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    sometimes it's little things that make

    all of the difference and that's

    certainly the true for Pokemon ultra Sun

    and ultra moon these enhanced versions

    of Pokemon Sun and Moon are full of

    appreciable changes like more Pokemon a

    whole new dimension to explore plus tons

    of little details making the new ultra

    versions a bigger better more fun and

    fuller experience than Sun and Moon work




    immediately Ultra Sun and ultra moon

    satisfied me with small changes like a

    more brightly colored UI with a quick

    way to save it also mercifully took away

    some of the slow dialog but Sun and Moon

    suffered from in the first few sequences

    I met embattled with starter Pokemon

    noticeably faster and was on my way to

    explore the markedly more colorful

    melimeli Island in no time at all of

    course there's still plenty of tutorial

    it's a reoccurring shame there's no way

    to indicate to a Pokemon game but you

    know what you're doing and don't need to

    learn how to throw a Pokeball for the

    fifteenth time that said there are a lot

    of new things to learn about an ultra

    Sun and ultramarine even for longtime

    pokemon players learning how to surf and

    perform tricks on a man time was a cinch

    and the new battle agency at the

    somewhat controversial festival plaza

    took no time to learn and get it into

    man time surfing is a fun little

    distraction with a super cool reward for

    doing so even more special than the

    beach points AKA battle points at grants

    the battle agency offers a pokemon to

    rent for battle and kept me coming back

    to try something new

    plus it grants hundreds of festival

    points per win


    there's an even bigger and cooler

    addition to Pokemon ultra Sun and

    ultramoon though the ability to explore

    different pocket dimensions through

    ultra wormholes you can ride a legendary

    pokemon through ultra space in hopes of

    discovering pokemon new to the Aloha

    region or even better super rare

    legendary Pokemon many Island trials the

    gym replacements in this gen were left

    largely alone but others were changed

    for the better they still aren't very

    difficult but they are more inspired as

    is the change in the story I don't want

    to overstate how much has changed in

    ultra Sun and ultra moon however I'd

    expected the story to be well more

    different than it actually was aside

    from the occasional interjection from

    the ultra recon squad the progression is

    pretty indistinguishable from Sun and

    Moon up until the plot climax about 25

    hours in as a returning player it was a

    bit disappointing to experience so much

    sameness for so long but at least I

    enjoyed the new spin on the story more

    than I did the original telling and the

    additional Pokemon - catch and features

    kept the gameplay fresh enough I don't

    want to spoil this battle for you so we

    won't show it but there is a pretty cool

    boss fight introduced with this newish

    story it is however a bit oddly placed

    for how difficult it is leaving the

    remaining trials and Elite 4 on the easy

    side considering I had a grind to get

    past it



    and then there's the endgame trust me

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    when I say there's plenty of new stuff

    to do here

    including the ultra wormhole mechanic

    that can be playing after the credits

    roll but throughout all 35 hours of the

    main story a couple of small additions

    made a Lola feel more lifelike and

    charmed me more than it had any right to

    sometimes Pokemon reply with more than

    just a cry when you interact with them

    playing peek-a-boo with every stray

    Pokemon didn't necessarily reward me

    directly but I did feel immense

    satisfaction of having entertained all

    of the adorable Pokemon in the land

    there is much more to many of the NPCs

    this time around as well with their own

    stories to be told and called miss to

    solve some of these are funny others

    heartwarming and all of it is optional

    and feels good to complete


    I was fine with the lack of Mitch and

    Pokemon expansions over the past few

    years but I'm glad pokemon ultra son and

    ultramoon exist it's pokemon swonsong on

    the Nintendo 3ds these upgraded versions

    not only have everything I enjoyed about

    Sun and Moon but awed ments them in

    important ways unless you play through

    both Sun and Moon extensively and have

    already collected every legendary

    Pokemon it's easy to recommend to any

    Pokemon fan for more on pokémon check

    out the first 15 minutes of ultra Sun

    and ultra moon and check out this clip

    of Pikachu Valley and for everything


    stick with IGN


    Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon reviewed by Casey DeFreitas on the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

    The First 18 Minutes of Pokemon: Ultra Sun:

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    Comment (26)

    1. Hey guys! Sorry for the duplicate upload. We had to fix up a lil' typo. How many of you picked up Pokemon Ultra Sun and/or Ultra Moon???

    2. Honestly, when ultra moon and sun came out they were super disappointing. You'd imagine that Nintendo would want to do a original Pokemon title for the last Pokemon game for 3DS but nope. But now, it doesn't seem so bad. Let's go Eevee and Pikachu were much worse in almost every way, the story was more interesting in US/M then the non original Kanto region which we visited so many times already. And the graphics on the 3DS were much better in comparison to the resolution than the disappointing, YouTube kids animation graphics let's go had.

    3. Ignoring the fact this is just a re-release, in my experience with new content (Surfing, Ultra Recon, Post-Game), I enjoy those factors. However, [SPOILERS] changed personality and overall goals for their group really took it out.

      I believe a great way at handling this would still keep Ultra Recon, and have [SPOILERS] wanting to capture Necrozma instead to use their power to command the UB's (you know, like literally any other big bad). Oh, and especially have that villain's form to actually do something instead of giving their pokemon special stat buffs and auras.

    4. so which is better to get? pokemon sun or pokemon ultra-sun? i havent gotten both of the game and i want to save my money so i want to buy just one of the version. soo tell me, which is a-lot better? the ultra sun or sun?

    5. i think we can all agree that even by kid standards, the story and dialogue of pokemon games has been weening itself into brain-dead territory since x and y. of course as adults we can appreciate the more nuanced portions of information but they could really use a new script writer.

    6. I just bought ultra moon and I'm loving it! I haven't played a pokemon game in YEARS but I decided to give it a try. I'm also thinking about getting either sword or shield next, any suggestions?

    7. As this was the final game of pokemon for the 3DS/2DS
      I’m gonna be honest, I started playing pokemon from X and Y, and that is still my favourite game of pokemon I’ve played, but DS pokemon games will be remembered hugely.

    8. One of the features that got me into ultra was the Mantine surfing. Instead of wasting my time on battle frontier, mansion, tree with one or two points per batle. I can make 10 in a few minutes and the surfing is much more interesting and rewarding then constant single battles.


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