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    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review

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    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon reviewed by Casey DeFreitas on the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

    The First 18 Minutes of Pokemon: Ultra Sun:

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    Comment (26)

    1. Hey guys! Sorry for the duplicate upload. We had to fix up a lil' typo. How many of you picked up Pokemon Ultra Sun and/or Ultra Moon???

    2. Honestly, when ultra moon and sun came out they were super disappointing. You'd imagine that Nintendo would want to do a original Pokemon title for the last Pokemon game for 3DS but nope. But now, it doesn't seem so bad. Let's go Eevee and Pikachu were much worse in almost every way, the story was more interesting in US/M then the non original Kanto region which we visited so many times already. And the graphics on the 3DS were much better in comparison to the resolution than the disappointing, YouTube kids animation graphics let's go had.

    3. Ignoring the fact this is just a re-release, in my experience with new content (Surfing, Ultra Recon, Post-Game), I enjoy those factors. However, [SPOILERS] changed personality and overall goals for their group really took it out.

      I believe a great way at handling this would still keep Ultra Recon, and have [SPOILERS] wanting to capture Necrozma instead to use their power to command the UB's (you know, like literally any other big bad). Oh, and especially have that villain's form to actually do something instead of giving their pokemon special stat buffs and auras.

    4. so which is better to get? pokemon sun or pokemon ultra-sun? i havent gotten both of the game and i want to save my money so i want to buy just one of the version. soo tell me, which is a-lot better? the ultra sun or sun?

    5. i think we can all agree that even by kid standards, the story and dialogue of pokemon games has been weening itself into brain-dead territory since x and y. of course as adults we can appreciate the more nuanced portions of information but they could really use a new script writer.

    6. I just bought ultra moon and I'm loving it! I haven't played a pokemon game in YEARS but I decided to give it a try. I'm also thinking about getting either sword or shield next, any suggestions?

    7. As this was the final game of pokemon for the 3DS/2DS
      I’m gonna be honest, I started playing pokemon from X and Y, and that is still my favourite game of pokemon I’ve played, but DS pokemon games will be remembered hugely.

    8. One of the features that got me into ultra was the Mantine surfing. Instead of wasting my time on battle frontier, mansion, tree with one or two points per batle. I can make 10 in a few minutes and the surfing is much more interesting and rewarding then constant single battles.


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