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    pokken tournament DX is the switch

    version of pokken tournament for the Wii

    U here's what we said when we reviewed

    it back in 2016

    pokken tournament takes a lot of what we

    know from old fighting game favorites

    and sticks them into a blender

    delivering a unique take on both Pokemon

    and fighting games in general sometimes

    all those ingredients spill over a

    container that's a little too full there

    is a surprising amount to learn beyond

    the beginner's level and that may

    alienate some Pokemon fans without

    fighting game experience poking

    tournament does do a good job though at

    alleviating this bloat of mechanics with

    single-player modes to help ease into

    the action


    the same holds true for poking term and

    DX for Nintendo switch it's essentially

    the same game just with five more

    characters a daily challenge mode a new

    three verse three mode ranked battles

    online split-screen local play and all

    the convenience that comes with being on

    a console handheld hybrid it all runs

    and looks as great as ever whether the

    switch is docked or in your hands unless

    that is you're playing in split-screen

    mode then the framerate takes a dramatic

    hit it's great that all five new

    characters and the originally unlockable

    Mewtwo and shadow Mewtwo are playable

    right at the start in DX

    my personal favorite is schizoar who has

    the unique mechanic of creating swords

    that float behind him and can either be

    called upon to enhance basic combos or

    used as tricky projectiles I'm a big fan

    of air combos too and he's got a great

    launcher that pops the enemy into the

    air for a follow-up air combo the daily

    challenge mode on the other hand feels

    tacked on every challenge gives you a

    specific Pokemon with a specific assist

    team in a specific mode with the promise

    of rewards in the form of skill points

    which aren't very useful of the ones

    I've experienced none have offered any

    interesting twists outside of having to

    win a fight

    using a character that I don't normally

    use against easy AI bots that don't

    require any sort of deep knowledge of a

    character to be calling them challenges

    is a bit of a stretch

    the new three-on-three battles are neat

    though they feel more like actual

    trainer battles in which your pokemon

    faint forcing you to throw out a new one

    to continue the fight all things

    considered though it doesn't

    dramatically change the way you play

    because you're not changing out

    characters mid-match like in Marvel vs.

    Capcom all it really adds is two more

    characters on both sides of the arena

    since that comes on top of what's

    already an excellent fighting game it

    still comes highly recommended for more

    be sure to check out our original review

    of pokken tournament

    Pokken Tournament DX reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on Nintendo Switch.

    Pokken Tournament DX: Decidueye Gameplay - PAX 2017

    5 Minutes of Pokken Tournament DX on Switch - E3 2017

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    Comment (49)

    1. Wow, so much hate for his mispronunciation of Scizor. English monoglots are the last to really judge anyone (even native English speakers) who makes pronunciation mistakes, because the language itself is literally constructed out of irregularities and inconsistencies.

    2. At the Bandai Namco hq:
      Boss:we need a new idea for a tekken game
      That one drunk guy in the corner: pokemon fighting in big domes
      John, your a flipping genius

    3. Needs a much bigger roster, needs a story mode where you fight other pokemon then unlock them when you beat them. Ps Pokemon snap needs a remake!!!!!

    4. I swear, Pokken was and still is my gamer tag since I was born and I did not know whatsoever that Pokken refers to Pokémon at all! Now I know why everyone I meet calls me Pikachu or anything that relates to Pokémon xD I just created this name so randomly when I was 7 years old and I loved it and till now I'm using it.


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