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SearchThisVideo: RAID WORLD WAR 2 – Walkthrough Part 1 Strongpoint Gameplay No Commentary

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oh now I'm control so listen carefully


the situation is this his loss is

winning so we need drastic measures and

you are those measures you're the best

of us capable killers we can find your

skills are second to none your survivors

and you get the job done

and the job that we need doing is

winning this war Churchill has given a

submission attacked the right anyway we

can in short set Europe ablaze as it

where our target Hitler that short us

proudness nasty Nazi friends that

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everything they stand for we will be

merciless no this isn't a gentlemen's

war class their trains blow their

bridges burn the enemy alive now having

read your files and and expect fellows

like you to do this purely out of sense

of duty so if a little Nazi gold happens

to go missing no questions will be asked

history won't remember you Berta your

deeds will define it good luck


assault Raiders are tough fighters

skilled in all forms of infantry combat

insurgent Raiders are fast agile

attackers skilled in close range combat

demolitions Raiders are experts in

engineering strategic destruction recon

Raiders are masters of long-range

weaponry with impeccable aim

the criminal past that made him so

unsuited to the regular military makes

rivet perfect for our purposes very few

truly know what lies beneath kurgans

mask that couldn't we say that of most

warriors perhaps my most dignified

soldier and certainly one of my most

effective Wolfgang is a force to be

reckoned with

don't be fooled by his English gentlemen

and this one is smart as a whip and

twice as dangerous

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Tipton County Callie I spilt the guards

pop into the church you wished up Valley

fellows would need so much

I need to take care of this lock almost


Gordon come on you little the God's sake

father it bingo

precision fire visit harm

ah death's door eh do you like them

through here makes good dance eh I

should probably get this stuff set up ah

you've gotten the radio working

excellent allow me to introduce myself

my name is mrs. white and control has

asked me to supervise the Wraiths

project you can use this radio to

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contact other raid operatives and join

forces with the more missions likewise

they can use their radios to join you

should you choose to allow them

as well as helping you unwind between

missions this card table is ideal with

perusing your collection of challenge

and booster cards challenge cards can be

used to make a mission harder in return

for increased rewards while booster

cards can be used to give you a

temporary advantage against the enemy

you'll be able to recruit and switch

between different raid members to take

on missions the more sartorial reminded

can also decide which outfits their

operatives will wear the weapons bench

is where you can upgrade your armaments

and importantly where you'll choose your

loadout before going on missions this

training area is where you'll be able to

expand and hone your rape teams talents

and abilities

I'm sure I don't have to tell you to be

on the lookout for opportunities to

misplace a little Nazi gold if you do

happen to come across them you might

want to consider using some of it to

spruce up this place the table is where

you'll find briefings and Intel for

every mission I make available to you

and is where you choose which mission to

execute next when ultimately what be

sure to keep a lookout for the dog tags

of fallen Allied soldiers collecting

them will allow us to inform their

families of their faiths and don't worry

you will be rewarded for your efforts

you've done well to get the camp set up

now I suggest you get some rest before

embarking on your first mission mrs.

white over and out

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shame no rocket launcher but Gorgon


look at this will ya

ready for another jokes chaps jolly good

he'll dress for demolitions for this one

what mrs. white we'll fill you in rob a

train carrying gold as it crosses the

bridge over the Elbe

the rail line between castle and Berlin

is one of the main routes for

transporting two Russian generals above

the castle eliminate them and recover

their Intel my agents have informed me

that the Nazis have captured two Russian

generals and are holding them at an

Alpine castle the schloss Blomberg these

generals have sensitive information

information we cannot afford to let the

Nazis use therefore the decision has

been made

the generals must die I need you to get

into the schloss Bromberg find the

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generals eliminate them we can assume

that the Nazis have already extracted

Intel from them so recover that to loss

Blomberg is too difficult to reach on

foot so I have saber squadron dropping

you in with the supplies you'll need

good luck over and out

it's sad they served their country with

honor we must see that setting up ladies


now there is both containing equipment

it is close to here I think the canister

fell from the same player this is right


that's why he sends low explosives get

them rigged


90 seconds 20 seconds

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ten seconds

five seconds

we still need to push up to the

Courtyard go go keep

we still need to push up to the

Courtyard go go - I'm in their sights

yeah looks like they're bringing the

party too


I'm taking a bit of a bruising down here

what we call survival remember we have

to take every laughs there is no other

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way show the dignity you just follow me

my whole of the fittest

make sure you search every room got to

be here some way

that was


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oh boy

follow me a fella

after me gently does it

that won't get me a cup of tea


I'll take that I suppose could have seen

a bit more

chaps shooter down make sure you search

every room

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stick with me I'm sorry to have to do

this to you old chap

let's see advancing on curve according

to this the Soviets of a strug live

across that Ukraine ha ha let's see what

the Reds are planning interesting let's


let's see what the Reds are planning the

Intel is in our possession and the

Russian generals are no longer concerned

I don't like it I'm not gonna lie just

gotta hope the ends justify the means I

have nothing further to that

let's call mrs. now what say we get the

radio hooked up to the mast leave it for

the next Jam

don't dilly-dally get the radio

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

rock salt or even supply

we do I say any chance

hold by the radio

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

I'm Hugh hold


how's off that belonging eat onion

powder shot

yeah nice one Mountain Arsenal nicer

excellent now cross out the charity

lunch gap Oh

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