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    Rayman Legends Definitive Edition – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

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    How does the definitive version of Rayman Legends hold up on Nintendo Switch? Find out in our review!

    Review by: Jordan Van Glish
    Follow him on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/jvanglish
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    Comment (25)

    1. There is such a huge difference between the original Rayman games so the games in this era. I was never a fan of the older Rayman titles only findind one here or there that was fun but this game is great is a truly timeless experience with loads of replayability. I really like the direction that franchise has been going in. Also it really seems like the Nintendo Switch is unquestionably the complete and definitive edition of the game. It's not a graphics powerhouse so its easy to crossplatform port it but with the touch screen, the portability, and being able to dock at home with all the DLC and skins included as well as added modes its the best way to play the game. I played this game before and I'm going to enjoy playing it all over again and see it as a platformer I can go back to anytime to replay levels and try to 100% complete. The physics are clutch and the art design is unique but has a timeless quality to it. A real romp if you've never played it and are a fan of platformers it's a must play.

    2. The whole time I was trying to remember if I already beat this one or not. I have! But I will double dip. This game is truly LEGENDARY!!! and I came nowhere close to 100%ing it! Plus, additional skins n shit, fuck yea!


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