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    so hey guys and welcome to our circle 22

    plays raid World War 2 is day 1 release

    of the game no longer beta and stuff

    like that and I'm just gonna jump right

    into it but I need to adjust the level

    so you might hear an echo now so let's



    a raid rolled over - all right so yeah

    levels are fine


    stuff like that

    so dumb


    so news


    hello ok so that's working I started it

    jump in then did you do the tutorial oh

    yeah I'll just record everything again

    do we need to do this no more huh since

    we did it ready in the beta situation is

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    this is winning so we need killers we

    can find your skills a second to nine

    years survived pretty quiet and you get

    the job done a job that we need doing is

    wit a submission that shot oh nothing

    cute put in a sample we will be

    merciless once war bus their trains blow

    their bridges burning enemy holoholo

    it's all the same now having read your

    files and and expect fallows like you to

    do this purely out of sense of duty so

    if a little Nazi gold happens to go

    missing no questions will be asked

    history won't remember you your deeds

    will define absolute Grenache to fix up

    your own safe house that little stupid

    bunker yeah they they did it though we

    didn't play they updated it that last

    two days and they added two missions

    that we didn't do be mindful of gods

    enter the judge

    good luck to you my pride I see a God

    mr. stay out of sight

    well what the hell I just have to step

    on twice this reminds me of my first

    date this shrine has stops an ammo I can

    put it to better use than a corpse

    somehow my shits already reloaded it's

    my place I'm just luck here I expected

    more challenge yeah this looks all the

    same even the paratroopers I must find a

    way inside the requires a fine touch I

    didn't have to do that work prior I just

    shot down glass each one oh god this is

    not like payday at all

    they have shooting in the sky what you

    know what is their wolf cry - it's like

    a holy place for demolition

    is it a grenade this chain looks quite

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    for boating I know they put more detail

    it doesn't it looks the same but it's

    not the same

    look you got all this icons and stuff

    they made detail on the NHS FOV I've

    maxed it out I feel the view it's - I

    don't like it zoom didn't like what you

    were playing yesterday I just shut it

    looked ridiculous I was like dang how

    come the hole is the field of view there

    we go

    I'll go with 1988 there we go

    an unattended crate of medical supplies

    and me with empty you've gotten the

    reindeer working introduce myself my

    name is mrs. white and control has asked

    me to supervise the rape project you can

    use this enjoy nobody any more steps

    like there's like likewise there's ivy

    in a mushroom next to the bomb that fell

    in the middle

    they have posters on the wall yeah that

    they this is different but should I

    notice that wasn't in the what is

    helping you unwind between mission the

    cards look completely different kinds of

    black and aim red and green instead of

    just black and white hot it's can be

    used to make a mission harder in return

    for increased rewards increase the

    effect instead of a 5 gigabyte game it's

    the full game now ok you'll be able to

    recruit and switch between different

    raid members to take on missions sure

    the more songs will be reminded can also

    decide which outfits their operatives

    will wear

    I feel like I got to change my

    sensitivity let's go eat - it's [ __ ]

    19 I don't remember what I put it on

    them really there so that's this

    screenshot that you can upgrade your

    armaments and importantly well you 11

    Thompson's second trench gun m1 garand

    garand this training area is where

    you'll be able to expand and hone your

    raid teams talents and abilities and

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    you'll see that they've added the

    quality is much better than the demo you

    to be on the lookout for opportunities

    to misplace a little naughty girl do you

    do certain you might want to consider

    using some of it to spruce up this place

    the monster is where you'll find

    briefings and in turn every mission that

    I need learn a picture you can see it's

    cool figure white dog tags one more out

    of the people be sure to keep a lookout

    for the doctor ma'am don't do that I'm a

    million years later electing them will

    allow us to inform their families of

    their fate and don't worry you'll be

    rewarded for your efforts you've done

    well to get the camp set up now mission

    complete I got your ass real quick after

    I don't want to make it so that's just

    me and you only uh I'll do it I'll do it

    here let me add your can she join me I

    say [ __ ] it here just come to me screw


    I can have the carbine in but if I

    wanted well they got the revolver to

    let's go no well be there these pushed

    so many push daggers you know what that

    push daggers right now Kane and Lynch

    golden m1 thompson Mohsen to god they

    have to be super high level for all this

    mg42 dude [ __ ] alright put the scope of

    my [ __ ] to 50 kills perform 50 headshots

    I already got three already prepped have

    any cards I don't got any [ __ ]

    clothes either can I change his clothes

    oh it costs 150 mighty gold

    I mean I'm changing my clothes cuz wow I

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    guess I'm started worrying that same

    [ __ ] ready to go golf it's actually

    hunting I think huh

    it looks like I want to have a a blood

    hound with me

    screw it dude anything with the thing

    with the mauser upgrade so much [ __ ]

    dude all right we're gonna go hard

    immediately yeah yeah dude look at his

    Nazi gold already here yeah who's this

    oh my got 150 gold like a biased um this

    one goes up to 11


    Nazi cold that's a lot of that's a lot

    of Jew teeth dude all right let's do the

    Nazi ashes saluting it's don't get a

    flat turn just gonna do this only right

    I don't understand there's one that we

    know wouldn't fall there's only reads

    there's no like there's no like that

    many one where you start killing people

    hunters third is can't do hunters yet

    it's like a will do over the ocean with

    a Nazi scientist aboard part see the

    intense stuff like that look at this

    welcome Raiders and this is no it's

    doing though it's like eeeh files I'd

    even know that Sterling's as officer

    rivets enjoy seaman second one of them

    well kings waffen-ss seconds SS didn't

    all the spotters that throw flares

    that's on that's pretty sick

    they added them to what is it what do a

    [ __ ] officers when there's officers

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    they get reinforced sufficient for

    sauces but they though you could smack

    him with the good the

    is it missing this is actually hitting

    it with the I'm playing the maracas


    alright let's let's get this situated

    Wow ready to go quick in Japan cheerio

    cheerio play some cricket yeah you

    remember this right we did this with

    Mike in the I'm not gonna go silent I'm

    going [ __ ] I'm just gonna shoot him

    in the head

    I mean I'm gonna get on my [ __ ]

    upgrades for my weapon already like this

    silent that's a lot of [ __ ] oh oh I

    could do that I could do a hip shot and

    answer at the same time now I'm just

    joking it's not the same it's not the

    same at all we sure you don't you like

    your brights at that level pick our

    first worries gonna be getting into that

    yard what do you say bright it's it's



    oh [ __ ] where the hell did we start next

    to the machine knows you door here what

    do you know juice thank you get the

    juice and we both have a detonator



    damn it I miss my reloading quick


    therefore I don't like this war type

    [ __ ] dude I'm a sniper and you're

    gonna do

    we're crying shoot them in the chest I

    wish I could change hopefully I could

    change that later on it's like my war


    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    thing that's pretty pathetic where a

    slammer would need to have auto-aim

    I wish it was like work right to reload

    faster like that something effective Oh

    we're putting it on this bunker yeah

    yeah I put one [ __ ] I got the other one

    damn I'm about to die I forgot there's

    no coming back

    we need one word I forgot it there's a

    stamina there's the salmon the circle as

    well as a health bar be careful about

    you can't get everything EFT as hard as

    they husband we can to to make okay put

    your hands up

    I'm still doing my payday what'd you

    call it my payday shooting from the side

    directly to their head just my problem

    is my reload I don't have to reload one

    bullet edit one round at a time

    there's no stripper clip do I look

    different when I do this or no I can see

    your work rise maxed out but does it

    change when you do it do you look cooler

    or something you're brisk you know [ __ ]

    comes on top of your head of your icon

    you know that little for that for that

    cross icon you have oh it just puts it

    above your head that's it doesn't do


    they're just creeping all the time their

    character I know I put it on loud

    whatever but still they're just talking

    nonsense there's no enemies nearby and

    there's just they're just yelling

    the gas canisters exploded like dynamite

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    the potty isn't doing a flame you know

    like babe a flame with the gas canister

    it blew up like a [ __ ] TNT


    I wish I could run and reload I wish I


    maybe later on when their hand level

    I wonder if the guys open up here

    Oh call sterling of them

    I don't even know myself calling about

    who can I use this

    why is the round just floating there hey


    jung-hwan this turret until one is to

    picking this fire does the round fly out

    or does it get stuck is it getting stuck

    right next to it or is it flying out

    this case top right and it's spinning in

    a circle yeah dude a bug

    broken unrelated the game is broken on

    release well here you go Kay you gotta

    jump across hey ready I can't even

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00


    what's the did you did you check the


    what's the one-fifty one-fifty just

    regular or hit Shawn sir

    Oh 150 headshot I don't 150 hip and 200

    same thing that's wrong con cynthia's

    rifle maybe yeah I mean if you hit shank

    how many kills for the other one for the

    stabilizer whatever

    officers heads rolling


    we'll be

    just pick lucky ball oh great

    fifteen more headshots with the

    Springfield thing decreased spreading to

    attachment yes

    I miss my kid hey can I make him just

    stay here you can't do it doesn't work

    I throw a grenade ah [ __ ] cut the same

    it pulls out the grenade but you still

    gotta throw it


    this is forgiving earning blame on that


    Oh plans for a new raid available wow

    did you see Megan oh yeah oh the next

    one it's upstairs did you pluck that

    [ __ ] out fifty hit just with the

    Springfield challenge completed should I

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    died though I need a decrease in

    relearning now somebody's thinking

    really hard trying to do on game

    holy hell yeah I know I'm right here

    with you but I'm not getting it I'm

    getting it too though what's the cool

    thing but it's gonna say who found them

    for the challenge

    Loki grabbing everything the next one

    did it break itself yeah we didn't snap

    it off yeah different the damn thing

    exploded out look we already have to go

    upstairs I didn't pull it out unless you

    did no yeah oh here's one you know like

    one of those stupid shits is like Oh

    grab all the dog tags like that the

    steam will words whatever you have every

    single one from every single mission

    well I got a loot whatever it said I got

    it for being cool [ __ ] him up the bag

    oh [ __ ] then where there's no coming

    back after falling yeah yeah where

    there's no like a bag or something like



    thank you

    it's called sirs yeah I need to find the

    aim back but I couldn't find it it's

    gonna be my second time down and there's

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    no reviving it from it you know reset

    your downs you can't do it get they just

    wait for me to respond Bane has to

    negotiate thank you I'm gonna turn sepia

    tone soon the mics down I'm good I got

    one more down in me we should throw

    something like this D that's the perfect

    grenade opportunity

    that's perfect work cry right here

    deployers your name get that extra

    grenade whatever

    all the dropping [ __ ] uh oh no we

    gotta break it this time and a birthday

    then that's a lot of guys dude you don't

    have any more time to kill with your

    grenade risen doesn't lead to any oh

    yeah that's right for my case do I got

    to press F on the ground it doesn't

    automatically pick it up

    that's all I'm not getting any hello I'm

    really up Chris do you have to go tell

    her about the tank well your first thing

    oh they have sepia tone grayscale oh my

    girl find some help

    no it doesn't even matter even if I grab

    hell it doesn't reset the thing not that

    I know of here let me see I already have

    full health your cell 3

    [ __ ] alright sorry

    they were supposed to thing you're

    supposed to care about the other guy

    you're supposed to just heal yourself

    and I got an achievement for coronated a

    bunch of people I guess

    I need em on

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00


    whoo I think that says it's a charging

    barn once we fill that bar up we get



    and with the flicker doing

    I should call one of the guys yeah


    then I killed 40 people by the hip with

    the bells are pretty already getting

    nice we're getting great skill now but

    yeah once I once I lose all this health

    right here that's it and grab me help

    banks recharges my help but it yeah yeah

    but it doesn't reset the downs

    it stays I meant I'm still at 2 3 down



    are you single yeah we experiencing with

    the pain


    thank I go you're still give you good no

    matter how many times like that

    and increasingly magazine size completed

    nice thing about the dye forever

    I don't have any rounds in my weapons

    and I called the freaking rivet in them

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    and they're not coming to me

    oh that's it I'm bout to go down forever

    if you can work out somewhere


    and that's it

    I'm gonna go down forever

    just holed up somewhere

    there's all to do this island but look

    that I'm into that [ __ ]

    I've done one minute only just hold down

    I called both of them so if they love to

    follow you anyway they weren't listening

    to me how many times did they call them

    unless you're calling him Ricky

    no no no I'm just joking oh the neck

    deep oh yeah 37 seconds and there's a

    lot of time no work that's a lot of

    people need a machine gun guy they're

    not even coming to you to call them yeah

    yeah it's kind of pathetic yeah it's

    kind of ridiculous the Horde helping

    here for [ __ ] they're like yeah then

    stay down

    you should have got your p90 go through

    that door on the Left there's a help

    right there on the bottom rain

    that's one of the grenades that we're


    they're behind you

    now if we wanted to go walk in front of

    the machine second doing the do to the

    machine gun

    that's why though

    I'm iridium let that dying the house

    over here on there Dan

    go on the shelves damn it did even only

    a little bit all right let's look how

    many blimps are in the sky polish

    where's this [ __ ] is it is it right

    there where that thing is that icon

    about 38 meters yeah let's go to it now

    let's [ __ ] jump on this thing and

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    it's nice shoes

    oh sure oh it is yeah it is guaranteed


    how to use this thing granadan

    I can load it in there dude there's one


    all right these two are no good no more

    you got to get the one on the corner

    don't bring it to those yeah

    I got that one either this one yeah this


    I got it

    I think that's it

    now much of this appearance done

    how much it is a good tender then you're

    going down dude

    damn Led Zeppelin or whatever

    and we don't have a gun here hey let's

    too much vibration

    the taint is gonna be there too

    [ __ ] holy [ __ ] that's no good

    the other way let's go straight down

    through that though

    [ __ ] it lets us go now

    so long

    didn't even get a crowd control - we're

    just gonna get killed our bags and


    till 125 we got 70,000 how do you check

    it just pops up for me this is your

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    checkpoint where this is his weapon oh I

    got 40 I don't think it just pumps up

    right now huh your health help

    I thought I'd kill them Oh return here

    the ticket should go left or right left


    it was une Dylan on you there was this

    waiting room when does it give me

    continues [ __ ] is too much people like

    in looking at my job

    well headshot expert 100 unlocked 100

    kills mine is uh kind of stabbing with a


    oh receives the phone revived bonus but

    look at my cabbage


    we got some bonus for doing the D and

    the helper Wow 50 kill 500 kilogram

    create seven dog times Wow level are you

    three also oh yeah I'm gonna fix this

    [ __ ] real quick look at all those

    upgrades well even I can you equip the

    stem now I could equip the m1 carbine

    this thing it gets better and better

    that's what it says them the accuracy

    plus four now four for that weapon

    oh my second are you also using my mouse

    and my joy that's fine then I got a

    bigger increase to Meg sighs Oh 183 of


    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    all right let me use the carbine yeah

    [ __ ] it just so we can get a

    screw it yeah

    nobody gave me a gold no he's not only

    150 go no that's not

    that wasn't a gold mission dude we got

    some type of [ __ ] anyway

    no I don't remember nothing always loved

    maps even as a child

    oh there you go proficiencies so I'm

    talking about let's see here

    I don't know I like the mountain machine

    gun I always [ __ ] around but

    it has spread more often Nelson I'm

    talking come on

    okay so trained my efficiencies forget

    this escape Mike Meyer Springfield

    ask her it oh yeah that's right oh yeah

    train your thing right here what I put

    fricking juggler and second wind but you

    could do whatever how you want to fly

    she's a raid - unlike hunters

    strongpoint Tiger trap the hunters not

    because we did [ __ ] we're so used to

    that level

    ah fancy another crack at Hitler and his

    chums welcome mrs. white will tell you

    what cutscene wipe out a detachment of

    that and SS as they return from that

    bloody mission I was gonna say like you

    want to you want to try it on hard but

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    it's like second tier even yeah burglar

    nimble fingers and fast hands no mine's

    different my proficiencies are for recon

    oh that's why what's your profession is

    demolition yeah yeah oh I see the second

    one is on the third tier I want to

    change the war crime see it says war cry

    sharpshooter is there wita well no it

    just levels up only that's whack it's

    the very very first thing is single by

    itself on the far left I don't know if

    you I'm using a mouse and I'm

    highlighting everything so then Koster

    grenades reduce damage to your team

    suffers down level 40 is the max

    it looks like level 42 mags

    I don't even pull out my secondary I

    always just bought them with the [ __ ]

    yours also pull out your knife and then

    stab them but I miss buttstock with the

    damn thing and you pull out your melee

    to do more damage or some bogus alright


    let's see it's hunters the one with the

    the three camps Oh what is this thing is

    way better looking at the quality find

    the poppy huh

    I'm good with different audio let's

    forget it

    mine's a different said something

    different yeah I still got some good

    drink and then I got the drink in the

    freezer still [ __ ] oh yeah that will do


    dude the brush my qualities that mag so

    I get to see all the freaking brush all

    the trees I'm doing no brightness on the

    hey I'm gonna shoot the [ __ ] out of this


    Oh dad damn it is the fellows [ __ ]

    right there is what that was no a super

    [ __ ]

    it was he was hiding behind a tree but

    his face was exposed but it wasn't

    working the hitbox was [ __ ] then we

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    got a crowbar now it was like a it was a

    statue it was a portable one I guess I

    need a crowbar for this


    now yeah 15

    I wish this was full-auto that'd be

    pretty cool

    over to the world war 1 1

    I hope I can't see you dude it's so darn

    my shits that max setting all the

    machine gunner oh what the [ __ ]

    damn one dog tank still the same thing

    and it's gonna down look at that there's

    two different ones look this stuff right

    here look there's there's some jewelry

    stuff that could be another gonna

    replace them I can't hit them just like

    the stupid thing is blocking it

    perfectly for some reason the hitboxes

    is too thick on that brush like even

    though my cross hairs highlighted over

    his head it doesn't count

    I'm leaving stuff on my other monitor

    oh look I want to go training put it

    another probe ah let me shoot all this

    headshot leave the secret

    we're shooting the the targets on the

    the Nazis are using

    Oh Danny smacked me with this [ __ ]

    thank you

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    you think that the other camps on the

    council area


    let's go to that place it's over there

    it has to be

    I'm trying to make them surrender

    your frog outside riveting uh labor and

    the spotters Wow the sniper and spotter

    for his note there are some flares on

    the ship

    yeah how many hits all right

    he's gonna take the gun yeah sure he's

    gonna hit you try to mount that stupid


    they're eating flavor

    no loo ha ha

    all right here Oh vase how come I don't

    know carrion no more oh no no that was

    such a small one like this right here

    look this is a super small plug this is

    an example which is a picture of a gold

    watch you just grab it like fast and it

    increases your loot by so much so and so

    it doesn't increase it by the because

    it's not a big loop that's not of Jesus

    Christ it's not that [ __ ] the

    cathedral one or the glass the ring the

    rhythm the rims or the cup

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00


    the Craig dude pimp-juice I mean that

    crack you

    we should go down cuz he's like an egg

    drop all the way up here he's gonna

    drive either that north side gate or the

    south side game you all right let's go

    grab a scene of all the MMO Borderlands

    2 all the loot crate whatever

    over slavery


    as at the gate

    they're funny nicely like [ __ ] god I do

    all of them house off that's belonging

    me get any products I don't sleep much

    yeah I the one who looks like Wolfson

    here up tall video it upside down

    it actually shows the subtitles

    yeah show subtitles this time you get to

    hear I understand what they're talking I

    wonder who's the best


    all the flags

    three dog tags snap reward times three

    damn 145 experience


    long for efficiency

    damn I killed three specials what were

    they all the snipers not necessary the

    sniper and the stupid not needed I

    didn't get anything like nothing no huh

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    kill 250 a enemy's 20 meters away Jesus


    hipfire and just kill a lot of enemies

    all right let me switch weapons darlin

    500 mm is it simple

    there's a giant airship with a head to

    the bunker and I'm losing were my

    secondary it's one of because much more

    harder for me to

    yeah cuz you're doing like a she's using

    a shotgun aren't you yeah so I'm using

    the pistol second area pistol

    which one should I get fitness freak

    second wind or strong back oh yeah I go

    that's what I can eat again you changed

    my proficiencies I'll just put I see

    that's my second tier I got a second win

    so I could keep running faster and more

    often I'll just do strong back just in

    case thing we need to carry some heavy

    shells or gold faster when sprinting

    that's what I won I want I'll just be

    strong by Nickelback alright so we're

    gonna do something new called the Odin

    bunker busters a German army to shoot

    down from the Industrial Age fortified

    bunker find the night witches escort

    them to safety so we're finding a search

    and rescue

    we should not enemies would not be using

    a car being also hot the Sun yeah but

    I'm not doing using my shotgun like I'm

    using my secondary circle yeah that's

    one that takes forever for me to do that

    last time oh wow [ __ ] look at that

    bunker buster has the communications

    array Saving Private Ryan where the

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    medic died like men

    Krauts didn't see us good start the

    bunka is our target

    so let us fill our pockets with dynamite

    damn I mean I should have had a sniper

    every damned a siren I don't know which

    direction we're going that way who is it

    a long way




    I killed Michael

    oh it's harder to do that headshot thing

    with this one

    you're in my way did you going away the

    way around new plans for another

    different raid to the life

    to the bunker

    which direction we're going

    here over here this way you're going

    straight up the middle down the [ __ ]

    machine finale



    if I can cover this to an attack

    way to go guys

    we'll pull through

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    stay with us

    it's [ __ ] guys I'm on here I have

    sufficient risk office I lit up the

    [ __ ] I shot inside that stupid bunker

    and killed everybody

    bastard do the shooting in through the

    top this is when you kill you either

    receive goodie bag damn one minute is

    that really necessary

    now you get this thing

    never know what we were aiming at I was

    looking at the gun over my hand


    it's health

    now fish's gonna blow my thing is still


    four seconds gone blow up

    Oh [ __ ] what uh flaming flaming dude

    holy [ __ ] he's just cooking me goddamn

    don't panic

    we'll pull through

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    mr. grenade the entrance because they're

    all coming in

    man they're getting I got flames in the

    back to the front

    I meant the entrances in the door entity

    I'm gonna hang tight then

    far down

    I'm looking for the prisoners soon how

    many give me a countdown order seven I

    could hear that [ __ ] guy I'm scared

    you do we're gonna [ __ ] flame the

    [ __ ] up not getting closer he's getting

    closer I don't have any workin AIDS

    that's why three people out there I

    could hear it can you hear that see see

    that guy no I just see two guys right


    you just killed them another guy walked

    in as long as they're the [ __ ] oh no

    the other two are gone forever though

    can you hear that

    it's like dearth Vader it's the [ __ ]

    about that guy hariya series is burning

    me up [ __ ]

    oh my god throw you alter your grenades

    out of him


    punch me he's gonna crispy your ass in

    here use your shotgun - Oh Mike a fire

    yeah it's over if you're gonna live me

    huh oh my god hey I gotta read that that

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    thing again I don't know what their

    weakness is is it slamming in the hand

    if it is


    oh [ __ ] officers and SS


    Oh Nazi gold it's perfect here dude

    here that's it go oh yeah I got carry on

    Wow look I'm walking normal oh yeah hey

    you grab the one I was very good

    oh I got strong back we're supposed to

    go up north oh damn decrease Rico and

    kill 125 hip fire go oh we should I'm

    gonna leave mine down there we need a

    signal this game


    holy [ __ ] I gotta unlock the radio

    it's a three-tier [ __ ] now this game

    would be hard for a controller because I

    don't know how how would you survive

    these enemies are different they're not

    like payday enemies at all like if

    you're not hitting headshots you're

    gonna die like then oh yeah this one

    shot for

    I don't know if we're gonna have to come

    back down to bring them up or are they

    gonna run their ass down here this is

    one Nazi gold still carry the Nazi gold

    xau I'm gonna get out of here oh you

    have to escort them still I got to go

    back down and kiss them do it you have

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    to good deal okay there's a flare right

    here front just gonna it's gonna lay


    oh oh are you guys going

    God they don't oh my god now they're

    fusing into one person don't go out

    there you're gonna get frickin fresh

    little oh don't even sing it I don't

    know why they went up there it is we

    have to either wait for the barrage to

    be over or that flare there you go it's


    so let's go now hold on I called a loop

    holy [ __ ] somebody's on the human hdhd I

    don't know I feel about that hey they

    I'm going down

    oh I'm done forever holy [ __ ]

    okay I'm gonna hide go back down fifty


    there's a dude inside there he was on

    the machine gun also 40 seconds

    I'll show you freaking my skin

    a second 30 seconds



    three seconds

    I've been goodness it in freakin bring

    my 19 a lot or in 1903

    right now

    oh [ __ ] they have a health bar Oh

    right Hilda yeah

    sniper shooting us down again

    they're just keep walking away

    I don't know what they're trying to pull

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    but okay they're the ones I'm walking

    further I'm just following them

    yeah Cardinals good there's too many

    guys yeah I can't even come on with you


    you're just going advancing I'm just

    doing head shots

    is there help in here we'll find help


    they're getting shot out like targets I

    don't know why they're going by

    themselves and then how to stop them

    you're in so you should've just let him

    stay the duck down when you get too

    close if they they start walking because

    they feel comfortable there's is there's

    no real light control over those

    prisoners welcome dude here we go [ __ ]

    upon the home

    they're carrying gold and then your

    supers lower than you were pushing the

    prisoners forward there's the flare guy

    right there with his binoculars on the


    yeah they're going to bomb the shell the

    back of here and save this dugout



    I want to go down let's pick me up for

    here the stand

    they didn't know that it's a good area

    to -

    they come

    what happened there's no like a throws

    come back here don't don't look too far

    over there oh my god again I'm gonna

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    fall max

    stay away from the liar that's what I


    there's a flair here

    behind us behind us

    sure I'm gonna fall

    we're down

    guys come down

    and reloading I don't have any ammo on

    my [ __ ]

    because we could just run straight over

    there but

    [ __ ] dude

    like crap right

    and what's the ditch this [ __ ] gold

    dude and just run over there

    that's it and I don't have any more help

    no it's right here

    look no no I'm gonna die forever here

    holy [ __ ] do we get to Lutz I I don't

    know I don't I didn't I was already up

    here I threw mine they said goldmine

    shop now

    damn need a hand pillows that 100 shot

    Oh dismembered 100 enemies god damn

    195 kills I killed 162 head


    [ __ ]

    we got $26 times I have to talk to

    Phillip that's a bonus

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00



    what you started

    Oh fine yeah me too I'm fine


    okay not the hipfire with my shotgun

    that's why I'm fulfilling my I putted

    that work right duration increase the

    long range meter increased range damage


    your teammates firearms are more

    powerful during your war cry that's the

    only good use for my war crime I'd do

    that one so your [ __ ] can get stronger

    while I'm yelling because I don't even

    use it really it's like it's [ __ ]

    auto-aim on cuz that's just whack yeah I

    don't think so I don't think there's on

    him or aim assist no I didn't see any

    cuz that's what it [ __ ] that my war

    cry feels like a misis then it's like I

    don't like it I want to shoot heads

    increased damage resist destroyed tiger

    tanks before they're deployed ambushed a

    convoy and kill this Somaly look then

    rescue range make sure you bring the


    let's do last order ah

    fancy another go at the rotten Jarius

    jolly good show

    ah got a nice little ambush this is why

    he's will tell you more quarter left

    right you told every time you unlocked a

    ah there you are

    we're sending you honor operation this

    time it takes a bit longer you know this

    is why just wanna tell you more

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    please tells you oh my god I need you to

    move I didn't mean to a resistance agent

    I didn't even look at it the Nazi yeah

    oh how do I do this

    understand operation the Nazis are

    setting up communication posts to run

    the nuts do it I don't know the Nazis

    are setting up communication posts

    around the city to hide something from

    us in order for you to make it work yet

    the I've left you with the person

    excellent gone wrong it's left and top

    left and arm right I don't know but that

    pressing X but yeah I have to hit apply

    and click it oh all right there's two of


    there's one without that's actually

    nothing and then there's the one where

    they read on the left top left and red

    top top left and the bottom right I

    don't know I don't know what you're

    talking about I'm not using it on

    controller oh I just click and then hit

    apply I don't I I try to do that but

    it's not gonna apply it just read apply

    that's it it was okay I don't know I

    don't know I don't know I'm pressing X

    twice and then there's one without it

    and then then looks like most likely the

    one with the red on it huh

    remember X is actually squared on a

    Playstation controller

    because you're mimicking an Xbox

    controller oh I'm losing all to confirm

    it is it is it what's the Xbox

    controller though an X on the Xbox

    controller is square on a ps4 controller

    on a ps4 controller X's on the bottom

    yeah yeah so when I wear when you

    confirm reapply this is so red on the

    thing on the thing that you chose yeah

    but this game is all the where it says X

    and thing its Xbox controller icon yeah

    yeah I don't care about the Xbox

    controller buttons I'm talking about

    like is it highlighted red on the on on

    the thing that you chose the bar no not

    the bar but the like you know second

    wind and then you chose it and then

    there's a show like a red

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    yeah it turned red when I chose it yeah

    that's not saying so when you chose it

    the red is the one that's activated

    right yeah it's not that means it's not

    activated yeah okay that's all I wanted

    to know I don't know

    cuz I don't play one controller I don't

    know oh dude you're asking me something

    that it's like I'm hella clueless you're

    asking the wrong person


    I'm just I just wanna I just wanna know

    if it was something on your picture on

    the picture if it shows like a red tip


    let's see if I can show you I'm just

    wanna verify of the show shows blackness

    yeah you can't print screen on a steam

    game you have to photo you got to press


    after 12 yeah but then you have to then

    you have to go to your steam and grab it

    from there it's in your steam files you

    don't know where that's located

    I don't know

    okay nevermind so whatever I don't know

    this activator or not was this tending

    good laugh like that never mind

    well no let us submachine gun I was

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    gonna end up dying

    what's the of crime decrease spread like

    your - I could put that oh yeah it is

    okay plus 113 try kid I'll use that

    yeah [ __ ] it

    oh no no challenge [ __ ]

    down so it does turn right

    yep Oh messaging me


    there you go what the hell we doing oh

    we're going somewhere else we're doing

    something on the operation Oh what the

    hell let's back up in the it's a backup

    in the operation is different yeah and

    it's up it's not south it's not the and

    we're going back where we came from come

    at the Frog yeah so [ __ ] equal

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    counter I don't know what that is

    anybody challenge hard I don't know I

    don't we don't have any I think if i

    unlock it like get it from a victory

    whatever getting a more all the dog tags

    or some [ __ ] like that I don't know

    that's a forever

    kuba Morgan school gets preferred more

    dead egg for butt-whoopin fine

    yeah freakin a radio range huh that's

    gonna help us this little beauty Oh Jim

    chance sees everything


    where do I go

    oh the beep-beep oh there's guards there

    we go assassination

    I guess I'm supposed to follow that

    perhaps these radio or what is a

    dammit hey I shot him right when he

    picked it

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    looks like there






    there we go somewhere here

    good show


    that person wearing

    to my lips


    German engine areas


    German over engineering

    he's [ __ ] with the computer






    goodnight sugar cookie can I hold it for

    a while

    when he does his finger count

    next time we throw a grenade just hold

    the grenade down like a throw and then

    he counts with his fingers


    you didn't kill them


    he got right back up


    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00


    well he's repeating little baby

    Oh what the flea is he going in then

    he'll just he was driving for himself

    it's switch seats and stuff oh wow so

    you could shoot from one side and go to

    the other side cuz the yeah it's not

    really doing much oh [ __ ] I wanted this

    oh yeah they just touched the client I

    well the car is gonna let them blow it's

    up ahead I can see it 1 2 3 4 that's

    really cool it blows up for 5 seconds

    like add five he'll blow right out of

    your hand that toss





    Yeah right when I land it blows up


    so you can't go through


    for commitment

    dangit have to remove like super super


    yeah they want to turn it off

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00



    another [ __ ] thing

    jump in a friggin



    all right

    oh it's good it's going that's is it is

    it back here it's inside huh


    the officers flew in landed he's the one

    right at the controls ha ha

    I can't markup how do you mark there's

    something wrong here


    well I'm work something

    don't interact


    because you can't mark ideas


    wait does this work if I this is the

    button to time oh yeah yeah it's the

    in-game bells in game now I know what it

    was I don't know what it is for a

    console store but it was that it's like

    an Asterix thing for PC


    getting too close oh now they're coming

    out there's another coming out this way

    I think there's a we're gonna sign here



    and those officers should heart

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    about time

    but we're here there's a promotion

    our stuff is inside



    the connectors

    dan listen


    the reason so [ __ ] high speed and


    I wanted to [ __ ] m1 now but don't

    think they're Giants to use a bucket


    I'm trying to kill myself right hand

    with this and the AI is like goofy Oh

    here burst be pickin however just

    thinking just to any guy who's saying oh

    there's no way to get to the camera


    - what lame guy Wow near the car oh he's

    gonna kiss you you gotta do it's him

    doing that breathes hella [ __ ] hard

    Capel shop shoot ah that's pretty weak

    dude your neck like 180 your neck one

    game is super filling hugging going back

    to Kim you looked at me I'm like huh huh

    hey your whole neck turn why you driving

    like just this


    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    this is an upper oh damn there driving

    the client - yeah they're going to go

    over where we were

    it's our home days


    it's our home base rate ya know that

    we're hiding that [ __ ] Hannity

    there's just an outside operation to

    break the communications my show was


    whose car did we steal hundreds of that

    guy's gonna say something or Hitler the

    best oh well you killed that special


    yeah shotgun blast a shadow


    damn surely another one another top

    women working on them right another


    hold up great okay nothing hip crease

    headshot damage by 10% [ __ ] yes that's

    what I'm kidding I always do headshots

    now it's the 10% bonus now

    I understand our lease still had 15% I

    don't understand that

    save it for the needy

    yeah like trying to [ __ ] around with the

    grenades here this hold it that was if I

    kill myself here well he throws it

    automatically if you hold it down yeah

    he lets go and it blows up right in your

    face though but he can count with his

    fingers what customer very same make

    most make the most captured enemy

    medical supplies no make the most use

    out of capturing and so yeah you get

    that one so you can use the less one and

    then it grabs it to the strong medical

    thing increases the potency of that's

    really sick in I can air burst the

    glades they're always at arm here I

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    would like to upgrade you know I use

    gold just to see

    don't buy something [ __ ] I want to

    get some I get some rugs I'm gonna buy

    something [ __ ] like it

    I hate God I said I'm gonna buy I bought

    it I don't even care where is it

    and cleared out something yeah all your

    gold Canada lost right here he can't

    even see it ah down you know China leash

    china porcelain clicking gold toilet

    bowl let's see music real life we have

    the grenades throw a girl hold the

    grenade down pull your grenade out and

    hold it down and look at it he does of

    his fingers so you can measure a

    distance of of went to you know cuz it's

    no it's gonna blow up at five so it's

    pretty cool man pretty [ __ ] cool I

    actually want this inside second what is

    that second [ __ ] him 2nd Armored

    Division Brigade patch I want that one I

    want this woody I was wearing Staff

    Sergeant to the max oh yeah let's see

    this [ __ ] flamin lawson's

    dude flamin rappers without weakness

    dude where's the weakness the weight of

    the weapon and protective gear makes

    them slow and clumsy and the fuel tanks

    on their backs are a noticeable weak

    spot for their defenses

    oh and they're freaking complete

    disregard to fellow soldiers so they

    will burn everybody even even their own

    friends and supposedly his his tank is

    the weak spot then we're doing a

    freaking crime spree is what we're doing

    and it's two of six cities operations

    these are supposed to be fast or some

    [ __ ] on their mouths don't move

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00



    now let's love us here in slate ages

    gentlemen that's the officer commanders

    now finally it's still the Enigma

    machine are you serious do we have to do

    this assignment

    that's not my officer officer that's

    like the one where he's like I don't

    remember how to pull out one way there

    we go there we go but the [ __ ] come

    in come in from the shadows on this one

    that way I don't want to hit him so hard

    that I'm shaking oh there's a goal

    there's a golden one we need to dig my

    machine they don't leave it outside

    oh no no no damn he's too strong

    this maybe I wrote it let me see let's

    do paint blocking somebody found the

    dart I'm super different laws the enemy

    call for dynamite airdrop

    okay so we're doing the loud version


    no longer

    longer silent

    I'm in the crop

    they got

    I think you make your weapon stronger

    suppose of winning

    I got the bank

    now you get a routine

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    good again that's officer Dan he's

    SuperDuper strong we're gonna give the

    freaking thermal drill now

    the thermal drill fully we read that guy

    there's a guy with he's somewhere on the

    top that's cuz he just threw a [ __ ]

    flare there he is I see

    and what the [ __ ] did he drop

    there goes my stealth capability there

    goes mine [ __ ] studies metal gear

    like metal gear failure deep into the

    house with a result of just do the flick

    it what is that down inglorious basterds

    in the back double-stamp hunter our kid


    launched it a secret on the thermal

    drill where is it

    take the dynamite from the airdrop oh

    that's right there is super green flare

    over there what you video yeah I'll go

    get it while you guys are fighting with

    this bikini is whack as hell though they

    don't listen something is patchy fancy

    deep blue right here oh I think you

    could carry dynamite here you carry this

    then okay

    it's a [ __ ] heavy load whatever a

    heavy load of dynamite stick and get to

    get the Dynamo my lip just in case

    can you yeah you grabbed it damn you

    already grabbed the hellenistic so

    there's like enough for another one

    trying to learn the icons shows

    Jesus Christ there's no stripper 15

    that's never well I got us I got a scope

    on it so I got a 1x1 Z hold on hold on

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    enemy while I can reload I should have

    just used the carbine here again I'm

    getting messy

    then in 30 seconds

    can I see that are you here sniper holy


    she's kissing

    there's another one with a snapchat

    oh [ __ ] don't mean oh [ __ ]

    30 seconds 30 self

    225 out of 250 only should have been a

    time oh [ __ ] even he died he's in the

    middle of the [ __ ] Street just

    sucking up with them even say it didn't

    I know

    dude this is too many guys this is too

    many dude I'm a bolt-action

    the AI so pathetic

    Oh hours go inside

    here and work right now you got extra


    just pretend they're you get extra

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    damage now what is he doing out there

    here imma blow it up Oh [ __ ] artillery

    dude that's so many guys and artillery

    for us

    damnit I got hit by artillery summer Oh

    let's see if [ __ ] rigid is good


    okay we'll lose sterling good that

    sterling died keep moving at least let's

    get out of here get in this we can't

    open other doors just it's too difficult

    to open my other doors god damn I'm good

    glued that on hella quick holy crap


    I've been disconnected from steam no way

    you will now continue in offline mode

    what but you're here with me yeah I see

    you too like you're looking at me right

    now okay we just connected through steam

    yeah this game is buggy as [ __ ] this is

    day one release though it's alright we

    only play flicking single clearance oh

    [ __ ] I hear him careful here does leader

    is in that I don't know yeah it's in the

    [ __ ] corner


    Oh is he dead yeah damn I [ __ ] have

    take work rider they get extra now he

    has a backpack do you mean this [ __ ]

    weakness is this thing like they said

    this is his weakness it's [ __ ]

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    armored yeah get the shoot in the sides

    are under it

    you just keep shooting at his face


    it's like hugging them no crowd where we

    going now mine is still the Enigma

    machine okay we still the egg make new

    machine from inside the Treasury now

    what fine nazi commanders and take their

    enigma rotors my bleep thing went up

    almost done to one loot gonna have a

    lock gonna have a chance to get it we

    have to find the officer we could one

    and it's so hard because there what the

    hell is this there's an interior vault

    if you did it on silent

    it's awesome like the cutscene whatever

    the intro this place yeah

    I think you'll be on the left side


    was a butcher healing here Abbot

    all right so we're gonna find this

    [ __ ] officer we we did that other side

    of me so I'm guessing it's on this side

    on a piece of gold yeah like a face in

    the middle of the street Oh

    I don't know where the [ __ ] this guy's

    thing is dams know where this is a spawn

    point I don't know where that officer is



    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    where is inside the main house or you

    think I think you gotta go bye Sam

    big house oh damn orders

    yeah artillery

    Oh shucks I hear the whistling TC I

    could hit the whistling Dixie

    it's your finder a long time

    I can open this do not open it bro

    what is this level two level sorry go to

    you then there's nothing here and then I

    could have said happiness rollers never

    we didn't kill officer no it's [ __ ]


    Wow requires one gold bar now it just

    keeps sucking Italy

    it's all gone now another gold bar

    client oh it looks like the crate that

    look at the Creed it looks like that

    crate when you win the game and it

    increases quality look the outside of

    this crib here it looks like it's

    braided and it looks like Viking crate

    you know with iron girders and rivets

    the box itself will not like with it an

    end of the tradition and it upgrades the

    box that we get now I know what to look

    for dude I don't know where he is



    wait a minute I see another house right

    here yeah the [ __ ] snipers and the

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    damn flare throwers

    right here this side we never been here


    you ain't

    he's inside this [ __ ] bear you know

    oh yes

    alright kravitch

    you do not need us no more like this did

    them all

    her purse

    we're done Oh whiskey yeah broke my


    it's a [ __ ] tiger tank dude it blew

    up the escape you blew up the escape and

    loop the truck over so this event oh

    [ __ ] it's coming over there's no home

    mrs. Wyatt back at the main thing

    like I'm going to sneak

    broom-handle Mauser pistol how do I get

    to that side I think that's on the

    outside before we start wasting time on

    the outside and Ollie isn't ridiculous

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    we went too far down that [ __ ] I'm a

    greyscale now due to a flare [ __ ]

    oh it's gonna work this until you once

    you took it out

    I need to find a way to break through

    the wall between the treasury of the


    that's it I'll see you in 30 seconds if

    we're getting overrun grenaded you have

    to work crime I start throwing them what

    have fun yeah you just destroy it

    shooting damage now for me

    yeah where is that well maybe it's good

    you were getting zeros oh that's it

    want it I'm super

    I can't stand up we're doing [ __ ]

    totem pole damn you got blasted

    don't you die this I can pick you up all

    I'm stuck now that's it

    that's it I'm stuck I can't move

    yeah I'm dancing with you sticking

    something I got stuck on that pillar

    yeah I'm down ones around just reminds

    me of like them that very little baby


    right he'll it's both at the same time

    though just let us go is there you can

    go Darrington Savior

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    one of us go down this is the best




    that's [ __ ] gay as [ __ ] dude

    are you out no party too

    so I can't stand up yeah you're farther

    from me though oh you went back


    stop us

    they're calm down forever

    a word

    that's it I'm done for down noriko retry

    retry down sit down

    are you great or no

    striking down and then having him lifted

    and hopefully you get pushed out


    the best every

    it says you can't stand up Alice dancing

    that's it [ __ ] that corner oh that's

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    damn you're in the you're not getting

    killed oh don't you have oh no your full

    health again yeah

    there's no I'm not coming back that's my

    last and then I want decoy and when you

    get in the pillar you're just stuck in

    the pillar do this so many guys like

    down there on the opposite side of that

    pillar I don't know if you can see him

    I'm trying to shoot at me


    that's it let's look at it directly down

    can you hear me like this I did this

    down at least I know where the button is

    respectively what is this the vest so my

    button is the stupid the one on the left

    side of the number one I don't know

    accent they're all on the right side of

    you you know they know that this is like

    a group of six heat

    now there's nine they're all bunched

    together just chillin there waiting for


    like goldeneye and [ __ ]


    well that was a shitty then you're

    pretty strong a gas mass is too strong

    can I respond at least there's something

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    yeah restart return to the camp I just

    want to die now

    damn I can't even see no more that's it

    let's all just die that's whoppers

    yeah just die yes

    shoot me you can't stand up on your like

    in a crouched position - this is the

    best did almost then yes you peep that


    he comes up close that man then runs

    away I guess there is a second why cos

    [ __ ] dude

    Raid: World War 2 Trailer 4k: https://youtu.be/HjiEOL39eeU
    PART 2: https://youtu.be/U3PtFcoKRvI
    This is the closed BETA of the game Raid: WW2 from the same developers of Payday 2 the Heist from the company's Lion Game Lion, Starbreeze, and Overkill Software. As a huge fan of the payday series I went ahead and decided to play this game, because I will be playing the game on release and I am seriously looking forward to it.

    If interested in more Raid: World War 2 feel free to check out my playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyggOvOVG5v3ZkEXLxNtOBQ3FNbl91wUD

    If Interested in more MMORPG, JRPGs or video games in general go ahead and subscribe! or even leave a comment I will reply to every single comment that isnt spam!

    If interested in Raid: World War 2 feel free to check out the steam link here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/414740/RAID_World_War_II/

    GPU: GeForce GTX 1070
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
    Memory: 32 GB RAM (31.95 GB RAM usable)
    Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro


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