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  • Pupperazzi – 100% Achievement Guide & FULL Walkthrough! *FREE on Gamepass* (GPC #5)

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    Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] hello there guys and girls the world center here back with yet another 100 achievement guide and this time we are getting it all in paparazzi a cute little adventure game developed by sunday month published by kit fox games and is usually available for 12 pounds 99 but is free on xbox game pass right now this is also game pass challenge 5 for me so get it otherwise somebody gonna get you some milk so this is as simple as it sounds you go around basically taking photos of dogs complete very easy objectives until all the dogs are under your command and you can begin the march on taking over the us of a oh wait but well maybe not the last bit but why does everything get taken over in the usa and everything but no this is a damn cute game and it is easy as well which is a bonus i mean it's basically like dog instagram take pictures to appease your followers and get that dollar in now as for achievements a lot are missable but very easy it gets super easy too when you know what to do the main big ones we're going to be completing is for uh all follower audiences basically taking pictures and uploading them to dognet which is the game's internet um i'm completing the whole papipedio which is just taking pictures of dogs and different clothes and poses etc it does sound difficult but it's not at all and i'll show you the easiest way i do it to knock off quite a bit so anyway this should take roughly around three to four hours to begin so with that being said then let us begin now the first thing we're going to be doing is we're going to knock quite a few achievements out of the way and the first thing you're going to do use the right stick to look around use the uh get your camera out with the left trigger so pop that one out and then take off take the photo with the right trigger now press the a button to jump and then keep pressing the right trigger while you're halfway up in the air that is going to get us our first achievement pretty much straight away so don't listen to the sea dog he's old useless and probably crippled as well um so and basically you can only take up two i believe it's ten photos all you have to do is press the select button um which i still call it the select button and you'll see this page the objectives on the photos page so press the left bumper and right button to go over your objectives or your photos and as you can see what i just done there was recycle which means just deleting them all so that is how that is what you'll have to do quite a lot in the game take a lot of pictures and then end up deleting them so that's our first achievement then taking 10 photos in my day now what we're going to do is just take 20 photos with no dogs in it which is yeah which is always a very good start you get a whole island full of these cute ass puppies and we're not doing anything right we need to do then as soon as you can see there we've already got the second achievement attempt to take a photo ten times without any film so when you stop taking the um when the pictures stop taking just keep clicking until that achievement unlocks there so that's already two and ten minutes next delete them all and then keep going and that will be the art for our sake for taking 20 photos without any dogs so literally flying but yeah i'm sure we get like 9 or 10 in the first 10 minutes so again press the select left bumper right bumper objectives photos and obviously you need to get rid of your photos so again just keep snapping the pictures for no um if you press the b button actually to crouch that's what we go for next so press the b button to crouch um and as you can see there post to dog net and as you can see on the right hand side right hand side it says followers now there's going to be eight of these overall it'll be like traditional goth and that'll be for like taking pictures in the night taking pictures with different filters etc um but basically you just need to fill up all of those and it'll be as easy as that um you do if you keep on trying to spam it you get obviously you have to take different pictures in order to get different um followers etc but we'll come to that a little bit later on so um again make sure that you are crouched because we're going to be taking 30 pictures while crouched now if you want the spamming to stop you can actually just leave the area obviously you can't at the minute we've got a few things to do but you'll be able to leave the area and come back and go again so have a look at this old little sea dog he looks sad he looks like he has had enough of life but that's all good so again make sure you're approaching pressing the b button and then just spam it on this guy oh man he's so happy and also with the objective done you know when an objective is done when it comes up in gold right there so uh get rid of the old crippled sea dog right here we don't need him um but again when you if you do an objective and you delete that picture you obviously have to take that picture again otherwise it you've got to have the picture in your camera roll basically so just these little things like pretty much like normal in all fairness um so again just keep spamming this for now until we get the achievement for there it is so we get there eventually get my good side get my non-stroke face cycle no sorry no no no let's not do that that was a bad one right now what we can do press the uh left trigger again to get out of your camera and you can actually pet the dogs you can pet the good boys obviously you can press a to jump you can pet the good boys by pressing the uh right trigger now when you've got the completed objective press x on the goldness right there and that basically gets that one done which means and every time that you complete an objective you automatically get two or three followers as well so as you can see you should be on roughly about five if you've just been following whatever with what i've been doing right now sorry my brain did stroke off for a second there oh right so like i said that again it's just getting sort of used to the game knowing what's what but press the right trigger when you are next to doggo old sea dog there you go weird arm so just keep on petting him for now and eventually he's going to start sticking his tongue out there it is because he's a good boy so again what we need to do now is just um we need to take 20 pictures of dogs with their tongues out so press the right trigger to give them a little stroke i could take those balls if you want as well dogs love that but just don't worry they might they won't hump you in this game not like in real life thank god so keep his tongue going if his tongue goes away um just give him the old uh stroke the old red rocket and there we go that should be take 20 centered close-up pictures of literally any dog and it's good these set of achievements you could just do for the same dog as well but she keeps taking the same pictures [Music] and eventually what we're gonna get is having to recycle it okay so again and you know like i said it does get easy to get used to in terms of what to upload when you can upload it oh there we go good boy how joe but yeah it does get um the interface on the start menu does get easy but there we go so he's got his um tongue out this is actually one for yeah yeah sorry with the tongue out my bad but what we're also going to do is take 20 photos with the dog wagging its tail now you can't see but old sea dog muppet man right here is uh wagging his tail because of course you've just stroked him you've given him the red rocket of life red racket red racket and there we go bandwagon so that is for taking 30 photos sorry of dogs wagging their tail dogs love it when you give them a stroke of life tongues out tails out job done right so again what you can do is recycle it if you want to or we can't post it to dognet because of course i've used it all up but that is um yeah so that is how you get your followers up you post certain pictures certain dogs wearing different items um and just posting it to dog net and you'll get extra followers and everything from that and the old the whole thing will just appear from there right so now we are done for this particular bit and i did actually tell her like we're not done what we need to do is take just random photos of everything and then just save it to your favorite so there you go should be the middle option when you press the select button scrolling over to your photos just it doesn't matter just click everything to save to favorites and we just need to do that with 20 pictures and that'll be the archivist achievement done so a lot we can smash out immediately which is just let me see more blemishes so it doesn't matter what it is uh the favorites we never really look at our favorites at all it's all to do with that dog net so when that's done recycle them all as well save save the photos uh recycle them and then just keep going just keep going save the favorites keep on going keep on going so again yeah so with the followers again don't worry too much about them for now um we get really into the nitty-gritty into the in about the third area which is metropolis mata ropolis if you want to be a pot ass right so that'll be the archivist achievement done so yeah we are literally flying it now what we're going to do is actually start moving down the beach some so now we can see more doggies which is just cute as here but we are gonna be going for another achievement and we need to get um oh let me just tell you about these every time you see those little stars it's basically an item that we can use for the dogs but when you automatically pick it up um there was like a it looks like a vending machine basically is a vending machine um so if you need any items and upgrades for your camera which will be getting as well um those items are automatically stored so as soon as you collect the first one it goes straight into the vending machine which again will come in handy later um but for now what we're going to do is we're going to go for the achievement for uh capturing dogs blinking 20 times on a camera now this can take a while because of course they are dogs not all of them are going to be blinking and sometimes it can be frustrating when you take the picture and then they open their eyes i mean what a bunch of selfish turds no matter how much good boys they are you're selfish little bastards so um obviously the best thing we can do to try and get more is to try and get a whole host of dogs so it might be easier to just sort of bring him down the beach maybe pick up the stick again pressing the right trigger everything's right trigger so you throw with the right trigger pick everything up with the right trigger give me my sticky goddamn fine i'll just pick this one up then right so maybe yeah through this stick is what we're gonna do we're gonna just try and get as many dogs as we can sort of in the one area so it just gives us a bit more get our stick boy so go of course the more dogs the better chance we have um now that dog for some reason just has her eyes closed all the time so that doesn't count so just trying to get as many dogs as we can into one photo i could try and get as many blinking as we can this does take about two or three minutes for me which is a pain in the ass but just keep it going for now so we can get this one out the way and just enjoy the scenery it's a beautiful game and a seat the sea dog can piss off [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] uh [Music] [Music] so [Music] oh [Music] [Music] group [Music] okay so we're finally coming up and so yeah that did literally take me about three or four minutes but you're just gonna have to keep on spamming and then hope they blink at the same time which in my case like i said took a couple of minutes but we got there in the end a mouse said she's beautiful right now we are finally done with the miscellaneous achievements in this area now we can just crack on with the objectives so again obviously what you have to do press the select button or you can play with the dogs if you want but we obviously we're just going to try and get this quickly done as quickly as we can so press the start button scroll over to your objectives put it by putting into portrait mode you just gotta um press left or right on the d-pad it doesn't matter which one it is portrait mode is obviously tall one and other mode is obviously fat boy one white one so uh now it's asking us to take a picture of a friendly dog so again just press the right trigger yo yo good boy look at that arm jesus christ that's skinny and bendy where have you be you'd be great in a vending machine actually alright bit peckish why don't you just get me a drink in a pasty from the vending machines no problem right so again when that one's done again you press x to complete the objective and um a lot of the time it'll just give us four or five objectives to do it once but obviously this is just uh easing you into it so now we wanted us to get a dog playing with a stick and now we should be up to about 11 followers by now as well so beautiful now um again you can post a dog net if you want but obviously you're not we're basically not able to admit it so what we can do scroll over to where it says there you go leave area and then we've just left the area now there are four main areas that we need to do light lighthouse cove is the first one we were just at um as we are a camera with legs somehow so what we're gonna do is go back onto lighthouse cove now basically we need to do with the more objectives to do um unlocks all of the um weather situations you get four bits of weather sunny evening night and cloudy um and you basically we need it for all achievements anyway so this is the sort of main part of the area now um what you need to do you always need to find one letter um it's always going to be in a random place for you for me it was just here but basically that is one of the objectives so you've got to find a letter in order to open up one of these objectives so again it's going to be in a random place for you but the maps are obviously not very big at all so don't panic um so we've got a couple of things to do a dog in a lighthouse in portrait mode photo challenges etc very easy though there are also these gold bones that we can collect called bonks hello here is my vending machine arm don't you do you love it yes we do so um i mean in terms of the objectives there we go so we got a professional photo of a dog because we just stroked there's a red rocket um but a lot of these um objectives should i'm pretty sure should be the exact same for you as when you go on it um if not obviously it's no problem but because it is you know they are easy enough to get on it but they should be roughly more or less the exact same as what i'm doing again apologies if it's not but i'm pretty sure they should be so there you go as you can see you got 11 followers but on the left of that you've got these golden bones bonks they called bonk go to horny jail um now again there are lots that are scattered in the levels but they are in random locations as well so whenever you see me collect a bunk and one of those letters for the objectives they are usually going to be in a random place for you but it doesn't matter you we i literally don't bother um going around collecting that much let's just get a dog on the lighthouse put it in portrait mode which is of course flicking up so it's the tall boy eventually i ended up figuring that one out anyway uh um here we go ah there we go so now we're in portrait mode tall boy that should be that objective complete so yeah so don't panic about overly going nuts about trying to find these golden bones or anything we will get a lot through completing objectives and in the later levels there's going to be a lot that you'll just randomly run into anyway so take a picture of happy old ass dog right here um for a crouching so you'll have to do it take it from below dog in the sailboat take it from below just press the b button to crouch and that's the objectives for this bit done of course this is just the first level just eases you into it easy you into it like a fat guy trying to fit into a pair of size 8 jeans uh right which is always a delicious look who wants to start and only fans i'll do it i'll do that don't worry fat guy trying to fit in skinny jeans only fans yeah that's me so as you can see there there was one of the golden bones um now at the end of mostly every level i do try and have a quick look around um but i don't again i don't overly go nuts for it you don't really need to get overly go nuts uh so you can press the a button to double jump press the a button to double jump and try and get on places and not be among like me and fall off um but as you can see we can get up onto rooftops and here's the second item it is a bone again now that we've collected that item it's automatically given automatically automatically going to be in the vending machine so if we need a bone for whatever reason for an objective you don't have to go searching for it so with that one then done now what you can do is actually post if you wanted to a couple of these to dog net since we left and we came back it basically refreshes resets itself so what we're doing though for now is moving and as you can see the next area just underneath the home has opened up and this one is called boardwalk so press the a button press the a button let's get on to the boardwalk [Music] really don't know what his majesty is meant to look like there um kind of like a frog hybrid dog it's like a dog and a frog boned and had a baby and for some reason it turned into a king so as you can see a lot of these dogs have different outfits on them now again a lot later on we're going to need to take um pictures of these dogs in different outfits but when we get to 55 followers we can dress the dog ourselves so that becomes as simple as pulling your pants down and taking a dump well i suppose unless you've had big fat indian then big fat indian food then probably doesn't become that easy right so again this is one of the bigger areas um but it's not overly massive so do not worry so we're just gonna jump down and if you look behind that is one of the vending machine the item so press the right trigger on it obviously you've collected the bone in the stick so they'll be automatically there and now with the bunks we've got we can use these to buy any upgrades which of course the more bugs we get the more upgrades we can get and we need to fully upgrade the camera anyway so um so yeah for this bit we're just having a quick little look around we are going to get another miscellaneous misable achievement in just a bit but it's just having a look just grabbing a few of these uh golden horny bones and now let's have a look at the objectives so sneak into the old arcade these should be the same like i said again apologies if they're not but they always should be the same at least the first time around anyway um so a dog in a hat and as you can see there we need to get 30 followers which again will just come with time um i mean if you started and only fans you can um you know you get about a million followers just by flicking the proverbial bean right so what you need to do have a look at these things they're supposed to be humans but they're like human offs as they call it get the achievement just take 20 pictures of the same one doesn't matter if it's different ones doesn't matter if it's name uh the same ones uh uh humanoff yes so basically i think we're into an area where dogs have taken over and they've basically just erased all human emotion and faces which i can't blame them because humans are ugly bastards sometimes i'll give them that so just keep slamming it out for now um you should have obviously got the objective make sure that the objective is complete and then just keep like that not even an ass either nothing just ugh what what have dogs done to us by the way that's what actually no dogs are not as evil as cats cats i reckon would take over the world dogs are just happy to chill out man but uh yeah cats would generally claw your face off from being just very happy because that's what cats are like for some reason that's why there's no freaking cat game no offense no offense cats are great honestly so again a lot of these things are going to be in random places so for me obviously we've got a dog in a hat for some reason i end up um i posted the dog net so i again get another two followers that is what you'll do um so every time that you see a dog with um uh different pieces of clothes on or different something or doing different poses or just we literally just take a whole bunch of random pictures of dogs and just upload them to dog net sometimes it won't work sometimes it will um so just take a photo of this dog for me i managed to get a dog in a hat but there are plenty about should be plenty about if there's not this guy here and a dog and a motor scooter again they will be around they just might not be in the exact same place that i am's so i'm glad we've got that sort of random bit though so for me this envelope for the next objective was in the middle of the skate pack and i got a little bunk go to horny jailbone so let's take a look what it is it help clean up the skate park very easy there's just a couple of trash bags about um but we'll come back to that later what we're going to do first is actually sneak into the old arcade and i'm going to show you the best way to do that um after i stop being quite moronical and trying to get rid of the things that keeps the skating doggies safe so obviously also just in case you haven't noticed as well i forgot to mention click in the left stick that'll um make you run extra fast as well so just in case you need that but if you go to the end of the boardwalk right next to this shop ish you're gonna see another item which is a tennis ball so that will automatically be added also what we need to do is take 20 pictures of uh 20 different pictures of 20 different sleeping dogs so you can't take uh 20 pictures of the same sleeping dogs they've all got to be different so what you could do if you wanted was take a picture leave come back and have a look at this bench and just keep doing that but there are going to be plenty of lazy boys um throughout the game so you don't have to worry about that for some reason this wasn't unlocking for me right now i don't know if you've got to get to like 32 or 33 or something but it doesn't matter so there's the arcade then it was directly in front of us and that is where we're going to be going um but i just have a look down the left grab this bunk bunk bone bonk and bone and again you know it's always worth just having a look if you want to get your whole dog net thing up um just slam that i think that's what's uh confusing me at the minute i still unable to complete said task even though it's got gold on it um but yeah so that again that is what we do just take pictures of a lot of dogs doing a lot of different crap uploading it to dog net and you will get it and again what you need to do is just take a picture here's a bit another picture of a different sleeper dogs that's two out of 20. um but yeah later on we will just use sort of one filter for the art mode which will just be the easiest way but again i'll we'll explain all we'll come back to that so go over to camera parts i'm going to use and by the fisheye lens which is basically a lens with a fisheye on it who's gouging out fish eyes man also we grabbed the stylish film pack as well so uh there's another little bunk honey bone i don't know why the horny bones but they are now because old dogs arms horny they just are they'll have anything in anyone and not go to prison for it which is uh yeah yeah the life of a dog eh right so this is basically what the fisheye lens looks like it's just a bit better just looks like tidy also press the right bumper and left bumper to zoom in and out obviously just because you haven't noticed that by now uh i do apologize there's a couple of things quite a lot of button prompts quite a few things i haven't told you so my bad my bad uh so we're just taking a few pictures of el doggo's right now um again this was sort of me just having um just having a little look around and sort of just again getting used to it so obviously as you can see there i've now gone up to 36 just by taking a few pictures but i've spammed a lot today apparently soon what the hell so what you can't have enough dogs unless people hate dogs then you can probably have enough uh you probably can't have enough dogs then um otherwise what we can do i don't have to save your favorites don't know why i'm doing this um because i never actually look into my favorites but as you can see we're the followers now it says art kids nature and fashion so you've got those three but the there's basically eight all together which we have to appease so see the first we just get into the game now you'll be able to see which ones it is but for each level it's going to come up with different ones so don't panic if you haven't got the exact same as me um you you'll be fine you'll be fine right so obviously if we go to the camera we can now select the lens and we can also select the film which we're actually going for another achievement right now which is which is why we're doing this so make sure we basically got to select the lens which isn't the basic or the starter one so we can select the fisheye lens and we can select the mocha one or you know any other one as long as it's not the starter or basic and then what we can do is just take 10 photos and then save them so that is what i was trying to do so so that's all we got to do here then so just make sure that the lens there we go experimentalist and that is for saving 10 photos taken with both custom film and custom lens as long as it's not the starter or the basic one we are golden as ball nuggets whatever the hell ball nuggets are okay now we are getting somewhere with life ha ha mr doggy look froghead froghead now if you were to take a picture of that dog or any of these dogs and then leave the area they would without saving it to favorites or uploading it to dog net they would be added to your puppy pedia which of course i think it's like 57 or 58 different dogs different items that we have to take pictures of uh but again we'll come back to that a lot later but if you take a picture of a dog doing a different pose got a piece of clothing on and you just leave the area that gets added to your puppypedia um we have to do it that way otherwise for whatever reason it just won't count now if you are wondering what i'm doing i'm going around taking pictures we've got to take photos of 20 different fashionable dogs and that's basically for dogs wearing two or more accessories so we are going for the end on dog achievement um so here's the arcade by the way now we have to take a picture when we are in the arcade and that is how you get that one to uh be completed if you just jump in there for some reason it doesn't work if it doesn't work the first time go back out jump back in take a picture and hopefully that should work but you just got to jump up to the top there that is how you can complete that one um so yeah that's what we're doing we're just going for the in dogu n dogu achievement so have a look at some dogs with uh two or more fashionable items on whether that's a you know shoes or coat or hat and a bow tie uh just keep going around for now until we take pictures of 20 which will unlock us the achievement um again doesn't matter what the hell it is even if you didn't want to get it now you can wait until we get 55 followers and just dress different dogs in two different accessories if you wanted but there should be plenty enough for us to do that oh god damn dude he's off serpent serving us why is everything usa why can't it be surfing no actually probably because it doesn't have the uh same ring to it surfing in the uk no i wouldn't it's all full of um cocaine cocaine and uh heroin needles in every beach in the uk to be honest so personally wouldn't bother uh so yeah that's what we're doing for now then just having a little look around but i do have to just say one thing this game sadly at the minute is quite notorious for uh random crashes now it will crash from me in in fact in just a minute actually just as i begin to clean up the skatepark the game is just gonna completely crash on me and it's uh yeah it does get annoying so hey in fact here we go ready steady give me oh you son of a [ __ ] man what the [ __ ] are you doing paparazzi oh son of a ba ah man so that's what i mean by it does and it can the game can crash on you and so what you're going to see now when i go back into papi port but buppy boardwalk i'm going to get another set of objectives to do again which is fine because you'll have to do them anyway um yeah what the hell but yeah you have to do them anyway so again they are very easy but again just forewarning the game can do that it also can be quite slow in tracking some of the achievements as well so that's something else just to be a bit wary by um especially for the whole because what we have to do is take a close-up of a dog in each of the four weathers in each of the four areas uh but for some reason it took a while for it to sort of register and that's why you see me getting it at the end of the game so again we're just going for the end dog there it is so that should be the undoge achievement unlocked again every time you come across a sleeping dog make sure to pick him up uh take a picture of him nice and close um again the items all gonna be in a random location for you as well so if it's obviously going to see me going places if it's not there for you chances are it'll be somewhere close by so near panic you're bothering about that right now we can go ahead just clean up the skatepark without um oh i thought we gotta find the bloody god damn it we're gonna find the friggin letter again right so you should get this one now obviously what you would have done by now is um clean up the scape up by putting the trash bags in the trash bin and then if you wanted to you could have just left the area and come back and then hopefully you would have been on the same objectives like me um but again you can do that any time so as soon as you leave an area you can come back and the objectives will be updated so you can have a couple more so if that's the case you will hopefully again be on the same as flea me flea but with that we can also take pictures of more dogs and upload it to dognet to appease our bullcrap um followers all right so there was the letter then for me again just under the boardwalk that's what i found under the boardwalk in the skatepark or on top of the boardwalk where we actually start or started the first time so there we go just getting there now we've got a close-up shot of a surfing dog should be you know anywhere in the water so that one should be fine um two dogs playing with a disc again we should have that in our items oh finally the selfie one worked right so when you go into your camera there will be a mode that sells selfie mode take that and you'll have a look at what you look like you and your big big long skinny vending machine arms as it were right so jumping up here into the um arcade section and then what we're going to do now is grab oh there's already a disc there if there's not a disc there obviously just go into your items in the vending machine and just grab one pick one out of there um so just now we'll let's just find some willing participants who has to be on the end of this disc what a throw right there's one there's two so make sure to quickly take a picture and that is going to be that objective complete the roni i pissed off i didn't i didn't want to play with you yeah yeah nah nah i just i want to take a picture so i can feel good about myself and my instagram because i'm a influencer what do instagram influencers actually influence the influence being knobs pretty much um but the lucky [ __ ] go on holidays to like dubai and stuff so you know who's laughing now i suppose sad times right so again if you wanted to you can pay uh post a couple of them over to dognet to get a couple more followers otherwise you can just recycle them all and we can go again so we're going to nip into the arcade this time and to get this objective complete you need to just take a picture a close-up picture of one of the dogs so there we go we've got another one 43 followers oh my god if only was that easy in real life which it is if you've got my massive gumbos um right so now we just need a close-up of the dog so you don't have to pet him but he's always cute uh you don't have to crouch either but it doesn't matter just crouching does make it a little bit easier to get right up the big fat nostrils right so finally we are just now going to help clean up the skatepark and again i say hopefully hopefully the game will freaking crash now to be fair that was the only time that the game crashed on me a bit of a pain in the ass still but hopefully they'll um sort of release a couple more updates where the game doesn't crash because non-crashing games come in complete handy so there should be about four of these trash bags what's in them who's actually cleaning uh i suppose it's the human human offs with no faces so they can't actually see what they're doing uh hmm that's uh that's weird how do they communicate do they communicate by rubbing nipples with each other did the dogs get rid of all the human are eye humanoffs nipples oh my god what kind of place is this so make sure to take a picture after you get rid of all the four trash bags press the x button there to complete it and that is that so well now we've got all the objectives um here complete look at that look at that now we got doggies on skateboards so what we're gonna do um now go to your camera turn selfie mode on and as you can see we are literally a camera with legs so i don't know where the hell his arms have gone but anyway just in selfie mode keep spamming the right trigger button um you can't put that to dog net but apparently nobody wants to see a camera with legs and with arms that are nowhere so just keep spamming uh keep taking lots of selfies for now it doesn't matter what it is i think we need to take 20 smelfies the music is just so chilling as well i love it eventually there it is then so self care and that's for just taking 20 selfies there's also another achievement for taking um selfies with the um objectives so if you've got an objective to take a certain picture in a certain style make sure that you've taken a selfie while doing it and that comes as one as the ten so you're gonna take a selfie with some of the objectives you're doing so we'll come back to that in just a little bit but here we are back at the obamas um again you don't really need to go to the shop that one is fine but we're just going to head over to matropolis which is the third out of four areas and here is the weird dog hybrid frogs bone a dog who ride his way with a frog and ended up looking like puff baldness uh can't tell if cute or not so there we go then again it's it's the same thing for every area but we do have actually have an objective for taking a photo of a dog next to a fire hydrant so if there is a dog next to that fire hydrant make sure to whap that war web that boy and wrap that boy out um otherwise just have a look at the objectives again few things to do but very simple in that pimplin so again every time you take a picture make sure to put it up to dog net to get a good couple of followers and the little blue bars there on your followers up a little bit more so again that's what you just do if you see something oh there's my letter so again one could be just um up in the lamppost one could be on the roof um so just keep checking them out um but yeah so every time you see as i said you know i've said it before every time you see a dog doing something different or just a whole bunch of dogs or whatever i have a new item hello um again just make sure to upload it to dog.net just to get stuck in another tune of the way so at the back of the map here is a pond with a bunch of ducks in it hello mr ducky how do you do you want to get in my chinese later duck noodle yes please d delicious connie dog were in the wrong part of the country for that and i'd never eat a doggy anyway but that's yeah no problem right so we need a photo of a biking dog with a pixel lens and there is this one picture as well which apparently we just do in portrait mode in fact all we got to do is get the stylish pack going so as you can see then i'm already on the stylish pack but because it's on the basic one to start off we're just gonna go with any other one i go with barista take a picture of my uh future meal and that should be that one complete yes get in my belly duck is nice and we also have now can um if you've got 55 followers which hopefully you should have roughly about now we can now basically dress dogs ourselves you just go up to a dog press up on the d-pad and you can dress them in whichever way you like which comes in handy again for the puppy pedia achievement later on there's another item for me there that was a froggert or a frogurt that's bad the frogit is also cursed that's bad but it comes with your favorite toppings that's good anyway here is doggo with old businessoroni it's not an objective but we are going to post it up to dog.net again um so fashion's almost done basically which is nice see flying boys flying our ownies uh so just again recycle a couple so you've got a bit of room we've got another item just on top of this bench which is a skateboard um if you press the left trigger you can use it and go super fast but over the other side of the map we've got um this little playground and there's always going to be three different sleeping dogs in this one so again if you just wanted to get the 20 different sleeping dogs achievement out of the way take a picture of this guy here and then if you go to the other side it's going to be another two you can just do that and get it done in no time at all these dogs look like they're not having fun especially that one he's confused as [ __ ] man what the hell oh he's dizzy yeah that makes yeah that makes sense so um here on the other back of the train that is where the other two sleeping dogs are if you want to get those there's just another boner for me right there banking housing go to horny jails another bunking houses right there's the one there's the one sleeping little fluff ball and the other one is just up so jump and take a picture of that that's obviously another three added to your collection i do take another picture of this one but uh oh wait isn't it hey there's another guy in here where did you come from fluff ball fluffy red rocket balls right so what are we gonna do from here we're gonna go and get the cat's thing so just above from where the playground is right there just in front of us there is the cats business charts um the business cats see look how pissed off cats look man that's him at his happiest as well he's just been fed stroked and everything and that's exactly what cats look like when they're happy so take a couple of pictures if it doesn't work just take um a close-up picture of it and as you can see the next area is now available for us so it's uh it's by the way who the hell is leaving a burger on a bench disgusting so we've got a lot of camera parts and we're getting a lot of items now so that is what you do you complete all the objectives many as you can and um obviously you get more stuff but um select the lens at the top there we need to go to the pixel one we need to take a a picture of a dog on a bike with a pixel lens again luckily for me where there was one right behind me so i'm hoping there's going to be one right behind it for you as well before recycling it yeah never mind before recycling i was going to say make sure to complete the objective first although it does make a difference because you can literally just back out and just take another picture anyways so there it is so that's what i do find is if you accidentally do something the dog is literally not too far behind they don't just scamper off and then you're left ruining a missed opportunity oh my god thank god okay let's leave the area now [Music] so now we are going to break oh berry oh what looks like brickleberry but it's actually called mellowstone in this game and there's no animals humping each other and there's nothing too hilarious which is going on which is a shame so again obviously go to your objectives uh just keep having a cheeky little gander we're going to get 85 followers as well easily um but all we got to do then is just take a picture with um out the dog in it so this one is simple take a picture of the sky and there we go so the shop now is already fully stocked so now we just obviously got to get the horny bunk bones enough for them to grab all of the camera upgrades we won't be doing that for a while yet though so obviously just always keep having a look around um until a bit later now this is a ball that's actually an alien artifact um which you can do at the very basically the very end of the game but for some reason doesn't appear when it's supposed to in the night and it just it's all a bunch of crap but anyway so don't worry about that too much for now what we're gonna do is take a picture of these two doggies in a boat slap that up to dog net uh before we can just recycle that see flying flying mate so just having a little lucky lure around again it seems like these places could be a bit complicated a bit all over the place but they're generally not too bad so we're gonna take a couple of pictures here and again just slap them up to the old instagram netdog net there we go so as you can see by your followers you've already got friendly party art kids goth um and also you've got another four as well which obviously every picture you take always comes towards it so again just keep having a look at the older bunk and horny going into jails but that you know if you can if you apparently i don't know what the hell i'm doing right here red racket a red racket yeah okay all right so let's just move along now what we have to do there's the minecart so we just have to take a pixelated photo of the uh dog in the mine cart so again scroll over the camera go over to your lens select pixel lens and again sadly you have to be a little bit closer than that sorry my boy my boy so wait until he comes back down get right in the way take a couple of pictures i'll grab the grab the old bunk horny bone as well if you really want to so that's that one done boom and we've also got a dog with a prop from the vending machine so again that can literally be anything uh bones like literally any if you see a dog with a toy in it in its mouth bones or discs or whatever take a picture of it and that is how you'll get that objective done as well again i got it here but you can get it done anywhere because a dog will have something in his mouth otherwise it's not a very good otherwise it's just not a normal dog if it hasn't got something in his mouth right we need a picture of a dog with a bird now this would have been great if i'd actually changed the camera lens to something as well back to the fisheye lens so as soon the way i done this was as soon as a dog starts coming over give them a stroke i think if you stroke the dog for long enough it can follow you so i'm not sure if it's the same for every single dog here we go we've got an arm where we don't actually have any arms um so yeah so you can get dogs to follow you i think if you stroke them long enough i'm not too sure anyway if one starts flying by as you can see here i just give him the old stroke the old red rocket of life and then eventually see so he's following me but that's all we need a photo friendly photo of a friendly dog with a bird and also the sunset or the evening has um appeared now for lighthouse cove so obviously the more objectives you get the more sort of weathery bits we will get for each one which is going to come in handy for all the ams chovens okay let's jump down here without breaking our hands or legs things wherever we are just go ahead and grab a bunk horny bone i don't know why it's called a bong horny bone i know why because they called it a bunk for some reason uh just have a look here then i've got another disc so that's fan just van [Music] so what we actually need then is a photo from the fire watch tower which is basically just over the road bridge there that little building just in front of us i mean i don't know what a dog's going to do if uh i mean is this kind of like paw patrol but less annoying yeah yeah we we know we know the drill oh hello oh look it's a little it's a little wiener dog oh well again let's just uh get rid of some of these pictures again if you've got a if you've got a full roll of course just um just chuck them up the dog now if they look good enough because it's always worth doing so this one there we go we've got another two followers just there and again one of the minecraft minecraft uh my goddammit minecraft to corrupt your brown yeah so we've got now got 85 followers for now we get the far out film pack as well which is just nice we've taken a picture of this little wiener dog right here um which is fine actually that's enough to take a photo from the firewatch tower it doesn't have to be a dog it can be literally anything and now we can complete those two so there we go that's happy enough we don't or i believe let me just double their check right now no we're not doing anything else for now so we're just gonna have a little look around uh take a little look for some bonky horny bones i've got another two just up here now again a lot of the time because the maps like i said are so short chances are you will see quite a few of these horny bunk bones um again they won't obviously be in the same place that either they're a minor in um but yeah they will be they will be about so it's always worth after you do the objectives always with having a little look around seeing if you can find any more items and see if you can find any more bong horny bones what's this what's this a dog mother meaning which apparently it is my i have a problem with my son having two spaghetti meals in one day right so there is another item for us to grab and another bunk horny bone and that's pretty much it then this is pretty much it for this area uh so now again we can do if you've got any photos it's obviously always worth just posting them up to dog net if not if you don't want to post them up to dog net leave the camera rolls uh leave the photos in and just leave the area because again one of those might add to your puppy pedia which will always be nice and handy right so now we are going back to the lighthouse cove and as you can see three of the four have unlocked so we've got daytime sunset and nighttime the fourth one on the left hand side is the cloudy by the way uh so there's sea dogs still being an old useless lazy bastard like well he's like pretty much all of us isn't he so let us just jello little puppets oh hey good winking i know why did i recycle that ah you stupid but your stupid butt snatch me it what in the flop was that about uh why have i turned whatever the hell i'm trying to speak right now right so we're going to go with a um again literally doesn't matter what you go for i just chose a different one and there is the other challenge [Music] so we'll just grab that one at the waist we've got another two followers now we just need to find the envelope a couple more bunk horny jails there so there's my envelope it's got it right just in the window right there so now we've got that one and there is another item on the roof so what we're going to do is jump out buns on it hands where do we go this time oh it's another disc well screw yeah we've got about a thousand billion of those by now right so just two objectives again sometimes you'll get like four or five objectives sometimes you just get two or three very easy and so we're gonna head down here we're gonna grab another bonky horny bone and there is uh so we just need to take an old tiny photo and on the island there will be one dalmatian that we need to find but you need to pick up some food for him if you try and uh go after him and take a picture of him it just doesn't work so we're gonna take an old-timey photo now what we mean by an old-timey photo is we need the black and white pack which we don't have this one is black and white but it's the wrong kind of black of white for some reason i mean black and white is black and white right well apparently that's not good enough so what we're gonna have to do then now is go to the vending machine which should be if we turn around from the water we're gonna head back up so anybody got no time to play with you i i don't like sticks and i don't like slobber and i don't like so here we are they're not the camera parts black and white film pack should only be worth two ponky bones and again if you want to grab anything else as well you are more than welcome to again obviously it depends on how much bunks you've got but i think you should generally have enough to fully upgrade the camera even just doing the objectives but of course it's always worth having a look around and just grabbing more anyway um so now we can go all the way to the black and will black and white film pack put the very for the very start to just that just a normal one that's fine and what that'll do is we can get it up to dog net again maybe i took it uh maybe i went a little bit longer by deleting all the pictures first for some reason so yeah i literally should have completed it first and then done it but there we go so we've got take an old tiny photo so that is that one complete the sunset for buppy boardwalk is now unlocked as well so again if you've been following this follow the video doing the same objectives that i've been doing you will unlock that as well so on the right here is another dog sleeping under the boat that is another objective compretorini so again always post a dog net job done why why why do i keep recycling things i don't know why i kept doing that but still there we go who's a good boy not you get away from my boat damn it so now what we're gonna do is find the shy dalmatian we've got 107 followers so you should be roughly roughly on the same anyway so head around the big rock right here and there's going to be one there's going to be a bonky horny bone but by the palm trees going to be a banunu na na so pick up the nana and just go ahead and find the dalmatian for me he is literally just in the middle but there should be one dalmatian just chilling and when he knows you've got food fat [ __ ] will come around i mean fat i mean lovable chunky boy gonna come around take a picture of him but for some reason it didn't work so i had to um again just press the b button to crouch so let's try this one so crouch take a nice close-up picture of him ah that's a cute one and hopefully that's the one that's what's got that one done we've got another two followers but we need to get 150 to some reason go to the moon i don't know why that is and i don't know why that's a thing but in the us of a there's always someone going to the moon especially in the fast and furious bloody franchise so the pictures we got we can just post quite a few to dog net you will still get a follower and extra bits of blue um even if it's the if you've taken two two of the same pictures but one's a slightly different angle you'll still get like a follower or two which is bang tidy mate right so done with all the objectives let's leave the old area earlier okay now what we're going to do is head out of lighthouse cove and now we're going to go to a buppet bird walk and we're going to go to the evening sun no we're going to go to the day one apparently so we're gonna go to the day one this is where by the way i start to get the self-love achievement and that's for completing 10 requests with selfie photos and obviously like i said i'll show you and tell you exactly what i mean and what we have to do so wow you look like you've had too much cake your eyes your eyes say stop but my heart and my gut she still yes right so as we can see another couple we need an arty arcade picture with a custom lens we need a couple of things to do but i always stick with the fisheye lens by the way just in case it's just an easier thing uh incredible that that dog can just ride that bike somehow without crashing and you know getting all mashed up and stuff so let's just head down the old boardwalk gonna find a bonk horny bone for one that's always bang tidy so let's go ahead just jump off the side this again is where we're gonna start doing the uh selfie love for fulfilling 10 requests jesus christ oh my god i'm so wired who's been giving this dog drugs who's been giving him the older dog e ecstasy man that dog is wired he's he needs to chill out bruh he needs to really chill out right um so let's just give it a go so we've got to find the envelope of course otherwise it's just two that we're going to do for now with dog the song sand castle which is right here oh in fact there's the other letter as well so it's on top of this light um safeguard fire hydrant looking thing so like i said what you can do put yourself in the selfie mode and just take a picture of you and then the dog in the sand castle as well obviously i don't do it here that's fine but you can obviously start that so have a look as long as it's easy enough you know just take a picture of a dog doing this or doing that you can literally put yourself in a selfie mode and complete the uh task that way so tony bark now if you're wondering what tony bark is it's obviously an um an easter egg for tony hawk he's not any one of these guys which is fine but he is basically behind us doing incredible tricks on the half pipe behind us so eventually we're going to just take a little little there he is so turning around but what you have to do is you have to actually get up nice and close you have to jump up onto the uh ramp or jump up to the top there we go so just oh in fact no apparently i'm just walking away right so what you have to do is actually jump up to the top wait until he does the trick and then take a picture because apparently there is a sleeping cream fruit dog just chilling right there so that should be another one um in to the box for the 20 different sleeping dogs achievement right and apparently what we're doing is just heading down oh somebody oh they did give leave that guy you give him a mustache right so now we're going to get the tony back ones there he is he's doing the trick make sure you're up on the ramp taking a picture of him and that should be more than enough so that is tony bark in case you're wondering oh that goddamn hell's tony bark jesus christ what a goddamn wiener all right so we've got another one we need to just take a close-up of a dog on a skateboard this where i start the whole selfie mode uh selfie love achievement so whap your camera whap your selfie mode on because everyone wants to see a camera with skinny ass legs and then just turn around we oh in fact i i'm not sure if this one will work because you need a close-up of a dog on a skateboard i think can't remember if this one did work no it didn't again doesn't matter if it didn't just pop it up onto the old instagram dog net um anyway and did it work again no it didn't know so again some will some will work some won't but of course uh we've got lots of objectives to do but if you do finish the game apparently you can miss it so it's obviously worth just getting that achievement out of the way first so there we go we got a close-up of a dog on a skatepark skateboard and now we've got another quest which is a super wide angle skater shot which now i do so as soon as you get the the objective pop it up to the dog net and again as you can see we've got friendly fashion and party as soon as you see the emoji the heart i emoji next to him boy we are golden tony bach hilarious love it um so yeah the followers as long as you just follow it up posting everything you can to dognet it should be it's more or less pretty much golden as a nuggeting hell so again this is where we actually start this selfie love achievement now so now we can go and put our bun sacks and our skinny ball sack legs into um selfie mode and then just take a picture of anything of a a of a dog there we go so that should be the super wide super wide angle close-up animal with with hats sorry set another south park reference that's all i seem to do so now we've got the moon one done as well we're just gonna take an arty arcade pick with a custom lens before we can go to the moon so i don't know why nasa's not just following video games because apparently everyone and everything just nips off to the moon but in real life oh nasa's all like oh we've got to you know prepare and stuff make we're a camera with legs and we're going to the moon just do that so there we go again make sure to take a selfie of yourself doing this with a custom lens that com that is complete and now we've got two out of the ten required horny bug time go to jail yes please and then of course wrap it up there to the old dog and house nedenhausen um and again because you uploaded them to dognet if you left the area it doesn't actually come towards your papipedia you gotta take a picture like i said and make sure that you've just taken the picture and then left the area that's how you do that but again come back to that a little bit later on so now we are heading to the moon suck my bars nasa we're just going in a random uh a random rocket apparently suck mammoth yeah right let's just fast forward just hold down the a button [Music] ben cironco bradford horton simon wag jack yeats sorry but uh yeah so these are all the guys and girls who uh worked on the game so thank you fantastic uh but now we are on the moon now what we're going to do is actually get one achievement straight away oh jesus christ what a fit this is what a camera with skinny legs looks like when he's crouched over get yourself out of selfie mode and we're going to get a close-up of a dog any dog there we go so make sure you're crouching as well and that should get us the cosmo dog explorer achievement so that's the only one that we're going for up here yep so that one's all good so now what we're going to do again upload it to dog.net as well because that's all handy we obviously have to get the extreme traditional and art kids one left as well so now obviously what you can do if you what you can complete all the objectives if you want to but you don't have to so this dog frog hybrid spawn wiener bag can just balls off we're not going to get a photo of every dog on earth but what we are going to do is get two easy ones and that's for using a pixel lens on a flying saucer and getting a friendly alien and a friendly astronaut together and you'll you can tell which dogs are the ones with aliens there is another item there should be another item here as well if you haven't collected already always worth just picking them up um but we were just on the same side there's only two there's one road and basically two sides um but these are the aliens the one with basically it's just an alien hat um but we need to get one of those and just a dog together there's an astronaut look so again i think we'll have to do is get them nice and close so if you want to do that again just press the um right trigger when you're out of the camera mode get them all nice and happy and love you worried towards you like that and then wait alien [ __ ] come back here ah there we go so now we got the two together they're following us take a picture of that that one is all done pretty pretty friggin nice so slap that up to dogs net as well again even if you've got uh the heart emoji ones already done it's obviously still worth doing as well for the others so only one left uh what that we are going to do and the flying saucer basically appears just on the main road um at random intervals so if he's not here yet just what there he is he is there for me but i actually end up just missing him so like a donkey ball sack i have to wait a couple of minutes until he appears he'll come down the other way there he goes so that's why i just seen a cheeky little edit make sure you've got the pixel lens on and slap that slap that boy up there go complete that one and that will get us another couple of bonky bonks so again his majesty old fluff nut bags you can yeah you can go screw yourself because we are just going to leave the area now this is the only time that we come into the moon by the way so if you want to have a look around well you can do it at the end of the game you can do it right now if you wanted but there's generally not much there so let's go ahead leave the area let's move on [Music] so this time we're going to head to buppy boardwalk and we're going for the evening route this time now let's just take a little gander here right right down we look tall get rid of the old pixel lens um but there is well it doesn't appear to be any quests um yeah hello everyone oh this dog looks weird as well one dog looks chill one dog looks wired but there are a couple of objectives again that we're going to do now it may come to it that sometimes you may go to one of these and there'll be no objectives if that's the case just leave the area go to the next one there'll always be something and you can always tell when there's something to do with this there's an exclamation mark on the sort of hub page right there right so when you're taking a picture of the wired and the chilled dog somebody's on them energy drinks what we're going to do is head down just head down here again if you want to buy some camera parts or some upgrades you can do but there is a sleeping dog oh man that is the epitome of life that one in it that is the epitome of god damn life there is an item as well which is a new one which is a violin and as you can hear when you press the right trigger it plays a sad song this is one of the whole puppy pedia things by the way but again we get that at the end of the at the end of the video so take another picture of sleepy boy and then what we're going to do is head under this boardwalk eventually because that is where one of the objectives is the speed lunkies but just in the distance there on top of that same fire hydrant looking thing is the next envelope so grab that with all of its might and what we need to just need to take an older tiny portrait photo so very very easy again make sure that you're in stealthy mode to do that we also need to feed a dog a frogert that's good and captured jumping oh that's bad but no it's actually very easy so make sure you're in selfie mode um go back into your camera as well if you want to take the old time um the old-timey portrait photo like there we go come on yeah all right there we go obviously all the cameras uh inverted when you're in selfie mode so just in case uh but we're gonna pop that one up to dog net just because we can because we're cute as hell dog and then we're gonna go to the items in the vending machine and we are going to uh gonna grab a frogurt so again this will only appear if you've already collected it if not um you'll just have to you know i got i got this in this level and i think the metropolis level as well so hopefully you should have grabbed one by now if not just keep having a little look around um throw it on the floor wait oh little chunky monkey get it take it don't take it do not poop on my frogurt do not poop on my throat come on somebody have the god damn frog don't tell me you're on a diet now you and your hippie hippie vegan dog friends you want one [Music] you want it oh there we go he he he has it so he's taken he's taking it [Music] yeah i know you're happy you stupid bum to snatch but we need to take a picture of you two jumping so ah okay this chunky monkey's got it so turn around and there we go so after he eats it he's gonna start jumping he's gonna do a good couple of jumps so just make sure that again you're in selfie mode and again that you've got at least one of him jumping it's easy dog's jumping that's good but now he's gonna poop his crap he's gonna crap his ass out that's bad but it's gonna dig it up that's bad it's uh it's all bad okay right so now we can recycle it if you so choose to wish to because we do have a couple more objectives to get so the art kids is almost done we got friendly extreme and uh party done so uh right now we just need to take an old tiny portrait photo which again is very easily done dark room dad hello mr dad hello dad i'm son right so again make sure that you're in selfie mode go into a basic black and white and then just take a picture i do take a picture with a dog in the background just because well that's the aim of the game and dogs are damn cute except for the angry ones who want to bite your nuts off um in fact yeah put it into portrait mode which would be happy which is of course pressing left or in the d-pad until it's at all boy and then finally the portrait photo is done so again almost forgot about that but we've got a new puppy walk boardwalk now and now we need to take the ultimate old timey portrait and this one is easy as well you just have to get really you need to get right into a dog's snout in order for that one to be done uh so we're gonna go off selfie mode just get right up into a dog's snout and take that boy oh it's good always a good idea to take a picture of one of the most energized what looks like he's just sniffed up a magic mushroom infused dogs in buppy boardwalk right what also that does is it i don't think any picture of this point matters i've just got a couple in my camera already couple of them sleeping a couple of me because look at my look at my hairdo and it literally doesn't matter as well so also because we just completed a quest giving him that one um that unlocks the self love achievement but again obviously if you don't have that one just uh keep taking selfies when doing certain objectives like we can do with this next one as well for the final one so that was that one complete anyway so again if you want to just have a little look around for some bonerifics or anything like that you're more than welcome to there's another sleeping dog which is just um as you can see on the left-hand side there's the ramp to go up the boardwalk take a picture of this edel doggo taking another sleep we need to find the speed lunkers under the boardwalk and it is basically in the same area where we are now there is going to be an edit right there so we're still in the same area but from here just go to the right there is another doggo as well if you want to take a little look at him uh but like i said we were in the same area so just go under the boardwalk go to the right and the spelunkers are basically dogs with mining hats on them oh i look at that one sleeping as well so that's another one for the 20 different dogs taking a snooze achievement so if you want to do that um get it up to dog net and then uh complete that one so that should be another couple of followers for us now now the whole followers thing doesn't matter because in terms of upgrades and everything we've got everything that we need we just need to get all of them all of the followers up to heart emoji status so that's why we're still taking random pictures of random dogs and sticking them up to the old instant uh insta dog net uh so let's just take a little look around there is a radio that we've just got as well oh yeah yeah jabbing yeah is what i would do because i'm sure dogs love heavy metal and that don't they that's just a given dogs are well into their heavy metal that's why they're the friendliest creatures on the planet and cats like pop music like uh you know cardi b and stuff and that's why they're angry little bastards right so again that's all i'm doing for now is just having a look at some bonk bones and there is a couple of boat there we go so i'm just grabbing a couple uh again it doesn't matter if you've got one two or three you should have quite a bit by now to be honest as you can see i just left that one on the lamppost you can go flub yourself mate because we are now going to the next area uh so as you can see we've got the cloudy one open now for puppy boardwalk so that is actually where we go in next bubbins bardwalkins right so what we're gonna do we can again just make sure to have a look at your objectives or take a couple of pictures of a couple of dogs because basically we've got four achievements for taking a closer picture of a dog in each of the four um sort of days so the cloudy the night the evening the days we need to take a closer picture of a dog but for whatever reason it just didn't seem to be um uh tracking well that's what i'm after it didn't seem the achievement didn't seem to be tracking well so that's why we get at the end of the game right one of the objectives we need to take a picture of two dogs fishing now you don't need to do it in selfie mode if you've got the achievement but again if you still you have to get that achievement you um can do that so we've got two or more dogs fishing we've then got taken a photo of ourselves that is why i've done selfie mode and with an old timey film as well again you don't have to do that all at once you can just do that individually if you want i actually lucked into that one um to be quite fair because i already had it on the old timey photo so when that one's done you can recycle a couple post a couple of dog net again if you so wish to choose and housing dog in the background on the left is just looking at me like [ __ ] i'm trying to fish get the hell out of my fishing spot dog because that's what that dog sounds like apparently apparently he's like a crappy gangster of sorts right so what we're going to do now we're going to head to mataropolis and this time we are going for the uh what we're going to go for the cloudy i think this time yes we're going to cloud up our life there we go nice and rainy d rishi mundo so i don't need selfie mode anymore again if you do by all means carry on it'll get the achievement uh but we're just gonna take a little picture of little little fluff ball little tails tails miles per hour you should know who that is everyone should know that is but again take it up to um dog.net because there's a lot of traditional that we still need to get right so let's see we need to take a picture of a dog at the plate of the playground on a tire swing from the fire escape taking the train to dreamland which is basically in the park so that's fine you know the um sort of train with the three sleeping dogs on it that's the sort of dreamland thing uh but let's go ahead and just take a look for the envelope again usually it might be just luckily in a place um directly in front of us which for me it's just on top of this lamppost so that's where you may find it a lot of times is on top of that lamppost made to tell you what dogs have better lives than humans and again that's probably because humans are completely douchebaggery but snatches we are though aren't we we are just a bunch of [ __ ] every human on the planet so jump across to the fire escape it doesn't matter if you missed because there is a ladder you can just jump up anyway that comes in andy anti-mate and again if you could be less moronic than me right here and actually climb up a set of fire escape stairs then your life's going to be a lot easier than i just made it out to be so there will be a bunk bone here for me and just take a nice little leap across grab the letter b okay uh have a look at it and what we have to do is just take a picture of a dog wearing a raincoat easy because there's loads about but again remember you can dress the dogs on your own as well so you can literally go up to any dog put a raincoat on him take a picture job done so we're going to take a picture of this dog on this tire swing what that does is inadvertently um gives us three so for a dog plane at the playground on a tire swing and for taking the train to dreamland which is in the background of the picture uh just behind the tie swings there is the train luckily it's not an arriva trains wales one because man they break down more often than not so again you can pop it up to dog's net i always highly advise just do that for now but what i end up doing actually is taking a picture uploading it to dognet and then taking a picture of the same dog and then leaving the area to put into our puppypedia so that's what i start doing in just a little bit but it's obviously worth doing that right now if you want to because obviously the more uh pictures we put in that puppy pedia the less we have to do at the end of the game which is just vengeance man that's fan right so now we need to take a photo of a dog from the fire escape stupid me once again was thinking fire hydrant uh no the fire escape is obviously the uh fire escape went up earlier to climb up to the roof and now stupid me is struggling where to find one what why why is one welshman so moronica and why is one welshman uh speaking in italian there's no need to mana no no no so the fire escape well there is a fire escape there are plenty about but there is also one behind this as well if you wanted as you can see there but all you need to do get on any fire escape take a picture of any dogs or i think anything it doesn't really make a difference in fact yes has to be a dog so my bad my bad take a picture of a dog right now what you can do do is just take a again pop it up the dog's net and now to finish this bit we just have to take a picture of a dog with a raincoat on so this is actually where i start doing it now so i've put it up i posted that that this picture up to po at the dog net but i've taken another picture so when i leave the area hopefully that will go up under the pepipedia whether that's for taking a picture of a specific dog or something like that so i highly advise doing that way just to get a lot of it out the way so what we're gonna do i just go up to this dog uh remove the shoes that he had on and he's now got a raincoat on so just take a picture of him what that's going to do again is complete the objective so now we've got the mellow stone knight that's unlocked we're going to post the picture to dog net to get obviously more followers and things like that we're going to recycle that one and then take a picture of that same dog but this time not do anything we're not gonna touch it and that hopefully should then be one that goes on to our puppypedia because like i said earlier if you take a picture and you put it at the dog net it does not count towards the pepipedia it's like you can only do one thing at a time so education right let's go to daytime metropolis now there we go everyone looks nice handy dandy and candy as mandy so just by the park i just pick up another two little bonky boys little dog joe a little burger in his mouth i'll take it uh we're gonna go over to the train we're gonna take and pick another picture of these three sleeping beautifulnesses eventually um otherwise you're going to take one again what i do as well is take i take try and take a close-up picture of every dog for the achievements um but for whatever reason if the the achievement tracker in this game worked for a lot of things didn't work for almost everything right so we do have another couple to do so find the great artist in the park find the bone cellar find a cement truck and find hats for the theater troupe now the only tricky thing is trying to find these actual things but of course that's why i'm here to help you and to fall in love with you will you marry me okay so the cement truck should obviously be on the road there it is so it might not be in the same place again for you but it will be in it will be on one of these roads so just nip on the road take a look and take a picture of the cement truck again put it up to dogs net if you so choose but then what again we should do recycle it go back and then take another picture of it and hopefully for whatever reason that'll go up to peppypedia a lot of them won't but a lot of them will as well so it's always worth just take doing that way it just saves a lot more hassle at the end of the game so what we're going to do is jump across i see a little i see a little bonky bono of a bunk scouter box got a bunk go to horny jail bro there's a letter for me though in between these buildings so again like i said a lot of them are easily found i'll die i was just on a friggin rooftop you douchebags but yeah a lot of them can be easily found but a lot of them can be easily missed as well so we're going to just go ahead and this lorry's not going to help us it no so what i'm going to do then instead is grab this new item which should now be put into your vending machine inventory so let's just get our bum the snatches up onto a roof don't know why i'm trying to use the item vending machine item as something where we could literally just bounce on the canopy it is called a canopy right i feel like i'm a bit monish right there so now we're on top of rooftop just have a look and take a look at the photos uh have it take a photo of the dogs below and housing and again we do the same thing we'll complete the objective we'll post it to dognet to see if we can get any more followers and any more um uh any other extra bits on our blue bar and then take another picture and then leave it and then hopefully that should wrap us up to a papipedia so hopefully you've got that sort of routine going now um and that it's going to make things quite a bit easier so i see another scaramucho of a bonk um which is just on the rooftop so that's why i've just jumped across this fire escape again if you can't find any bonks you can always just slap your titties into the um inventory and into the objectives i'll just do another objective another dog ass titty titty oh my god that dog's stuck halfway through the chair hilarious and there we go so again we've just done the same thing slap that boy up to dog net and then take another picture i didn't get one barking did i delete it anyway whatever whatever just uh thinking out loud right there right so let's jump down we've got another bonky horny bone and now i think we can just crack on with the objective so three things and three places which might be difficult to locate if you don't know what you're selling for so what we're gonna do first is go for the great artist in the park and he is just basically by the ducks so go into the park past the playground area oh there's a little dog with the toy always worth doing as well if dogs got a toy in its mouth for whatever reason dog net take another picture leave it job's done right just over to with the duck side you can see a dog not doing anything but staring blindly at a canvas he's probably contemplating life like how the hell did i get here but that is apparently the great artist in the park if that's great i want to see other artists please so now we need to find the bone cellar and find hats for the theater troop which is just to the other side of where we are right now it's basically the stage um but we've got a couple of uh a couple of little bony horny bones to collect voiced there we go and then if we go towards the other side and go towards the vending machine you can see the stage just in the background and then all we got to do is just put a hat on each of the dogs who are on the stage and that is how you complete that objective so one's already got one so press up on the d-pad click in one of the dogs put any hat you want on him so he's got like a he's got a special helmet on and he's also got a special bike helmet i put a helmet on my head so that should be that one then now what we've got to do is find l bonerific seller now this one for some reason took me ages because i thought he was in quite a hard secret location and as it turns out he's just in the middle of the town area something that we've just seen a lot of times before so anyway take a picture you know the drill post the dog net take another picture and leave it so it goes to the puppypedia so go towards the town area niche yes you keep going straight buddy boy and then right here there we go so you see the dog which has a lot of bones in it and it has like a bone neon light he's the bone seller and for some reason it took literally like 10-15 minutes to realize that because i thought it was in a different weird location so again do the same take a picture complete the objective put it up to dogsnet and then just uh leave that one there we go so that's completor right so that's that one done we're all good now we can leave the area so hopefully with a couple of pictures that we took that's going up to your papipedia god damn i get him pissed off for saying puppypedia but you know i i hope and i'm sure you got the drill by now right red like a frozen cursed frogurt that's bad but it comes with the choice of two of your favorite tappings that's good right so let's take a picture of doggy with cute ass tie on right mia again do the same thing dog net and then take a picture and leave it [Music] all right so what we need to do then is find the hidden the hidden tree knob i mean dog sorry for the hidden tree dog it's he is very easily located there's a basically a place on the path we can go to jump up into the trees and there are two dogs in there but i think there's only one that counts towards it so uh just going to grab an envelope don't doggies don't mind a weird camera human hybrid thing with um skinny ass bendy legs and no arms even though you've seen me got arms anyway jump across grab el enveloperoni and then we can do if you actually stay on the lamppost you can actually jump up onto the trees so now we need to get a photo of two dogs chewing one bone um yeah humanoff you guys have funnies so there is another item here as well but we've already got that one have that up your butt doggy how do you like it how do you like when i hump you with items your item your little lipstick item oh that's a cute one though i'm sorry i didn't mean to pat you in the butt with whatever the hell that was it's cute little butt you cute right so let's just crack on with the objectives shall we right go into your vending machine go into the vending machine check out a bone again just press the a button there and that'll drop the item and we've got two but all we need is just two dogs to fight over one bone yeah woof to youtube bro don't you ever say anything else nah i suppose there's no reason to is there right so what i'm trying to do is throw it on the ground so the dogs go you kaboom right what we have to do is actually give it to him by going straight up to him and loving it might as well grab the other bone put it over to another dog any dog doesn't matter and then just take a picture of the bones in the two dogs mouths and there it is so that's that one done no let's go find a hidden tree dog oh actually let's do the dog with three vending machine items first what you can do is just whack out any particular items does not matter and just get a dog to sort of walk past it and that's it that's another am's easy one yeah [Music] uh so get out whichever ones you can hopefully ones that don't actually um fall away there's three items wait until there we go so i got a doggie on a bike going straight past it taking a nice couple of them and that is how you complete that one it's a piece of easy manner just like mario used to make huh a piece easy it's like pissing on princess peach's face after taking a dump on bowser's chest yeah apparently or something or other whatever the hell i just said not particularly too sure but still right now let's just go ahead and find the hidden tree dog i am the dog the big bad dog so have a look at the lamppost sort of in the middle of the path right here in between uh all the trees jump up and we should be able to do is jump up on the lamppost yeah it is now okay there it is and now jump up on the trees now that one the hidden dog was literally right in front of me just then but i actually missed it uh so it literally flashed up for like half a second i actually missed it um so that's why this bit takes me a little bit longer to do than normal but it is not this white dog just to let you know from here if you do turn around you will see another little uh either black or brown dog in a tree that is the hidden tree dog so let's just have a look because if i tell you where it is you'll probably notice it quicker than me which i didn't obviously evidently um so that doesn't work but again we'll do the whole poster.net and leave it etc so if you turn around to your right after giving him the stroke of uh the red rugged stroke of life turn around come here what the hell are you doing you stupid butt snatch no turn around the other way turn around the other way ah damn it okay right but basically he's on these set of trees on the lower part of the tree [Music] come on [Music] come in kim in i'm on the wrong fray a bit there you go so just to the right if you can see right now to the right turn ever so slightly to the right and you can see the uh whatever color dog that is now go to it take a picture of him for whatever reason ah i think i just caught on to it there it is man there jesus christ on a buddha mate right to jump over i don't know why the uh white dog i don't know if he was actually glitching he got stuck there on accidentals but um this is the one and that's that objective done again do the whole put it up the dog net recycle take another picture of him and now we can just go ahead and leave the area here firmly [Music] right now we're going to head to mataropolis in the night time in the evening time so again i do take another closer picture of the dog because i am just trying to go for the achievements uh for taking a picture every time of the day but again achievement tracker sucked kind of tiny donkey balls in this one but i've got a dog with glasses and a tie so a dog with excellent fashion sense so we haven't got that one yet just have a look uh it can be literally a dog with anything so don't think that you it has to be a dog with a tie in some glitches and then of course go ahead and just do the same thing we're all doing so we're almost there now for traditional and at kids uh for the for the art kids it's literally i'm just taking pictures with a different filter that's all a different lens and a different filter and that's what's getting the art one up there right so for some reason the ones in the night are a bit trickier to try and solve than the ones sort of in the day and then the sunset etc um but again it's not too bad because i'm going to tell you where they all are anyway so it makes no difference let's go ahead for the envelope for me this time is in here and there is another item as well blue there it is so there's the next item which is uh it's basically a robot vacuum which all dogs are scared of which makes it even more funny for us um a couple of bones here just for us to collect as well basically i'm going to fully upgrade the camera in mellow stone so i mean we're coming up we're not that far away really we're only about half hour or so away now for completing the game um but here is where the beats are coming from it is the same stage where we had to put the high uh hats on so take a picture of the dogs oh we've got a new time there for the uh lighthouse cove which is a very nice oh yeah do the same thing take another picture dog net take another picture lovely so that's that one complete now what we have to do is find a few dogs playing in the fireflies now it's just the opposite side of these of this path that we're on right now so just go straight from here up the path and then to the side is going to be where the fireflies are you just seem in the distance you know what fireflies are right yes you can eat them smash them grill them flub them now i wouldn't i'd highly advise against it but take a picture of a couple of dogs uh playing the fireflies that is that one then now this particular one is could have been tricky now let's just grab a little bonky horny boy go to jail but all we need to do is in the woods just take one picture of a dog that is on his own for some reason that one has worked that one worked for me but there are again another couple of sleeping dogs so we're going to grab these two and jump up there's the next one oh in fact there we go we've done it so let's sleep in dogs lie that is for taking photos of 20 different sleeping dogs again if you still need it by the end of the game or whatever you can just go out and back in out and back in to get a different picture now this is uh taking a picture of this dog just opposite the playground there um i'm not sure if it's like the same dog or if i just accidentally took a picture of a ghost dog or something but that that taking a picture of that dog seemed to work for me and now what we need to get is a picture of a dog on a moped and a picture of a dog on a bicycle now what what was kind of tricky about this one was you just had to wait i tried everything to sort of get them to follow me on both moped and bicycle but for whatever reason it didn't work so it took me about five or six minutes of waiting as soon as i found where somewhere a dog on a bicycle and a dog in a moped was i literally just waited in this area it was for about five to six minutes until they got close together took a picture bob's your ankle fanny's your aunt your mother is okay there we go so there we go that's that's that one just wait until the moped and the bicycle get nice and close until they're basically inside each other okay maybe not that bad but still that is how you do that objective and again we take another couple of pictures put it up to dogs net take another picture leave it for the old puppet house and pounds and edia right so what we're going to do now is head to um no but brickleberry are going to mellow stone it now are we going to go for the nice cloudy start of it sorry i think it was just freezing up there that's why it took a little while to get into that so we're into the cloudy section we're actually going to start getting the upgrades for all the cameras and stuff soon as well um and start banging out the rest of the achievements so we've got our kids and goth so we are getting there ever so slowly goth by the way if you just take a lot of pictures in the night of different dogs that is how you get got that so you can fly that one up uh so another couple of objectives for us to do um but basically um yeah so when we get the full upgrade of the camera we we can then stop doing up uh the objectives if you want i do show you a couple more of what to do just in case you want to do those particular ones um but as soon as we get the full camera upgrade and the acclaimed photographer for completing all the follower audiences we can now stop doing objectives and just basically finish the rest of the game off so as you can see there we got the envelope from in the middle of the woods a couple of things for us to do again because well i assume you know that by now playing the game for literally the last hour or two or three so again just do the same thing we've been doing for now we're going to uh put it up to the old insta net dog gram recycle it and then take another picture very nice very nice hello boy did you like my big tall long vending machine arm it creeps you out doesn't it especially because i don't know where i put them right so we need to take a picture in portrait mode we're going to have to do this one a portrait shot of a dog with the blasting geyser now again for me there was a dog already there which was lucky but you know a lot of dogs would be walking around for you anyway so press right or left in the d-pad to stick it into the older la la la portrait mode don't be a god damn douchebag you ejot sorry just talking to myself there thinking out loud talking to myself come in come in eventually i'm going to go oh yeah like there oh yeah you could put the important trait mode yeah god damn donkey house as i am right so that should be that objective done um now these ones are easy um the ones for getting a bunch of dogs on a rope bridge took me a while so if you want to skip that one you can um in fact now we're actually going for all the fully upgrades i've got 100 bunks a hundred bone dogs doggy bones so now we are going for the fully upgrade let's just get everything we can and i've still got eight bunken housings left over so if you again if you don't get it yet don't panic just keep your eye out for more bonks again we're going to be completing more objectives anyway so you should get enough by then um yeah so you should be fine so there's that one done now with the scoot vac what you can do pick him up here obviously you've had you would have had to have got him out with a vending machine hopefully he would have had him by now as well um if not just if you can't find him in any levels just keep switching back and forth between levels um until you find him and then he's all good in your your item in your vending machine yes skinny arm douche and bag and housing trousers right so you need to pick him up basically it's easier to just find one dog as soon as you see those little um bits on top of the dog there that means he's scared so he then should take a picture but this goddamn robot over stop trying to hoover up the sea and the water sounds like he's broken which i'm not surprised that to be honest right there we go so we've left the scoot vac go taking a picture of a dog being a third and there's that one right so now what i was trying to do is take a picture of a bunch of dogs on the bridge tried getting these dogs to follow me again obviously what i'm doing same as usual post a dog net get it get a little bit of progress on the blue bar take another picture so it goes into the paper pedia when we leave um but this whole bunch of dogs on the rope bridge i tried there are a bunch of dogs already by the fire escape i tried giving them items i tried stroking them all to come over nothing was working so after about 10 minutes i sort of clicked off went back in and then for some reason a whole bunch of dogs just decided to follow me and i was able to do that one but again if it's taking the pace or you're getting annoyed by it just don't worry about it just ignore that objective if you want there is probably an easier way for people to do it so if you have found an easier way to do it i'll see um pop it down in the comment section below so people know if they really want to do all of the objectives wired as hell so again this is me in fact we are going to get the follower audience achievement as well now so that is why i've left this little piece of section in otherwise i wouldn't have bothered so yeah again everyone everyone's looking lovey-dovey but again it's weird because one follows you or one followed me at least and then there was just nobody else who followed me are you screw you buddies but i will take one of you home or at least 18 of you go on let me take 30 of you home that'll be nice so again it's no it's it's this random thing here so unless you're just taking a picture of this one dog on the bridge what that's going to do then eventually i'm gonna pop it up to the old dog and house netting there we go so as you can see i already got the goth one but there it is with the art that's done so acclaimed photographer is complete again if you do need some more with the arcade just literally just using like a different filter um traditional not entirely sure gonna be honest sorry goth just go towards the night or if it's in like a dark setting or something um that is how you get goth ones up pretty quickly uh but if if you do need a hand with absolutely anything at all just please let me know in the comments section below um and i'll i will respond to you with what i think is best uh but now to do this next objective grab a wiener dog from the uh or a hot dog from basically where the uh geysers and the uh vending machine is pop it throw it into the water what a freaking waste of a hot dog by the way fuming with this one uh absolutely few with that one and then just take a picture of it again you can get the dog in the background if you want doesn't matter but um yeah bit bitter but get in and a bit frustrated in that one so we are now going to get a picture of a dog in the minecraft now here can you see like it's like it looks like a little um it looked like a little dragon or monster or something in the background that is actually one part of your puppypedia it's called mellie so that is one that one is easily easily missed so i'm not sure if i get that one right near or am i just being a donkey i think it's just being a donkey to be honest yeah right so head up no don't head up head to the left of where we were there we go so head to the left if we head up you can now there is another item but for some reason it's time to push me down get stop being a douchebaggery douchebag there we go it's just like a snowboarding tap ting rap yeah woohoo right there we go black and white i think i just missed that missed that again i think i got it this time well there's only one way to find out have a look and then take a fight right bang on right so again now we've only got this particular objective left you can just leave it if you find a little bit too difficult you can leave it because now if you've got all the achievements that i have all we've got left to do is um taking close-up dog photos at each area at every time of the day and then completing the puppypedia and that's all we got to do now so you can actually from now just skip the objectives you don't actually have to do the objectives anymore because you should have everything unlocked ready for us just to unlock the last couple of achievements so if you don't want to follow the last few objectives just go ahead and skip to one hour 54 minutes or so because we're gonna start doing the whole mellow stone um the achievement for taking a picture of every time of day with a close-up picture of a dog in mellow stone first so um now we should have this objective though if you wanted to do this objective we've now got this one done on the burn [Music] [Music] huh [Music] oh [Music] hmm run as fast as you can you cannot catch me i'm just good [ __ ] gingerbread and baldwin man i so now it does actually say to put scoot vat in the trash but this one again if you want to do that you'll have the same objective going over to the puppy boardwalk so go to the buppy boardwalk if you want to put that uh scooter thing in the trash um otherwise what we're gonna do now is um well we're just gonna get one thing for the pepperpedia first uh and we're gonna do another couple of objectives but what i do from now what we're gonna do is actually start the whole close up i'm taking the pictures of a dog close-up for every day um if you want to know what is making that screeching sound is basically just an eagle in the sky um which you'll be able to see zoom in and take a picture of the eagle in the sky that's how you do that but there is one thing for the puppypedia here uh which we will come to it's in the cave like i said it's like that weird dragon type thing [Music] and here it is then just gonna start it you can see it in the background there just behind the boat right there we go kind of looks like a cog wheel or something but that is an easily missed uh section of the puppypedia and that one is called smelly melly for being kind of like a dragon or something or whatever um so yeah eagle outside take a picture of that when we get into the night in mellow stone there is also another bunch of um objectives to do if you want but again like i said if you prefer it what you're gonna do what we're gonna do then is just um take pictures of close-up dogs at every time of the day to get those achievements out of the way so you have to do it on all four very easy as soon as you take a picture you can then just literally back out go to the next time of the day etc etc so again go about a minute away um and then we'll start it properly then so you should have already had a close-up picture of the dog in here though but again eagle by the way is whatever is making that screeching noise just in case you were wondering it's here somewhere eagle butthole [Music] hmm [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh hmm [Music] [Music] [Music] now it could be a case that you've already done it and you don't have to do it for all four but this is the first of the four achievements then bam there we go nature explorer take a close-up dog photo at mellowstone at every time of the day now again it's a case of i do um i did end up doing there was a couple of objectives it was like take a picture of the moon and three dogs um there's a ghost dog somewhere to take a picture of as well that ghost dog by the way can be literally anywhere um so it can be in the woods it can be up on top of the cliffs or anything so again if you want to do that more than welcome to but what i ended up doing now is just heading to metropolis we're going to go for the achievement now for taking a close-up dog photo of air at every time of day so again take this photo back out and just do every time of the day and dog is gonna lick your bowels later ali g style especially if you can't get anyone else to do it for you you know a bit of peanut butter yeah we've all been there not me personally because i'm hella paranoid and of course you know you don't want a dog licking your nuts anyway maybe i should shut up now and just oh look at that we got the achievement that's exactly what i was just gonna say so oh my god oh my god right obviously just go to buffy boardwalk now um like i said it may be a case where because the achievement tracker was being a bit weird it may it might be a case where you've been tracked for three out of the four things or maybe even one out of the four things so just go through them all anyway just to be safe other than sorry uh spit your hot dog in me your little business um otherwise yeah it's just as a this is not nice [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] thank you come again a poo and has a pima pedal on is doing fantastic at this camera stuff why the hell am i putting the hassel pima pedal on i don't know anyway we've only got one left to do and then we can finally just crack on with the puppypedia um so for the lighthouse co for me personally it was the cloudy area in which i got the achievements the only one it didn't have um so yeah but we are almost done with the game oh man you look you look sad you look goddamn sad right anyway uh so yeah for me it was the cloudy one and then we can crack on with the puppypedia for real now of course depending on your gameplay what you've done throughout the game i'm on about 77 i've got most of the puppy pedia done again just doing the sort of trick that i ended up doing oh there we go happy days so that's all four of the explorer achievements done now we've just got to complete the puppy pedia no it's as a hell man there it is so as you can see i'm already on 77 and that is just from doing the trick posting the dog net taking another picture and then leaving the area that counts towards that so to find the pepipedia get out of there and go home and then click right bumper once and as you can see we've got a whole host of things to take pictures of um now what i highly advise as well with all of the um exclamation marks a couple of people said it didn't unlock when it um when it was supposed to um so we just click on each of the pictures that we've already done the ones with the exclamation mark just as a sort of uh just in case sort of thing but this is the final bit some of these pictures um again sadly sorry are in um they are lens so those pictures are probably not that good for you um but if you know if you do get stuck with any particular dog literally just google it for the most for the most part it is literally a case of trying just getting a picture of a dog um with a certain bit of clothing on um that was the that's for the majority of it the hardest one for me here was barking and that's because you had to get basically a couple of dogs grouped together and just keep spamming like with the blinking achievement earlier just kept spamming until one of them backed um but otherwise it's pretty much it's just it is a straightforward one so if you don't know what a dog particularly looks like like for me the the whole cream fresh bijeon freeze i forgot what they look like did those little yappy little bastards in there with a puffy puffball head um but yeah just google it and then you'll be able to find it because there'll be tons everywhere so right mate from here what we're going to do is go down to bubban housing board and walking housing and we're going to try and do barking so i'm going to talk you through it anyway because you might as well um so to get back in what i ended up doing was going on to the boardwalk that the big one where there's a nice group of dogs about um and it's literally just a case of it's a case of timing because when they bark you'll see like little lines appear above over the head that is when um you know that you've got the barking one done um but in fact before that what we're going to do is go over to the skate park and get a picture of tony bark there he is looking slicey and dicey is here [Music] where is he nah missed okay right let's try it again yeah yeah there we go i am good photographer it only took me like 12 tries then so that one's that's so what i highly recommend as well is taking a picture of whatever it is you need to take a picture of leave the area so that it basically gets put into your pepipedia um because again a lot of people have said they've had problems and all sorts with it so good advice i would i definitely chose there take a picture leave the area and then come back so that one is hopefully stored in your old pop and house and powder housing right taking a picture of this guy with a tie-in hat to be honest it was more of a case of me waiting for some bacaronis but i do end up getting it here a whole bunch of dogs chilling um and they do start following me if you want to get an item and just give give a bone to them and stuff like that and you know try and just keep them all still then obviously more than do that otherwise what's happening is just keep waiting just keep spamming until one of them barks and again you'll know you've got it correctly when it barks and it's got the lines above his head like that but my reaction times basically my nan's got better reaction times so that that's what it says about me right there just keep spamming then and eventually you'll get that one [Music] okey okey right that seemed to work for that one now for the rest of them um it's it's it's an easy one so obviously backing got done so all i need is the cream freeze bijon fries where by now i've gone right what the hell does one of those little ah one of those annoying little yappy snacks um so i basically end up going to the lighthouse cove because i don't know why it just it was a lot easier to separate a lot of the dogs because obviously none of them got any of the accessories around anything so here's the one for me so the bijeon frige hello little douchebag so again take a picture leave the area that should count and then all we've got to do then for me personally is just do the clothes so for whatever ones you've got again if there's anyone that you're particularly stuck on and you haven't got please just let me know in the comment section below and i will reply to you and try and help you out the best i can but personally for me it's literally just a case of um i don't end up going to puppy boardwalk every time seeing what's got to be done um pressing up on the d-pad next to a dog putting that item of clothing on him take a picture job is as good as he nan's uncle's butt snatch whatever the hell that means [Music] oh [Music] so [Music] [Music] ah here is one that actually some people didn't know what to how what or how to do it first to do the sad one so slap your little skinny ass legs over to buff and house in bourdon houston the puppy boardwalk go straight here to your um vending machine and get out the violin very important violin pick it up press the right trigger oh we'll try that again should we so go to a dog which is probably not on a bike and i'll just make things easier there we go here's one so press oh buddy he's very sad now so give the violin a little play for a couple of seconds then take a picture and that is how you get sad so even though a lot of them look either high on magic mushrooms or sad anyway or happy that is how you get that particular sad one and now the rest is all for clothing [Music] [Music] [Music] whew [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] bye [Music] hmm [Music] [Music] hmm [Music] here we go here we go tiny shoes tiny shoes oh yeah then we're done tiny shoes looking like slippers take that picture leave the area and that is finally the game done they give them one more uh red rocket stroke if you want red racket red racket oh you know keep being an absolute dongle berry like me and uh keep pissing about come on the good the good guys and girls want to finish the game come on tiny shoes they're right there they're the slippers damn it okay all right there we go so now we take a picture they are actually tiny shoes he does look pissed off being in the mind to be honest but there we go right to leave the area and now this sweet sweet noise of oh yes not even one percent of unlocked this surprisingly but there we go then guys and gals so that is paparazzi housing trousers and that is well i mean i really enjoyed the game to be honest i thought it was awesome but i hope you enjoyed the game and i hope you enjoyed the guide as well if it did help don't forget of course to like comment subscribe and share with a friend as well uh don't forget to check me around socials twitter instagram facebook and patreon and again a big huge shout out to everyone who continues to support the channel on patreon i really do hope uh the guide was sort of straightforward and helpful enough uh so that you weren't too lost or anything but um please let me know if i was a piece of crap as well you know so i can always improve so thank you so much again guys and gals this was game pass challenge number five getting through it slowly i shall see you in the next game fast game anyway guys and gals big love youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 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