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    PS5 Review: Console, Spider-Man, and Astro's Playroom – Beyond Episode 673

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    On this week's episode of IGN's PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond!, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Lucy O'Brien, Janet Garcia, and Mitchell Salztman to ...


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    1. To Lucy's "Just landed in Europe comment. Now you know how I feel every time white people say "I'm going to Africa". I went to "Africa". "Do you speak 'African'?". Treating it as if it were a country and not the largest continent.

    2. How did you end up debating how devs are going to present loading screen tips and how this is going to be a problem not but 10 minutes after talking about the activity cards and game help features built in to the console??

    3. OMG Janet! Do any of you listen to the show before posting it? It’s hard to watch/listen when Janet says “like” between EVERY DAMN WORD! Pretend you like, work in media!

    4. I'll include this comment just for IGN friendly folks to have a perspective of the cost of gaming outside US. In general, I'm worried that these new technologies such as adaptive trigger and haptic feedback will not be used that much by developers, considering the price point of $69.99.

      The DualSense controller sounds pretty fun and I'm convinced is going to be a next gen blast (based on your experience), like I can't imagine how good this will be on survival horror games, but it is also frustrating that there is no way to use my dualshock 4 on the ps5 just because they decided to (in the same way I only get to transfer save data with ps plus and not with a usb drive).
      I'm from Costa Rica. We don't have prices for PS5 but there are already selling dualsense controllers at $110.75 as a starting point (other stores might sell it more expensive). Right now in CR you can buy a dualshock 4 at the same price as US ($60), do you see where my frustration comes? Now, I understand companies do not have that control on latin american countries (don't even mention Argentina or Brasil). Actually made a pretty good job a stabilizing a lot of prices in games and controlles, but that said, I'm worried that those will become gimmicks that other countries have to pay for. Like the Joy Con pair is $69.99 in US? It's been more than 3 years since it launched and the pair still costs $88 here.

      What I personally do is to ship overseas and even that I have to pay some amount but is way cheaper, but all this just makes gaming so much difficult to countries that are far away (I'll not say countries in development because that's not the case to some that are closer to factories and official stores).


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