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SearchThisVideo: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 – Team Rocket at Mt Moon!

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Watch video at 00:00
what is up guys zac scott here playing
pokemon lets go pikachu and we are going
to go up here to mount moon and i want
to thank you so much for your support on
this series the first episode already
has over a hundred thousand views all
thanks to guys leaving over three
thousand likes so thank you guys so much
let's see what this place is all about
head and grab this right I found a
potion absolutely I'm just so thrilled
to be playing this game for you guys
with you guys really oh hey hey come
let's go capture this guy you know this
game makes it a lot easier to capture
Pokemon I love that there's a Clefairy
got your pokeball through the moving
ring you could have bonus for okay great
technique okay as the ring gets smaller
that's your chance to snag a great bonus
I feel like I've already known this I do
get ready cuz I'm ready so here we go
whatever I got it I thought I threw it
better than that but that's okay Oh got
out okay
almost got it well let's get ready again
I am ready boom that's like excellent
perfect timing for me we're right into
this aren't we please say we captured it
locked and loaded absolutely all right
tada Clefairy so that's awesome right I
think it's pretty awesome and I don't
know if I need to start sending some of
these over to Professor Oak or what
maybe I do I also found out I won't get
to cut through time much later so it is
what it is let's uh-oh here we go let's
read Clefairy adored for their cute
looks and playfulness they are thought
to be rare as they do not appear often
well hey I got him then I'm glad I got
he's so rare hey what about you grab a
bat why not oh right of course everyone
knows what this is it's a zoo bat let's
high say it at least
man this guy's going crazy that was
perfect what happened
there you go another excellent please
stay locked into that ball yeah we're
gonna find out what mount moon's all
about I actually have my type chart
pulled up so I should be able to battle
a little bit easier hopefully hopefully
I do in fact let's see I just say I just
needed like remember what all my types
are and what types anyway here we go ooh
bad state it will be added perfect is a
poison flying I don't really know what
kind of what what my mane should be
right now so that's okay we'll figure it
out okay I'm gonna grab this oh I was
just gonna grab the item hello hello
there are suspicious characters looking
around in the caves and you are well
guess what I'm Xia so get ready all
right bug catcher Kent is sending
something out do it what's taking so

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

long there we go Butterfree okay it's a
flying-type right so against flying I
guess what we would want to have would
maybe be electric would work just fine
right but I mean right now I don't have
yeah anyway right now I don't have that
but you know psychic won't hurt but I
don't have a psychic nevermind pound
this is pound that's all I have
pound there you go sure do use gust
against me I might switch Pikachu out to
the to the main crew just so that I have
an easier time here that was pretty good
oh not enough use confusion though
oh no I'm not very effective good here
let's just keep on with the pound time I
want to get em dog leveled up as quickly
as possible
another confusion don't do it don't do
not very felt but I'm actually confused
oh great let's just switch out pokemon
then shall we here let's just bring out
here piggy why not piggy why not piggy
that's what I have to say switch this
this has some fun
good job em dog you did it okay all
right so what's the plan
oh come on don't confuse everybody okay
thank you for not confusing everybody
let's do uh just do quick attack make
sure I go got him okay great
good bye
okay well that's 103 M dogger to level
10 all right
Metapod is also level 10 oddish is level
13 what move do you want to learn let's
see I want to learn stun sports a grass
move I could probably get rid of growth
this is a scheduler cloud of numbing
powder that paralyzes the target that's
kind of cool
growth I don't know I mean
this is poisons the target should I get
rid of poison powder and instead go for
a stun spore paralyzing the targets okay
poison and Lissa's keepo i'm just gonna
return let's just let's just give up on
learning the move that's fine here we go
you've got three pokeballs from this guy
here omena pods evolving here we go this
is exciting right
oh that's how you get one of these okay
I got a Butterfree well I captured one
earlier that's cool

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

it's a bug flying type of course I mean
it's obvious just from looking at it and
they learned gust excellent good job all
right well I'm gonna go thanks for the
fight I'm gonna go up here and pick up
five great balls I should maybe be using
some more you know great balls instead
of the regular ones no no no no no no oh
this dude over no I'm going to say go
run away from this guy here goodbye
here we go big muscle rock here Geodude
okay I'm gonna I'm just gonna do a
normal style here didn't just bounce top
of them I wasn't like quite ready for
him to that wasn't bad I wasn't quite
ready for him to do that but let's see
let's see if it likes a man here all
right excellent you can actually hear a
sound coming out of a pokeball I'm using
I'm still using the pokeball controller
my friend Abdallah smash told me I just
have to shake it to hit wide so that's
how you to it all right now here we go
I write commonly found your mountain
trails and the like if you step on one
by accident it gets angry it already
looks angry I don't think me stepping on
it caused it to be angry I think it was
just born angry with the face that only
a mother could like somehow alright
let's see what's up here you want to
fight me too everyone wants to fight me
what I'm waiting for my friends to find
me here okay well then let's fight
alright who you gonna throw out lass
ah looks like a peashooter it looks like
a peashooter does it not that's so cool
let's just fight I don't have like any
moves they have pound here we go just
pounded normal attack that's fine vine
whip coming at me ouch em dog you gotta
be tougher than this pound it
yeah gross oh no is that gonna make him
healthier just stronger
I was attack rose and special attack
well let's see if I could just finish
him off right now with a little pound
townn yes okay good that looks like a
peashooter em dog levels up again come
on him dog can you learn something new a
swift okay great I don't know if that's
an attack that I don't know Bulbasaur is
he level 11
I lost of course you did I mean there's
no shame in it I guess alright well
let's keep going there's a ladder down
here Oh

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

hi uh you're pretty fast kid uh-huh
she's like uh it was kid away from me
annoying all right I'm just looking
before I go down the ladder I just want
to see what's over here
excuse me awakening that's in my
medicine pocket want to fight me dude
what don't sneak up on me why not
I'm trying to fight people and I was
right in front of him he looked at me
look at his glasses super nerd joven
he's not a just a nerd he's a super nerd
Oh what is this all right I don't know
how we're gonna pull this off so let's
fight my Swift move is also we'll see
you in foe
I have no idea that it
yeah I don't
I can't figure out a shake this
anyway let's just count them but Swift
you is it just a move no it's an attack
that's a good one
poison gas though
all right fine
let's just count
god that it wasn't good even though is a
critical hit that wasn't very good I'm
gonna use Swift I'm poisoned help me oh
my gosh I'm actually pretty hurt by this
let's just go back to Swift alright nice
awesome got him alright
all right my Pokemon won't do they did
just find sort of but you know mine work
better that's all they're all there was
to it alright let's look around alright
they said these they're rare but I don't
ether should i okay let's see should I
use uh let's see alright uh let's go
no no no back so shaking it works here
but not during battle weird so I can
actually hit why I could shake it to hit
Y but in battle the Y wasn't working so
um that's so weird
okay well what was I doing oh yeah let
me look in the back I need to maybe give

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

a remedy or something
medicine pocket do I have any sort of
antidote antidote I only have one though
do I really want to use it on m'dog or
should it would it be better to just
switch it switch it out maybe get p-dog
up in there maybe so let's go ahead and
let's go to my party really quick and
let's let's see move Pokemon
what okay move move you mind there
we go that looks good to me so dark in
here you want to fight kid you need to
get to this cave to get the Cerulean
all right come on now come on now
youngster Robbie
there we go all right I'm just gonna
fight you
you're only level eight so here huh
ah Thunder shock let's see if this will
work on you Oh almost Ming Keys gonna
use a scratch though come on don't
scratch little old me let's do a quick
attack there we go
got him all right the minke fainted all
Pidgey grew to level 13 good for you
piggy and youngster abused and beaten
and I got three pokeballs okay okay so I
need to go over here this place is so
vast whoa
all right repel yeah I mean you know the
thing is I don't really feel the need
for repel since these things seem to
spawn you know and I can see them so I
can manually dodge them look at those
two mushrooms on him encountered a wild
Parris get ready I'm ready
whatever that was perfect until you
decided to block it another excellent
one maybe I am trying to catch them all
I don't know I mean that's the come on
get back in there all right what about
you guys wanna you want to bury a
raspberry here we go there you go now
use this I am ready for this that was
another excellent one please say that it
I don't know what I'm doing to do with
all these pokemons other than send him
to okay think that's what I'm supposed
to do right all right
excellent well uh here we go

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

burrows under the ground to gnaw on tree
roots the mushrooms on its back absorb
most of the nutrition so he has to grow
these mushrooms on his back does anyone
get to eat those who knows okay
excuse me Zubat now there is a ladder I
just want to make sure I whoa
it's one make sure I explore everything
before I take that ladder wow it's way
bigger in here than I thought exactly it
does feel big in here doesn't it all
right that's okay
we're having fun the Miriam lass Miriam
a Clefairy is coming out here and then
p-dog no you can do it now you can do it
all right fight thundershock this may
not work wait now that worked okay but
it wasn't a big deal either uh-oh
defense rose but not special defense
right so does that mean thundershock
would still work okay nice okay fainted
goodbye all right
oh I lost you did I'm trying to get do I
I don't think I have to do all these
fights but I mean part of the game is
doing Pokemon fights right I mean that's
that's kind of the whole point there's
another Team Rocket person he's like
yikes quit following us well if I have
to I can't get away from this guy can I
did you come to explore the cave to sort
of basically I came here to fight a
bunch of kids I guess youngsters Josh
Sandshrew is coming out okay let's see
the thing is you don't really know what
they're gonna send against you but the
Sandshrew is weak against water ice and
grass so if I were to switch Pokemon and
be give oddish a shot here he's level 13
I can do a grass attack on him right
good job P dog I'm like p-dog you did
great but I don't know if I believe that
so alright he's gonna use this an attack
on me I think it's gonna be fine
although it lowers what my accuracy
yikes so I just had to be accurate with
this right absorb this should be fine
assuming it's accurate but you avoided
it darn it now poison stings coming at
me that didn't seem to do much of
come on absorb come on accuracy come on
man don't make it fall again alright
anybody's gonna get pulled off
come on absorb there you go
got him critical hit I'm all healed

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

again and you your energy has been
drained all right
losing stinks it's so uncool
it'll be like me and be a winner then if
you don't like losing all right what's
up dude whoa you surprised me
no you're just a kid hey hey come on
I'll show you who's a kid I mean yeah
I'm the kid hiker Marcos his to pokemons
geodude's coming out first all right all
right all right all right he's kind of
easily weak against fighting so let's
see if double kicks gonna do the trick
here like I said I pulled out my chart
that's one hit there's two hits that's
pretty good
what's he gonna do now sand attack yikes
my accuracy fell again whatever let's do
a quick attack make sure I get a hit in
unless I miss got him oh no not very
effective oh he I guess he's not
let's just do this again why not
got him who's he's sending out next is
that's the real question
it's super effective all right who do
you sitting now cuz I thought he had two
right did I misunderstand that ojio
dudes coming back out keep battling
we're good
so he's got two geodude's oh boy okay
fights ah let's do the double kick again
I mean we avoided the attack gosh jeez
my accuracy is low Wow
let's try it again okay double kick
there we go one and A two kicks to the
face super effective hit twice Rock
throw coming at me again
man you were picking on the wrong guy
double kick again dang it a foot oh
thank you I avoided his attack - there
you go that's how it's done okay goodbye
how's that for surprises alright
Thunder Wave yeah Thunder Wave let's see
what this is
does it do it
I like thundershock

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

let's give up let's give up growl there
we go
p-dog now knows thunder wave so very
all right hiker Marcos 404 when it would
see like a mini-boss what is this guy is
there anything up here for me whoa oh
well here's this so many ladders I found
a pearl I'm curious with the other
ladders I do want to explore this area
as much as I can
he says I see you have plenty of
pokeballs if you ever run low come talk
to me well okay let's let's backtrack a
little bit because I I do want to use
these ladders and let's go in order here
because I don't want to get confused or
you know I don't want to forget to
backtrack later on so this is the first
ladder that it showed me down here is
what get one of those I like the lack of
random encounters I don't like random
encounters like at all oh my god there's
like two guys so hey buddy oh we team
rocket are the Pokemon bandits we strike
fear into others with our strength so
I'm up against the team rocket here here
we go
team rocket grunt what's your throwing
out here what's hot da alright that's
gonna be a big deal right
I don't think so
his weakness is fighting so a double
kick sin be perfect for this dude except
you got a quick attack in my health is
getting kind of low boom nose one kick
all right how about that how about that
Team Rocket did you have any others or
no is that it
huge is a grunt though I blew it you did
blow it actually you didn't do very good
huh all right whoa get me out of here
get me out here help help help
let's go ahead and grab this like I said
I don't feel the need the desire I found
a rare candy that was worth it to come
down here we'll have to learn how to use
those in the cash man everything's here
it's tiny I don't you know I'm fine run
away I don't need no tiny Zubat no
excuse me
excuse me there's there are a lot of
enemies here so even with the you know
the random encounter aspected this gone
I am running into a lot because simply
because of their quantity but I got that
rare candy and I'm not super sure how I
should use yes I'm gonna hold on to it
for now of course by the end of the game
I'll definitely use it I just don't know
what the best way to use it is at the
very moment dodge Tim whoa gosh she came
up out of nowhere it's huge it looks
about the same let's run away alright I

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

gave oh I see do you want to give up on
catching yes give up surrender surrender
surrender okay and lots of dudes here
with the heck
excuse me I can slip through up here
there's gonna be another ladder for me
to go down and that ladder is right here
and then there's a third ladder sent
what's this this looks like important
nothing at least not that I can tell
whoa okay let me just go up here grab
this a nugget
I got a nugget put it in the bag Oh out
I'm gonna run from you I don't really
you know like I said I don't I don't
really care to capture like multiples of
these oh my gosh but they are brutal run
away please run away right now okay
was it gosh leave me alone this is at
times this could be almost worse than
random encounters is like three in a row
what the heck so maybe repel still would
be a good use of something is this there
not anything in these doesn't look like
it oh my gosh
okay well hi repel or run away I might
actually use repelled oh let's see I
don't know what do you think you know
I'm gonna use your pal I got one I'm
gonna use it it's getting to be repel is
like perfect for people like me who make
videos there we go
get out of here Pokemon
I'm a Pokemon player who doesn't want to
encounter Pokemon all the time okay so
one Explorer cave okay let's go
then we'll go up over here
all right smooth sailin roll there's a
Pokemon repel did it work on him maybe
meow let's see the guard he's a guard oh
boy okay well hey get out of here go
warn him warn them that I'm coming for
him I don't know if that's true
there we go revive I know that repels
gonna wear off soon
that's just how it works yeah there he
goes oh this place erupted they're like
hot finally the stench is gone we're
pulling a big job here get lost kid
all right here we go what kind of job
you pulling huh what are you gonna throw

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

out here a drowsy
I like how he looks alright um let's see
let's swap out pokemons his gonna be
weak against bugs the only thing is I
don't know if he has a bug move or not I
don't remember but he is a bug he does
have string shots that's gonna work in
my favor
all right here we go hypnosis no am i
asleep darn it I'm asleep okay well
sorry let's switch your pout ah let's
see this guy's poisoned
oddish what about you I don't know I
mean let's just you see
he's poisoned Bulbasaur I don't know man
let's just bring him back out I don't do
a fighting move I don't know I have my
chart if he's a if he's a psychic-type
then he is I do not want use fighting
against him or psychic but I'll use what
the heck do you just do to me I use a
regular move how about that thundershock
here we go now there we go that's not a
big deal it's gonna try to confuse me
though haha man I'm so okay I need to
fight I don't know but know what I mean
I joystick went down that's good enough
though we got him
all right part of thing about this
pokeball controller is that oftentimes I
I talked it the wrong way and so like my
I hit the toys like the wrong way
oddish wants to learn the moves sleep
powder let's see what we got here what's
sleep powder it's a grass move make some
sleep there's absorbed there's growth
there's acid poison powder let's yeah
let's learn to sleep powder why not I'm
actually using oddish a lot it might
induct him into my family so you're good
I am good he's gasping is like what this
guy's good of course I'm good
Zach's got games as a potion there you
know who needs that potion Pikachu
absolutely let's go and get him what's
in the bag all right medicine pocket we

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

got a potion that is gonna be given to
p-dog good enough I'll give him another
one later
well well
more Team Rocket right aren't those dark
colored rings fossils dark colored
things fossils all right now Joe get
those fossils the co get em cat hey guys
quit goofing around and go already
what about me something spawning over
there you can do it Meowth I'll think
now believes in himself excuse me they
don't care about me surprising right
alright well
maybe I'll go get the fossils how about
that subdued little kid should be
messing around with grownups
I completely agree I don't know what
that means do bats coming out though all
right well how come on p-dog all right
uh he's he'll be a week against electric
so that's good let's just do the Thunder
shock I don't I probably wipe him out in
one hit
got him
alright boy that really makes me steam
alright sorry for your steam this is a
revive none of my Pokemon are dead right
now but or fainted whoa excuse me I'm
trying to get out of here
No dang it yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna stop
using the pokeball I think because like
I just keep getting turned around in my
hand and I like I pushed one direction I
go the opposite direction cuz it's a
sphere so it's hard to keep it in one
particular direction sup dude hey stop
I found these fossils they're both mine
he's a super nerd so he gets that boys
assigned to him ah super nerd Miguel can
have those fossils Oh fault orb Oh bolt
or okay well I'm gonna see I'm assuming
he's he's electric right so he's gonna
be weak against ground and that's about
but you know I can also kind of use
electric against him no do i I do I have
a ground Pokemon let's see I don't
remember if I have one with me his
Pidgey have a ground attack yeah yes and
attack alright oh but with Pidgey being
flying he's gonna be weak against
electricity oh oops oops oh gosh

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

is that what is that
okay I'm just gonna fight you as to say
an attack coming at your life dad okay
darn it darn it
well okay I'm gonna bring out P dog this
is getting tough all right come on P dog
I'm gonna use uh fighting moves I guess
because it's a double hit
double kick that's okay
thundershock is gonna be weak against me
so that's good let's do a quick attack
got him all right let's see who he sends
out next
oh right Magnemite okay let me just
double check really quick I think I want
to say it's a fire-type no sorry it's
electric steel type oh so so he is weak
against fighting so let's go ahead and
keep battling
here we go look at him huh let's fight
fighting moves he's weak again so there
you go check this boom and one more boom
got him sorry nerd super effective got
that nerd so bad but we're gonna go look
at these fossils then okay I'll share
alright let's see what happens all right
he's gonna have to share with me fine
we'll each take a fossil it's no good
being greedy right I mean I don't know
it said you found them I would just keep
him but whatever I'll take you want to
take the dome fossil no what is this
helix fossil yes I mean I don't know
which one to take
I got the helix though
all right the other fossil is mine let's
fight over it I'll win again okay where
am I going
stop right there there they go hands off
that fossil belongs to us how did you
even get here ahead of us
we're Team Rocket I'm Jessie and I'm
James Jesse James excellent I think my
my controller keeps dying I think I need
to charge it has let me plug it in I
think that's what's going on here
all right sorry guys hold on I don't

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

know if I can somehow oh here let me
just plug it in this should work right
there we go well
there we go uh-huh and the two of us
we're going to take that puzzle back all
right well let's see about that although
my Pokemon are kind of uh you know not
not super strong right now but Team
Rocket Jessie and James are coming out
ekans and koffing oh my gosh I don't
know dude Ekins psychic and ground is
weak against psychic and ground attacks
and uh coughing is a psychic so psychic
and ground won't have any psychic so let
me go ahead and switch out Pokemon no no
I don't need to know I do I do
he's asleep gosh Piggy's dead you know
what I'm gonna fight I'm just gonna
fight there we got a thunder wave at the
guy in the sky
I mean maybe hopefully paralyze him this
guy's asleep so just do a string shot at
the boat here we go let's try this out
I think he's paralyzed
excellent I'm asleep so I don't know I
thought that would be a good thing but
acids coming out watch out
ouch I like that paralyzed let's just
fight I'll use a thunder shock here we
go and then does this dude still awake
yep dude just wake up just wake up do I
have to use something to wake them up or
is he gonna wake up naturally I don't
even know yeah he's still asleep wake up
dude great another acid attack
oh boy okay well we're gonna get rid of
one of these guys right or I could turn
to paralyze a snake let's do thunder
wave on this snake here let's kind wake
up this butterfly
I mean wake up dude
all right wake up get your jolt of
caffeine alright maybe I can paralyze
the snake as well
I think so I think that book paralyzed I
like that oh he's still using tackled Oh
what is he unparalleled
no he's still paralyzed what happened
all right so we're gonna I'm gonna do
Thunder shock on you and then we're
gonna finally do the string shot on both

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

of them nah not perfect but string shots
should be able to help some things out I
know there might there's speed just
another acid attack come on a critical
hit on Butterfree all right so he's it
okay let's do I'm gonna do a quick
attack on you and then the other guy I'm
gonna use gust on you this is not the
ideal fight but it's working out okay
goodbye coughing is fainted and then
this guy is still here
Gus that wasn't terrible he's paralyzed
he can't move alright let's let's get
this done here we go I'm gonna do a
thunder shock on this snake here and
then we're gonna do a tackle on the
snake as well let's see Ekans
nice and then here comes a tackle Oh
terrible all right well he's moving
again another acid attack
all right let's fight again sure we're
just gonna do thunderstruck on you and
I'm just gonna do dust on you just in
yes think man we're attacking this thing
man here we go thunderstruck should
finish them off got him all right good
job to me I don't really have anyone
psychic on my team I can't believe it a
twerp beat us huh
I'm just your average twerp Jessie and
James looks like Team Rocket's blasting
off so they're getting out of there now
just out of curiosity did I go all the
way over that yeah okay so got him no a
wild Geodude let's just run away goodbye
and then now we're down here oh no no no
no help help
he got me I'm gonna use the ladder than
others wild thing a zoo bat thankfully I
don't have to fight these I can just run
away what happens if I don't know it
would mean like if I fail it can I fail
or run away in this game
I don't even know am I going the right
way indeed I am I'm now on route 4 so
that's pretty good I jump down alright
well let's head to town get her pokemons

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

so that was Mountain moon is that true
this place is pretty nice right
I'm gonna see oh there we go see aren't
you glad we went all the way over here
paralyzed heal I could probably end I
mean I I'm just gonna get to a Pokemon
Center hopefully the heel on my Pokemon
I'm sure we'll find the town very soon
everything looks smooth sailing from
here I got another repel which is great
because I just use my last one and then
I don't need you I think already have
one of you I could jump down there but
then I don't know how I'm gonna get out
so let's see how I get up here
I really don't know how to get up there
I think I have everything over here
I see we go around somehow Cerulean City
well we're here guys I'm just going to
heal my Pokemon and then I think we'll
be done with today's episode and the
next episode of pi
this ain't pi or p pika-pika cuz it
looks like pi
I don't really know nice to meet ya
I'm gonna go in here then nice and see
you there I'm gonna go in here and
basically was gonna go ahead and heal
and we'll call it an episode today we
had a lot of fun encountering Team
welcome to the Pokemon Center would you
like to rest your Pokemon yes because
they are not doing super or super duper
great I'll take your pokemon for a few
seconds then excellent alright thanks
for waiting your pokemon should be all
better now
well I had a great time in the caves I
had a great time with you guys being
here thanks for watching that guy is
gonna whip me don't wit me dude what a
weird combo of items goodbye and thanks
for watching I'm Zack Scott subscribe if
you have not if you like this video and
want to help this channel grow all you
gotta do is click the like button below
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Thanks for watching my Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Gameplay and Walkthrough! I'm excited to be playing a Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch! You may ...


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