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SearchThisVideo: Rayman Legends Definitive Edition – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

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fresh on the heels of his rabid friends

unexpected success Raymond has decided

to jump onto the Nintendo switch with a

game of his own albeit with a slightly

upgraded re-release while rayman

legends' definitive edition doesn't add

too much to the base experience released

on many platforms back in 2013 it does

contain all exclusive character skins

touchscreen levels not found in many

other versions and the new multiplayer

mode on top of being one of the best

platformers available on the system

right now for those that have never

played Rayman legends let me just say

that this game is absolutely wonderful

its levels are masterfully designed the

orchestral soundtrack is superb and the

art is good enough to be hung on a wall

most importantly this game is fun going

through a level is an absolute blast due

to how well Raymond responds to inputs

once I mastered the controls and learned

all of Raymond's moves

I discovered that each level can we play

it like a musical instrument if you

execute every action at the right time

the level is fun and fluid I even loved

messing around in the central hub or

even on the loading screens just trying

to see how many different moves I could

pull off with my character I was

discovering new animations for these

characters of very late in the game

since I never thought that there would

be a unique animation for certain button

combinations while I already played

rayman legends backing it originally

released I still found nearly every

level to be fun to play again in fact

there were so many parts of the game

that I totally forgot existed which made

to re-experience am a treat however

there were a few levels that stood out

his boring specifically ones where

Raymond gets turned into a duck as it

removes his fluidity of movement which

makes controlling the game a bit less

fun however the number of well-designed

fun levels gray Lee outnumbers those few

levels which I didn't like so this small

problem doesn't really impact my overall

enjoyment of the game this game is

packin a ton of content all at a very

reasonable price tag of $40 well there

are only six worlds in the game many

levels can be replayed with something

remixed similarly to Super Mario

galaxy's prankster comments some levels

will be played backwards with totally

new enemies and obstacles while others

will throw in a dark Rayman clone to

follow closely behind keeping you on

your toes for players that love to 100%

their games rayman legends has plenty of

concept for you to cover in addition to

the 6 main worlds the game offers 40 of

the best Rayman Origins levels are

thrown in as well they need to be

unlocked by scratching off lottery

tickets which I found to be quite

annoying since controlling murphy's

fingers the scratch off the tickets

wasn't particularly fun and seemed like

a waste of time

however the origins levels that are

included are on par with if not better

than the main games levels they even use

the original music from origins some of

which are delight to listen to I know

I've already spent some time talking

about the level design in this game but

I haven't even gotten around to

mentioning possibly the most creative

and fun moments in the game in music

levels using a mix of mostly rock and

classical music Rayman legends features

remixed versions of some very popular

songs and makes you platform to the



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there's only one in each world but if

you collect enough of the teens he's

found in each level in the game you

unlock a special world filled with 8-bit

remixes of these stages with distorting

visual effects to make the level even

harder this game once again includes

challenge levels which connects through

be soft servers to allow you to compete

with players all over the world to see

who can make it through levels the

fastest it doesn't allow for races in

real time only against ghosts of other

players while fun a few times I can't

see myself checking in every day for the

challenge however if you're someone that

likes competing for the top spot on the

leaderboard this section of the game is

perfect for you in the multiplayer

Department Rayman legends includes kung

foot mode which is basically a fast

paced game of soccer exclusive to the

switc version of the game is conflict

tournament mode which allows you to pass

controllers around and it's one event

mode with up to 8 teams I wasn't able to

test out comfort with friends of my own

but just based on how fun the characters

are to control and mess around with I

can only suspect the smacking a soccer

ball all across the screen is equally

fun while kung fu tournament may be the

only true exclusive content in rayman

legends definitive edition the switch

version of the game features every bit

of exclusive content available across

all platforms this includes exclusive

skins such as the PlayStation 3's

Assassin's Creed costume the Xbox 360

Splinter Cell costume or the Wii U's

Mario and Luigi costumes to name a few

they even granted access to a special

skin which was only previously available

to developers of the game in addition to

cosmetic content the definitive edition

of the game also contains the touch

screen levels that were only previously

available on the Wii U and the

PlayStation Vita well they require you

to play in handheld mode unlike the Wii

U I hardly found that to be a detriment

since this game looks absolutely

incredible on the switches screen

overall rayman legends was a delightful

gaming experience and that holds true in

the definitive edition as well

the levels are fun to traverse the art

is beautiful and the music is superb as

one who already played a rayman legends

on another platform the definitive

edition doesn't quite add enough to

justify double dipping for myself but

for those that have never played legends

before this version is truly the

definitive version it's a must-have for

any fan of platforming

I liked it a lot and I can't wait to get

back to it to try and collect all of the

extra goodies this game has to offer

thanks for watching and make sure to

subscribe to GameXplain for more

Nintendo switch reviews and everything

else Nintendo bye


How does the definitive version of Rayman Legends hold up on Nintendo Switch? Find out in our review!

Review by: Jordan Van Glish
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  1. There is such a huge difference between the original Rayman games so the games in this era. I was never a fan of the older Rayman titles only findind one here or there that was fun but this game is great is a truly timeless experience with loads of replayability. I really like the direction that franchise has been going in. Also it really seems like the Nintendo Switch is unquestionably the complete and definitive edition of the game. It's not a graphics powerhouse so its easy to crossplatform port it but with the touch screen, the portability, and being able to dock at home with all the DLC and skins included as well as added modes its the best way to play the game. I played this game before and I'm going to enjoy playing it all over again and see it as a platformer I can go back to anytime to replay levels and try to 100% complete. The physics are clutch and the art design is unique but has a timeless quality to it. A real romp if you've never played it and are a fan of platformers it's a must play.

  2. The whole time I was trying to remember if I already beat this one or not. I have! But I will double dip. This game is truly LEGENDARY!!! and I came nowhere close to 100%ing it! Plus, additional skins n shit, fuck yea!


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