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    hey guy hey guys welcome back the

    wandering wind hits euros Gregory and

    today I'm gonna be reacting to the

    trailer for the next the next entry in

    the to the moon series from Freebird

    games now if you guys don't know about

    this series

    first of all shame on you for not

    watching any of my earlier videos about

    it and to please please play this game

    play these games they're awesome

    anyway I'm gonna link the trailer down

    in the description below if you want to

    go see it yourself please do this is

    just my reaction my analysis of the

    trailer let's go oh this is awesome

    first they went to the moon

    cool mmm then in 2017 mm-hmm what that

    didn't happen in the second game they

    went to the moon again okay this must be

    the spoof part they use only do a funny

    part and then they do the serious part

    after and now Hogan Lordan get ready oh

    crap because they're about to go to the

    moon for the third time good lord this

    will be interesting what are they doing

    on the moon what what what sir there

    what no


    well this is a Bob

    so I mean mm-hmm

    I will not lie this is pretty dang good


    what Neil just dabbed okay that's how

    those two are different scientists and

    those two are different scientists

    something you've got Neil O'Neill was

    Neil all the time I had no clue but

    where's Eva hmm that's a question

    Oh gonna learn what the clock this is

    okay is that a BTS poster in them yes it

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    is it's a BTS poster in the background

    let's see Mario the one beside Mario

    looks like Hatsune a Miku and then just

    for kicks

    you've got a boxing Legos and what looks

    like a a reject Barney the Dinosaur

    applause and of course beside her bed

    she's also got inist

    Pikachu why not why not good god okay

    what's up hey Roxy what is it Neil what

    ash what'd he do this time mm-hmm

    what'd he do what'd he do

    okay oh my oh my goodness oh my goodness

    that's a lot of information to keep up


    hmm I'll have to go back and actually

    and look at that but I had to believe

    this might be oh oh no what

    no episode one to the moon with the two

    minisodes from the Christmas special

    episode to finding paradise and abort

    and a bird story oh really

    oh it can't be really really what no no

    it can't be

    what so this this whole lot hold up hold

    up right here this right here is the

    final entry in the series maybe are you

    finally gonna get to find out what's

    wrong with Neil because in the first

    game we get a hint because we see Neil

    taking a pill then he eyes has to hide

    from Eva so we don't know if it's pain

    medications or if he's sick or what and

    then the second one he's got something

    going on with the machine that they use

    to do their work which they go in and

    they they manipulate the memories of

    people that are dying so they can have

    their final wish and Neil's been messing

    with machine for some reason why why is

    he messing with it what's he doing

    what's he trying to come what's he

    trying to achieve with this we don't

    know but with the first games hint in

    the second games even bigger hints and

    then at the end of the second game we

    see two is two of his fellow scientists

    helping him with this experimentation

    thing I what what's going on is is Neil

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    in trouble miss Neil the one that oh my

    gosh I gotta look at these screenshots

    and see what's going on okay we got that

    okay this is a billiard room nobody

    familiar here from illy are here but I

    see a record player down in the bottom

    right and then that picture on the wall

    looks surprising like the sword and is

    sewn actually with that King with young

    Arthur with his LOM red cape pulling the

    sword out of the stone

    interesting next we have an outdoor shot

    of a fountain with an angel on top with

    a sphere in their hands makes me think

    of a favor in the last game hmm

    interesting then we have a young boy

    washing up in the sink I'm assuming he's

    our next patient considering that we

    usually follow a patient's lifetime from

    the latest point of their life all the

    way to the earliest to help them figure

    out and fulfill their dream nice nice

    touches would the seashells on the sides

    of the tub there I cracked had to go

    back and then we also have Neill opening

    a car door for oh that looks like that

    might be Eva getting out and then you've

    got all the other scientists lined up on

    there on the Left going into what looks

    like a property of some kind or maybe

    he's opening the door so that she can

    get it I didn't know huh I don't know

    yeah looks pretty nice oak oh oh


    could this this beam no no no no what am

    I thinking

    no of course not but all the guys are

    dressed in suits and the and the women

    are dressed in no no it's not possible

    but maybe crap okay going bye-bye

    theories that have been made already

    about the game

    about the series itself Neal may be

    dying this this whole series maybe his

    life's memories playing out with Eva

    being the observer trying to give him

    his last wish what if his last wish were

    to marry Eva what did this oh crap oh

    this is oh my this is big this big okay

    next what the hell what what what what

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    is with this abnormally tall or a long

    cat holding a bloody knife with what and

    then what's that crystal structure over

    there good God more more questions I had

    the more the more information and get

    the more questions I have and the more

    answers I need good lord

    I love this painter aiming shot of the

    sky though then it's beautiful just

    beautiful just awesome but how can lord

    this this could really be the final

    entry I mean oh good lord

    oh good lord oh good lord if I F in gold

    with the rest of it in white if good


    good lord Wow okay this is oh wow this

    is getting pretty good this is getting

    pretty good okay when's it coming out

    when's it coming out please tell us when

    it's coming out please please tell us

    when it's coming out please please

    please please please please please

    please please please please

    we need a release date we need to

    release something something please come

    on come on come on come on don't leave

    us in the dark here come on you've got

    it you've got it come on come on come on

    come on you're not gonna give us our own

    easy at least a year

    give us a year is it coming out in 2020

    is he coming out sooner you suck on you

    suck okay let me tell you what I mean

    look okay something's coming and it's

    weird okay let me go to the official

    page the only thing it's got is a poster

    and the trailer okay that's fine let's

    go to the store steam store and see when

    it's coming out end of 2020 okay that

    works that works for me okay well that

    was an interesting that was an

    interesting trailer what did you guys

    think have you played the other two

    games in the series do you want to see

    more do you want me to play the series I

    wouldn't love to be able to play the

    series of games or you that would be

    awesome I think but you know it's all up

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    to you guys I love you I'll see you

    again soon and until next time thanks

    for watching

    MY PATRONS!!!!!! Ashland Shannon Jacob Gilbert The Orange Sunflower George Scales Kara Rothman-Reighard Samuel Procopio Joey Hoskin Danny S.


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    1. Absolutely jazzed to see this trailer much like your self, only saw it today! I'm impressed it took less than 3 years to be announced at least!


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