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    if you watch my Nintendo switch is going

    to drain my wallet in November video you

    would know that the last game I talked

    about was Resident Evil Revelations

    collection now this is consisting of

    Resident Evil Revelations one and two on

    the Nintendo switch and honestly Capcom

    has been pretty weird on the Nintendo

    switch Capcom has been pretty weird in

    general when it comes to games you know

    I was around

    I'm obviously an older dude I was around

    when Mega Man was at its peak Street

    Fighter was at its peak Resident Evil

    was at its peak and honestly it's kind

    of sad for me to see what Capcom has

    become and just their poor

    decision-making but so far on the switch

    they've sort of been doing that same

    sort of decision-making a lot of games

    have been skipping the platform which is

    unfortunate but we did get Ultra Street

    Fighter 2 and although that did you know

    play on to my nostalgia I still enjoyed

    the game a lot because it's one of my

    favorite fighting games of all time now

    Resident Evil Revelations is a game I'm

    very familiar with I originally played

    the 3ds version and reviewed it for a

    smaller website that I was working for

    back in the day and I absolutely loved

    the game so I was very excited to see

    this collection come to the Nintendo

    switch and Capcom hooked up a review

    copy of the game consisting of both

    Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for

    the Nintendo switch so what are these

    games all about how do they run on the

    Nintendo switch and is this something

    that you should potentially add to your

    Nintendo switch library let's find out

    and talk about these games and review

    them where's the evil revelations 1 & 2

    for the Nintendo switch


    so obviously this is two games and

    covering two games in one review is

    going to lead to a lot of content so

    basically the way I'm going to do this

    review is first we're going to talk

    about revelations one then we're going

    to talk about revelations two we're

    gonna talk about things I like and

    dislike about both games and then come

    to a final conclusion so Resident Evil

    Revelations 1 originally released back

    and I think 2012 on the Nintendo 3ds and

    was ported to other platforms eventually

    such as the ps3 the Xbox 360 even the

    Wii U got a version of it and at that

    time Resident Evil was sort of in a funk

    for me because I was not a huge fan of

    Resident Evil 4 I loved it as an action

    game don't get me wrong but as a

    survival horror game it just sort of you

    know transition to more of an action

    orientated game and I sort of missed

    that survival horror stuff Resident Evil

    5 I just was not a fan of so rather the

    Evil Revelations actually resonated with

    me really well one of my favorite games

    for the 3ds because they managed to

    combine both the survival horror genre

    that they you know grew up on

    essentially with Resident Evil and then

    that new action style with really in the

    same game and it just made it work well

    whether you're playing is Jill who is

    more of a survival horror style or Chris

    who's definitely a faster praise more

    action style more gun heavy style

    there's a lot to love about this game so

    the basis of the story is Jill go

    searching for Chris on this boat but

    then we find out that hey this was just

    a clever ruse and there's zombie

    creature things that are mutating and

    Chris isn't on the boat after all he was

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    in another place completely so now Chris

    has to go after Jill and that's really

    the basis of the story I'm not gonna get

    too heavy into the story I want you guys

    to experience it for yourself because

    it's a pretty solid story honestly and

    the way where as an evil revelations

    work like I said when you're playing is

    Jill you're playing as two different

    characters throughout the story and it's

    sort of broken up into like TV segments

    you switch back and forth between the

    characters and they're very distinct

    gameplay styles jill is definitely more

    of an old-school classic Resident Evil

    style low ammunition you know tight

    corridors tense situations where when

    you play as Chris and those characters

    it's definitely more high action you

    know a lot of gunplay a lot of bullets

    flying all over the place and I really

    like the way that it breaks up the

    gameplay it's really something for

    everyone within this game and

    that's what makes it really good and

    that's what makes it really stand out to

    me there is sort of a team mechanic in

    this game but they didn't really expand

    upon that until Resident Evil

    Revelations 2 the whole team mechanic in

    this game is essentially you just have

    an AI controlled partner who can help

    you with basic puzzles and whatnot but

    he's just marching to the beat or her

    beat of their own drum and they don't

    really you don't really have any control

    over them or anything so they do help

    sometimes but honestly sometimes they

    just piss you off because they're like

    hey you should probably shoot this enemy

    because I'm out of ammo and they just

    kind of stand there like an idiot

    but honestly Resident Evil Revelations

    like I said was one of my favorite 3ds

    games and the switch version of this

    game is just beautiful it's absolutely

    beautiful they really did a great job on

    this remaster it looks like it's running

    at 1080p 60 frames per second don't

    quote me on that I'm not a numbers guy

    but it is buttery smooth and a lot of

    the textures are now high resolution the

    game just looks really good and

    considering this game is you know nearly

    5 years old if not a little bit older

    it's really impressive how much time and

    effort they put into this to make it

    look as good as it runs and it runs

    beautifully there was no framerate

    hiccups or anything everything looks

    nice and crisp I was really pleased with

    how good the game looks both in docked

    and in handheld mode handheld mode

    honestly pretty much blew my mind it's

    one of the best looking games in

    handheld mode on the platform very crisp

    very smooth there's not really any sort

    of loss in graphical fidelity going from

    the docked mode to handheld mode which

    we do see in some switch games so my

    hats off to Capcom for this portal

    revelations one it is a phenomenal port

    now revelations 1 also has something

    called raid mode which is also in

    Revelations 2 but raid mode is very

    important in these games because it's

    the online aspect of the game it's

    basically sort of a high-octane shoot

    everything and there's missions and

    within these missions you can the

    quicker you do want you know the quicker

    you get through these levels if you

    eliminate all the enemies and whatnot

    you end up getting additional gun pieces

    and you can customize your gun pieces

    you customize your character you level

    up your character there's unlockable

    characters there's tons of stuff to do

    in RAID mode and it's really really fun

    honestly I used to play RAID mode all

    the time on the 3ds I was a very high

    level all the levels unlocked I was

    trying to unlock all the characters you

    could really sink a lot of time into

    Revelations one

    and that's what I plan on doing because

    I want to play the raid mode more

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    unfortunately there's not many people

    online if any people online I guess not

    many people got a review copy of this

    game but it did seem like RAID mode

    worked well when I played in solo mode

    so hopefully the online holds up now

    what's nice about the switch version of

    this game is that you can play in local

    co-op as well both in raid mode so you

    could play together

    and that's really fun honestly because

    local co-op just seems to be sort of a

    dying breed nowadays so really nice

    addition to the Nintendo switch version

    of this game I believe the local co-op

    is actually exclusive to the Nintendo

    switch version they also included new

    minigames there's a new minigame in both

    Resident Evil Revelations 1 and

    Revelations 2 the revelations 2-1 looks

    a lot cooler but I haven't unlocked it

    yet it's like a berry in ghouls and

    ghosts style thing the Resident Evil

    Revelations one thing is just a simple

    shooter but you do earn experience

    points BP that you can use in the raid

    mode version of the game which is the

    online component like we just talked

    about so honestly a beautiful package a

    beautiful package you're gonna get a lot

    of gameplay out of Resident Evil

    Revelations 1 it looks great sounds


    runs great and plays great on the

    Nintendo switch and it's a great game

    you know it's a fantastic game one of my

    favorite games on the 3ds and I'm glad

    to have it on the Nintendo switch now as

    familiar as I was with revelations 1

    revelations 2 never played it I don't

    know why I never played this game for

    whatever reason and I don't know there I

    know there was a lot of DLC that came

    out with Revelations 2 and maybe that

    turned me off a little bit to the game

    but I never picked it up on any platform

    that it came out of but now it's on this

    dual pack so I figured hey you know this

    is a perfect time for me to check it out

    thankfully all of the DLC is included in

    this version of the game so that's

    really cool right off the bat you know I

    like that aspect now Resident Evil

    Revelations 2 feels very different from

    Resident Evil Revelations 1 so

    revelations 2 has you playing as either

    Claire Redfield who is on with Barry

    Burton's daughter in some weird thing

    where they get like taking over and they

    get taken hostage and you're fighting to

    get out and then Barry time later goes

    in searches for Claire and his daughter

    and meets up with this strange little

    girl and it's kind of weird but honestly

    I got a sort of feeling of the last of

    vibe from this game because unlike in

    Revelations one where your character can

    stand on their own your AI character can

    stand on their own your character your

    AI character in this game is much weaker

    you know the person that Barry's

    daughter that's with Claire is very weak

    she doesn't want to use any weaponry she

    only uses a crowbar

    the little girl uses a brick so it's

    really a big difference from revelations

    one I'm not quite sure if I like it

    better but it is different and you know

    like I said I got some last of us vibes

    especially playing asbury with the

    little girl and whatnot and another

    major change from revelations one is now

    you can switch between the characters

    and you'll have to do that in order to

    solve certain puzzles and whatnot it

    does feel a little bit tacked on

    honestly but it's okay in my opinion you

    know it gets the job done and the story

    seems interesting enough I didn't like

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    that we sort of revisited the same sort

    of areas with both characters I would

    have liked to have seen different set

    pieces for the individual characters

    like we saw in Revelations one but

    revelations 2 seems ok one thing worth

    noting is the control scheme from

    revelations 1 to Revelations 2 is a bit

    different so if you're switching back

    and forth between the two games it can't

    be a little bit annoying revelations 2

    though I did like it it's definitely a

    different style it's definitely a

    different field now as far as graphical

    graphics are concerned with this game it

    does not look as good as revelations 1

    in my opinion they went with sort of a

    different art style maybe a little bit

    more realistic and this game does not

    run at 60 frames per second I don't

    believe it looks more like 30 frames per

    second to me once again don't quote me

    on this I'm just going off my eye I'm

    not a numbers guy but I definitely think

    revelations 1 looks cleaner that's not

    to say revelations 2 looks bad it's just

    sort of different and it's a little bit

    slower paced it feels like with all of

    the characters whereas in Revelations 1

    you had those two distinct feelings

    revelations 2 not so much Claire does

    have that sort of survival horror feel

    to her but it's definitely not as

    prevalent as it was in the first game

    now once again the game has raid mode in

    it which is another important aspect of

    the game and once again there was like

    nobody online but raid mode in this game

    does feel good once again it doesn't

    look as good as revelations one of my


    but it's definitely playable and I'm

    definitely interested to see you know

    how this is expanded upon because the

    weapon system seems a little bit

    different it seems a little bit more

    in-depth it seems like there's more

    stuff to unlock in this version of raid

    mode and everything that you do in the

    single-player is then accessible in the

    raid mode as well with BP and whatnot so

    honestly it's a good-looking game you

    know not as good as the first game in my

    opinion but it looks good enough

    it looks fine running on handheld mode

    once again not as good as revelations 1

    but still pretty solid I'll have some

    footage of it on the screen now there's

    a couple things about Revelations 2 that

    I didn't like um I felt that the

    difficulty was kind of all over the

    place and the game wasn't very clear

    sometimes about where I needed to go and

    whatnot but the biggest problem I had

    with it honestly was the fact that when

    you're injured the screen sort of does

    this red thing and it just kind of

    pulsates and it's really annoying

    in Revelations 1 the screen just goes

    kind of red when you're injured and you

    know it disturbs your vision but it's

    not that like annoying sort of thing

    it's kind of like oh I'm hurt I need to

    get some health whereas Revelations 2

    isn't like that I'm like dude chill out

    with this you're giving me a seizure

    here and there's a lot of changes from

    Revelations 2 from 1 to 2 that I just I

    just felt like you know it felt a bit

    unnecessary I think if they would went

    with the same sort of path that

    revelations one had revelations 2 would

    have been a better game because of it

    I'm not saying that revelations 2 is a

    bad game I just think it's nowhere near

    as good as the first game in the series

    which is kind of strange to me because

    you would have think that would have

    just built upon that groundwork I think

    the story is a little bit better in

    Revelations 2 there's definitely some

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    cool twists and turns and like I said

    the dichotomy between Barry and little

    girl and Claire and Barry's daughter is

    very interesting it's not like they're

    on an even playing field there's

    definitely you know a weaker character

    that you sort of have to take care of

    and you learn about their backstory in

    this place where the eclair and Barry's

    daughter would keep captive and it's

    just really interesting I really like

    the story in the game but I just wish

    that they would have taken the gameplay

    from revelations 1 and just sort of

    improved upon it instead of switching it

    up a bit now as far as is this game

    worth picking up yeah I mean ok if you

    get the physical version of the game

    it's the

    the cart contains revelations one and

    you have to download revelations -

    revelations - is a hefty download it's

    like 23 or 24 gigs but that's 40 bucks

    now you can buy these games individually

    as well on the Nintendo switches each

    shop they're $19.99 a piece and honestly

    if at the very least if you've never

    played a Revelations game I think you

    should download revelations 1 it's a

    phenomenal game there's so much fun to

    be had and it's just a very very

    impressive package on the Nintendo

    switch now if you decide to go the

    physical route you're gonna have a good

    time with both games the only reason I

    would say not to buy revelations this

    dual pack is if you're very familiar

    with it although it does contain all the

    DLC although there are motion controls

    in the game as well which they didn't

    really talk about because you guys know

    I'm not huge on motion controls but they

    seem to be done really well I gambled

    with them a bit in Revelations 1 and

    there are switch exclusive minigames and

    local co-op if you're you know familiar

    with both of these games and you've

    played them sort of recently and you

    pick them up on another platform there's

    not much different to see here there's

    nothing really unique about this aside

    from the ability to play it anywhere on

    the go I guess now if you're not

    familiar with both of these games it's

    definitely smart to pick up this pack

    it's 40 bucks you're getting a ton of

    content the online stuff is insane

    there's so much stuff to unlock there's

    so much stuff to do so much stuff to see

    you're gonna have tons of stuff to do

    and the fact that there's a lot of

    throwbacks the old Resident Evil stuff

    and mentions two old Resident Evil stuff

    and old Resident Evil characters that

    you can use in raid mode really makes it

    fun for me you're gonna have a ton of

    fun in RAID mode it's definitely a very

    solid experience at the very least like

    I said you owe it to yourself to play

    Revelations 1 if you're a resident evil

    fan you might as well pick up both of

    the games because honestly I've been

    having a blast with this I can't wait to

    play some raid mode online and you know

    just explore the raid mode more

    especially revelations 2 I'm pretty

    familiar with the raid mode in

    Revelations 1 Revelations 2 I want to

    see what all sorts of unlockables I can

    get because I haven't been able to play

    enough of it so yeah you know very solid

    stuff here from Capcom I can't believe

    I'm saying that

    but Capcom did a good job with these

    games and it's very it's very nice to

    see these games on the Nintendo switch

    it's definitely a game that should be on

    your radar you know for 40 bucks you're

    getting 2 games and a ton of content so

    that's all I really got to say

    these games it's definitely a solid

    investment in my opinion at the very

    least make sure you check out

    revelations one because that's just one

    of the best Resident Evil games of all

    time in my humble opinion so let me know

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    if you plan on picking up this

    compilation in the comment section down


    if you're familiar with these games if

    you played them on other platforms what

    you thought about these games I know the

    general consensus is that revelations 2

    is weaker than revelations 1 and I will

    totally agree with that but I think

    revelations 2 is decent but definitely

    not as good as revelations 1 thank you

    for checking out this video as always be

    sure to hit that like button make sure

    you leave me your comments down in the

    comment section down below

    check out all my social media links in

    the description box make sure you

    subscribe to the channel and I will

    catch you guys next time later


    The Resident Evil Revelations Collection is now out for the Nintendo Switch, consisting of Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 on the Switch. Is it worth picking up this collection? Find in this Resident Evil Revelations Collection for Switch Review!

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    1. Of course I'll pick this up. But about the download thing, could i download it directly unto the microsdxc or do i have to spare space on the original switch memory?

    2. Rev 2 suck cause they put in that dinosaur Barry I hate Barry it would've been better if they brought back Steve and he never aged Resident Evil 5 legendary that's the only time I like Chris

    3. I've beat the 1st revelations but I have no clue how to get to the 2nd game. Can someone tell me how please. I mean its RER collection. So its suppose to have both. Do you have to beat the first one first or what?

    4. Does RE revelations 1 have split-screen co-op where two people can play on the same switch console with 2 controllers?

    5. I have actually just picked up a copy of both revelations 1 and 2 for my switch luckily caught them on sale for 8 bucks a piece on the e shop for a Halloween sale. I have always been a huge resident evil fan since i was a kid but for some reason never played these 2 games and just to know I get to experience it on the go and at home on the big screen is awesome and watching this review has me pumped even more now to experience these two games!


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