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SearchThisVideo: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 – Gym Leader Erika

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what does a guy Zach Scott here playing
Pokemon let's go Pikachu and I'm gonna
try to go and find out what the heck to
do because I couldn't go all the way up
Pokemon Towers so I have to start
talking to people and maybe bill they'll
have some sort of information
don't go disturbing thing okay why I
already did disturb things so oh well
but thanks guys for being here thanks
for returning that first episode of
surpassed 400,000 views I do thank you
so much do you believe in ghosts yes
I've seen them really so there are
believers here in that tower just go
you'll find him
what's up with you ah the smell of
incense is so refreshing there's a store
I don't eat it I don't I don't need to
go to the store right now but I could
talk to people maybe they know what's up
huh maybe go in go in go in go up there
we go sorry I should have just talked to
him the first time what's up
if a support trainer battles alongside
you you can have two Pokemon on your
side to take on opposing Pokemon you can
have the upper hand I don't know if
that's ever gonna happen I'm searching
for items that boost the pokemons stats
for a length of one battle X attacked X
defense X speed and X special attack
that's what I'm after do you know where
I can get them at the store here just
talk to the cashier probably I don't
know me me and I have a yeah did you buy
some revives they'll revive a pokémon
that fainted they're really handy yeah
they are pretty handy all right
anyway I'm all dressed up to appeal to
ghosts but one thing to let me pass even
though I was dressed up all nice and
fancy one did not let me pass and I was
I'm just feeling a little bit ashamed I
was like what did I do that do something
wrong be sure to name your Pokemon with
love when you give them a new name after
all nobody wants that a silly name that
is why I named all of mine very nice
logical serious names I do not want to
embarrass them
what's over here I don't know why I
really don't know what to do with this
setup I can't ever forgive Team Rocket
right now we're taking care of a cube on
whose mother Marowak was she was caught
by Team Rocket that was it we never saw
her again and now that we're just call
her skull and that's just look gives me
the whoa Team Rocket's here Team
Rocket's yelling I'm gonna go you guys
know the team rocket's here this town is
famous for all the graves made here for
Pokemon they hold memorial services in
the pokemon tower for pokemons that have
passed away what's up dude
m'dog is taking in the scent of the
flowers okay well Team Rocket's yeah I'm
gonna go in this house really quick
before I trigger whatever team Rock it's
gonna be doing hey guy watching the
water boil that's odd mr. Fuji isn't

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

here where'd he go dude I don't know you
got to keep track of your own family
this place is actually mr. Fuji's home
he's really kind he looks after Pokemon
that have been abandoned or orphaned
well I have a few that I could abandon
if you would like to take care of them
so um well they see me they see me oh do
they they may not Jesse says we came all
the way to lavender town on the boss's
orders but where in the world is this
old man food he's supposed to be the
only place left that spooky old pokemon
tower right that's right we couldn't get
to the top because of that strange ghost
getting in the way
oh there he is there's coupons are they
gonna play together what are they gonna
well we couldn't find that old man but
at least we found this cubone let's get
it back to our hideout at least we'll
have something to show for our trouble
no I don't take it right let's head to
the rocket game corner in celadon City
odd is this widdle poo boat 1 it's mommy
your mommy's in celadon City between his
mom's called oh come with us we'll take
you there
my man geez I feel bad I feel bad that's
how the best decided I think we better
glassed off so they're leaving I guess
like I was that I just saw something
awful what'd you see
hey did you see Team Rocket abduct to
that poor cubone it sounded like they
were headed to excel it on city but he
must be planning on taking the skull
bone at wares and selling it at a high
oh you can do that I would totally
capture them myself and sell them route
8 where we're gonna go then huh route 8
this thing's darting all around hey it's
a beauty a beautiful beauty what a cute
round and fluffy Pokemon while you two
have something cute round all right hey
let's fight beauty Aubrey send out
Clefairy oh boy no fairy what what oh
whoa this is my lead right now my main
uh level we're both level 26 let me pull
up that Pokemon chart really quick I
forgot to pull it up before I started
recording today's episode I mean it's
like my cheat sheet fairy week against
poison steel fighting a bug and dark are
not very good so I really shouldn't be
using but hey let's go ahead and maybe
try a poison move maybe bye
maybe bloom let's switch out we're gonna
do an acid attack hopefully unless I get
zapped or wiped out here I don't know
let's see what's gonna happen though huh
all right
nah uh-uh oh he is using acid on me what

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

okay I'm gonna fight use acid on the
ferry let's see if that works out
that was pretty good super effective
metronome so weird thing trying to use
it on me huh withdraw what is that it's
going in the shell what was that a
defense Rose that's kind of but that's
not let's use another asset here we go
well I am almost God I'm completely
super effective metronome again what are
you gonna do this time flah fairy
lick don't lick me yuck I'm gonna finish
this off with a mega drain hopefully
repaired he's sort of actually that
won't replace much I forgot cause this
health is pretty low oh well that's fine
a trickle a little tiny little bit
that's okay go fairy fainted now I got
to get back on this route
it's nice fighting a beautiful beauty
like yourself but I gotta go stop don't
be something meaning like a fairy I'm
sorry I now I do feel bad you've guilted
me I'm out I'm out though what is oh I
chop-chop-chop there's a I don't know
I'll chop it down I don't really want to
get this guy though bralet excuse me I
just want to see what's over here you
know there's someone ready to fight
pitching for a fight I would say with
the heck what's wrong with I'm trying to
pick up a Pokeball om dog is interested
in P dogs chopped down well you can
learn it too I guess I found a fire
whoa whoa whoa get away
hold on I want to talk to this girl here
I can catch a lot of pokemons around
here so buzz off rude don't use that
tone with me
all right trainer Kyla Kadabra okay well
it looks pretty strong right it's a
psychic so its weaknesses dark bug and
ghosts I actually have a dark attack
here bite how nightshades being used
against me though what's gonna happen
with this that was here comes a bite
nice super effective goodbye to you all
right I'm pretty happy with that but
much oak is coming out and that is that
a fighting type it is weak against
psychic to flying and ferry something I
have any of those so I think I'm just
gonna use well dark he's not dark scent
gonna work I guess I'll just
sure let's switch yeah I'm gonna switch
I'm just gonna go - Pikachu pedo

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

here we go
all right but joke coming out
your big boy fight is it his app let's
see I'm a little bit higher level edges
Oh half damage not too bad a critical
hit submission whoa oh he was damaged by
that that's funny
let's do Thunderbolt let's see if that
does anything bad there you go
goodbye you look like an action figure
you didn't buzz off I did it I want it
to fight so I did not buzz off you're
correct on that okay so now what do I
want to I mean I don't really want to
get yeah I don't know I don't know if I
see anything crazy pop up here that'll
be nice but I'm gonna go up here the
long route talk to you sir I'm a
rambling gaming dude an NPC right here
programmed to ramble and game with me
gamer rich she looks like a gamer right
now he looks like a yahtzee's player
seeking what is that oh it's a water
probably let's see what we're gonna do
electricity in grant let me just do a
fight really quick whoa he's level 35 oh
my gosh never mind let me switch
pokemons then p-dogs coming out all
right here we go
here we go
Here I am horn drill wow that looked
pretty painful whoa
one-hit ko what
all right gloom is gonna do a grass
attack on you what the heck was that I
gotta go get both feet off healed
okay here comes a grass attack then mega
drain oh no don't do it don't do it oh
come on don't tell me it's another one
at Keo what the heck what the heck what
do I do
okay well this is bad this is real bad
I'm gonna maybe use a dig to go under
dig let's see if I'm going to escape
this horn drill
it's a pretty crazy move that wasn't
very like amazed oh now he's using oh I
bought it what the heck let's use a

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

swift see what happens no he's still
only after I'm glad I avoided it again
let's do it let's do dig again
goodness gracious horn drill is terrible
how he has no moves left perfect take
that dork okay
he was damaged by that that's funny here
comes Swift okay I gotta go get my
pokemon healed see King is a real dork
someone you do not want to mess with
holy cow I'm dog leveled up though
that's that's good for him level 32m dog
nice okay let me gamer rich beaten
missed a big chance that was a high-risk
high-reward play I guess let me I'm
gonna go get my guys healed that's
really all I can do
who's over here by the way sending me to
run into him a wild growlithe let's run
away give up I give up never surrender
never give up never sooner what the heck
no one wants the big mouse guy
okay so let's head out of here I'm just
gonna go heal everyone cuz that was a
terrifying experience what items do I
have in my bag
he likes fossils to prepare start peace
power up pocket Leafs tone
I hear that gloom you guys left in the
comments that gloom can be levelled up
with a leaf stone is that true I'm gonna
try it after we do this I think but I
might also want to hold on to my leaf
stone for now I don't know do you guys
head let me know because if there are no
more leaf stones available then I don't
want to you know I only wasted I don't
know I don't know if there any limits
like will I find another leaf stone that
that's gonna be what matters to me
alright Pokemon are all better get away
from that nightmare of fighting the sea
king with a horn drill next time I'll
know if I come across the sea king I
should be someone with dig but I mean
when I come back up they can still
attack me but though at least one of
their horn drills is just null and void
you know
all right let's see who's going over
here hey dude you just stand in the
middle of road you must want to play
pokemon you look good at pokemon but how
was your chemistry grade man do not quiz
me about school matters all I do is
fight pokemon that's my life now don't
need no school super nerd Aiden what a
nerd coughing which is is it a poison

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

type it is a poison weak to psychic but
I'm gonna just try to do a dragon tail
there's sludge coming at me whatever I'm
poison now right
there's dragon tail that was nothing
let's fight with a skull let's try
stalled that's a powerful move right
pretty good there come sludge again
darn it now I'm poisoned
yeah yeah I get it I'm poisoned all
right uh let's just bite him delicious
eat you up dude all right
well I'm poisoned meltdown after I'm
through it I'm just gonna go well
actually let me get to the next town if
there is the next time I could probably
kill banner no it doesn't do much
doesn't cost much too much time to
backtrack egg speed
all right you know what I'm gonna do I'm
gonna shuffle up my party a little bit
uh me and I don't know who I wanted to
level up I could put growlithe in the
lead although I don't know he's the
lowest level so I kind of want to make
sure he's treated well right you know oh
wait what level is he is 23 so would it
make sense to catch just a different
growlithe you know let's see what
happens it might make sense just to
catch a different growlithe
all these are crazy have I ever cut here
let me I don't know if I've caught one
of these before so ugly okay
a wild Raticate shirt let's just do this
here we go
excellent stay in that ball dude I don't
know if I've caught it before though
we'll see nice okay so that's awesome
everyone leveled up I like that
growlithe wants to move learn heat wave
forget an old move sure let's see what
maybe I'll just keep growlithe heat wave
is 90% power of 95

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

it's thank you I don't think so
let's just give up a learning heatwave
gloom is 30 that's cool
grav lers 28 its hind feet are webbed
they act as flippers so it can swim in
rivers in hunt for prey so that was
actually really that was a lot of
experience for me so I do like that
what's this go hey you know what here's
a question what if I in my bag I use
all right let's see what we can find
then huh
let's see what level he is 26
stay in there dude oh whatever
another excellent catch let's keep them
what come on my dude
ah what the heck what is going on
another excellent shot so many great
balls is wasted I'm I need to ultra
balls or something I don't know okay
locked in that's good so this is the
more powerful is that what I'm
understanding we'll compare the two yeah
it's more powerful yeah that's six let's
check these let's see about it let's go
to my party no let's go to my bag we'll
compare the two level 26 check summary
he's got a flamethrower on heatwave
that's good and agility and takedown
flamethrower okay yeah yeah okay I don't
know sure but this one hold on let's
judge there's a judge him
okay stats good good very good
okay okay okay then the other one we're

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

gonna be talking about
shanks summary judge whoa
fantastic attack fantastic defense great
stats I actually like this one better
then huh okay me about maybe I'll just
send this one over to and here we go
send the professor huh along with you
and you and you and you and you and you
and you
and you because I don't know dude it's a
lot but and you all right send all of
these there we go
lots of candies there all right we're
good we're good
now says I took the blur let's go ahead
and just look around here so Jigglypuff
are these rare Oh level ok get get ready
let's look at my back I'm going to use
an ultra ball for Jigglypuff what okay
what a waste
what No
well I don't get it okay stop using
ultra balls if you can't figure it out
Zack let's use a great balls again I
guess what a waste
all right that works maybe I don't know
we'll see if she did block some loads
nice great Jigglypuff kott level 28
Jigglypuff that's good only hundred nine
experience though real shame all right
normal fairy let's just keep this a
higher level Jigglypuff who's next
there's another growlithe we could maybe
see what this one's up to alright get
another excellent hit please let's see
what happens
yes all right
it has a lot of mike candys on it that's
cool so this is four levels more than
let's compare let's look at the my bag

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

let's look at my party here pokemon box
and then this guy had weirdest stats
check summary let's judge them great
stats man I don't know great stats vs.
fantastic stats good stats okay great
good amazing good great amazing of the
other ones great oh this is good okay
good news great okay good good
so and the other ones better then right
okay great good great I like this this
is good I think we can keep the other
one but this one might be my main let's
take a look at the details here yeah
flame-throwing heatwave oh is a dark
move crunch that's super cool okay yeah
let's uh in dart way let's see what will
move is this oh nice this is actually a
really good one let's go ahead and make
this my main right now level 28 is good
let's go ahead and say remove from party
and my new growlithe is gonna be my
number one that's a party of course
right there and then let's go into party
this is pretty good cuz I mean he was
like it was low you know but now he's
fine you know he's 28 he's not low level
anymore and then let's see what else we
have here huh
let's go get this guy this guy gave me a
lot of experience before I don't know
why was it because it was my first catch
let's see how he stays in yes nice and
alright and then so what do we got here
well how much experience is this that
he's worth a lot of experience level of
gloom and m'dog I like that a lot
this is a great Oh sigh wave yeah what
am i learning I'm gonna probably suppose
this one the target is attacked with the
odd the attack varies in intensity
alright let's give up amnesia
I'm gonna forget amnesia get it okay
awesome okay well uh this dudes here
cool okay let's I mean man I could just
keep getting lots of experience catching

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

those things those things are awesome
experience wise
dude come here we'll keep being here
till my lure wears off all right what's
gonna do he's in a bite or whatever that
was great
maybe not excellent but great
stay in it oh oh you dork
all right
got it excellent
oh boy okay great no come on
that wasn't great but you know maybe we
got him I don't know maybe not maybe not
though yeah he broke out again what do
you need here you want to bury will you
stay if I give you some sort of a bury
here there he goes
thank you
what is hatton cash dang it dude I hate
the motion control aspect of this what
the heck I don't get it sometimes they
just goes way off is it supposed to be
like that
got him thankfully use so many great
balls holy cow
I'm only catching these oh that was so
little experience what happened oh well
gee dog and gravelly level does its good
good good good let's just move on I was
hoping to find something like even
cooler in here but I guess not I don't
know particulars kitchen oh yeah I've
heard that combo all right
well oh dang it how about no run away no
one wants you okay
there's another one let's try one more I
mean I don't know why he gave me such
great experience at one time it's tiny
alright here we go what
gosh dang it I hate okay bag
Ultra Ball sure use this item
oh whoa I kind of in midair that was
cool I don't know if they'll stay in
this ball but a Josh thing it
that was sintered but not like at a
perfect time do I sell the Lyra effect
on me caught him now is this gonna be as
much experience or just my experience go
down after catch multiples I don't even
know the only 405 now it's not worth it

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

to catch them anymore be dogs almost
leveled up but we can get that from
battle all right all right great I'm not
gonna keep catching those though anyway
let's leave yeah okay no no more I had
my fun okay so did I fight you yet I
don't even remember you should be
informed you need strategy to win at
this okay that's what I'm doing
sorry if it was a little boring me just
going through and getting poked him up
hey I level up my characters rocker
Glenn is rocking out sending out Jolteon
which I believe it's like tricity right
Jolteon and a ground attack would work
and that would be a dig right so let's
bring out em dog
it was level 33
and let's try it out here we go
pin missile ouch ouch ouch but not very
effective oh but he's got multiple okay
oh boy okay yeah yeah super effective in
fact it says but he's only 27 I'm gonna
be using a dig which is a great ground
move and just I'm just gonna be like hey
you see ya see ya alright agility the
heck was that why the speed rose sharply
well hopefully I can taking about this
pin missile I meant you missed boom
Jolteon is dead - perfect fainted
I'm happy with that you know oh right
that was cool
p-dog is 35 now Rock and Glen is not
logical man I get it
it's a big go around there it was up
dude you're a gamer right alright let's
play a game
let Jake saw now alright
gamers stand
Rhyhorn that is a ground rock type so
that's going to be what is it gonna be
water ground ice grass steel fighting I
don't have any of those but I can switch
Pokemon let's see I could always try for
well I could bring out him dog and do
let's try to bloom though let's do a
grass attack on them see what happens if
I can survive it I'll do it absorb so I
get some health back pouring drill nope
oh okay and those are scary dude mega
drain here we go he's little 35 these
gamers have these all dude I just won

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

that one big time awesome
that's what I like to see awesome
that was only 200 something experience
points drat came up short that you did
what you gonna do victory was mine that
day hey two twins out there just chillin
what's up twins we're showing up her
Pokemon do you want to try yes what do
you guys have for me lass Megan
see our Pikachu okay we're talking about
a ground attack
that's really the Zen all that you like
trick types are weak against the ground
is it alright well
and dog get you dig on all right
I'm not flying in my Thunderbolt here we
go this kind of flying a nothing so no
thank goodness all right I'm about to
dig you dig
all right you ready a light screen is
actually gonna be pretty helpful but I
think I'm still gonna hit them pretty
yes that was great
okay now who's she is the other her twin
half here look what you did to my look
what you did to my poor cute pokemons
what can I say I'm a beast mouth is so
cute I don't know let me guess she has
meows maybe funny she didn't have me out
at all
she was just commenting how how cute he
is right here it was ripping out the
weakness to fighting so I'm just gonna
like you know normal that's it but hey
let's uh oh she has three types so let's
let's get a hit in with growlithe to see
what we can do here with a heat wave
he's using furries fury swipes okay
three hits got me here's heatwave coming
at you there you go
he doesn't like that I don't blame them
though all right
who's coming out next no have the one
okay that's fine
let's just keep battling here
level 25 as well let's do I want crunch
to happen let's do he's using faints out
here comes crunch how does this do I
mean that's perfect let's do

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

all right
then let's let's see what else we got
who's enough this time
alright I'm gonna switch Pokemon and I'm
going to beat Pikachu P dog and the
reason I want to just blast away with uh
with my very nothing it's on quick
attack it's the asipi zap it'll go first
it'll be critical
here we go it is just gonna get rid of
them really quick
all right
me how all right now just could I just
go around get that item I always ready
to talk to them afterwards
saffron city's gatekeeper won't let us
through I know he's doing his job but I
think he's mean
I think Piggy and ratata are cute - I
can't make up my mind let's go this way
and pick up whoa dude what's up my
friend did you find something nice thank
golden pineapple and dog you should
probably take it but whatever thanks for
that I got big mushroom so one up what
say you did I miss calculate did I use
the wrong move hmm things didn't work
today okay well sometimes I don't really
see anything that interesting so okay
looks like we got some choices here
what's up school is fun but so are
Pokemon all right if you say so super
nerd Lesley
Magnemite is electricity
can a granblue work against him is level
27 let's switch out Pokemon I'll bring
out em dog
all right let's see what we can do
thunder bolts coming through it's gonna
not be too kind to me but that wasn't so
bad here I go with the dig
boom alright super effective I like that
a lot
hey level 29 for Crowley you made it
clear to me that I should stick with
school nah man drop out of school

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

not really
I was planning on getting some fresh air
for a change but we're stuck here
because of the gates at saffron city I
mean I'm so confused which way do I need
to go I didn't even look at the
instructions here what's up I hear
there's been a sleeping Pokemon causing
trouble near celadon City true
was I supposed to go south instead of
this way I'm so confused
let's find out
that's mine X accuracy am I going the
wrong way
if I saw his tail move fast oh well
there we go
pretty wing his 2l was moving fast that
time this is a good angle for me all
ex defense
all right what's up here hello do you go
Oh if you know what I mean to the
department store and sell it on city
this all kinds of thing it's very handy
where are we
route 7 why am I here
dude what's up get it is it something in
the bush nice okay so I'm a little
where's the map town map use this item I
went over to here this is celadon City
okay great great great great okay so
we're almost there I think saffron city
haven't been there still anon City would
make some sense I think it's where we
were supposed to go what's up how many
gym badges do you have I think I have
three right I don't remember I don't
know I really don't a strainer you send
a right shoe it's an electric type right
let's make sure
yep so I'm gonna switch Pokemon and
we're gonna do a ground-based attack
from em Doge
I should really have gravel err be my
main right now I guess
Thunderbolt that's not gonna be too kind
to me maybe don't just make it good good
good finish it let's dig let me dig

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

what is that
one more okay Thunderbolt - man it's
harsh Melissa do what let's do Swift got
them all right who's coming out next
because this person looks pretty good
him dog leveled up that's great level 34
I speed up a little bit
bloom is 32
Dugtrio is that a ground type let's see
it is weak against water ice in grass so
let's let's switch pokemons to gloom
the sea-bottom Diglett
not this but Dugtrio
all right mega drain
can use earthquake first yikes prepare
to get mega drains that wasn't so bad
and then how about once more another
earthquake move goodness gracious
and then the rest of the mega drain
okay let's see what's gonna happen next
like who is she gonna be sitting out
next let's see seal this is a water-type
correct which yeah it is and that would
mean grass would still work so keep
I'll get him fights make a drain here we
go ice shard yikes sound like that don't
freeze me I said it was super effective
I don't know though
I kinda wish this mega dream would go
faster but it is what it is
another ice shard yikes
super effective mega drain comes back
also super effective
plants don't like ice I guess a

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

strainers been defeated uh-oh you were
stronger than I thought I got five ultra
balls though
that's good always good that worked out
pretty good let me go over here and grab
this elixir and then excuse me
it's over here
I believe there's nothing over here
okay well well that guy flew away okay
let's go up here what's up dude a small
path between towns to route 7 is nice
right okay are you ready now let's play
an unsub will call that battle alright
we will play this so-called battle coach
trainer now push
Farfetch'd what up he is an onion what
is this let's see I'm assuming he's a
Flying type
let me just switch pokemons I don't
quite know what to do with this guy
here's an onion or something or leek hey
Doc come on out here come fight this
thing all right
I'm probably gonna get hit with whatever
does facade Oh actually a pretty pretty
hard hit
prepare for zippy zap though Webb am
gotcha Farfetch'd indeed super effective
a critical hit he fainted who you
sending out next huh who are you sending
out next send Oh Wigglytuff Wigglytuff
am i guessing right that is a psychic
let's see no fairy sorry
so poison would be good I could switch
to to gloom again
here we go
I can try an acid attack level 30 let's
see how this acid attack works here we
may not as good as I wanted it to be oh
no not a sing don't blow me to sleep oh
great great
man okay switching Pokemon and I don't
lemon sinasohn grappler out here I know
this not gonna be like anything amazing
I might self-destruct them in fact

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

if I can
here's okay boom
hey let's let's try say I've never like
really used this let's just do it here
we go self-destruct
here we go that was fun that was fun all
uh-oh yeah who am I gonna bring out
let's do someone who do I want to be
nice to here let's do growlithe I think
let's see what happens
P wave goes first all right excellent
got him a lot of XP to go around
hopefully awesome it was a great session
indeed it was wasn't it so I don't know
what the other tunnel is for thank you
for the best battle here take a token of
my gratitude okay this is it facade the
fake aid full team case okay double
damage to the Pokemon using as a status
condition Ikes
I don't know about that let's go over
aha celadon City Team Rocket's here
what's up my pal what do you think
you're doing running around here we're
Team Rocket don't you know I don't know
I really don't
let's go heal up everybody yes indeed
give them a rest goodness gracious
okay looks pretty good
all right Pokemon are all better
well you're creepy hey hey i am madame
celadon i am the one who can look into
your future and see the encounters that
are to come
shall i first see the nature of those
fateful allies you have yet to meet
10,000 sure why not what else i'm gonna
spend my money on in this game well then
let me ask you a few questions there are
five flowers of different colours in
front of you which flower do you water
I guess the green because it's not as
good I see I see
now among the five flowers I mentioned
earlier which one would you thin out if
you have two I'll get rid of the green
understood and I looked at your future
green flowers are weird meeting greeting
every time so fleeting hello goodbye
every day beneath the sky abracadabra
nature is so fab wha what the heck is
this fate is guiding your path in Canada

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

you will have to say likely to have yes
a quirky nature okay I'll take your
payment I wish you good fortune okay I
do I have no idea what that was even
about before I did it if I had a Pokemon
I would go to Pokemon Road - I'll go to
pokemon tower they're crazy
hey pokey fluid awake and sleep and put
sleeping pokemons it does so with the
sound that only they can hear the woman
with the a burr in the corner over there
rumor has it she's an amazing fortune
teller oh it seems you've been having
quite a marvelous adventure that means I
should increase the moves I can teach
your Pokemon so hey you do me teach a
marvelous move - Pikachu sure what's
floaty fall what
I don't know oh it's a flying move
that's interesting
and then that what does that do ninety
you know yeah sure
floaty fall it's a flying move you never
know when you would need that let's get
rid of fighting cuz this fighting is
only thirty this one is ninety so forget
this move there we go one two and tada
alright floaty fall that's cool build a
marvelous relationship with your
pokemons okay thank you for the move and
then we could try to find the gym here
if there is a gym here there may not be
a gym here I don't know I talked to you
yet yeah I did I thought it's talking
talking talking talking talking oh my
gosh is there a gym here these buildings
look so different
I just want to know if there's a gym
that's all this is kind of a big town
more Team Rocket sure chop chop chop
chop chop chop it down and then see
what's over here oh is this the gym oh
boy does it say what type it is he for
going Erica the nature-loving princess
is it like a grass gym or something
haha this gym is great it's full of
strong trainers
what's the prereq
now it's amazed it's a beautiful maze
free records must be cut down oh so you
want to challenge Erica the gym leader
I'll have you know we only let trainers
with cute Pokemon into the gym do you
have on here let me see ya [ __ ] pee
dogs so cute I don't pick at you it's
cute super cute can I can I pet it just
a bit please
alright so oh oh it feels so good I just
want to bury my face in its belly it

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

smells good too I love it
okay fine then I guess I can let you
into the celadon City Gym seeing as you
brought a cute Pokemon and all so is it
grass types let me look at my chart
really quick and find out what grass
types are weak to fire that's perfect
ice poison fly oh thanks I just learned
a flying move and but oh he's so perfect
growlithe and Pikachu and even a gloom
will work great here certified trainers
go okay so what do i what do I got to do
here this place looks like a maze it's
amazing alright let's go let's go we'll
see how far we can get through oh my
gosh is I her is this a maze there let
me let me talk to you you want to fight
ah you're the one who I saw earlier I'll
show you my cute Pokemon can't wait to
see is it a kitten
all right last K sending out oddish
who's a grass type
you're gonna get burned dude okay this
is exciting I'm glad I got a new growl
liftin that's really cool all right
heat wave coming at you and I'm flying
that flying move goodbye oddish Wow
super effective oddish fainted Wow
alright growl it didn't get very much
hope I get to level 30 you're too rough
that's what they all say it's what all
the ladies say anyway what so let's go
up to the top chop that down also but
you'll see there's like in these special
items over here it's a not a dead end
but you know all right use the secret
technique chop it down as the beauty
over here a beautiful beauty there's
several people to fight here holy cow
Oh welcome I was getting bored
who do you have
execute what the heck
I've never seen this before execute is a
psychic grass so it's weak against dark
fire I have all these things let's go
ahead and hit it with fire beat wave
again fry up some eggs am i right man
nice ropes you'll hope yolk is too runny
though all right Peter give me a break
these people are sore losers in this gym
all right uh I just wanted to check one
thing super duper quick was there a path
over here that I missed no okay that's
okay sorry well let's go this way
there's a lot of people in this gym to

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

battle weren't you peeking in here
earlier I don't know what you're talking
about I haven't been looking at nothin
right putting the Catena gloom again so
yeah we're gonna be using heatwave I
hope to get to him to level 30 before
you know
fight heatwave love it boom man this is
easy super effective the flying move
would work too all right
I don't want to see myself lose but you
did you saw it it happened
hello look look see my Pokemon I like
the grass type I like how they're easy
to raise well I like them too because I
have a fire type as my main right now
you can burn right through the grass so
it's fine
beauty Tamiya sending out oddish she's
gonna get its leaves singed by growlithe
of course and what do we got here we're
gonna fight
heatwave again here we go boom super
all right you know I might need to level
up I'm not level up gravel ageru 30
that's cool
weeping what we what was that weeping
bull is I would have said is it still a
grass type weeping bell let's see yeah
it's a grass poison
let's switch pokemons let's feed Pikachu
I want to trap my flying move fee dog
floatie fall let's see this in action
that looks hilarious all right let's do
floating ball see what happens here whoa
whoa super effective sorry about it man
that's so cool I know there's gonna be
like a whole bunch of other gym leaders
here no she says it's simple no that's
what I say like when I lose I'm just
like no I don't want to lose I'm gonna
go over here although I don't know if
there's anything over here but I'm gonna
chop it down it's gonna take a peak
what do we got what do we got yeah it's
just to return what is with all these
detours that are just to return yeah

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

chop it down but this whole place these
are chopped down
there she is
oh man there are a lot of trainers here
though what's your hobby
yes let's battle pokemons alright my
hobby is battling pokémon I guess
because why not
beauty Lori alright let's see what we
gloom again I want to see ok this what
level is this gloom growlithe growlithe
of dog whining what's up Gulen just to
be sure gloom here is a grass poison so
it's psyche guy is flying in fire let's
fight I is this is this an actual No
let's try flamethrower here I don't know
is this strong enough to destroy this
with one hit or no it's not close though
of this acid isn't poison oh jeez it's a
really good hit oh here I go again with
my flamethrower and then I'm going to
I'm gonna heal I'm gonna heal a dog
start look at me again I'm gonna heal uh
let's see
Oh splendid man these guys are really
really sour losers for sure
let's look in the bag really quick let's
go ahead and use my I do have a super
potion that's good here we go I'm gonna
use this on growlithe there we go the
ground this has some really low HP for
sure 96
my other growlithe has curious here I'll
have 63 so growlithe is fairly weak
that's interesting okay good to know
let me get out of here
and then let's go over this way hello
another trainer
welcome to the Silla Don City Gym you'd
better not underestimate the nice lady
you see I just now notice they're all
well count me in a strainer Mary we've
been Belle okay
I'm gonna switch him to Pikachu here and
continue I don't want to lose out on my
heat wave move so let's switch the
Pikachu p-dog I'm gonna use its flying
move that he learned
so I'm going to get hit by whatever I
just this pokemon has acid now it's just
gonna hurt no not too bad alright fight

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

floaties fall
nice weepinbell done who's next
10 Gela what's that
let's see what tan Gela is cuz I I don't
know all these Pokemon by heart it's a
grass so this week against bug eyes
poison flying in fire well here I am
keep battling I'm gonna hit you with
another flying move tangelos here ooh
looks like blue spaghetti here listen to
the floaty fall again there's a chance I
won't hit right Oh still alive super
effective it's still alive
mega drain whoo that's not good for me
that's not good for me all right let's
try let's try Thunderbolt let's see what
happens with that boom my bad
not very effective still does another
mega train whatever it's almost dead all
right so I'm gonna heal after this don't
forget it
I'm not gonna cry but I might deal after
zippy zap here we go boom what oh it's
not very effective I just geez mega tree
I'm dead dude Oh nope avoided
let's switch out pokemons I don't want
to accidentally die here let's be em dog
maybe no speak gloom I have a poison
move to use okay
all right mega drain also not very good
I got a poison move for you fights acid
all right
under the heel Pikachu for real P dog a
pedigree to level 36 Oh beaten yes yes
you were beaten alright oh let me take a
look really quick in my healing bag
medicine pocket we're talking about a
super potion here for 4p dog okay so you
don't you know just use a little more
why not
why not I've 11 left that's what I spend
my money on that is random things hey

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

hey hey oh hey we don't like bug or fire
type Pokemon in here well I actually
have a fire type it's my main I'm just
worried about using all his abilities he
Bellsprout get ready my route growlithe
is coming out so uh yeah I don't have a
bug though heatwave coming on burn baby
okay who's next who's next growlithe
leveled up level 30 baby got my speed up
by a little bit and then let's see here
we got a gloom gloom grew to level 33
that's cool another Bellsprout let's
just keep battling so belts I want to
see if fat so cute I want to see if the
flamethrower will work as a one-hit kill
and may not but I just want to see it
you know yeah that works super effective
nice so now more bail sprouts please
okay another one it perfect keep
battling we'll continue using the yeah
well continue using this as fine
flamethrower again here we go
boom gone these are like from plants vs.
zombies mean alright excellent
oh you it's a college nearby all right
what's this use it chop chop chop chop
chop chop it down I can't believe how
many gem leaders are here that that is
like they're not leaders but you know
gym people trainers I don't want to go
that way all right chop it down you're
good at this
p-dog goodness gracious okay I think I'm
almost there yes use it but I want to
make sure I explore all angles here
that's the way let me check the other
way just in case there was like an item
or something that's probably not an item
but let me just check I think this is
just for me to go around so to speak
let's see yeah I don't know about this
yeah okay lots of chances to escape like
I guess think is I'm not powerful enough
but I definitely feel powerful enough
for this place
let me go and let's fight the the gym
leader now what are you all about
let's find out hello lovely weather

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

isn't it it's so pleasant but she fell
asleep yeah
I'll wake up oh dear I must have dozed
wake up again Oh welcome my name is
Erica I am the gym leader of the celadon
City Gym I'm a student of the art of
flower arranging my Pokemon are all of
the grass type oh I'm sorry did you
perhaps wish to challenge me very well
but I shall not lose I don't think she
knows what she's in for
but let's see gym leader Erika is coming
out what she's sending out first I'm
sitting on growlithe tangela we know
blue Spaghetti Monster here is gonna be
singed by growlithe hopefully 33 I'm 30
oh that's that's another good sign heat
wave coming through please get them
please get him please get em on him nice
it did it super effective that was great
that was I'm so glad I got the other I
did not even think I did not even think
like to do it I just like I did it in a
moment like I was like this is not
planned before this video is recorded to
like get another growl it just happened
keep battling we've in Val
love it
fights with the heatwave again maybe
take them out the first time I don't
perfect I love this this is so awesome
this doing so good for me to house
vileplume I don't know what a vileplume
is let me just look that up really quick
vileplume grass and poison week against
psychic eye supply and fire I'm gonna
keep battling with growlithe since he's
been doing such a good job
whoa it's cool
is that what gloom will become his heat
wave I don't really don't know if it is
I didn't look it up
vileplume oh yeah it does he fall from
gloom it says that oh he's burned
oh he just mega dream no that's gonna
hurt me really bad but not too bad the
fact that he's burn is pretty cool
oh yeah there you go they're burning oh
that doesn't do a ton of damage I'm a
little worried about this let me switch
the Pokemon I want to do a flying move
from p-dog bin
here we go he's gonna probably attack me
with this so let's just be careful here
but he's burned which is cool mega
training get him yeah the iock scotch
man alright he probably healed a lot
more but he still is a little bit burned
which isn't super bad but I want to try
the the flying booth here here we go
fights floaty fall
here we go oh so close let's try using
another mega train

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

yikes and another huge fan of that let's
what do I do I could be I could let's go
ahead and just
let's try this try it again floatie
phone one more time here we go please
say I know there's a chance of that
failing there you go there you go
nice awesome super effective the
opposing vileplume fainted awesome
oh right growlithe got six - nice I got
a lot of experience you beat gym leader
Erika oh I could see defeat you're
remarkably strong nice that was super
cool I must confer on a new a rainbow
oh nice - got a rainbow badge high-five
I got a rematch America I remember a
rainbow badge raises the level of
Pokemon willing to listen to you - level
54 Pokemon that you have received from
other trainers and here if you like
please also take this with you I got a
team of mega drain which is pretty cool
half the damage it inflicts is drained
from the target to heal your Pokemon
wouldn't you agree that's a wonderful
move it is I use it on my gloom and we
did it we did it
anything else you want to say to me
before I leave cuz I'm out of here oh oh
my so you work how long and cut
oh my so you were cataloging the
pokemons you catch I must say I'm
impressed I myself would never collect a
Pokemon if it were not beautiful
and then what spicket you have to say
you're excited about the badge p-type
must be the great move he gave you a
high five well here you can have high
five to your face there you go sure
they're gonna sleep let us sleep I can
just jump down here right I am out
fantastic battle I got a gym badge I
think Kevin's out here maybe no he's not
well this has been an exciting episode
it's been a long one over an hour but
thanks for liking this video come back
next time for more and I will see you
then good bye I'm Zack Scott subscribe
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