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    Resident Evil Revelations Collection on Switch: Full Tech Analysis!

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    Switch ports? As long as the game is good and the conversion work is solid, we say bring them on! The question is, does the Resident Evil Revelations Collection hold up? Here are all the graphics comparisons and performance/ frame-rate tests you'll need.

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    Comment (22)

    1. I am a switch user and a prosumer on PC.
      And if I choose, I actually prefer no AA, over AA and a blurry image. Even TAA I disable and choose to use DSR or upscaling.
      Games like WOT, Warthunder, BL3, MHW and a large portfolio of games I disable AA entirely. I feel like certain games can disable it, and some games need it. Games like NMS, fallout games, and elder scrolls really need it. And almost all sports on switch, I much prefer to look at Native/No-AA, than a game with Native/AA-DRS

    2. This is absurdly misleading for not even talking about the controls or gyro options. It's significantly more playable on Switch because of this. I can only imagine somebody ignoring this if they didn't actually care about videogames and had an agenda, which we all can see from your history. Nobody gives a crap if it's 56fps instead of 60fps, in your manufactured environment you spent hours trying to find. Good job bringing suffering to the world. Even with your bias you are forced to admit it's the "best version". Trash inaccurate analysis. But thanks for reassuring me that Switch is the best current system. Go and suck Sony's cock a bit harder. You even refuse to admit that most people want to compare this with the Xbox version, due to the more accessible Game Pass. Guess what, your Sony lords are sucking your soul dry. You are a shill and have no purpose in life.

    3. tbh, I'd rather have 900p and TAA than 1080p with no AA. And for portable mode 600p and TAA rather than 720p and no AA. Though hopefully it's a good TAA like Naughty Dogs or UE4's rather than Doom's, wolf 2's or Xenoblade 2's blurry TAA


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