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SearchThisVideo: Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Switch: Full Tech Analysis!

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Watch video at 00:00

when Nintendo first launched the 3ds

Capcom tossed its hat into the ring

early with Resident Evil Revelations

which delivered some of the finest

visuals on the system yet despite its

success the sequel was not made for the

3ds at all

now with the Nintendo switch Capcom is

finally trying to rectify this by

releasing both games uh Nintendo's

latest Hardware the question is how does

it stack up against previous releases

let's find out

for this video we'll be looking at both

games but as revelations 2 is the more

interesting game technically we're going

to start with it released in 2015 across

a huge number of platforms including

current and last generation consoles

revelations 2 is an interesting

follow-up to the 3ds original it's

powered by one of the more recent

versions of MT framework and features

numerous visual enhancements over the

original revelations to start with in

terms of resolution Capcom has made the

right choice here in doctor mode were

looking at a full native 1080p while

handheld is reduced to 720p it's the

best the switch has to offer and makes

for a nice change of pace after some of

the recent sub native releases

unfortunately this is also where the

first downside becomes clear

anti-aliasing has been cut from the game

entirely if we compare to the ps4

version edges on switch are less refined

and more aliased overall producing a

noisier overall image in the process at

this point you might be noticing a

difference in terms of image clarity and

in fact at first glance it might even

seem like the textures themselves are

higher resolution on the switch in

reality that's not quite the case in

fact we're looking at smaller details

such as the belt and buckle textures in

this scene it's clear that the ps4

version still has an advantage over the


world textures however are basically

identical so why do they appear sharper

in scenes like this

well it appears that a form of

sharpening is applied to the image

resulting in well sharper looking

textures but also more visible noise and

shimmering specular highlights appear

much noisier than on ps4 as well in

comparison the other consoles use FXAA

which can blur the image in addition to

a subtle bloom pass of sorts giving them

a softer overall look as for which one

looks better than it's really a matter

of personal preference and even with

this sharpening revelations 2 does look

good on the switch providing a general

visual quality that seems nearly on par

with the other releases if you look

closely however there are definitely

visible differences to be found

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

first up shadows in the original release

the flashlight can cast shadows when

pointing towards specific pieces of

scenery or characters on switch this

feature has been eliminated entirely in

the pursuit of faster performance for a

horror game this is a big loss and it

does reduce the atmosphere in certain

scenes but it's understandable

next the draw distance of foliage has

been reduced significantly with grass

visibly popping into view as you run

through the environment when starting

the second chapter grass is completely

missing on the switch and doesn't appear

until you move closer we also ran into

weird loading issues from time to time

like this where the entire background

struggled to load into memory as we ran

through the environment this is all

while installed to a fast SD card

unfortunately due to the size of the

game really wasn't feasible to test it

on the system's internal storage without

basically deleting everything else

something to consider when picking the

game up because revelations 2 is only

available as a digital download

speaking of loading this is another

issue with the port stumbles when

loading the chapter revelations 2

requires a significant amount of waiting

time before jumping into the game it

takes a lot longer to lower than it does

on ps4 Xbox one that's for sure

thankfully once in the game it is mostly

seamless but these initial loads for

each chapter are frustratingly long

another issue that stands out is the

handling of hair and cloth animation

while running around Claire's hair

visibly bounces along with her coat tail

and these appear to be updated at a

slower rate than the ps4 version given

the impression of less fluid animation a

minor thing but something that's stuck

out to me since you're looking at these

character models the entire game still

while certain visual elements have

suffered the overall presentation is

very close to the original ps4 and Xbox

one versions of the game it's not

perfect but it's close enough for a less

powerful machine it's also a significant

step up from the other mobile version of

the game released previously the PS Vita

edition this port is one of the worst on

Vita and it's immediately clear that

switch offers a massively enhanced

experience here

okay so we're stuck using docked footage

here on the switch side so if the game

doesn't allow portable video capture but

aside from resolution docked and

portable are basically the same the Vita

version features significantly reduced

texture quality a big drop in

performance lower quality lighting and

more it barely resembles the original

game at all in some scenes if you've

been looking for a portable version of

the game then the switch is finally

capable of providing just that

unfortunately whichever mode you choose

there is one issue with this version

that I'd like to see improved and that's

frame rate you see revelations 2 on

switch runs with an uncapped framerate

it attempts to reach 60 frames per

second but generally falls below this if

we bring in the ps4 version for

comparison it's immediately clear that

the Nintendo version falls far behind in

terms of frame rate

it's even worse and cutscenes like this

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

where we see the average performance sit

much closer to 30 frames per second

rather than 60 basically we'd prefer an

option for a capped 30fps experience the

added shutter incurred by using an

uncapped framerate looks rather terrible

in comparison and results in a game that

feels jerkier than it should at 30 FPS

we'd at least be looking at a very

stable level of performance well at

least in most areas the demanding forest

section gives the switch some issues as

well now this is an interesting area

since the ps4 version used to struggle

with it - at least a launch but

thankfully it's received many patches

since we last looked at the game and

well you see the results this area now

turns in a very stable 60 frames per

second even on a regular base ps4 while

the launch day version could drop almost

as low as the swish so might we expect

the same thing here then improvements on

the switch well probably not worth

getting your hopes up at this point

since the game is in a more mature state

now than it was back at launch it would

be nice to see a boost of framerate but

it's simply not close enough to 60

frames per second to be viable the best

solution here is simply offer a 30 FPS

cap as an option for users that prefer

stability in the end bearing in mind the

hardware itself the switch port is

decent it loses some visual fidelity and

performance over the other current

generation console versions but still

manages to come reasonably close it's

not what I would call a smashing success

mind you but it is ultimately a very

decent port which brings us to the

original revelations previously on

digital foundry the switch version is

looking pretty good

these Bo WS have never looked sharper

wait the framerate isn't very good here

at all what's going on and wait we're

missing shadows too this isn't good at

all oh well at least you can play it

portable on to the next game Resident

Evil as mentioned earlier the original

revelations was originally designed for

the 3ds but ultimately ported to last

generation consoles including the Wii U

the HD version shares a lot of elements

with the original game but increases the

resolution and quality of certain assets

unfortunately it's portable nature still

shines through and it's clearly the less

impressive looking game overall with

such basic roots then we expected a lot

from the switch version after all the

mobile GPU in the system is a lot more

powerful than the original 3ds hardware

and in fact last generation consoles but

alas it's not quite what we had hoped

but first on the positive side it does

at least run at 1080p in docked mode and

720p and portable just like revelations

2 making for a reasonably crisp

presentation it doesn't appear to be

over sharpen either either way it's a

clean looking switch game that's for


especially when played in portable mode

it still comes with many of the original

games caveats however all cutscenes are

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

still low resolution pre-rendered video

clips that look a lot worse than the

real time graphics and on top of that

some of the presentation choices feel a

little strange the late title card for

instance should have been an epic moment

but instead there's a short loading

screen between it and the previous

sequence the user interface is also

rendered entirely at 720p with text

appearing blurry or compared to the

sequel well not a huge deal in and of

itself these types of things robbed the

game of some presentational polish the

general look of the game also feels

rather dated character animation is

simplistic the fov is very low the

environments boxy and textures rather

low resolution there's simply nothing

impressive about what's on display here

that's for certain

now I don't have access to the other

console versions of Revelations

unfortunately but reviewing videos

suggests that the switch version is at

least a match for them only with a

higher output reso

Ellucian when docked so with a dead

simple presentation and roots and last

generation consoles this should be an

easy 60 frames per second right well

that's where the next disappointment

stems from you see the framerate is

unlocked and unstable much like its

sequel of course the average framerate

is at least higher overall and many

sections do come close to holding 60

frames per second but it still often

feels like the game is hanging just

below the desired level and when you

step outside things get a lot worse with

drops that go well under the expected 60

frames per second now the frame rate is

perfectly playable mind you but it

doesn't look or feel great as a result

of this inconsistency needless to say

we're not that impressed

it looks subpar for a switch game and

the performance just isn't good enough

for our tastes it's a very mediocre

iteration of the game it feels like a

lot more could have been done here

okay sure it is technically an

improvement over last generation console

versions but the added judder from the

inconsistent framerate is really

distracting to me this is a your mileage

may vary type of situation performance

does at least appear to be ever so

slightly smoother in portable mode which

incidentally is where the game looks

best and really that's the conclusion we

came to in the end if you're planning to

play these games on the TV you could do

a lot better elsewhere revelations 2 is

simply better on ps4 Xbox one on the PC

while revelations 1 has a very cheap PC

port as well to smooth out these issues

if you're looking for a portable

experience however it's a very

reasonable package revelations 2 feels

like a solid port for the hardware and

it looks great in mobile mode while

revelations 1 is merely competent but

ultimately superior looking to the

original 3ds release still the overall

results here aren't too bad considering

the last major MT framework outing on

the same hardware was Resident Evil 5

which was released on the Nvidia shield

TV and look simply atrocious in

comparison a horrible framerate at

hugely reduced visuals really hurt the

experience so while revelations 2 may

never have been a demanding game at

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

least the switch iteration isn't a

complete mess like Resident Evil 5 is

and thus that's really all we have for

today if you enjoyed this video be sure

to LIKE subscribe and follow us on

Twitter and until next time this is John

signing off

Switch ports? As long as the game is good and the conversion work is solid, we say bring them on! The question is, does the Resident Evil Revelations Collection hold up? Here are all the graphics comparisons and performance/ frame-rate tests you'll need.

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  1. I am a switch user and a prosumer on PC.
    And if I choose, I actually prefer no AA, over AA and a blurry image. Even TAA I disable and choose to use DSR or upscaling.
    Games like WOT, Warthunder, BL3, MHW and a large portfolio of games I disable AA entirely. I feel like certain games can disable it, and some games need it. Games like NMS, fallout games, and elder scrolls really need it. And almost all sports on switch, I much prefer to look at Native/No-AA, than a game with Native/AA-DRS

  2. This is absurdly misleading for not even talking about the controls or gyro options. It's significantly more playable on Switch because of this. I can only imagine somebody ignoring this if they didn't actually care about videogames and had an agenda, which we all can see from your history. Nobody gives a crap if it's 56fps instead of 60fps, in your manufactured environment you spent hours trying to find. Good job bringing suffering to the world. Even with your bias you are forced to admit it's the "best version". Trash inaccurate analysis. But thanks for reassuring me that Switch is the best current system. Go and suck Sony's cock a bit harder. You even refuse to admit that most people want to compare this with the Xbox version, due to the more accessible Game Pass. Guess what, your Sony lords are sucking your soul dry. You are a shill and have no purpose in life.

  3. tbh, I'd rather have 900p and TAA than 1080p with no AA. And for portable mode 600p and TAA rather than 720p and no AA. Though hopefully it's a good TAA like Naughty Dogs or UE4's rather than Doom's, wolf 2's or Xenoblade 2's blurry TAA


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