would have found
him anyway i suppose
forget about me i'm pretty sure there
was an earthquake are you alright mario
sorry no time to wait for an answer
he's out of here okay i get it
so let us see what is over here
i might have to hit some flowers and

look there's a toad playing around with
that streamer up by the tram
hey uh toad can you stop playing with
the streamer now it's dangerous just pop
on out okay
pop out just pop out toad oh sure don't
mind if i do
i'm trapped in this thing lady you think
i want to be gumming up the works like
no one can get in to autumn mountain
because of me and boy do they enjoy
reminding me of that
oh so you could take us to autumn
mountain if you weren't all tangled up
in it i mean
that's good to know it must be the

reddish mountain over there right
oh the blue streamer fluttering with the
red mountain in the background is so
cool looking
huh there's a blue streamer mario so it
was so pretty i almost didn't recognize
it for what it was after we take care of
the red streamer maybe we should come
back here and follow the blue one
just hanging tight toad uh you know what
i mean stay loose uh
that's worse we'll be back probably yeah
we'll be back maybe we'll see what
happens as soon as this all gets cleared
we'll figure it out and then uh let's

there's a goomba guy now here's the
question do i have to fight him
he's coming for me i should probably
just fight him
hit him with a hammer gotcha
all right now
how many moves i get oh yeah yeah this
one's easy we got hold on hold on uh

oh no that's not quite easy at all
yeah it is and then uh switch it to this
got it great lineup by me yours truly
let's use iron boots you're almost
here we go does that mean there's one
like they're born did i break him or did
i still got another one let's do it
again here we go
i did i did find another pair i hope

that i can use both of them right
look at all the toads streaming on i
found so many
oh yeah they broke but i think i have
some more right
i did find some more
all right nicely done look at that
all right
all right and then um excuse me

on a mountain overlooked tower
all right just checking you never know
all right looking good this is a big
hole here
now is there like anything at all here
like it just seems like
again if i'm missing any major blocks or

anything like that just let me know
i'll get to them okay okay yep
so i hit one of them but
now i hope i still have those boots or
an extra pair
oh wow this looks like camera time stuff
uh line them up
i get three moves that sounds good to me
uh let's switch it this is going to be
one of them this is going to be another
one of them
and this is going gonna be another one
there we go perfect right we're gonna be

using hammers not
no i don't think i have any more of
those boots that's okay let's try to get
on here if we can
there we go boom destroyed i love it
let's do it again
oh that was nice oh no
not good enough uh let's let's try to
hit these guys i don't know i don't know
what to do
oh boy here we go hammer i'm trying to

get excellent i don't know
i got nice again you got to be joking
kidding me all right now i have to block
all this stuff
i got hit really bad
i blocked one of them holy cow
all right this is gonna be interesting
we get three moves there's one
two three yeah good lineup

sure uh let's just use boots on these
guys here
all right good and then let's use a
hammer on these two
i like great that time but they're taken
care of there we go i did take some
damage unfortunately
but we can always have the toes cheer
for us next time

i think one of my coins just fell off
the ledge
what is this up here what the heck am i
looking at
finally the peak what a climb it must
have been for you
it must have been for you good job mario
so all right now we can just head inside
and find the streamer and
oh what am i looking at uh tell me mario
is this what doors normally look like
it isn't right how do we get in what

material is this
oh it's like a rock holy cow
who on earth put a door up that high i
can't even float up there how are you
going to get in
wait wait earth that's it something
happened to the earth here to make it
like this it's not supposed to be so
high up
oh it's a magic circle
but it's different somehow maybe it has
to do with the earth of elemental
but would the earth elemental really do

a mean thing like this
maybe my brother used that magic circle
to summon it here and made it do this
i suppose we'll just have to track it
down and see if we can help us
yeah that's weird uh i'll use that thing
and see what happens i'm just gonna
pop a few of these just to make sure i
don't know i
i don't want to get too distracted but
i've seriously i've plopped something
randomly and there's like a tone under
it so it's like well
what do i do
all right let's uh let's just uh let's
just do this here we go
check it out should we try and find the

earth elemental first oh yeah we should
well that means finding the okay
overlook sports park okay
what's going on over here exactly oh
there's another one of these
got him there's a toad i was on the
grasshopper team in high school so this

really worked out for me
i would jump down there but i'm really
afraid of what will happen to me
oh whoa whoa see that shy guy sneaking
up on me
all right i gotta do something about my
health and to me that means maybe summon
some toads figure out what's what
that's a nice not a bad lineup honestly
let's just go ahead
let's go ahead and summon some toads
because i could really use

some help there we go 506.
i love those coins they just moved it
once it's just one time
and they healed me those mostly i was
wanting to heal so
uh let's ring moves in one so they did
one for me i guess
now i don't think a hammer will do the
job but i just realized it's gonna have
to oh my god
i can't hammer those guys do i not have
any other weapons whatever boots here we
go suck the battle
this is not gonna work oh well anyway
here we go

at least i healed before this start
thanks to cheering on the toads and then
this is just gonna have to be a hammer
move i'm sorry
mario's turn here we go
i did excellent for those two the only
two are left
the enemies get a turn though of course
i blocked both but still took 12 damage
right but here we go hammer time
they're as lined up as they can be

an excellent hit took them out
all right there we go didn't quite do it
right my first time but you know it is
what it is
all right thanks for following me over
here dude now i would drop down maybe i
can't drop down i don't know if i can
drop down let's see can i drop down just
like you did oh god
but that was a good thing right because
we found a tub the real
question the real question is am i the
first toad to pop out of a question
maybe can i get back up there please i
don't have to want to oh my gosh i got

to go so far to get back there
all right my bad hey let's just save it
again why not right
and then let's get up there i think
we're about done with this section of
the game
and the next episode we'll go in the
developmental temple
i think that's what's gonna happen i'm
still struggling i'm still trying to
kind of figure out how to
uh divide up these episodes because i
don't want him to be like too long like
you know i don't want to be like two
hours long then a lot of people won't
watch him

but i tend to top out my episodes around
an hour i aim for my episodes to be
40 minutes long sometimes shorter just
but anyway let's go down here to the
sports park
we're good we're good oh they're kicking
a toad around dude
very rude very rude dude oh i'm not
trying to hit it with a hammer
oh wow that's a lot of things i still
don't have the boots that i want

line them up they're good enough for now
let's just uh
i think they're good enough that's two
hammer strikes right
but we need we probably need here let's
just do this actually this is gonna be
better maybe
actually that's not better at all dang
it dude oh my god
oh man i totally messed that up oh
no i'm sorry i cannot believe how bad i

messed it up
oh man i messed it up big time
i got two of these guys i mean i'm gonna
get killed
what are you kidding me here we go again
against these guys
all right yeah because they weren't
lined up perfectly but i have
whatever here we go they're still alive
too this is bad news

can can i get cheered for
i try to block oh boy
i took a ton of damage dude can i cheer
at this point
give me a give me a cheer 4 45 i don't
know what will you do for me for 4 45
okay uh so
ring moves only get one ring move what
the heck

all right cool attack power up so i'm
gonna try out the
hammer on these two they didn't even
heal me i thought they would heal me
there we go those guys are gone and then
i kind of feel like i should do a
a hammer move on these guys
here we go again
oh it was only nice but we got him
oh cool i get another attack perfect
this is great i didn't realize i got

another attack this is great here we go
oh boy okay
if i if i fight the other guy
immediately i need to have them
i need to do a cheer there we go
i can tell you i sure wasn't having a
all right
where's he what's his deal
i might need to heal with a mushroom
honestly let's let's consider that
really quick

how do i get to the items there we go
over here i have several of these let's
use them
there we go that heals me good
this pipe leads to earth developmental
temple over on picnic road
before those goons waddled me wadded me
up into a soccer ball it was my job to
stare at it angrily
so i'll go down there in a second let me
just go see what's down
here oh gosh
oh they have the final one

uh can i have that
oh oops
okay yeah this is gonna be tough
how do i get this

oh haha oh darn
gosh man how do i
mine there we go i got it

intercepted mid pass from a soccer game
that's the last shell stone mario
i should probably beat these guys right
oh my gosh oh my gosh
what do i do i'm glad i healed before
poking this oh goodness there's one of
those gone
i can't quite reach him i can hit him
i got his seal

nicely done
i just stuck right up on him and hit him
him too
this is pretty good

all right all right all right all right
all right here we go
there we go three new toads rescued from
that all right
nice running mario you must be exhausted
here take this
um i was actually fine i healed before
but hey
you've heard of air guitar this is air
visualization is how you really get good
at a game like this
all right so uh you know i had a good
time playing but so there's more stuff

to do over here there's a treasure
thankfully i didn't just leave
and here's a treasure this is okay one
of those guys the paper macho shy guy
all right there is so much to do still
how how close am i to some of this stuff
okay i know i know where to go i know
where to go but let me check this how
are we doing on the stage overall
not near all the toes rescued but we got
a lot of the collectibles and
uh non-bottomless holes repaired there's

still more to do here
you know before we get it 100 but i will
get it 100 it's just a matter of when i
quite know when yet you know there's
stuff that's going to happen later on
that leads to backtracking
and i just i'm just not going to know
unless i look it up but if you guys
want to give me some advice and help out
i'll listen to what you guys have to say
so just let me know in the comments
below uh if there's anything
that i that you know sticks out that i
miss like if it's an item block or
something let me know
because i'm gonna want to go get that
item block and uh so let me know in the
comments below it'll be really really

this episode's over an hour long but we
got a lot done
and yes i remember this place there we
go and here we are
so uh let me know i will see you guys
next time for more i'm gonna
save right here and then uh next episode
uh we will go into the developmental
see what that's all about save again
because i just picked up some new coins
and uh thanks so much for liking this
episode i really do appreciate your
goodbye i'm zach scott subscribe if you
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Thanks for watching my Paper Mario Origami King Gameplay and Walkthrough! I've played a lot of Paper Mario games, and I'm excited to be playing the latest ...


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