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    SearchThisVideo: Quality of Life – Let's Play Industries of Titan Update 6 Part 1

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    okay boys and girls

    let's play some industries of titan this

    is update

    six they just released and they call it

    quality of life because

    there is a lot of quality of life

    changes made to improve the playability

    of the game

    it's also a reference to the quality of

    life of citizens on titan

    probably so anyway let's get into this


    i'm going to play on survival mode this


    and i'm going to play this on the titan

    difficulty the hardest difficulty

    of the game because i'm stupid i'm

    really stupid

    so there's only one faction still so

    we'll just take this and i believe the

    last time

    i played on high risk high reward and

    i'm going to play on that again

    and i'm playing on hard code hardcore

    mode part code oh my god

    can't even say this right well anyway

    let's go

    so hopefully they fixed a lot of the

    issues that plagued

    the last version like i was having

    trouble with ships

    like there was uh workers glitching out

    on the ships and preventing me from


    and that really screwed me up so

    if they managed to fix that we should be


    and i should be able to play for

    many more hours than last time

    anyway here's the


    see you intro have significant

    investments riding on your success

    i hope you'll live up to our


    okay here we go glhf



    let's start by surveying these places

    just a few of these for now let's get

    some starting resources

    i guess we'll clear this out

    even though it doesn't give much we'll

    take this

    and what's in here lots of minerals

    we'll take that

    and i am not taking that

    oh i'll take this okay now

    let's build some storage just so we can

    get stuff in here now i do want

    this to be exclusively isotopes

    and then next we will have

    a fuel fab up here come on

    rotate it there we go

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    and then we will build a generator

    a large one

    relay and industrial outlet

    let you work on that then we'll start

    surveying more stuff

    now this is purely mineral so might as

    well just take that

    i do need some artifacts oh here we go

    let's gain access to the space port as

    soon as this is done

    all right so we got some power going

    let's do one battery and a fuel tank

    oh we should also takes we all get some

    waste receptacles

    just so we can move stuff around

    and next i will build a factory

    now i have no idea where i want to

    expand to like these crevices

    yeah i guess we'll expand in this

    direction but what i'm looking for

    are those mineral nodes and isotope


    that give us infinite resources

    and it's going to be hard to expand in

    this direction because there are mineral

    patches and isotope patches here

    okay we do need an energy pylon right


    so i guess we can start clearing this

    out somewhat

    just so we can park like a factory here

    with our fuel fabs

    unless there are more crevices around


    and no it's not around here

    so i'm thinking let's blow the pollution

    over here because one of the new

    buildings in this

    version is the industrial fan

    all it does is blows pollution and

    zethane in

    some other direction anyway

    habitat pods now

    we'll just do four of these or two of


    then we'll do large relays or one large

    relay right here

    oh we should probably oh

    let's claim this well i guess we have to

    salvage this

    and i guess we'll take this too

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    then we will get the monetization

    stations up and running

    just so we can get some that cash flow

    oh i should unlock the space port

    yeah there we go got this immediately

    and i i guess we can do this

    the first thing i want to unlock is the

    defense turret

    just need one defense turret for the

    time being

    it's going to be a while before they

    start attacking but we need to

    make sure we get our infant structure


    infrastructure i should say did i say

    that or not

    i know either way you know what i mean


    let's put you here

    okay we are still good for power so


    add this over here

    and two more habitat pods

    stationed here okay that's all we had

    so next i want to build a factory for


    i do want to put it over there

    okay oh we don't have minerals

    so we do need to start claiming these

    14 5 29 12.

    and we need to survey these some more

    okay that's out of range

    okay 29 in eight i guess we can take


    now we do need to unlock this but we

    need more credits we need more people in


    we can generate more but first we do

    need more

    or we do need more resources never mind

    see what else we can get

    enough space in spaceport and what we'll

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    take you

    i'll do it for now

    another monetization station up and then

    after that

    i'll need to take i need to get another


    the 25 minerals over here 14 minerals

    over here

    okay so


    before that happens should we get

    another monetization st

    you know what no let's get the factory

    first let's get more power going now you

    can connect these factories together

    but that prevents you from burrowing

    them so like

    during attack what i want to do is

    burrow these buildings

    into the ground so they don't take


    if you connect these buildings together

    it does provide

    more space efficiency

    it goes from 100 plus 100 to 220

    like so but it loses the ability to

    burrow in the ground

    which is why i'm not doing this

    so what i need right now is

    get some more of these minerals and then

    we'll continue building

    more power we need a generator here

    industrial outlet and i need a large

    relay over here

    oh this is pure minerals but

    four red artifacts damn

    okay we are going to need these red


    and you know what i will claim this and

    take the minerals and izotopes

    so we pretty much have to pick and

    choose which buildings to take


    any survey anymore yeah

    okay i can unlock the console now and

    start uh getting more

    influence by exchanging it for credits

    because we don't really need

    the credits at this point in time

    we do need credits to unlock buildings

    and repair stuff but at this point in


    we're just gonna use the credits to like

    build up our economy

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    by exchanging it for influence and then

    using that influence to claim stuff

    i do need this thing over here

    and then another generator

    here we go

    as soon as this is done these grids will

    be merged together okay so we have plus


    uh what else to do

    okay we'll take you

    okay i need to start massing resources


    the turret so what i'm going to do is


    start claiming buildings

    i should take this one


    okay this has more than enough minerals

    for a single

    turret so i really should be taking this


    then where to put the turret um

    i do need to be moving in this direction

    first just so that i have


    okay so once they get this

    going once i get the minerals in here

    i'll be able to build a defense turret

    have more than enough isotopes

    oh probably should add more storage

    that's going to be really important to


    stuff in here

    let's make this pure minerals

    we'll clear out the isotopes first and

    then it'll be a pure

    mineral storage

    i guess we could take these minerals as


    and then we'll put the turret over here

    oh this is going to be a while isn't it

    not enough influence but it's 10


    for free pretty much

    like one of the mechanics i noticed is

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    that you can get

    resources from the spaceport and these

    are basically

    a renewable source of resources

    like these things will eventually mine

    out these patches will mine out

    you'll run out of ruins to salvage

    unless you expand and extend yourself


    so you don't want to be doing that too


    but you want us i want to get

    resources from the spaceport because


    it they're basically free

    basically it costs uh influence but i

    can always get more influence like

    that's always being generated

    whereas resources not necessarily

    minerals and isotopes not necessarily

    unless you

    get to those infinite uh mineral nodes

    and isotope nodes

    and oh we can build turret now

    i need to stop talking and start


    so anyway what was i talking about uh

    we need to get

    resources first basically before we can

    before we get those infinite mineral and

    isotope nodes

    we need to get all of this stuff

    we can serve it as much as possible but

    at the same time we need all of it

    mined harvested and ready to go

    am i making sense yet if i am that's


    so we were full up on all of our


    i need to make sure this is at least

    level two

    before the first attack comes

    and we do have the resources for it and

    while we're at it

    i'll upgrade this energy pylon

    and then after that what i'm going to do

    is build a third factory

    for the uh

    conversion capsules that way we can get

    more workers

    and we'll get more stuff done

    but first things first we do need these

    isotopes here

    and why are you get going over here

    are you bringing the isotopes from here

    to the turret hmm

    like is this part of our inventory

    because i'm pretty much prevented from

    building anything or putting stuff on

    the ground

    until i get the resources for it so

    wait these aren't even counted like

    the isotope count isn't increasing or


    so we can only put stuff down if

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    it's in our inventory but then they just

    take it from somewhere else where it's

    not counted

    like what the hell game

    and wait what

    you're what's going on

    like where were you bringing those


    like this is still four out of 16.

    like where are you bringing the

    resources and

    okay so you're putting it in here

    but you're not building the defense


    what the hell

    yeah move minerals construct

    okay so you're moving

    wait upgrade building

    like come on guys

    prioritize these jobs stop getting

    minerals from the space port

    and like build this like i'm about to be


    like what the is going on come on

    come on come on come on

    okay so it must be a bug in

    prioritization because it's clearly

    prioritizing construction over moving

    resources but

    moving these minerals first instead of

    upgrading the building

    okay so that's a bug

    okay that's a pretty big bug like we

    would work around it but

    we have to notice the bug first before

    we can work around it

    okay here's here comes the attack let's

    build this factory now

    okay one thing i want to try is the call

    to arms

    button basically

    uh what it does is it automatically

    powers this

    up or power this down first what this


    when you press call to arms it's

    supposed to power this up i think i'm

    gonna press this

    anyway just make sure oh yeah

    it works and then we'll also burrow

    oh yeah i like this

    so this is being handled

    and there we go and then we cancel the


    unburrow everything

    oh yeah i like that that makes so

    that makes things so much easier because

    what happens

    what happened in the previous version is

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    i would have to manually

    disable and unassign the employees after

    an attack

    now i can just click the cancel alarm


    and it does it automatically so that is

    so cool

    that is really good i love it

    all right so yeah what was i doing here

    okay conversion capsules yeah so they

    did a lot of

    quality of life improvements that's why

    it's called quality of life

    but there's still some weird things


    and as long as they're not like

    game breaking bro bugs then i'm okay

    with it

    like you can always work around these

    types of bugs

    okay once we get these going we'll be

    able to add more employees

    while we're at it we also need to

    upgrade these buildings

    so let's get that done

    oh we're at it we also need to upgrade

    our headquarters like we need to burn

    these resources like

    these for a time we're actually full we

    need to be

    uh be burning these resources and then

    continuing to get more resources

    now i do need more of these red


    so i get it from here

    and let's see what else can i get

    oh that has a lot of isotopes i like


    and this is decent density of

    red artifacts

    okay i'll take the red artifacts from


    now how's the progress on this thing

    okay we can do this now

    okay so we're waiting on these to be


    we're still waiting for these buildings

    to finish upgrading

    i guess we have to wait for this now

    maybe i built too many of them at once

    i do have other things i need to get

    done here

    and as i upgrade to level two of the


    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    that extends our survey range so i'll be

    able to

    survey more buildings in the area

    all right let's convert more people

    and get more people

    enough living space so i have i do have

    to wait

    for these people to be converted but i

    will take this because it has an extra


    oh that's a lot of garbage all right so

    we will put more habitation pods or

    habitat pods

    okay industrial outlets will be over

    here and

    we're out of minerals again we're gonna

    get more minerals

    you know what let's take some mineral

    patches in an isotope patch

    okay we do have lots of people now but

    we also need more people coming in

    so we can convert them into employee


    like i wonder what the storyline is for

    industry of titan like i haven't really

    been paying attention to it

    like the intro is kind of vague but

    i don't know we're basically all i know

    is we're basically exploiting the

    resources of titan

    and somehow people a long time ago were

    living here that's why there's a whole

    bunch of ruins

    it looks like the downtown of some place

    and we do need more people coming in

    there we go there's seven

    okay so we'll continue expanding oh you

    guys are just

    over here uh

    let's put another relay station here

    except we

    again we do need more resources okay

    let's take this

    uh no 60 16

    oh okay we'll take that

    oh we need more credits

    let's take two more people

    now i really should add more habitation


    okay we're still going on power

    i do need more red artifacts

    okay there was a good building here yeah

    let's take this one

    okay so monetization stations let's

    build these over here

    and then on floor two continue

    building more habitat pods

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    and then more monetization stations

    okay that's all i can build for now and


    To begin this let's play of Industries of Titan Update 6, I setup my initial factories with Fuel Fabs, Generators, Habitat Pods, Monetization Stations and Conversion ...


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    1. "What the hell, game?"
      That's so common in these games. Everything works fine until it does not, and the game doesn't tell the user what the actual problem is. Few things kill the fun as fast as lack of feedback.


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