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SearchThisVideo: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 – Team Rocket Hideout!

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what is a guy Zach Scot here playing
Pokemon let's go Pikachu I want to thank
you guys for over five hundred thousand
views on the first episode that is half
a million all thanks to you guys leaving
over 10,000 likes super awesome
we're gonna keep going with this series
I apologize for any delays in releasing
these episodes because basically the
it's been hectic this Thanksgiving so do
I have enough battery here on my
controller I hope so I open on to plug
in another controller but hey what's up
let's talk to everyone around town now
let's see hello hello not you sorry
hello my Jigglypuff has an adamant
nature it's easy to raise its attack
stat but not so easy to raise it's
special attack it's double slap as a
real slap in the face okay did I ever
talk to this old guy hear what you're
doing what you're doing
haha this gym is great it's full of
strong oh yeah I have I have in fact it
was full of a lot of trainers in fact I
was not expecting so many trainers to be
there but we figured it out we got it
going now it's gonna happen as we fly
over here oh now I'm flying our way so
that okay yeah so that was where the gym
was let's chop this down yes indeed a
Team Rocket has infiltrated this area
not cool not cool Team Rocket what are
you staring at get lost either you leave
or I'll make you leave I'm not gonna
leave you gotta make me leave do you
have any leave I'm not gonna leave okay
all these I'll leave just because you're
boring me now
so is this a place I can go in oh it is
holy cow
it's a big restaurant what's up serve me
up some Pikachu hey a new face welcome
this place is always packed with
regulars well good for them good for you
hmm I'll lead all the curry they can
carry what about you you look kind of
sinister yeesh
I played so much of the game corner that
my hands are twitching games are way too
much fun these days you're just a
hey you you know what I heard
seems there's several floors hidden
below the game corner I had no idea my
Pokemon are weak so I often buy
medicines at the department store okay
well my Pokemon are pretty strong right
now III didn't have much trouble
fighting at that gym there let me take a
look though because you guys told me to
use leaf stone on where is it power up
pocket yeah use leaf stone on gloom so
let's use it on gloom and this will this
caused it to evolve just right now oh it
does blue is evolving here we go super
awesome I think I fought what is
becoming in yeah oh there it is
beautiful what's his name Oh

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vileplume okay very cool very cool one
thing I want to do I need to pull up my
pokemons chart I always forget to pull
up the Pokemon charts but there it is so
bye old fruit and bloom is here and
awesome flaps its brought flower petals
to scatter its poisonous pollen the
flapping sound is very loud alright
super loud flaps understood so what are
we doing here let me go ahead and let's
just I don't know if I want to use the
fire stun let me know if I should use
the fire stone on growlithe or not I
need to heal my Pokemon oh my goodness
we'll find that soon hopefully I kind of
wish they would just heal him after the
gym but whatever
where is well let's just go in order I
don't want to get sidetracked I like
exploring all the buildings and all
talking to all the people Graham I'm
hungry grandma says all right let's go
to the restaurant shall we
he says he's hungry okay so if they went
to the restor they're going to go to the
restaurant maybe right now they're just
standing there staring at each other
what's up dude
team rocket's your honor like that the
game where the pokemon fly through the
sky is a huge hit
we're positively raking in the cash and
how I feel like I'm on cloud nine what
are these guys doing here though maybe
if we offered Pokemon as prizes to the
top scorers we could make even more
money huh well I wasn't talking to you
kid Wow don't touch the posters at the
game corner there's no secret switches
behind any of them I have an idea that
maybe maybe there are but where's the
game corner I haven't stumbled upon that
yet I don't know what this episode is
gonna be about but it might be about the
game corner it's sounding like this is a
building on the corner is this the game
corner it might be uh-huh Pokemon oh no
this is a hotel for people and we're
full up unfortunately okay well I don't
need to be here anyway what's up I came
here on vacation with my brother and my
boyfriend and just the three of us isn't
celadon a beautiful city it is why why
did she bring her brother along to the
boyfriend no what the brother there
yippee I'm on vacation my sister brought
me along she's the best the boyfriend is
what the boyfriend just wanted uh-oh hey
there's a is that G dog and it's G dog
right there that's G dog they got a
painting of G dog and is this wow that's
is that for Grad should I use that
uncrowned with me let's see let's see
should I do it I don't know is that is
that what growlithe can become
I don't know can't go through here open
it up they're full boyfriend just wanted
some quality time with the girlfriend
all right well how about let's keep
moving along then to be did I go over
there was a girl over here what's up Oh
shouldn't I be able to reach the gym
from here no but good luck I just beat
them all all right let's go up north as
they say what are you looking at oh hold

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

on I wasn't talking to you
him dong is having fun looking at the
floor tiles okay
celadon City takes pride in its efforts
to keep itself clean and beautiful the
area around the game corner is a
different story though it gets a bit
rough around there yeah yeah I mean
that's why that's why cities don't
really like gambling centers because you
know they do kind of get rundown
sometimes in the area but I lost
together the game corner I guess the
people who are so good at the games
there must be putting in more effort
than I do
there's I bet that's a game corner it
doesn't look too rough honestly if I
just had to be honest with you guys it
looks pretty fine to me let me go over
there though there's a way to cut down
this bush all right chop down yes all
and then what's down here if anything
it's nothing okay oh wait no this is
exactly okay I need to find a place that
heals my Pokemon before I go to the game
corner I don't know if I'm gonna be
confronting anyone
ha I involved mine and something better
so this area is so big I get confusing
it's so big
handmade Pokemon accessories go take a
look on the fifth floor of the
department store my gosh I just want to
heal my Pokemon and then we'll go is it
Brock elusive Brock maybe just ok there
we go let's start here we'll start here
and then we'll go in order even though
I've already been all the ones in the
bottom I just want to get everything
healed really quick because I mean we
had a rough time so go ahead and give my
Pokemon a rest there we go beautiful
beautiful collection of Pokemon right
thanks for waving your Pokemon should be
all better now
alright here we go alright where to
first let me see if I get up there
somehow looks like there is indeed a
path I'm curious what this item is going
to be
a nugget I got a nugget
I put the Nugget in the bag and then
what's over here place is too big oh my
gosh I just went into something what is
this oh my gosh I don't even know what's
going on back here I don't even know
what this is
oh wow I mean like a staircase of some
amazing place and I don't even know what
this is okay well I guess we're going up
to the top okay I'm on the roof I guess
there was an area over there and then
now there's an area over here and I'm
going in here but don't even know what
building this is man he looks tough
though I'm gonna go ahead and grab this
before I talk to him he looks like some
sort of an instructor play rough TM 44

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play rough what is that what's up dude
as you can see from all my notes on the
board there's nothing that I don't know
I even know that the whole world can be
found from inside your Nintendo switch
so connected to France and enjoy trading
pokemons with one another all right I
went all the way here just for a Pokemon
ad but also I got the play rough TM so
let's go see what's in the TN case here
play rough
or is it oh man I have a lot of stuff
play rough is a fairy move 9090 not bad
I'm holding on to some of these I don't
even know what to do with some of these
sometimes but anyway well now I got a
walk all the way back down
here we go
and then down here and then right there
all right
I'm gonna I guess I'll take a peek over
here this might lead me out of town
though oh no an item oh not you you not
you he's happy about what come by its
surroundings okay rare candy all right
let's head back this way this area's
celadon City is getting fully explored I
end it with the gem last episode of me
no no no no okay and it was I mean it
was a long journey to here but we end it
with a gym and now we're gonna probably
full the explore celadon City and find
out what this place is all about these
look like just houses or apartments or
something right
and then down here
all right this is my trusted pal
Poliwrath it evolved from a Poliwhirl
when I use a water stone on it
good for you who are you it is Brock
that was right hey I didn't expect to
run into you here
hey buddy how you doing I'm on my way
back from visiting the celadon City gem
keeping in touch with other gym leaders
as part of our duties after all the
girls at that gym all turned me away for
some reason now actually have some
pewter crunchies I bought them as a gift
to the gym here all right thanks
I don't know why they turned you away
but not me oh and if you're probably
going to want some tea after eating them
pewter crunchies can make you thirsty
and I got a cup of tea I'm gonna need
that need that Tina cross that bridge
probably I should just drink it
ah I don't have enough left to give to
that thirsty garden ow ha ha ha hint
wink wink nudge nudge anyway it looks
like you're being visited you've been
visiting the gyms and other cities I
wish you the best well thank you you
were blocking miss what is this let's
find out what is this place is there a
receptionist here the receptionist is
not even doing her duties look at all
these Pokemon though what's up pink

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

surrounded by my beloved pokemons while
enjoying some rest and a nice cup of tea
moments like these mean the most to me
all right I guess now I will ascend and
are there is there ever anything in
these things is there room that I can go
talk to oh did you find something
nope alright what's up you guys look
serious I'm having a meeting with an
important client you want to join in
sure I'll help make some decisions for
you guys oh boy must be nice working at
a company where you don't even have to
wear a suit yeah probably not so Ben I
mean I have to wear a suit when I worked
at a company I've never had to wear a
suit pretty for any specific company so
hey that's fine with me let's go up and
up and up and up and up and up over and
over where we going huh oh wow I'm a
graphic artist I'm the one who designed
you alright I might the Pokemon company
me I'm a programmer I'm the game
director I'm very happy that you're
playing this game good luck with filling
up your pokedex if you collect all the
Pokemon let me know oh my gosh I wrote
the story hey tell me don't you think
Erica's cute
I like misty a lot - oh and Sabrina I
like her - yeah yeah they're good
they're good welcome pokemon trainer you
probably won't know what I'm talking
about but come back once you have earned
a title so they want me to come back
here for some reason I don't know if
I'll ever catch all the Pokemon but if I
do they want me back so I think I'm at
the Pokemon company
I guess we're located in in celadon City
and this is the roof I saw the pokeball
here earlier it's three health candies
nice I could give those to growlithe man
his health seems lower than everyone
else's but I don't know I mean I
basically once I feel the need to use
candies is when I use them unless
they're like specific to a specific type
of Pokemon like the Pikachu candies you
Pikachu loves those p-dog alright so
another building I wish I could just
cross them off with like an X like I've
been here before but I just kind of
remember what is this is this the
department store oh you do did you find
now he just please looking at the
fountain okay all right Mike coughing is
the best partner ever excuse up
poisonous gas when it gets angry but
it's usually very sweet I promise
all right I'll I'll believe you I think
this is the department store right this
is the way out of town oh that's another
sleeping these are like the road blocks
of the game now would be a perfect time
to catch it cuz it's sleeping all right
this is probably the department store
right holy cow hello welcome to the
celadon department store please check
the board in the back for the store

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

directory it's not like I need anything
here I just come to meet up with friends
all right what's going on will you buy
me some pokemon accessories but it's
such a hassle to go all the way to the
fifth floor are you sure you don't wanna
go home already whoo thank goodness this
department store has benches you'll know
exactly what I mean when you get older
no I mean I I know what he means when I
was younger I used to have to go to the
mall with my grandmother all the time
and she would like shop and try on
clothes and before I was old enough that
she let me kind of wander parts of them
all by myself you know I just had to tag
along with her and I would one I would
play in the clothes and I was like
hiding the clothes and stuff like that
but to when I wasn't allowed to do that
I would just have to sit and this is
before we had cell phones so kind of
sucked service counters first floor
trainers market second floor video game
shop third floor Wiseman gifts fourth
accessory market fifth rooftop
relaxation space and vending machines
now we take an L oh I didn't want to
take the elevator but let's just take
the stairs it's good for me right I'll
need to eat a few more calories today
uh what's going down Iron Tail is a
steel type move it'll make short work a
fairy rock and ice type Pokemon
tri-attack is a move that comes with a
bonus it has a chance of inflicting a
status condition on the opponent
all right good for you guys having all
that knowledge they sell powerful handy
teams here what a swanky shop
I'm curious welcome may I help you let's
see I'm here to buy they have some ultra
balls they have some great potions or
whatever escape or pal
got where are these teams must be the
other counter I dunno I don't know what
I'm just sell anyway welcome to the
technical machine shop I'm here to buy
okay so this is interesting
wow wow wow what do I want dragon tail
69'd oh I think I think one of my guys
has that you turn 7100 a bug move I mean
having these would be pretty cool
who is 75 I don't like the accuracy 75
waterfall is good I hear that in
compared to my other move oh and this is
180 try attack 100 and this is a normal
attack oh wow 80 bulk up Shadow Ball
a ghost move nice 180 oh man hyper beam
what the heck 90 and 150 what the heck I
kind of want to just buy that but who

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

knows who I'll be getting it later I
think I want shadow ball and waterfall I
don't know what do you think waterfall
seems pretty good it could replace skull
don't let me double-check on scald let
me look at you scald ability here let's
let's look at the because I
em dogs called also give that to G dog
let's check the summary scold is 80 and
100 what was the waterfall I mean it's a
little bit better but I mean like will I
ever be able to pick these up normally
this is 80 and 100 also I don't know man
um here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna I
know that these are here these are
available leave some comments in the
comments below let me know which ones I
should buy I'm really inclined to buy
shadow ball because I don't have a ghost
attack and that's pretty cool
hyper beam of course I would definitely
want to buy it's really powerful but
it's also almost all my money so let me
know what I should buy and if you guys
have any I want to know your input I can
always come back here and buy those and
maybe I'll have to sweet this kid says
he'll trade me a tank King Gaskin for my
hunter come to me my new hunter I
absolutely love hunter I collect them
hunter evolved into a different Pokemon
while it was being traded ooh does that
work does that what is that how you get
so many evolutions it's my trading I
think so
they had just learned that or reira
membered it you can tell which pokemons
got from other people because their ids
are different okay this place is pretty
small what do you do
I need to use the restroom but here
comes another guest the new guys are
supposed to take over my shift is
running late here take this thing if I
have to skedaddle maybe you can inspire
you to cover for me a helping hand a new
TM helping hand thank you boost the
power for and allies attacks during
battle I don't really have any allies
but who knows maybe one day I will all
right welcome may I help you I'm here to
buy what is this Oh more stones perfect
ok so I this is celadon City is an
important place I'll I'll come back here
with some you know maybe if I need to
evolve anything else I know where to
find him there Pokemon that evolve will
be using the evolution stone on them
sure it looks like your Pikachu once
it's to stick with you just the way it
is no man I'm gonna force him to evolve
I'm getting a present for my girlfriend
hmm I could give her a water cell but
who knows it might cause her to evolve
what's alright and what say you
they don't sell them here but I've heard
there are these amazing stones for mega

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

stones out there somewhere awesome
do I have one I don't think I do but let
me just check powerup pocket I do not
that's okay
so I need to just keep in mind that
celadon City is an amazing place lots of
cool stuff to buy let me know what to
buy in the comments below
Oh accessories I'll buy some accessories
there's so many accessories that you can
give your Pokemon to wear and they're
all so cute I think I'd rather keep some
of them for myself now
welcome what are you looking for I don't
know a little bows oh my gosh no I'm not
gonna get I can't get into the accessory
business right now I'll go crazy I'll go
crazy buying accessories is that for
Pokemon is just for me glasses no no I
can't do it I can't do it I can't
oh I'll seriously go all-out spin like
20 minutes trying to figure out the way
I'll look and like that's will be the
video and its regional then make sure
that it's Pokemon it's also outfitted in
the finest fashion I'm wearing good
clothes right now do not worry about
that look at all the Diglett stuff those
Diglett hats there's something else but
if anyone can pull them off I can just
you watch
welcome what're you looking for piglets
stuff no but I mean actually you know
what yeah I'll buy the Diglett hat
Diglett cap why not sounds good thank
you I'll take that it's cheap and yeah I
just don't want to you know what's
what's this all about welcome are you
looking for special the crown okay for a
bouquet I don't have don't have anywhere
near enough for the crown
sell it on sitting is such a nice big
place now this is where the vending
machine pika
peacock seems to be curious about the
vending machine me too then you wanna
buy a drink no lemonade how about that
sure you gave P dog that can't eliminate
there you go
he's enamored with the eliminate smooth
taste good for you buddy
I do not mean to buy fresh water darn it
no cancel you weren't thirsty whatever I
have a drink all game I'm thirsty
I want something to drink from the
vending machine give her the drink yes
yes give her the water children need
water I got a light screen okay
that's cool
I wonder if I could have given her
something else that's okay sub waiting
to hike wanting to hike all the way to
the top of even a department store
that's the destiny of a true hiker yeah
I could do that
urban hiking my sister's a trainer
believe it or not but she's so selfish
that it drives me nuts all right well
we've explored we know that we need to
come back here in the future and I will
after I get all of your inputs oh well
I'm going down to the first floor now
let's go to the service counter section
now we're gonna check out that gaming
center and that's going to be something

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

let's see here here we go here we go go
go boop boop boop boop here we go go go
now is this the same thing does this
tell me this is the same thing it is
think think thankfully because I thought
maybe I have another huge building to
explore but no the gaming center though
might be a different story so let's go
over there to the gaming center this
place is just ginormous the city it's
the big city y'all
so let's see what we got is this guy
over how do you get over to him he may
not want to be bothered but maybe he
does Oh what's up dude but okay what's
up just like okay I'm trying to get to
you did you find something no you just
like the flowers gosh leave me alone now
this building doesn't have anything okay
anyway going to the gaming center now
this is exciting right right we're yeah
this has got to be the gaming center oh
right look all these games subdued I
sometimes see suspicious-looking people
in this game corner I wonder what
they're up to
my sweet star you it likes to watch
people playing games the game which
Pokemon fly in the sky it's great isn't
it if we could fly in real life that
would be much cooler than the game
though too true games are great for
improving your reflexes this does look
like an arcade not a gambling center so
who knows but maybe who I'll take a
little break you need to take breaks
from playing games yeah I broke my ice
score if only every day were like this
all right vending machines I want to see
okay yeah he said no don't I want to
look at the posters he said don't look
at the posters all right doesn't appear
to be anything behind these posters here
so I bet he's blocking it but I want to
go finish talking to people here this is
team rocket oh my gosh Jesse says there
come on almost got it ah so close James
says come on Jesse why don't we head to
the hideout now oh come on we've already
handed over the cubone to another Team
Rocket member what's the harm and taking
a little break how how are we supposed
to open the hidden entrances to hideout
anyway we just need to check the poster
with the vehicle on our remember it
supposed to with a vehicle that's the
best way to represent us all right well
I would assume that he's blocking it so
oh you have better things to do champ in
the making celadon city's gym leader is
Erica she is one with nature and a user
of grass type Pokemon she look might
look quite she might look quiet because
she does flower arrangements but she's
not one to be taken lightly

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

what's up what do you mean what kind of
vehicle is the best way to represent us
you know those things that blast off
into space Team Rocket
got it that's not one that's not one
let's not it's got to be the one that
he's standing by what's up dude we've
run out of game coins also please don't
touch the walls in the game corner
without permission dude you need to move
I'm guarding this poster go away or else
oh we're fighting huh you want to fight
me I got a lot of stuff what are you
gonna throw out those it just has one
it's a grunt what does he have his Radek
a probably anything will work against
eradicate stepping on what power he is
he's a weak against fighting I don't
have any real credit yet he's gonna be
eradicated heatwave well he's uses
crunch first I have crunch that was
pretty pretty good move
heatwave coming through though let's do
crunch also a guy to have crunch we're
gonna crunch on each other man my
defence spell that's ok here's a crunch
coming at you there you go
he fainted
all right level 35
blast alright there we go
there we go at this rate the location of
the Team Rocket hideout is gonna be
discovered I better tell the boss there
we go touching the poster hey hey switch
behind the poster let's push it oh my
gosh you heard a loud sound too echo
from somewhere on this floor tada
alright let's find out what's in this
gaming center this place is big Team
Rocket hideout is their hideout oh man
hey guys I'm here are you happy for me
you snuck in the team rocket's operation
what nerve yeah what nerve I am in Team
Rocket's hideout alright
what's he gonna send out goal that which
is a flying-type which means I should
probably switch to Pikachu
yeah I think so let's go ahead and
switch to Pikachu oh really quick p-dog
so I'm gonna get hit with some sort of
our flying move probably oh yeah all
says poison so Peter could get poisoned
it comes a bite but I avoided it thanks
to shouting at him and then I have zippy
zap so goodbye goodbye kaboom
destroyed absolutely destroyed
no apologies for me boom okay and now
here's the thing I wanna I want to put

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

someone in the lead of he's still there
you're not going to get away with this
brat looking at my party my sweetest is
g-dogg Tilly
let me promote him to the front he's the
weakest level-wise I kind of want to
give growl of a health candy though I
don't know anyway I think I might get
away with this
hey guy who are you how did you get here
you tell me man I'm just sneaking in not
a big deal
Team Rocket grunt he's at three what we
got here coughing so coughing is a
poison type weakness to psychic attacks
I don't know if I have any psychic
let's see is there what's ok hold on
where's my Pokemon shark I lost my
pokemons chart why did I lose my
one chart sorry here we go pulling it up
again my apologies some poison types
just wanna make sure that uh like a
water attack won't be no water is fine
okay let me just use scald I guess I
don't know
about 29
that was pretty good is using
self-destruct okay can't do anything
about that
pretty heavy hit honestly if he sends
out another coughing though okay right
ah let's just I'll leave as is keep
battling hello you little rat and then
let's use dragon tail hyper Fang is
coming at me though this
nice I'm not good enough though
alright he was dragged out oh yeah
that's what I do that's what I did so
dragon tail does man I hate that he gets
to use his crunch move first though nice
all right here we go I wish I were
attacking first honestly but that's okay
let's do let me do bite would that be
here we go bites quicker nice all right
I'm happy about this this is good this
is good stuff for me I'm kind of weak
let's go ahead and keep battling we'll

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

see if I get the fight out first I don't
I hope so yep here we go bite
quicker there we go got him all right
g-dog kind of handled that on his own he
needs a potion already though oh we got
beat bad yeah you did you did blast
you're dissing Team Rocket aren't you
all right I need to look into my my bag
of medicines here in order to give in
order to give me a super potion I'll use
one on g-dogg and what the heck one on
growlithe just in case gee dogs level 29
still so that's why he's in charge oh
hey there's a pokeball there three
mighty candies all right it's a bunch of
boxes over here what the heck it's like
a dead end someone down there let's go
down there I like how after I beat them
they're just like huh okay well no need
to tell anyone I'm a beautiful spy on an
undercover mission what's a child like
you doing here I'm here to beat Team
Rocket hey you got attitude I like that
let me give you a present so you
remember our little encounter here I got
a team rocket set from the beautiful spy
all right here we go just way that set
you'll feel as if you're a team rocket
team rocket grunt yourself although
you're too short to be a real grunt
though they figure out how you were to
disguise immediately too bad the
disguise doesn't work but I do want to
put it on so let's go to the to our
clothing trunk P dog gets a Team Rocket
cap there we go
and he gets a Team Rocket T there we go
we're just blending in switch to Z dog
Team Rocket everything this isn't too
different but I look like the hugest
Team Rocket fan hope people outside
don't think I'm actually Team Rocket I
don't know what the analog to this is
like wearing just like the enemy uniform
but I mean they seem to tolerate Team
Rocket being around town so who knows
did I put on the Team Rocket back I did
okay great and I put on the team rocket
shoes right yes all right we are out of
here we are Team Rocket now guys
undercover totally undercover look at us
no one will know do you have anything to
say to me nope he says you're not gonna
get away with it so that's fine all
right five ultra balls excellent which
way do I get out of here I don't
understand how to get out of here or
move forward or whatever
oh well there's a down I guess I just

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

got to go down
let me just double-check can I climb I
do anything with this no I guess I gotta
go down the stairs I guess I don't know
how many I don't know how many floors
this is gonna be hey hey what's up
I heard you could see ghosts with the
Silph scope I could use that
oh right let's fight
Team Rocket grunting he only has one hip
oh man this guy is for real who will be
best against this guy this is a hypno
he's a psychic weakness dark bug and
ghost well I have a dark bite here so
let's go ahead and hit him with this
thing nice super effective
oh nice he flinched and couldn't move
it's not about another fight then huh
all right I'm happy with that I'm happy
that that's good oh and g-dogg leveled
up level 30 awesome
all right I surrender all right pretty
sweet let's go what the heck it's like a
maze over here huh oh well it just keeps
going okay
let's go this way then I suppose and
then I'll just walk up here Oh nope
well yeah one of my team rocket has
these on the floor
now this first one was easy to get to
but I found a nugget but who knows okay
we grab that and awakening' I do want to
get all of these I think
there we go straight forward I like that
a rest
give it a rest No
jeez Louise this is a real mess

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

I don't know which way to go honestly
I'm just kind of randomly choosing which
way should come I gather that looks good
all right a pee-pee up so okay
let's go this way maybe no we know that
how that's works okay over here
I'm so confused
I guess we go this way because we want
to go down
okay there we go
that an elevator this elevator work
doesn't appear to work without a key
okay so we'll go up here oh right
hello what you hope to achieve by coming
here I don't know I I just what I was
just a cool detour to take you know all
right so he has Voltorb okay which of
course is electricity and electricity
type is going to be weak against like a
ground attack so I could switch to em
dog because he has you know the
ground-based attacks
but with a dig
let's give this a shot here
gives you swift ouch not very effective
but I can dig and this should be pretty
darn effective and I'll get out of his
way I don't know if he can explode Kenny
I miss thundershock there we go boom
nice super effective Voltorb fainted oh
gravel errs 31 that's great news
any wants to learn to move earthquake
that's super cool but let's see if I
want to do this
let's see forget an old move let's just
see earthquake is a ground attack we
could definitely use some granite
doesn't have any ground I'd probably
take that over self-destruct but let's
just see oh yeah oh yeah every Pokemon
around even me anyway let's give self
destruct will will forget self destruct
I mean it's fine but I'm just gonna
forget self-destruct earthquake I like
to stay alive this won't do
it'll do for me okay I'll talk if you

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

want to find the boss take the elevator
give me the key then is this another spy
over here intruder alert
no it wasn't I'll take the elevator as
soon as I get the key
all right what does she have she has two
Pokemon and she's sitting out Ekans
which is a snake type I don't remember
what Ekans is uh-oh it's a poison so
psychic and ground so I don't really
have any psychic attacks but I could
switch Pokemon of course
I could try out earthquake maybe I'll do
that next time I might get poison to
your honestly Hayes was this all stat
changes wouldn't what all right here we
go using a dig so I'm out of here I'm
underground and you're a snake on the
ground using Hayes again so confused
about what that means here we go that
popping up boom nice attack alright who
she's sitting out next
let's find out who is she sitting out
Jean okay Auerbach
I don't know what Auerbach is either it
sounds like a bird my crack
nope it's another snake uh-oh
I'm gonna go yeah let's switch I want to
see what I want to see what the
earthquake does for grambler I'm just
curious I don't know if it's gonna hurt
me too
but our buck is also weak to ground type
of tax so here we go let's give it a
big big boy very beautiful though um
earthquake oh you miss Blair whoa oh no
I'm paralyzed but I still use earthquake
ah awesome super effective fainted good
I don't get to use a grappler that much
all right I can't do it you can do it
you know you can all right let's go over
here five great balls I'm like no I'm
glad you're happy
alright oh yeah she's happy I won the
recent battle hey I'm gonna make a phone
call really quick
all right well what what do you say
you're looking for the big pretty cubone
whom I don't know what you're talking
about I don't believe you you're just
I got a hyper potion as well where do I
go now oh yeah I stopped talking to Tim

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

okay there's a key somewhere I don't
know where let me go down I guess and
then let me go out on the key yet so let
me go up there is another path down
and then what's this all about holy cow
look who finally showed up huh we got
word from upstairs that you were coming
well you don't seem very prepared to
deal with me one Pokemon come on golbat
a flying-type again so I'm gonna be
switching to the p-dog there we go
right g-dog lead p-dog arrived
I don't know what that does anyway fight
I'm so much more powerful the new
Zippy's app is gonna be amazing
destroyed alright
this place is big I feel like they make
their all their arenas like Tobago peed
on level up level 37 nice
alright growlithe grew to 31 that's
fantastic and what's to learn the move
outraged okay let's see what what's
gonna happen therefore get an old move
outrage is a dragon move that's really
it is a 120 100 oh my gosh okay the
Pokemon rampage is an attacks are two to
three turns it then becomes confused but
that is a big move so let's take a look
what you want to get rid of so I was
thinking I mean agility I don't know
what do you think
I also leave a target of burn this is 90
100 this is 95 90
I kind of want to get rid of heat wave
like this seems like enough right ninety
one hundred ninety five ninety I mean is
the power really that much different you
know like I don't know man what do you
think I I'm of the mind that maybe
agility could be useful

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

I don't know man I don't know if the
extra five I don't know the extra five
worth it
I'm gonna okay I'm gonna make a decision
I'm forgetting heatwave
there we go it's done can't back out now
they learned outrage I don't even have
outrage but we'll see I mean I don't
know I've never even had outrage before
I don't think okay yeah you lost you
lost go wherever you want then I'll ah
but the elevator won't budge without a
lift key only give me the lift key come
on man
well ease pokeymon bowels dark pulse
that's interesting what's that I'm
curious with dark pulses exactly then
dark pulse
dark move 80 100
80-100 compare that to let's look at my
other dark move
this move
okay let's put on now let's put that on
I guess let's look in making a lot of
decisions here today huh
yeah this looks better g-dog you're
gonna learn to move dude
maybe you're in a bite and go with dark
pulse there we go awesome I'm happy with
that that's good and then let's just
move on then that was awesome
and now the bigger better dark move
thanks a Team Rocket done a revived
and then great one of these again

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

I mean I don't know
how nice they rare candy for me
xspeed I'm not so sure about these moves
here these all go up this one goes down
that's what we want then go around and
talk to you place is so big stop
meddling in team rocket's affairs or
else or else what are you gonna do to me
sit out a one-week Pokemon that I
destroy instantly come on bro you got to
two weak Pokemon okay here we go prepare
to get dark waived or whatever it's
called dark pulse oh right get ready
fight dark pulse get ready for here we
go nice not as good as I hoped crunch
crunch nom nom well here we go again
I'll just do the dark pulse again
there we go
Voltorb let me switch then
I'm gonna go with that m'dog switchover
because I'm gonna want to use Digg
together under this Voltorb
let's go under here we go
I miss because I was on the ground all
right got him done super effective there
we go well
he fainted good for him I am now Oh
taken down yeah I'm not a champion right
there huh so what do you say now looking
for a cue Bona I just saw one of our
grunts come by with one and it's got to
be around here somewhere
maybe it's down here I guess I don't
uh-huh couple of these hyper potion good
PP up

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

oh there's Team Rocket over there watch
out huh
hey can I have that what is this
you see the elevator doesn't work of
course not I've been keeping the lift
keys safe this whole time well guess
what I'm gonna get it and then the
elevators something gonna work all right
so he has one Pokemon Oh
Grimer what is what is Grimer
it looks poison right is e poison he is
poison so psychic her ground would work
so let's switch and then I'm gonna go
over to M dog he does have a psychic
attack right his psywave but is it dig
better things kind of better cuz I'm out
of the way
I look so mad oh there's come sludged so
I could get poisoned yeah I think I'm
poison yeah oh well oh well oh but I'm
dog expelled the poison thank you this
is I'm nice to my thing let's go ahead
and uh dig underground actually let's
look at the info but between his moves
84 dig huh what suicide way if I just
want to see cuz if fairies an intensity
that was a weak one
minimize the heck was that
he Basin this yikes
well I'm gonna fight then and you dig
this side way was not very good I'm
gonna be on the ground you can attack me
if you want
and maybe you invade the move but at
least I'm underground minimizing again
come on
what what
my dick
what okay psywave sure no I didn't miss
all right
Hardin all right man this guy is really
good pulling out all the stops to beat
himself up let's go again
there's my dick still disabled I mean
all right fine
side wave it is you avoided using sludge
me am I going to get poison for real
this time
nope come on psywave work this time
please work come on minimize again
geez Louise this guy's gonna be annoying
about the whole thing isn't he let's try
Swift here we go nice okay got him that
was a bit of a tough attack this battle
simply because
all right silly because you kept being
evasive so God now how am I supposed to

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

keep you from the taking the left key
gets up to use my own kind of struggle
what was he leaving
don't what
I hope my bosses don't hear about this
what you threw it up there am I supposed
to get that ha ha whew
without that key there's no way you'll
make it to the boss if you think you can
get it back from up there I'd sure like
to see you try how can I climb that I'll
gladly try there's a note on the wall
with a warning scrawled on it please
don't let any Pokemon in the air Vince
they climb atop the walls and wreak
havoc ok well if there was a stepstool
or something maybe it'll be possible for
me to reach from here look around see if
you can find something to climb up on
the trash can inside this there's
nothing inside of the chair yes we use a
chair as the step there we go
up you go Pikachu's gonna get it for me
thank you you're the best all right now
is the time for your party to shine get
that key that the team rocket grunt
through just me oh wow
the Team Rocket boss over there
all right open that up there you go who
there you go he crossed over I didn't
know I thought I'd have to go all the
way around but no good job get that lift
did you hear something just now I did
there was definitely a noise could it be
an intruder girl
never mind I have messages Ben meows
hungry hunger hungry tummy don't get me
all worried over nothing
all right here we go
just jump down I'll catch you and I got
the lift key from p-dog awesome Thank
You P dog all right so now we're gonna
go up here and we got to go back to the
elevator which is gonna be a little bit
tough but it should be fine overall we
got it we can get out of here and go the
next floor up and then what

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

it's got to do this all over again huh
gonna land down here gonna go down here
and I think we're gonna be able to
access the elevator now cuz I got to
lift key oh yeah
well here we go I don't know what do you
think I don't know which ones which here
we go hey is this the right floor are
you lost little child I'm not a child
come on or maybe I am alright
Team Rocket ground with two pokemons
zubats coming out we're gonna switch to
P dog pin
all right I don't know what he thinks
which I switch I think I should pokemons
be dog gravel are still paralyzed all
and I confuse Randall like that I don't
like anything that messes with me like
come on confused ray am i confused I am
confused what does that mean
whatever zippy zap am I gonna be able to
pull it off please none to myself god
I'm so confused
alright who's coming up next hope they
can switch
all right gastly
I'm guessing that's a ghost alright week
against psychic dark and ghosts so let's
switch and I'm gonna use G dog here cuz
I got a cool dark move
I can him go
alright let's fight like there's no
tomorrow with dark pulse bear Rico
eliminated super effective gotta love
that for sure
awesome ok tada
why is something like why did you get to
this floor just to do that to me how
that opened up that's in my way out oh
that ruckus time I open the door
oh this what he said so that's my way
out if I wanted a way out right yeah
that's my way out ok anyway now we're
gonna take this to the remaining
location I think it's a 4th floor right
I think so there's a fall over here an

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

item over here I'm glad you're happy but
how about now let me pick up my ball
okay enough enough okay he's brimming
with fighting spirit good do these signs
say anything I ballistas go team rocket
what is that my pals you you're that
court from Mountain moon just how long
you're gonna follow us around I know I'm
beautiful but what do you want to join
Team Rocket let's see what happens if I
say that what really you certainly do
show potential though you're not nearly
as beautiful as me wait a minute you're
trying to trick me
it doesn't matter there's no way we're
letting you through to see the boss it's
payback time for those fossils from
Mount moon you brat
so rude I just want to join Team Rocket
all right here we go Jessie and James
auerbach is coming out
g-dog and growler interesting those are
both wheezing is that a poison type I
think so I think these are both poison
types right so we're talking about like
psychic attacks for Auerbach we're
taught what was his weakness again it
was dark
no his ground and psychic attack so I
don't think I have anything to really do
man I'm a little concerned let's just do
let's poke target this guy and I'll
fight with growlithe I'll do
here we go
that's not gonna be very effective to
layer yikes no great G dogs pay levels
we'll get him out
all right so we need some ground based
attacks unfortunately man one of my guys
is Caroline scripture other than G dog
so let's switch out Pokemon
ha ha me and I wish you weren't
paralyzed m'dog is coming out and I'm
gonna bring out p-dogs because all
around he's good
all right what happens
alright here we go here's the star crew
we gotta we're gonna get more guys

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

poisoned probably the more sludge okay
so here's the deal
a wheezing is taking a quite a bit of a
burn p-dog
this is him dr. M dog is gonna go on the
ground and use dig on this dude P dog is
gonna try to get a zippy zap attack on
this dude this goes first right gone
he's gone all right so let's see how
this works you're gonna use a dig
alright everyone's lovely a vileplume
leveled up that's good and dog is using
dig I don't know if that's our bucks and
attack us or what Blair uh he was
talking to him dog I'm gonna also use a
zippy zap against our Bach man I took it
the wrong thing
but listen I hope I talked it the right
thing that was an accident to select
nice almost dead but then he's gonna pop
up a dig so that's gonna be a good hit -
nice defeated super effective alright
I'm proud of this this is good
I mean everyone's leveled up you gotta
love that such a dreadful twerp but I
was so confident this time or I need to
heal up some pokemons here for this I
don't know who this final guy has how
I'm fury a ting don't let it go to your
head just because your Pokemon words
that we're a teeny tiny bit stronger
exactly and even if you did defeat us in
battle we're still bigger and stronger
than you will just use brute force - oh
it's scared looks like Team Rocket's
blasting off again
all right so the boss is in there let me
go ahead and definitely try to heal my
party we got a couple people paralyzed
so I could probably use let's look at
the bag do I have an anti paralysis
thing paralysis I actually have two
three so paralysis heal on you and in
case I need grab but I don't know if I'm
gonna be gravely but on you two and then
we're looking at me also doing a super
potion on
g-dog there we go all right
well let's let's go encounter this guy
huh what's going on here someone with
blue hair and the cute bone just one
look at the Silph scope and it's plain
to see sylco definitely has a technology
and skill Team Rocket we'll need to make
our wishes come true
I want that cubone huh a machine that
lets you see what otherwise could not be
seen is nothing but a useless toys still
yes this could do
carrion Archer with your plans to take
over sylco for Team Rocket yes sir
hello what does a child doing here you
listenin our conversation without saying
a word I don't care much for that
I am Archer and then men of Team Rocket
and I do not go easy even on children

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

those guys a psychopath was a poor kid
who is he gonna say is to Pokemon taking
us in doubt wheezing we just bought one
it's a poison type so let me switch to
em dog really quick him dog will
probably level up to 36 we're gonna use
a dick move
all right get out of there
sludge bomb me if I'm gonna get poisoned
nope okay here we go this is the perfect
opportunity then for dig and I'll avoid
whatever this is oh nice I missed a dark
attack that's good
here comes Dick Wow oh that was still
alive super effective though I'm gonna
have to use it again dark pulse is
actually coming through oh I am dog no
let's try to to go it again really quick
with dig alright here we go
dog dark pulse missed but the puppy hit
again after this dig unfortunately so
got wheezing I'll probably revive after
this bite
ouch no I'm tested em dodged a few
it's okay who guys send up next let's
bring out gravel err
I got a good move here that I can use us
fight earthquake dummy a dark pulse
again come on
that was really hurt boom take that
all right
g-dog er 231 that's good well he once
learn to move waterfall sure let's
forget an old move so we got scold
versus waterfall waterfall is eighty and
a hundred scald is eighty and a hundred
but you got a look at the attack type I
was told by my friend KJ to get some
waterfalls I'm gonna do it I can always
learn it's called again if I have to
because I got the TM for it so today I'm
who's next Susie isn't enough golbat a
flying-type you know who's gonna be here
you know who's gonna be here p-dog is
gonna be here i'm gonna revive him Doug
all right go on p-dog I know you can do

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

all right go bats go and Daddy but I'm
gonna do my city's a move of course
goodbye to you prepare to get in civvies
apps done son
Archer all right so now all we do is we
say congratulations we did a good job I
beat the Team Rocket dude what a blunder
a blunder indeed
forgive me Giovanni for me to be
defeated by a simple child oh here he
forgive me Giovanni yeah okay I'm gonna
go before I talk to Giovanni you know
who's gonna do some work here I'm gonna
go into my my medicine pocket gonna get
a revive definitely use this on em dog
and then we're gonna pass around a
couple of potions here super potions one
on em dog one on gravely there we go and
I'm just gonna keep I'm gonna move P
dogs to the very front maybe I don't
no I'm Oh sup dude so you defeated
Archer I must say I am impressed you got
here team rocket captures Pokemon from
around the world they're important tools
for keeping our criminal enterprise
going there I'm the leader of this
enterprise Giovanni
oh he's sad I'll rescue you what you
want me to release a cuba mama
hahaha you came barging into our hideout
just for that what an amusing child but
for your insolence you will feel a world
of pain I don't know about that dump I'm
afraid of what you have money has I'm
gonna guess poison types but I don't
know he sends out she is to what you got
there what you got there purge and I
like Persian though what is Persian what
type is he just like a normal little it
Azeem he isn't normal so he's weak to
fighting I guess I'll just do
let me hit him with dragon tail maybe
he's using fake out now I can't move
gosh dang it dude dragon tail again
slash now that was bad
critical hit this will make you move
probably a critical hit in fact he's out
of there who's coming in in his steed
Rhyhorn right Rhyhorn of course is a is
a ground rock types a weak against water
ice grass steel fighting so I actually
have a water blast for this guy
waterfall here we go whoa destroyed holy

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

super destroyed what a move oh wow that
was super cool just let this enough
Persian so I'm gonna switch Pokemon now
put in a pee dog because he deserves to
get this one done when you zippy zap
against Persian
all right
all right fights
Zippy's app this goes oh he's using fake
out ding it died flinch dang it I don't
like that I thought I'd get to go first
and be fake out goes first I don't know
here we go zippy zap coming at chef gone
all right Giovanni what do you think
about that buddy what do you think about
that em dogs level 36 what this can't be
oh it can be and it is so I to him
defeated by a child do as you wish with
that cubone and take this as an apology
for mocking you as a child
this is the Silph scope it'd be nice to
me he's got a beat up I can see you
raised Pokemon with utmost care but you
would never understand what I hope to
I shall step aside this time alright but
I hope we will meet again in battle
all right let's go take cubone with us
cubone headed back to lavender town all
on his own
maybe the Silph scope you'll be able to
find out the identity of that ghost I'm
hoping so
cubone seems to have gone home on its
own why don't you get out of here too
and try to figure out how to use that
Silph scope or something good point
let's get outta here I want to search
the area though all he has of painting a
Persian and rhino or the two that he
used that's so cool
Oh a maxi fire that's really cool I'm
glad I searched his area huh didn't your
desk like a phone call pretend to be you
hey it's Giovanni with Team Rocket we're
calling the whole thing off that may not
work well let me step out and then we'll
call it an episode I do appreciate you
guys being here thank you for watching
so much you got to subscribe if you have
it if you've been watching of this far
and you haven't subscribed all I could
say is please let's you got we have to
lose nothing we're out of here hey guys
I beat Giovanni I should go tell the
undercover girl about it maybe Giovanni
aren't you excited
now Togo telling everyone I miss I okay
or he'll give me a scolding all right
well we did something good here and we

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

made it out what a place what a place
thanks for watching guys come back next
time for some more we'll go back to that
spooky town I'm Zack Scott subscribe if
you have not if you liked this video and
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