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    Rayman Legends Definitive Edition – Switch Gameplay

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    We got our hands on a demo for Rayman Legends Definitive Edition coming to the Nintendo Switch, and wanted to share the gameplay with you all!


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      luigi was mario's player 2 back in the day. And now other shity things taking his place! Like the luma from galaxy and now cappy!

    2. I'd like to know how controlling Rayman and Murfy at the same time is supposed to fucking work in that level near the end of the game where you're running down vertical walls, jumping from wall to wall to avoid giant sawblades while also having Murfy cut ropes with PRECISION TIMING AND MOVEMENTS to make platforms fall at the right moments to allow Rayman to jump and run along them as he plummets, all without letting go of the control stick for even half a second lest Rayman stop running and just fall straight down into the abyss or onto the nearest sawblade.

    3. Dude i have this on ps vita, ps4, and pc lol. Was there really a need for this game? Its not worth more than 20 at this point. Especially when you can play it for cheap in 4k elsewhere

    4. For anyone who is watching this video right now, the Rayman Legends Demo has just been put back up onto the Nintendo eShop, and you can even get in the American eShop.

    5. I 100%d the PC version of rayman legends, and it is honestly my favorite platformer ever. What was hard for me though was that because I played it on PC I never got to play the game with friends. So things like playing through the levels with other people and Kung foot were just wasted on the PC version. The fact that it is on the switch, which is both portable and easily multiplayer, makes me much happier. Especially because the graphics are not let down (this game is beautiful) and they are still adding new stuff. I would rebuy this game even if they didn't add new things. I think this is definitive cause this is the console that this game was meant to be played on in my opinion. But that's only MY reason that I will buy this version.

    6. Another reason to get back into Rayman, I had one of his games for PS one back when I was ten years old. Just got my hands on the demo recently I think it's great i would rate this as ten out of ten for the whole playability plus it has other nice gimmicks I was surprised to see!

    7. is this game any good? I just got switch and looking for new games new or older doesnt matter, i usually dont buy brand new games except if its something in particular. i havent played nintendo since 64… i know shame on me. i loved Odyssey and Luigis Mansion


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