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SearchThisVideo: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 – Gyarados Evolution!

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what is a guy Zack Scott here playing
Pokemon let's go Pikachu tonight did I
heal my Pokemon last episode I think I
did I'm gonna do it again anyway some
kid sent in it I want to thank you guys
so much for your continued support on
this series the first episode has now
surpassed 300,000 views that is all
thanks to you guys leaving over 7,000
likes in the very first episode I'm so
thrilled she'll see me again maybe
what's up kid over here I heard that
some kind of ghost has been appearing in
lavender town everyone's talking about
it alright and then what say you
I sold a nugget that I had no use for
and I got 5,000 for it
well I guess I'll have to do that too
I'm an ace trainer you'll find the ACE
trainers like me are a lot tougher to
beat than your ordinary trainers but be
ready for a real challenge if you let
one of us spot you okay well I'm right
here dude
do it do it now she doesn't want to do
it okay fine
what's up the types of Pokemon match up
differently with each other based on its
types your Pokemon may be strong against
one opponent and weak against another
interesting tidbit of info there huh of
course that's how Pokemon works
I have growlithe to my party I'm gonna
try to level level up growls I was told
I need to but I need to go in this cave
more importantly chop it down yes indeed
there's a person here who wants to talk
to me loosely we left off ready for this
cave three great bowels alright alright
here we go what's what's up The Rock
Tunnel is a tough place why don't you
train here before you go I'll train you
every step of the way if you want battle
okay kiddo I'll give you a workout
that's right so they signed up for all
coach trainer Tasha all right what's she
sitting out Poliwhirl
what is a poly world I never remember
the types ow man my chart was up here
but now my tricycle I'm here anymore
okay well Poliwhirl is
is Poliwhirl is a always weak to
electric that's easy then he's a water
alright let's just switch it up then let
me go ahead and switch to pee dog and
then I'll see switch
come on him dog get out of there alright
here we are
bubble beam please don't hurt me I'm not
very effective
probably unknown okay never mind civvies
after will be pretty darn effective I
can imagine
zippy zap easy she has one more though a
critical hit now if I want growlithe to

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get some XP I would put growlithe on the
field right magikarps level 20 that's
exciting P dog 2 is level 19 get out to
wants to learn the move furry swipes
let's see what does that do normal
okay two to five times
I don't know payday oh no let's get rid
of a taunt I don't like the idea of
fake-out time
I don't know what do you think paydays
good faint is good
three swipes fake out
make some flinch though I want that I
don't know I want to say no to the
furries forget give up learning furry
swipes fury swipes sorry give up look
yeah I don't want to learn it
sorry it's fine primate now primate
sounds like a monkey of some sort so
let's see it is a fighting type so it's
week against psychic flying and ferry I
don't know man
keep keep battling
I'm just gonna use that whoa look at you
looking a pig I was gonna fight with the
Zippy's app see what happens that was
pretty good brick break ow
whoa that was good plus another one here
we go Zippy's app I might use a potion
on P dog here all right critical hits
maybe I just go heal him up real quick
growl astiz 17 that's good
flamethrower yes more fire moves I was
told I need more fire moves so thank you
guys for that feedback even my friend
Josh you said that ah let's see
forgettin old news let's see
flamethrower looks pretty good ninety
and a hundred holy cow uh may also leave
the truck was burned oh my gosh
why would I not just why would I ever
have em burn when this one works just as
let's forget ember then

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

yeah this looks good let's get rid of
actually we get rid of takedown never
forget forget takedown there we go
that's how we're gonna do that for a
little earn flamethrower good for him
coach trainer would he go youngster
thanks I need to heal up before going
back into that tunnel Oh what
Magikarp is evolving this is exciting
here we go whoa whoa congratulations
your magic card evolve into gyro
Gerardo's how do you say that gyro dos
holy cow gyro who knows how to pronounce
that but what we're gonna do is a water
flying that's a good combo right there
brutally vicious an enormous Li
destructive known for totally destroying
cities and ancient times well I don't
know if I need to destroy any cities but
maybe take out some gyms and we learn
bite good for you buddy
and dude I like him right turns out you
taught me a thing or two here take this
for the lesson Brick Break awesome
okay oh the move can break through an
opponent's light screen or reflect so
Wow I got a new this dude g-dog is the
name let's just let's just rename him
g-dogg he's gonna be a permanent member
of my party now huh
there we go that he's been inducted
g-dog all right we got em dog pee dog
Chi dog and pee dog too
we'll see what happens with growlithe
this is nice right all right let's go
I'm gonna heal up real quick again if
we're gonna be catching pokémon in the
cave I might have growl this is my
primary and then just swap swap em out
whenever you know whenever we don't well
look how big that one is
she dog is huge all right thank you for
waiting thank you for having me
let's go ahead and let's go ahead and to
rearrange the party growlithe I'm gonna
move him to the front so that he levels
up faster I hope I don't get in it too
many fights with him though though we're
gonna be catching some Pokemon I have
some great balls I got some berries oh
come on I got to do this again
chop it down my friend all right let's
go hopefully we can traverse oh gosh
yeah use use light it up of course

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

nice Oh God
Oh help the couple zubats there look at
this dude
this is Machop right he's a fighting
type I'm gonna try to catch him a wild
Machop let's look at my bag four great
balls let's go ahead and use these and
then also don't punch me we're gonna use
rum running low in raspberries okay
anybody use and then get ready that was
great I mean it should have been great
come on Machop to say that you want to
stay with me yes got him
excellent I'm happy about that that's
all right actually I don't think
growlithe thing in the number one slot
really matters too much for catching
pokémon I think they get them all
equally very powerful in spite of its
small size that's mastery of many types
of martial arts makes it very tough all
right goodbye
we'll get this pokeball or whatever it
repel yes like it repels actually are
real good especially when these bats pop
up out of nowhere there's a nuisance
sometimes what are you wearing Pokemon
fight ready go
what are you wearing okay the Pokemon
pokey maniac Ashton all right he's sent
out slowpoke well here comes Corrales I
don't know if I want to fight let's see
what level this guy is he's 23 poof
he's a weak he's a psychic water so
let's just switch Pokemon to p-dog
because that way we're going to be able
to use electricity against him no
Travis come back alright here we go here
we go he's gonna use growl I mean what
does that do what does I do my attack
Falls yeah darn oh well uh still Ziggy's
app is gonna be my best choice it's a
critical your weak to it but yeah my
attacks been lowered oh but it's only my
regular tank on my special attack right
anyway goodbye
he fainted good
excellent p-dog level up again 29 baby
growlithe also got experience points of
course game over we got three pokeballs
so lots of bats here it is dark in here
whoa how about one of these hello
oh you counted a wild Onix

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

hey dude what do you want you wanna you
want a raspberry buddy
he looks like he's gonna be hard but get
ready I'm coming for you buddy hold on I
know what
that was perfect
but that where'd that go what the heck
how do you even name this with the heck
it was on my great balls here perfect
please stay in there I really do want
you on my team
yes yes I got an Onix now he's gonna be
a great what was he gonna be who should
I replace though that's the question I
might like ride my cat around but what
about honest his data will be written
okay burrows at high speed in search of
food the tunnels that leaves are used as
homes by take 'let's a rock snake
pokémon uh he has a rockin ground moves
let's put them in my oh god whoa hold on
let's let's capture one of you you're
looking sanely awesome a while goal dad
all right here we go
man I don't even know about this
nice stay in there please I've been
having fun catching these guys nice okay
awesome okay
that's good p-dog - leveled up uh who
should we have in here
go that's data it attacks in a stealthy
manner without warning and sharp veins
are used to bite and suck blood all
right golbat let's uh dude what is that
over there
I thought Leeds I'm getting this is
hey big boy a wild gravel er what the
whatever that was perfect
all right what man I don't get it
sometimes sometimes he just go off in a
weird direction that was excellent stay
in there I don't even know what grab ler
is all about but sure it's a ground rock
type also oh he evolves some geo dudes
this is the the evolved form of Geodude
so I do want one of these guys nice it

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

says do I want grab alert stay in there
who's okay who's better gravel ER or
onyx here let's let's have give you a
raspberry here and if I'm gonna be using
a lot of these on you here I'm gonna use
one more great ball great who is better
gravel or onyx who should I keep in my
party I kind of like them both but I'll
all right where we where we going here
okay got it
hold on sorry I was looking away I got
some experience points that's good
gloom and m'dog leveled up nice em dogs
doing great
right gravel er is another Rock ground
type of Pokemon often seen rolling down
mountain trails obstacles are just
things to roll straight over not avoid
alright let's see what we got here whoa
who's this little dude there are a lot
of Pokemon to capture here this is
this guy's a bonehead a wild cubone let
me switch over to regular pokeballs now
I'm out of berries unfortunately but
I'll just waste up a few of these
whatever it doesn't matter I don't care
let's let's just keep trying this over
and over and over stay in there nope I
knew I figured it wasn't gonna do it
alright here we go
perfect again right
oh right so that didn't work either he
ran away
cubone ran away I'll find another one
get out of here I don't want another
who else hey let me talk to you for a
I draw pictures of pokemons when I'm at
home okay guys she's telling me gravel
errs better he becomes someone named
Gollum all right but I don't know man
tanga okay this this guy's a fighter we
know he's a fighter growls he's not
gonna be the one to fight him I don't
believe but let me just switch what are
fighters weak against
oh no he's a normal he's a weak against
fighting interesting what kind of moves

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

do I have grounded to maybe get a punch
in I don't know let's let's try to get a
punch in with with him
fake out watch out well BAM oh my god I
flinch it gonna move what a good good
move let's see I do have a fighting move
with P dog
that's what should be done but I don't
know that's gonna work too well
Here I am
thank you he avoided my okay fights
double kick
ouch ouch we'll do another double kick
it's okay
one more I'm kicking his kid in his
pouch her pouch I don't know
super-effective gravis is 18 that's good
for growlithe g-dog is 21 g-dog learn
rage whew I'm tired alright so as much
as I like P dog - there's a there's a
little guy let's see let's take a look
here I was looking my bag I'm gonna need
to sort my Pokemon a little bit if I
want I need to know why gravel err is
better than onyx growlithe let's see who
do I want my party gloom actually let's
get rid of P dog - for a little bit I
don't really need the speed of riding
around on him so I'll do that I
appreciate them but let's put gravel er
in the party just for now I could
definitely use a rock ground type and
then who do we want out and about let's
see party em dog how about oh how about
G dog G dog you want to be out here
where is he he's not riding around hold
on I need someone someone who's looking
out for me em dogs gonna come out here
we go there we go nice all right there
he is
whoa oh my gosh this place is full I
wanted another one of those oh geez
excuse me let's see what's over here I

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

got em dogs leading the way can't grab
that please revived that's always good
whoa let's capture one of these bad boys
oh oh right
all right nice get ready
stay in there ride horn all right
all right come on down come on now let's
try again
so yah she says it's because he has
three evolutions instead of one and then
in the end
Geodude is gonna be better than onyx
will be in the long run so yeah she
tells me I don't know if she's lying to
me come on right horn ran away come on I
don't have any fruits really I need to
buy fruits before I go out again all
right what should I do
like I am low I like I am dog zips
around here that's so cool
hahaha can you beat my power well I'm
gonna try let's just be honest I'm gonna
try to beat your power black belt Dudley
sent out an Onix
so Onix of course is a ground rock type
which we've just been talking about
so he's weak against water ground ice
grass steel fighting that would tell me
to bring out I don't know if g-dog has
the actual water moves by no the M dog
has this awesome scald attack I'm gonna
switch over
here we go screech ow my ears what that
happened my defense fell well I better
wipe you out right now then with a
little scald
in the face super effective
all right I'm happy with that that's
good that's good
growlithe gains some stuff I believe I
beat black belt dubbed me got three
pokeballs grab this one Dyer hit alright
I would like to still try to capture the
right horns and I already have a Machop
alright let's go and order here my

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

Pokemon techniques will leave you crying
don't don't make me cry I just want to
live a good life hiker Alan sent out
Geodude oh boy
go growlithe all right so he's a ground
right we just talked about this so we're
gonna want a Pokemon that can do like a
water attack em dog is perfect let's
switch it out
there we go self-destruct No
darn it now well you're gone from the
game you did hit me but you're gone so
whatever was that worth it was that
worth it there's no way you can win all
you did was damage me for the next guy
oh no he has an Onix okay no never mind
sorry I thought oh yes three I get it
okay keep battling then get ready for
this you are in a world of pain
so we're gonna fight with scald get
excellent goodbye to you and then who
else sent up gravel err all right we're
good we are good was just keep battling
and then we're gonna fight scald again
Oh another one-hit wonder
alright I'm pretty happy with that that
was a good outcome to me
I give you've got more techniques than
me and I also have three pokeballs for
that that's fine note I've got three
great balls
oh no I didn't mean to run into him
a wild grab he's only 18 let's just run
away I don't really want to catch him
what's up with you my dude hit me with
your best shot fire away black belt Eric
main tee
let's see what do i how do I want to do
this I want to switch that's of course
what I want to do let's let's look at G
dog what G dog can do just out of
curiosity his splash tackle bite he

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

doesn't have any ground moves
alright let's switch
growlithe growlithe is just on the front
line so that I can I can get xp for just
doing stuff
zip zappity dude this party is good all
with who again I forget what Poliwhirl
is a water-type so I'm gonna keep
battling and hit him with zippy zap
right at that target in the middle of
your stomach
zippy zap coming at you ain't even funny
boom not to win that a yea Poliwhirl
alright awesome
well black belt Eric got him did he say
fire away did he say fire away I wish I
would have seen that a little bit
clearer so just walking around here I
know we can go up but I wanted to see
like so a couple Pokemon I didn't
capture here like this dude let's see if
we can capture my don't have any berries
so I'm gonna have to switch to the great
balls I do have berries but I don't have
like the one that I really want you know
that was an okay shot I guess I don't
know if is gonna stay in there but nice
alright I caught a cubone
alright p-dog leveled up level 30 that's
good dude let's learn the move thunder
fill the thunder boom boom boom
so thunder is I've so many things a
wicked Thunderbolt is dropped on the
target to inflict damage so it's a power
of 110 an accuracy of 70 though but
Zippy's app is good because it's
critical and always goes first I don't
know if I should do it I mean double
kicks you know actually good it's still
hanging at us I don't know I might get
rid of thunder I don't know man Thunder
Thunderbolt is 90 I don't like no I
don't like that let's give up on
learning this move I'm happy where I am
growl the growlithe has almost leveled

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

out cubone is here the ground type
where's the skull on it's a seasoned
mother sorry he cries echo inside the
skull and comes out as a sad melody oh
my god she's man dropping a dropping a
sad bomb on me
all right well don't make me cry
where's the dude the Rhyhorn or whatever
the heck I'm looking for gosh get that
thing I don't beat out of here
I want any big old bats and he got one
go away whoa all right I don't need
another one of these do I run oh wait
run away run away I'm gonna run away
it's okay
hey buddy while go bad run Oh
and come on the Rhine was down here
wasn't it got a little twerp where do
they even spawned
I don't want to go up the ladder I want
to get no one wants one of those anymore
well I was down here when it spawned
gosh-dang oh is that what allure is for
whole laundry bag
alright well how's this work Oh rare
Pokemon sure yeah
here we go mysterious scent spreads
around me come on dudes here I'll
encounter this guy and then I'll be like
go away or I'll be like I'm going away
come on rare Pokemon oh jeez it's
machop's rare come on
ok I'm pretty sure I encountered this
guy down here
let's travel this way see what pops up
nope I'm gonna get away from you well
level 24 though that's pretty good right
hold on let's go ahead and just get

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

ready with this then excellent stay in
there because I don't think mine is 24
right nice okay let's see
Oh everyone leveled up - that's 600
experience points gloom grew rally flew
em dog grew everyone's growing yeah he
grabbed there's only 20 but this one's
at level 24 excellent
alright let's let's switch it out then
bag Pokemon box so yeah this is only
level 20 so I moved from party add to
awesome let's check the summary this one
has stealth rock and rock slide
let's send this one to the professor
looks good
also since Psyduck Diglett and this
Geodude and this guy there we go send
all of these alright here we go
got some candies for that that's good
alright oh also sinned this guy that's
okay Sinnott sorry since then that one -
yes sorry got a quick candy sir okay
this is this is not very exciting I'm
sure for you guys to watch this part but
I'm okay cool other guys in my party
level 24 but really I'm here too
oh come on yes use one more how are
these rare run away
I'm cinnamon counted ease and run away
run away
run away you know maybe maybe this isn't

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

the best idea maybe I should just I mean
I do want to find the ride horn but I
mean like also at the same time I don't
want to like waste your time here how
rare is Rhyhorn I didn't think it was
rare when I first saw him I tried better
to catch him if I would have known none
of these are rare that guy's big okay
with hasher let's use another why not
so confused
oh gosh big dude right there
let's just run away maybe this just
isn't my time to catch a Rhyhorn you
know like maybe I'll eventually catch
another one or beepers in two with
another one cuz right now it doesn't
feel like I'm gonna be catching any of
them yeah I know no more no more
okay well I'm fine I don't actually have
to catch them all just a slogan let's go
up alright those are all big okay
this is only level 20 because I wasn't
using the word interesting though looks
like the Lord gives me you know
alright what's up this tunnel goes a
long way kid I hope not but okay camper
leg-oh he sit down to growlithe - okay
so I'm probably not gonna be using my
growlithe of water ground rock so let's
just switch to em dog blast him in the
face with some water all right
flamethrower coming at me - watch out
boom I'm a little singed probably not
let's go ahead and do scald this is
great all around this water-based attack
to use against fire based pokemons
growler fainted goodbye to you
I think growlithe levels up now yeah
no no G dog is level 22 camper Lani got
two more great balls
let's fight you maybe I'm lost in here

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

I don't think so maybe I'm the one who's
lost hiker Oliver I haven't really found
anyone weak to fire that's the thing
onyx is coming out so that's going to be
another switch to em dog growl of this
year okay pokemons yeah we're just gonna
blast them with them dog again huh
let's do it
I'm gonna get a hit like once Rock throw
ouch my beetle hate scold is coming at
you go
all right well
there we go
sandslash let's see what's and Slash's
week - it sounds like he's gonna be weak
to the basics yet water he's a ground
type keep battling prepare to get
scalded no he looks so cool
took a little Wolverine type here comes
a skull - right at ship buddy skull juh
bald knock up all that hair tickle your
tummy super effective okay I'm pretty
happy with that that was awesome
you beat hiker Oliver ease up what am i
doing which way is out I don't know man
you can't don't even know I don't even
know there's a big boy all right there's
a Geodude
all right talk to me what's going on pal
Outsiders like you need to show me some
respect you got googly eyes on your hat
you don't deserve my respect it looked
like googly eyes he's sitting out Machop
so he's gonna be a fighting-type who's
gonna be weak against psychic flying and
ferry I don't know if I even have any of
those things
I am
Saiki I don't have any flying attacks
where's the use if he's a p--
and hopefully growlithe who's gonna get
the XP that he needs brick break ouch
all right get ready for a zippy zap lot

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

up fighting in the past couple of videos
like that's pretty much all I've done
all right Rhyhorn come on give me a
Rhyhorn what is a Rhyhorn
Rhyhorn is a ground rock as well so
gonna be weak against water let me
switch to em dog let's see let's see
yeah we're gonna do scald
here we go
alright let's see does that take him out
in one hit
it does perfect they knew I could do it
all right I give you give me 9:20 and
three pokeballs all right I'm trying to
like simultaneously do research while I
play this game so that's why sometimes I
kind of pause I'm saying go and escape
probably I get me out of here please
all right let's go this away I feel like
I'm going deeper
what big boy came and got me a wild
golbat run away I don't need to catch
everything I mean I could I guess
everything let's see oh there's one
there's one come to me come to me now
let's be really good to this guy this is
a wild ride Hornets level 21 in my bag I
have a delicious treat for you this one
is calm you down here yeah buddy there
you go and then get ready because I'm
gonna throw this at you yeah that looks
great shot now come on stay in there
ride horn you calm down if you don't
want to tussle you're in I got him I got
my ride horn that I wanted I still don't
know who's best ride horn or or what
let's see what kind of moves right horn
has maybe growlithe leveled up that's
fantastic growl at this is now level 20
awesome and ride horn
another ground rock-type pokémon with a
one-track mind once it charges it won't
stop running until it falls asleep
is that guy writable I have no idea but
I'm glad I caught him uh let's let's see
let's look at let me look at my bag
super quick Pokemon box

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

check summary it's a quirky judge what's
okay stats good for you
that's for more details it does have a
ground and rock attack that's an attack
though isn't an actual you know anyway
I'm glad I got him I will just kind of
keep I don't know who to beat you to
have you know
alright let's fight you what about you
you you do you did you know you can do
you know how to avoid getting lost in
the mountains you can bend twigs as
trail markers true leave behind some
breadcrumbs that won't work you believe
them my people
Sofia is coming here Vulpix beautiful
ball picks I don't even know if I can
get a ball picks it sapphire types of
water ground rock so you know what we're
gonna do we're not gonna have fire vs
fire we're going to switch to em dog
scald ur gonna absolutely scald you you
know I can do it I know you can do it
prepare to get scalded now the fire
burns I'm burned
gosh darn dude okay fine I know I'm hurt
by my burn fights
it's called
need to heal her maybe I'll be out of
this cave soon though super effective
who's coming up next
who's coming up next oh I know I'm on
fire uh Cadabra that's a psychic-type
correct it is dark bug and ghosts I'm
just going to keep I'm gonna switch
Pokemon I'm gonna put out P dog here
here we go
we're gonna give them a little chippie
zap little zippy zap all right fights
all right let's see what happens ooh
nice one right critical hit
excellent m'dog is level 29 sophie has
been beaten you're stronger than I
thought I got five ultra balls and I'm

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

going to keep those ultra balls just in
case there's a day did I see a shiny sup
my dude even on a mountain like this an
ace trainer like me exists Oh
congratulations on existing my friend
Charlie is sending out what
Diglett alright that that is definitely
a ground type so water ice and grass are
gonna be its weaknesses I know that the
M dogs on fire but I've gloom who can do
it some grass attacks let's focus on
that I have raised your Leafs
hello I'm drooling he's gonna dig great
I can't really do anything well actually
during this moment I can use my items to
heal some Pokemon so let's go ahead and
give a potion to sort of potion to p-dog
why not
here comes a dick move wha-bam not too
bad let's fight with a razor leaf this
is uh okay accuracy 95 let's go ahead
let this happen please don't be the 5%
that miss he's what he's leaving again
all right in my bag we have more potions
to use we're going to use one on
all right I might have to switch to
Pikachu just to be able to blast this
guy but no he's a ground darn it this
could be tough fights
what about absorb dang it he's diggin
again I gotta figure out a way to beat
this guy alright you know what I'm
switching pokemons I know em dogs burned
but you know we're gonna see what
he's gonna get hit with a dig like
and plus he's burn don't forget that
whatever I'm gonna actually have to heal
him really quick or let me just use let
me see if I do this straight up you
yes get out of here
there we go
goodbye what's he gonna send up next
everyone got some xp for that ouch
yeah I need to switch them out
regardless of what happens here flare on
who as much as I want to send out man

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

water ground right well okay
let's us which pokemons we're gonna send
out we're gonna grab her see if he's
worth his weight in gold to get some
rocket tax right
flare ons coming out - all right fight
now it's rock slide I'm okay let's do it
ten percent chance of missing but let's
see what happens double kick watch out
gosh ow stop please don't miss
takedown dang it I'm gonna get kicked to
death whatever
travelers gone these guys are weak weak
sauce alright well here we go I'm
bringing out let's see what G dog can do
no idea it's a little more hanging there
g-dog look at that fight
let's do splash there's a quick attack
on me out I'm touch me that's not a move
oh darn it
fights bites have a bite
another quick attack coming at me ow
gosh that was a critical nice goodbye
chump down I need to heal some of my
characters for sure all right gotcha ugh
my pride is in a strainer
I got ultra balls I'm like I'm liking
these ultra balls though so let's take a
look at my party or let's look a look at
my bag
forget about gravel or whatever maybe I
actually I don't know let's see medicine
bag burn heal on use that actually no
we're just going to straight-up heal
with a super potion m'dog there we go
and I guess I don't even really need to
worry too much about revives do I I of
seven so use this on a gravel ER nice
okay I'm happy with that lineup for now
another Rhyhorn Stardust what a Stardust
another Rhyhorn I've already fought you
there's so many guys to fight in this
cave dzt asked me if I know about
Pokemon cosplay I don't know

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

do you get now
all right sorry I'm trying to look at my
my thing here see if you can ride the
ride horn sorry I wasn't able to pull it
up in time I don't want to abandon this
video but chaps coming out fighting type
get ready for a lift I'm gonna switch
you out and just probably hit you with
instead switch out to p-dog level 30 all
right come on back now come on back now
p-dog you can do this nice low kicks oh
wow what a spin all right but zip me zap
has your name on it right here I don't
know this will take him out once oh dude
perfect a critical homeboy okay
nice levelled up again
special defenses up
all right now what happens blackbelt
steve is about to send out Machop keep
you got to the same Oh is if it is Zack
slam into him he is done
critical hit ads always all right I beat
him well that's that I got three regular
pokeballs all right so where to where to
huh what was that was that noise
he's happy that I won the recent battle
we'll guy I'm happy too I win all my
battles pretty much just got a super
let's see what's up here so what was up
there was there anything up there any
reason to go up there whoa help me okay
whoa ow got me dude
you can actually ride the evolution of
Rhyhorn I guess so maybe here let's just
run away yeah give up maybe Ryan water
with you better I don't know let me know
in the comments below who's gonna be
better that dude or Rhyhorn
let's go up gosh me and this is a big
cave hey I see a plenty of pokeballs
have you ever run low come talk to me
sure there's another right horn each
don't get so close just because it's
dark I'm sneaking up on you girl it's
dark in here I can see Kim you Pig Nagar
Leia okay night arena

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

weak against psychic and ground because
it's a poison types of pokemons switch
out we're gonna do a em dog move a
ground-based move probably dig alright
let's do it then huh
poison sting literally burned and
poisoned oh my gosh finally spurned
let's dig then let's fight I'm going
under skull probably would work just
fine but I'm out peace out gonna come up
and get ya
was I heard about my burn underground
what did it say but that what super
effective but okay he's double kicking
me now oh wow very not effective at all
okay well let's hit him again and let's
just try stall die I mean it's a pretty
powerful attack dig it seemed too useful
there all right there we go we got him
my daughter is staring at me like she
wants something she doesn't like it when
I cord for longer than an hour hidden up
on that mega drain lube once learned
mega drain sure let's see what that's
all about mega drain is a grass move is
it like absorb let's see it's 100
percent 75 oh wow the users HP yep yeah
give up learning this move I mean I mean
give up absorb it's just absorb right
it's a better absorb so give up absorb
forget absorbed and we'll learn drains
even better alright one two and Tata
gloom forgot absorb and learn mega drain
I beat picnic Alea it was too dark to
see all right - got two great balls I
know dog please Ursa
I'm almost I'm almost done here okay I'm
gonna go let her out I'll be right back
guys how do like a BRB all right I'm
back just had to let my dogs out there's
a pokeball over there but also does a
guy I can talk to your Pokemon let's
start what are we gonna start huh
well what are we gonna start camper
hello growl this is fear of course
really you know here let's just see what
I could do let's do flamethrower because
you can use double ticked oh it's fine
there's like growlithe to get some
action here you know
that wasn't too bad probably no other
one of those and will be said Oh horn

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

attack ow
a what alright fine
switching man everyone's hurt I wanna be
so hurt after this cave
horn attack not a big deal is a critical
here we go Thunderbolt
alright alright g-dog grew to level 23
you play hard I got two great balls from
that excuse me guy I need to get in here
I'm just gonna run away
there's only level 19
a super potion good good good good okay
you know I'm always wondering like I
hear their secret items around but you
see he's keen on the newfound super
potion good for you here's something up
Stardust Rhyhorn and there's so many
people here I came this far looking for
a wild Pokemon
picnic or dana meows i like me out
so it's a normal so fighting would work
let's switch pokemons and probably just
end up using p-dogs Zippy's app though
Oh scary
Zippy's app I'm level 31 level 22 let's
get this done son
all right who's next
but the Vulpix again sorry I guess got
to keep checking
is a fire so water ground rock would
switch Pokemon em donkeys burned but I'm
gonna go ahead and blast him with scald
I don't know if I'm gonna take damage
from the burn or not

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

here we go
now quick attack barely anything sculpt
though everything
lots of everything there you go super
effective and Vulpix painted I'm out of
Pokemon I got two great balls though
holy cow such a big area oh hold on
there's a sign I see the sign a pearl
okay let us read the sign up all on a
it's a tiny Rhyhorn I'm just gonna run
away and I don't really want to okay
what's the sign say Cerulean City
lavender town
okay good to know I'm out of here guys
holy cow route 10 that was quite the
adventure holy goodness do these guys
want to fight me now - yup he does
we hikers are Naturals at climbing
mountains well good for you pal hiker
Clarke has two pokemons geodude's coming
out first
alright growlithe that's coming out now
but of course I'm gonna want to switch
and I'm gonna go to M dog is burned
right now
all right get ready
whoa whoa whoa Oh em dog healed his own
burn we'll do that more often holy cow
scold is coming out you Geodude is
storing energy I don't like this
goodbye buddy all right who's next
traveler no we're gonna keep keep on
with this keep battling
and we're going to fight with scald
again I'm running low on scold though
all these rock type goodbye
lots and lots of battling today
growling the once learner agility okay

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

let's find out if that's something to do
it's a psychic move no no give up
learning agility
got three pokeballs for that
three great balls
they are sure generous with pokeballs in
this game I'm feeling a bit faint
I haven't hiked in some time well let's
fight it Carol do you got Pikachu
so of course if you know we're talking
everyone knows electricity right
absolutely and then of course gonna be
weak against ground attacks we could I
think he only has rock hold on let's see
em donk has the ground tech dig he's
still the only guy with a ground attack
whatever here we go
you know I probably could have just
stayed in and fought how's my Pikachu
just because I out level them
all right dig see if that works at all
great might scream
oh that was good who is next
who's next oh wow so a flying-type we're
gonna switch pokemons ago with
here we go
hello prepare to die zitty zap boom like
we do
I'm too tired I wasn't up for it well I
got two great balls I'm happy this is
pretty good this is pretty good
here's another guy to fight just one
after the other man the mountain air is
delicious don't open your mouth and
stick out your tongue to lick your lips

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

that's a water-type right so we can
probably just blast them with
electricity and I definitely don't want
to be I don't think I want to be out
here because let's see
I'm pretty sure he would just destroy
brow lifts so of course we're switching
over to P dog
and we're gonna blast someone something
like tricity stomp ow guess who gets
zippy zapped then you do for stopping my
head in of course you do
he's like ow ow ow ow ow
got him though sandslash that's gonna be
a ground type and pretty sure and if so
we're talking about blasting with water
I so regret so let's actually switched
to gloom I'll hit him with the grass
move my new grass we have a deal it that
here we go
mega drain let's try it haha have
probably healed like all the way wow
that was super cool that worked out
quite well his ground type just used
grass man that was awesome
oh I lost I'm collecting a lot of great
balls though so there's always that as a
silver lining and then up here this is a
cosplayer or just he just do Justin
pajamas really alright what do you have
Damien has one thankfully Charmeleon so
yeah we're definitely talking about
bringing out a water base I think
pokemons m'dog is running low on health
I might him faint it if I'm not careful
all right
mber watch out ouch well guess what you
have Ember I have only two left but I
have scald
nice another just easy done there we go
goodbye can I teach here's the question
can I teach gee dogs called em dogs
level 30 that's great special attack

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

went up one oh no my precious pokemons
let's see if I could teach him scald
Thunder Wave Brick Break seismic Tessa
fighting water electric fighting
electric electric round round dig move I
could probably teach I teach gravel or
ground scald gee Duncan learned scald
let me go ahead and use this TM stick
and move on g-dog and then yeah let's
figure out what we were gonna learn here
I think I need to get rid of splash
right like that that it truly is is
splash truly useless I would hate for it
to actually work I mean let me Google
that really quick pokemon splash move
nondamaging signature move a Magikarp no
effect no effect
yeah I don't think I need this
I think splash is truly useless unless
I'm wrong I hope I'm not wrong about
that but if I am oh well forget let's
forget splash there we go
I now have scald which is pretty good
okay now I actually have a useful use
for G dog
and what is this lavender town we're in
a new town where's that guy going where
you going
now that's Kevin what is that holy
goodness was a tower girl what's a tower
don't go disturbing things in the
pokémon tower
okay I'm oh I won't be calm the spirits
of the pokemon okay yeah you know what
I'm not gonna go in I'm gonna go heal my
Pokemon instead that's what I'm gonna do
zero Jim here in this town welcome to
the Pokemon Center yes rest my Pokemon
they are all very exhausted from

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

battling like all day
there we go excellent thanks for waiting
your Pokemon should be all better now
all right what's up kids
you know how cubone wears skulls right
from what I've heard it seems people
will pay a lot for one of those skulls
there's four there's dead mom the Soviet
Duke in Tony and Diglett look smooth my
Diglett boogies prickly you want to
trade our Diglett uh yeah do I have a
dick late yes
not any Pokemon you're playing hardball
aren't you yeah give me your Diglett
girl all right
don't know what that means Team Rocket
will do anything for the sake of money
there's no job too dirty no deed too
heinous no crime too wicked
all right what's up with you I saw
coupons mother trying to escape from
Team Rocket Oh God
but she got caught I was so scared that
I couldn't even go to try you to save
her uh thank you bone took a dark turn
man this is coupon so so tragic the
music here is really creepy I'm Zack
Scott subscribe if you have not if you
liked this video and want to help this
channel grow all you got to do is click
the like button below thank you so much
for watching check out these other
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