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SearchThisVideo: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – How to Get Mew! Poke Ball Plus!

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what is up guys zac scott here playing
let's go pikachu and i have the pokeball
plus controller everyone's been asking
how to get the the mythical mew well I'm
gonna show you I'm gonna acknowledge
that I have the controller and look at
this a Pokemon is in your pokeball plus
it's a present for you
select communicate from the main menu
and then select mystery gifts so let's
go check that out I'm not gonna do that
let's go check it out now so get with
pokeball plus it's right here a Pokemon
is in your pokeball plus it's a present
for you would you like to receive it no
yes I would of course attention if your
battery runs out over here disconnected
while you're receiving the gift Oh No
well don't run out battery okay yeah I'm
connected to the Internet it's gonna
save please don't run out battery that
would be terrible but I just have to go
to the store get a new one but I'm now
connect to the internet butts gonna
happen next
connecting don't turn off the power come
on okay there quick receiving your gift
here we go there it is it's a Mew
awesome right guys use data will be
added to the Pokedex
and there we go look at that it's very
cool it's a when viewed through a
microscope this pokemon short fine
delicate hair can be seen so it looks
pretty smooth right now as is but there
you go we got the Moo right here and you
can spin it around super cool it's a
psychic whoa I'm spin it all over so how
do I got a big dude next I think this is
next right perfect
you got Moo mythical Pokemon mu gift
alright great so that's what we got
right now I don't think I have any other
mystery guests maybe I do I got em you
okay mythical Pokemon mu gift got it
okay so I think there's only two buttons
on this ball I don't know if I'm
supposed to use another controller to do
the other buttons let's just go back
well here we are so I have that Pokemon
now and so I just beat Brock at the gym
here in pewter City
what is up have you heard the stories
that say Clefairy came from the moon
people started seeing them after moon
stones fell on Mount moon well why is it
a mountain moon if moon Suns hadn't
fallen yet when they named it ok so
what's up oh dear what am I supposed to
do with you slowpoke don't look at me oh
hello there do you think you could do me
a favor
how do I say no I'll say yes I want to
go to the pewter Museum that my dear
slowpoke here is just refusing to budge
so poke do you think you could keep an
eye on my dear slowpoke for a little
while sure ok thank you very much in
that case please keep my dear slowpoke
company for a little while alright great
I'll take this down time to thank you
guys for watching this series the first
episode already has over a thousand
likes in just a couple of hours - thank
you so much for that I'm watching him
he's staring blankly ahead alright you

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

spend a relaxing time with slowpoke
alright what a what an exciting feature
of the game I just relaxed with slowpoke
thank you for keeping an eye on dear
slowpoke here this is for your trouble I
got a big pearl from the lady alright
excellent I would love it if you could
keep an eye on slowpoke again sometime
alright sure so how do I access the menu
let's see I want to look in my my bag
here and what I want to do is I want to
go ahead and sort my pokemon because I
want em you in my main party and maybe I
would just get rid of let's get rid of
this one how do I get rid of this one
hold on
nope that one's fine cancel this guy I
think this one I want to move I think I
don't know he was pretty helpful
actually the rat give her the rat no one
wants the rat here move Pokemon Oh
actually remove him from the party there
we go removed from party and I'm doing
this all on this like it's seriously one
button in a joystick and then the
joystick itself is a button so basically
two buttons in a joystick so Mew level
one is gonna be added to my party then
just put them in uh let's let's put him
in the front there we go well what did I
swap out accidentally alright perfect
let's then add since you were such a
such a help
I could add him back in oddish he was
pretty helpful you gotta admit that he
has the absorbability so add him to my
party as well and yeah just give him at
the end there there we go okay now we're
gonna go back enough Pokemon management
let's continue on with this story so all
you got to do to get to get a mythical
mu early on is by the the pokeball
controller and it can come as a set or
whatever I got it as a set so that's
what you can do let's explore the rest
of the town before we move up north hey
I got one of those took me forever to
catch this is my sweet little fray when
she walks with me she sometimes finds
items in the field alright that's cool
is that true oh I guess I'll wipe my
Pikachu's on my back let's go in this
house I haven't been in here yet have I
sup dude you've got a better chance of
catching a Pokemon if you throw your
pokeball and get them right in the
center but catching pokémon is never a
sure thing have I talked to this guy
before I don't remember Pokemon learn
new moves as they grow but some moves
must be learned by TMS so true I got one
from Brock so yeah this is pretty cool
I'm in this town I don't remember what
awful all I've explored cuz it kind of
interrupted me and they brought me
directly to the gym alright so
refreshing pewter city stays lovely and
cool since it lies to the base of the
mountain well good for you
have I talked to you did you check out
the museum already no I don't think I
did really you absolutely have to go

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

take me I don't remember where I was
it's the thing I was I was looking
around and then I got like maybe that
kid in the Hat got me to go did I go in
here I don't remember if I went in here
or not
that's the store a shady old guys
suckered me into buying this weird
Pokemon it's totally weak and it costs
500 well what are you gonna do about it
good things can happen if you raise
pokemon diligently even the weak ones
can surprise you if you don't give up on
them all right true true that's why I
put you in there right so weak no he's
not a lot of people are going to have
that particular character unless they
get the pokeball that talk to you yet
there are many serious pokemons yeah
okay they're all bug catchers you know
hobbies I've talked to them
I talked to him already and I've been in
that house ok so now we can move north a
little bit let me know if you guys want
me to do an episode where I try to hunt
down a Chinese it might take me a while
though so I don't know what to expect is
this a museum actually let's read the
sign yep pewter Museum of Science let's
go alright hello hello
hello it's 500 for kids every 50 for
kids I'm sorry would you like to come in
sure I have a ton of money that I mostly
got from other kids by beating them so
can I talk to you
oh oh just take it doesn't include a
backstage tour all right well we're
gonna go this way then whoa my goodness
a fossil of the rare ancient pokémon
Kabutops all right that was scary this
is like a taxidermy thing I knew it was
in sight their various fossils from
mountain moon Wow an ancient pokemons oh
it's just a replica
I thought it was like a taxidermy
Pokemon it should be I should be
grateful for my long life never did I
think I would get to see the bones of a
dragon all right a fossil of the rare
ancient pokémon
Aerodactyl nice hope this was worth my
50 what's up what's up this month we're
running a space exhibit too nice a 3d
hologram it has a title a map of the
universe now do they really have a whole
map of the universe I mean it seems
pretty vast I want to pick at you it's
so cute we can't have mine so back off
daddy can you please get one for me
don't call me daddy and no yeah I'll get
you a Pikachu soon I promise so that's
your daddy okay all right hey your
Pikachu no it's too attached to you I
can never tear apart such a bond yeah
you're gonna have to tear it from my
cold dead hands that's what they say
hey what's you doing over there
moonstone huh what's so special about it
looks like an ordinary rock to me well
maybe if you live on the moon it is
ordinary but we live here on wherever
this is earth do they call it earth and
the Pokemon universe it says an object
that fell on mountain moon thought to be

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

a moonstone okay
hey there's a space shuttle it looks
like an old space shuttle all right
indeed it does so can we get in no it's
it's not a real space shuttle it's just
a replica right just a miniature rather
so let's go ahead and look at this
there's a map up here it seems to show
the origin of the universe this is this
little pokeball is so small and it's a
spherical controller but it works so I
don't know what to make of it it's it's
so small though it's like of course
they're even the other controllers are
small what's up dude it has been decades
since mankind stood on the moon and now
we're following the dream of standing on
that far away red planet news about
space always makes me so excited I hope
one day we can get to Mars and with
humans there I don't know if they're
gonna enjoy it but I'm gonna enjoy it as
a spectator look at this you saw a
beautiful crystal when you looked into
the microscope good for me
they look to be pieces of meteor awesome
well is this it was this all it was 50
while ago here why did I go here I'm
leaving I'm leaving
let me backstage all right well maybe
that was fun did I find everything I was
supposed to find there I'm so confused
there is like an area over here did I go
in that house I think I did but I didn't
go around but I don't have to cut
through whatever I get cut through TM
are they selling it at a store or
something am I just like totally missing
out on this cut through ability here cuz
I need to cut down this I don't have
this yet at least I don't think I do if
I have it and I just haven't been using
it I'm gonna feel real real dumb let's
go to the store I just want to make sure
he's not selling it here alright I'm
here to buy there's an escape rope which
I find very useful I don't see anything
okay no thanks
okay so what do I do
I've got to figure out where to go what
did you I really just want to cut
I watched the I watched that guy okay
well we're gonna head out I suppose
maybe out not here maybe out to the east
I don't have cut through do I
you guys got to let me know if I if I
have cut through and I just haven't been
using it cuz I'm a bit confused but I

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

try to go this way before and this
little kid I think may mean oh wow
that's a boulder badge you got it from
Brockton at you when you get new gym
badges more items to become available to
you in the pokey Mart by the way the
poka-yoke I just I just went there
alright Pokemon marks are in lots of
towns though so you probably already
knew that huh you happening to that tell
me something I don't know route three is
coming up hey what's up with you oh
you're a new trainer I am a coach
trainer coach trainers are the ones who
stand in various places to Train
trainers I'm one of them we coach
trainers are strong if I do say so
myself if you want to try out your
strength you should definitely battle us
okay let's do it
you look like someone who wants to try
your own strength
you wanna have a Pokemon battle with me
a coach trainer absolutely okay here I
come well okay you got to be prepared I
got a what level one mu look what level
did he come in at I forgot I should
maybe I shouldn't have in my primary
slot but here he goes oh there's a
Bulbasaur go Moo I know you can do it
all right so I got a fight my Mew is
indeed level one this is not wise
vine whip is how I'm gonna get me an
inci okay yep sorry Mew all right well
that was great let's bring out P dog
yeah switch to him of course I totally
forgot about me being level one when I
when I when I put him in my first slot
will he level up even though he's
fainted all right Thunder shock get
ready for it buddy
that wasn't very strong oh yeah it's
every okay leave to see it okay it's
okay it's okay
watch out P dog was seated what just
oh my health was sapped great alright
let's try on my my double kick then here
we go
boom no weeks also I mean I'm using the
worst type against this guy all right
fine whoops coming at me
ow oh great this again I might have to
switch I I wasn't really prepared
I need my chart I don't have my chart
out of what what types are good against
what I'm gonna do a quick attack really
here we go that's a bit better but fine
with gosh a critical hit let me switch
that's gonna zap me too
okay my apologies
okay Pokemon
let's get uh what do you think let's get
anything garnished would help let's do a

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

Pidgey move alright here we go
you did a great P dog I say through my
teeth lying
all right fine whip on me that's okay
not very effective huh this is because
I'm flying or what I'm gonna fight here
we go let's do is gusts how do I get
more info on this
I don't know
did you use gusts super effective nice
alright gust again gotcha
is he I'm gonna go back and heal my
Pokemon before I depart but I got
another guest gust of wind for you
Bulbasaur has been fainted super
effective congratulations to me alright
I don't I don't think that I'm you
leveled up at all because of the fact
that he was fainted so you defeated a
coach trainer just like that and don't
have your strength I have a gift for you
I revived thank you I could use them on
you right now but I mean but since I'm
so close to the to the town here I'm
just going to go over hop over the ledge
and then I'm gonna go basically just
heal them up I mean right all right and
then also I'm gonna switch Mew let me
get leveled up first before I start
bringing them out to some battles so
yeah sure rest the Pokemon
here we go I just love the pixelated
looks of these that's so cool alright
thanks for waiting like poking bunch of
you better now indeed they are let's go
ahead and switch it out here look at my
bag pokemons box all right I'm gonna
move move you move Pokemon oh so okay
moving him here doesn't really mmm how
do I
remove from party that's not what I want
to do but now I can add him to my party
in the back okay there's seriously I
don't see any other buttons on this
controller other than what I saw here we
go let's go I mean do I really not have
any way to do the cut thing that the cut
through ability TM case nope sorry
TM case no just heads but okay well
that's okay let's head out back to the

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

east again we're gonna get Mew leveled
up I mean like after after fighting like
one person he's gonna level up to like
level three or something like that
actually I don't know that's true but I
would love it to be true
back on Route three sup excuse me you
looked at me didn't you I couldn't help
it you were just right there and he's
like of course he looked at you alright
come on now
last Janice Janice I don't know oddish
is coming out watch out okay P dogs
coming out
so okay wait is electricity it was
fighting week against plan I need to get
up out my chart I really do I'll have it
by next episode
that wasn't bad but not very effective
but I hit twice and it was only good
because you know this one so much weaker
than me I might want to move Pikachu if
they're gonna be using a bunch of plant
types hey let's just do a quick attack
it's pretty neutral yeah
here comes absorb again feeling a little
bit just a little though
and then let's fight do another one more
quick attack here we go
boom all right the opposing oddish
fainted nice all right Mugler to level
you're mean she just I mean like okay
well I wasn't trying to be mean I just I
do happen to be mean I guess it's a
hey my shorts are cool right you can
stare I'm not gonna stare at your shorts
come on kid get out of here
I'm not gonna stare at your shorts what
is wrong with you Calvin
all right Spiro
it's a flying-type obviously all right
fights thundershock here we go got him
super effective against flying times I
believe I think I could be wrong I need
you to pull out my chart I have this
great chart that I use when I play
Pokemon games and I just don't have it
right now
I'll get it though before next episode I
promise you that all right I don't want
to jump down there yet until I see what
this person is all about I'll battle you
with the Pokemon I just caught well if
you just caught him I mean it's not
gonna be very high level you gotta
actually train with it and whatnot
camper Victor
Nidoran Wow how come some have a gender

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

by their name is it because it's not
typical or the rare I don't know are you
allowed to just assume their gender
otherwise here we go
double kick not good the fact that I hit
twice is good but that fighting move is
not very effective against them using
ow ow not very effective against me but
a critical hit so it worked out how
about some Thunder shock nice fainted I
just had to do that more often I guess
alright P dog grew to level 12 excellent
P dog wants to learn the move double
team what does double team is it a
fighting move double teams normal what
is it
by moving on now give up on learning the
move I don't like double team that's
fine you know if we're gonna have mu on
the team and he's special
isn't he he is special isn't he if
that's the case then we're talking going
to my party here and changing Meuse name
how do I capitalize I guess I just
manually had to capitalize and what okay
oh I'm sorry
there's seriously like only like the
joystick and one button and then the
fact that you can click to Joyce again
is the other thing it's M dog everybody
welcome to the party M dog we're gonna
have fun all right
no I'm totally I'm totally misspelling
it what the heck I thought it okay what
happens this is hard next episode I'll
switch back to the regular control all
right think but that looks good M dogs
on our team I'm out I'm out there we go
so okay what's going on over here what
is that well don't touch me don't touch
me eek did you push me I did not even
touch I've been falsely accused
all right picnic here Robin all right
knitter on nighter on come on P dog
you've got this you know you've got this
fight fight fight
Thunder shock hopefully we get em dog

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

leveled up fast enough tail whip coming
at me I don't wanna see that great I'm
so embarrassed my defense though fight
using a quick attack here we go nice
fainted sorry
it happens to the best of us em dog her
to level three all right that's it
that is indeed it to great bowels all
right so what know I'm not gonna touch
a wild ratata everyone no one likes rats
run away I'm giving up on this pokemons
have kid I gave up on him
now this is new right yes okay great as
a wild Sandshrew all right let's go
ahead and get ready and basically I just
that was excellent please stay in there
I did it perfectly oh the pokeball
actually glows yellow and green just
like it did on there that's so cool can
I use two controllers like a regular
controller and the pokeball I don't even
there we go seventy-two experience
points in dog levelled up again busy
wants to learn the move quick attack uh
let's see what she has right he he or
she uh tackle or quick attack what does
let's see what let's take a look through
them really quick quick attack is
40 power tackles 40 but I have more
tackle but this move always goes first
sure forget tackle same accuracy same
power this but this but but quick attack
actually goes first so we'll forget this
move one two and tada
all right pins you forgot tackle and
learn quick attack
good job piggy table stars level plate
em donks level four I'm dog as level 5
you get like more XP from catching these
Pokemon Sam shrews data will be added
its body is dry when it gets cold at
night its height is said to become
coated with a fine do alright
you tuck to change Sandra away in your
Pokemon box alright
whoa hey buddy come here I don't have to
catch them all but this game makes me
want to that there's a main key get
ready I'm ready
don't do that
that was seem perfect but let's see what
he stays in here in the the pokeball

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

controller actually vibrates when this
happens so that's really cool
I caught a manky oh right man m'dog
leveled up again just like the best way
to level up him dog I might put him in
my here we go all right an abjad pokemon
that lives in trees it was in the grass
it angers easily and will not hesitate
to attack anything it tried to attack me
but I got him instead all right no no no
more main keys I want to go over here
because I before I move on because there
was a place I could kind of jump down
here all right a potion nice and then
three pokeballs it's interesting that
you can tell exactly which pokemons
you're about to encounter but you can't
tell what you're about to pick up all
right so we're headed back over here and
I'm about to get him level up enough
that I'm gonna be comfortable having him
out and about
huh okay oh there's something here
excuse me
all right
let me uh okay after after this fight
hey I like shorts they're comfy needs
you to wear wow you're wearing shorts
too all right enough dwelling on the
shorts you're making me uncomfortable
all right youngster Ben here we go
there's a filthy rat go on P dog I know
you can do it
of course b-dawg candy far-out classism
he's like double the level let's just
hit him strike him hard with
thundershock oh he hit me first
Oh most got him or completely I'm gonna
use a double kick on this guy cuz why
yeah kook attack goes first
boom a critical hit so it only took one
it's super effective hit one time the
opposing Matata fainted excellent your
party Pokemon is okay got it Metapod gir
to level 9 good job dude oddish is 12
now I just learned poison powder and I
beat youngster bin I can't believe it
you better believe it
and stop looking at my shorts alright so
we're going this way another one wants
to fight after the next level up I will
I'll put I'll put mu in my as my primary
so we can kind of have some fun with you
today you're challenged by bug catcher
Greg all right
hakuna likes what i use against this guy

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

is level five let's just use a quick
attack here we go boom poison sting dull
poison me and he point I'm poisoned I'm
gonna have to use something right I
don't know what I'm gonna have to use
but I'm mad prepare to get fighted but
alright goodbye goodbye alright if I had
if I had a new Pokemon I would have won
a new one no you want the get the old
one so you can train them up alright
what do you think you think it's time
for from from you to shine there are
more people this is what is this is this
a town what is this Route three melt
moon is up ahead yikes I'm gonna get the
item I'm gonna not get this guy though
there we go a revive that's good I'm
gonna go ahead and oh there's another
bird hold on let's look at my back I'm
gonna switch the Pokemon again I forget
how to arrange them basically all I know
to do is take em dog change markings
wait what does change markings oh okay I
can I can no sew em dog we're going to
remove from Party than put him back in
and then add to the party and he's
coming in right up here he's level what
six no and then ya Pikachu needs to be
brought back into its so okay it's so
limiting this controller is so limiting
but it gets the job done
this amount alright let's go look at his
come here do I have one of these a wild
Sparrow I don't remember if I have one
of these but I'm ready okay well
I got to get ready each and every time
it says nice I don't know if that was
actually a nice hit or not but if it
locks him in that I'm happy
oh but the pokeball also makes noise I
forgot to mention that it makes like
little as a microphone
none of Micra a speaker in here m'dog is
level 7 Bulbasaur is level 9 I might
name him rename him to be dog he got
leech seed alright I might him induct
him into the dog family inept at flying

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

high however it can fly around very fast
to protect its territory
alright good but let's get out of here
don't I don't want that rat I don't want
that rat what's up whoa just taking a
little rest here that tunnel from
cerulean city takes a lot out of you
alright so he doesn't want to fight me
or in Route 4 hello there I'm a coach
trainer at your service do you want to
train a bit before taking on sure let's
go and train a bit I am ready
absolutely now I'm a little a little
nervous about having mu here I wasn't
expecting to do a coach trainer already
but uh let's see what level are they
gonna throw out me out
I don't know about this level 13 level 7
let's actually switch really quick sorry
sorry but uh yeah we got a switch let's
go with the level let's go with oddish
that means a meow is going to attack me
first I think payday ow
those money you threw money at me
coins were scattered everywhere all
right let's do absorb that way he's
using payday again ow
all right I don't know about these coins
that wasn't so bad I don't know if I can
keep up though let's fight with the acid
here comes payday again now all right
acid come on
that wasn't so bad let me use absorb
again now
I keep getting hit with payday I'm
almost dead all right here we go that's
not too bad but I'm probably dead next
turn let's see yeah I'm gonna have to
switch Pokemon already now we're gonna
bring out piggy cats lovebirds so I
thought I would bring out a bird all
right here we go piggy you got this
right payday coming at ya boom
all right coins again everywhere pipes
let's do a sand attack let's see what
happens there payday again man come on
only have nine health left this is not
working out for me oh that's not okay
its accuracy fell well let's do gust I

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

don't know oh I should've done quick
attack dang it I'm gonna hit with a
probably faint yeah I should've done
quick attack what was I thinking okay
it's okay it's okay
let's bring out Metapod
here we go mouth is almost gone oh how
many does he have though he has just one
okay that's fine let's do it tackle here
we go payday is coming at me again
ouch here comes a tackle I'm only level
nine that was very weak let's do a
string shot does that go first oh that's
another that's another a speed horse you
fell that's good for me let's do another
tackle I suppose oh nice
I voted the the payday attack it's such
a weak hit let's switch pokemons let's
bring out P dog even though he's
poisoned let's bring him out switch and
then I'm gonna use just my you know my
moves my move my quick attack probably
so I make sure to attack him right off
the bat
never mind I know I did up with that tag
but I employ since I will take some
damage I need to get these guys healed
up I'm hoping to find a place to heal
them rather than just using items but I
might have to every resort to items got
him alright hope that was all worth it
that was a long fight probably could've
got it all done with P dogs being here
front and center but it is what it is
I'm level 13 excellence
m'dog is level 8
all right awesome you won't have any
trouble going through mountain moon Wow
okay good I'm happy then I don't want
trouble that was a great battle take
this as Thanks
I got payday okay that's a pretty cool
one it's a move little scattered money
around that you can pick up later for a
little extra pocket money awesome well
good to know uh oh yeah here's a place
to rest my Pokemon ouch I tripped over a
Geodude lying on the ground oh I'm sorry
you found an escape rope awesome
I came to mount moon from far away
because I want a Pokemon I can ride on
that's right you can ride on certain
pokémon like onyx that's right so that's
the way to mount moon let's go ahead and
get everything healed up though before
we move on what is up welcome to the
Pokemon Center yes rest Pokemon please
and glad I found this place so here we
go awesome alright we hope to see you

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

again sup dude if you catch a lot of
Pokemon you'll end up with more than you
can carry around in your party but all
the ones you can't carry you can just
stow in the Pokemon box in your bag so
no sweat plus no matter how full your
Pokemon box gets is easy to search and
find the Pokemon you want hello there
laddie I have I got a deal just for you
I'll let you have a secret Pokemon a
Magikarp for just 500 so you'll buy it
am i right you know what what else am i
spending my money on nothing I know I
someone told me this is a ripoff I don't
really care you paid an outrageous 500
and bought the Magikarp I just wanted to
do it for fun maybe this is a special
one all right yeah okay looking good
it's a water-type famous for being very
unreliable it can be found swimming and
seas lakes rivers and shallow puddles
you took Magikarp away in the Pokemon
box in your bag oh right there's a
picture book titled Clefairy and the
moon will you read it yes
Rollie pollie Clefairy Rolly roll around
rambling up the mountain really gaining
ground high upon mountain moon they gaze
up at the sky pie pie pie the moon
Phil's Beach last I roly-poly Clefairy
well let's see how they spin and bound
pie pie pie happy smiles all around
is it pie because I'm reading that like
pie like the number
when you try to catch a Pokemon yeah you
sometimes see a green ring yeah that
kind of Pokemon is easy to catch yeah
it's the Rings if the Rings yellow it'll
be a bit harder yeah and if it's a red
ring yeah that pokemons might be really
hard to catch where where am I
I'm up here already okay good to know
around four let's go and just get out of
here yeah yawn when Jigglypuff sings
Pokemon get drowsy me too and jiggly oh
man I'm getting drowsy dude oh my gosh
stop it stop you're singing
oh my gosh you're not gonna have cold
okay I've got all my pokeballs on my
belt one two three four five and six yep
that'll do it no matter how many Pokemon
you have in your Pokemon box you can
only take six in the battle oh right
well let's uh let's end this video with
a little bit uh oh I don't know I don't
know what we can do I don't know what we
can do but I got mu I was curious I'm
still curious if I was supposed to have
to cut through or what but I don't know
if I should go into the next part or
well maybe we can this is others that
hey there's a Meowth up there how do I
get up there I don't think I can get up
there but this is the mountain moon
tunnel entrance
oh wow so yeah there's a lot of stuff
going on Oh Team Rocket's here they see
me looks like there's nothing here

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

then let's just search farther in how
they see me you you were eavesdropping
on us now weren't you now if you weren't
supposed to be keeping watch oh there he
is he was up on the roof
you know there's rare fossils buried
around here somewhere if you've got any
you better hand them over to us twerp
that's right if anyone's gonna profit
off these rare fossils it's going to be
us ha ha ha so rare fossils will be
found in mountain moon I assume what
does it say though
beware Zubat is a bloodsucker watch out
for its leech life move I will be I'll
keep an eye out so should we do a
mountain moon next maybe so come back
next episode and we will venture off
into here maybe find some fossils maybe
fight but we got Mew on our side him dog
on our side I'm going right back in
let's see if that mouth is on the roof
still nope he was sleeping on the job
well thanks for watching I'm Zack Scott
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Thanks for watching my Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Gameplay and Walkthrough! I'm excited to be playing a Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch! You may ...


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  1. OG Pokémon fans recognize that the 2 people in the Pokémart were giving you info on one Pokémon.

    first kid "i got sold a weak Pokémon"

    guy by the fridge: "weak Pokémon can grow strong"

    = the Pokémon you'll be able to buy for 500 becomes a strong gyarados!


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