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    Pokken Tournament DX Review

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    Pokken Tournament DX reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on Nintendo Switch.

    Pokken Tournament DX: Decidueye Gameplay - PAX 2017

    5 Minutes of Pokken Tournament DX on Switch - E3 2017

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    Comment (49)

    1. Wow, so much hate for his mispronunciation of Scizor. English monoglots are the last to really judge anyone (even native English speakers) who makes pronunciation mistakes, because the language itself is literally constructed out of irregularities and inconsistencies.

    2. At the Bandai Namco hq:
      Boss:we need a new idea for a tekken game
      That one drunk guy in the corner: pokemon fighting in big domes
      John, your a flipping genius

    3. Needs a much bigger roster, needs a story mode where you fight other pokemon then unlock them when you beat them. Ps Pokemon snap needs a remake!!!!!

    4. I swear, Pokken was and still is my gamer tag since I was born and I did not know whatsoever that Pokken refers to Pokémon at all! Now I know why everyone I meet calls me Pikachu or anything that relates to Pokémon xD I just created this name so randomly when I was 7 years old and I loved it and till now I'm using it.


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