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SearchThisVideo: Resident Evil Revelations Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Jill Valentine – Campaign Episode 1

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Watch video at 00:00
so I'm never sure what to say at the
start of these videos it's a new series
I want people support it and everything
but I just wanna say thank you this
eyeball has been stared at me for 20
minutes as of trying to do an intro and
I just want to say thank you for
supporting me over the past couple of
years since I've been doing this it's
been over three years now so much love
to all of you I'm actually curious when
you joined my channel and also where
you're from and we've been averaging
like 20,000 likes on every new series if
we've done the past few months so I'm
hopefully this does the same but it's
not required but hope you're doing a
long intro video at least I think it's
long I don't know let's do it though
hate you
the Queens and all
this thing is lucky to be a flaw
let's buy the boarding points
it's been 94 minutes since Kristin
Jessica dropped off the radar but the
interpolation from their last known
coordinates puts them right here
all right so right now we're searching
for Chris Redfield ID so this actually
takes place in between Resident Evil 4
and vibe from what I can gather oh [ __ ]
I was you know this game came out in 3d
s a long time ago thanks like this time
last year maybe I don't like the sound
of that and I was looking forward to
playing it I didn't know how the
transfer would be and so far the game is

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

played smooth
it's been abandoned for a while oh [ __ ]
look at this guy smells like rotting
flesh there's a little bit of framerate
issue when you go to open doors I don't
know if that's just the 360 version
that's what I'm playing on right now so
oh [ __ ]
I don't think we're alone wait he went
that way and the doors right here so I
played Resident Evil operation Raccoon
City last Gerald my channel and then six
as well and so far six with my favorite
of the two I don't like that at all the
[ __ ] was that there's blood coming from
the Ducks can I bust his ass up you have
this so so far this game plays so much
smoother than Resident Evil six did res
evil six some people thought it was a
train wreck which means no elevator for
us I played like every campaign on that
game just for you guys I had to know but
uh he's got something on him I can't
grab anything from him oh [ __ ] we're
gonna jump all right guys anytime I play
a game with you the zombies are infected
I don't know what's gonna be in this one
I think it primarily takes takes place
on this ship which game was it was it
resin evil zero that was on a train I
can't remember they never really
publicized that game too much we check
these lockers but in any kind of zombie
or infected game I like to ask your
favorite zombie movie go mine's still
shot of the dead I know I say that a lot
but I'm a huge fan of zombies in general
like The Walking Dead all sorts of stuff
what's the hell did you see the size of
that rat it shorted out so this actually
looks a lot more like Resident Evil 5
still works here
maybe we gotta get behind it all the res
evil games don't do that I can't make
out this picture cuz you need em updated
graphics anything there no my god the
ship's register who is the name for some
ancient Queen I have a feeling like
we're gonna meet her eventually
what is that grape grape drink frozen
drinks so far I'm really impressed guys

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

3d yes to this I did a fantastic job so
I don't know how the scare factor is
gonna go though the face is smashed in
so Jill Valentine's first appearance was
the first Resident Evil game the one
with a live action cutscene at the very
beginning take a look at what Parker
give me a hand here sure no problem
I got something I think it's a gun know
what give me a second
so it's not Chris
what the hell ketta looks like the
amnesia monster doesn't what the [ __ ] is
that big
you're back is it dead
this explains our missing crew this is
not good
where are you Chris
this sunny and idyllic Mediterranean
coast was the site of one of the world's
greatest structures it took a full 11
years to finish constructing the world's
first akuaba --less the floating city of
Terra Grazia a sustainable metropolis
operating on a massive solar energy
matrix and equipped with the latest
green technologies never before had
solar energy been used to supply power

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

to an entire city but in 2004 Veltro a
terrorist group opposing the city's
development launched a bioterrorist
they not only released a virus but also
several creatures known as bio organic
weapons further complicating the
situation this launched one of the worst
tragedies the world has
soon the FBC the world's leading counter
bioterror organization operating under
the auspices of the US was called in to
direct efforts to contain the attack the
a counter bioterror NGO which operates
independently of the interests of any
one country went in as observers to
assist the FBC realizing the need for
immediate and decisive action supreme
local headquarters issued the order to
use the city solar energy matrix on
itself media outlets around the world
began to refer to the incident as the
terra Grigio panic following the
incident the FBC announced it has
successfully disbanded the terrorist
group called Veltro it is now 2005 and a
sense of calm and security is finally
returning to the people
but as you can see the lost city of
terra Grigio remains inaccessible a
silent and potent symbol of the threat
that bioterror poses for people around
the world
ah there you two are O'Brien you don't
normally join the fray
well my doctor told me I need exercise I
assume you both know that the FBC is
cordoned off the entire area however in
the past few weeks a number of
mysterious carcasses have washed up
I guess the FDC couldn't cover up a mess
this big anyone who knows what happened
here is gonna put two and two together
and that's why I've sent the BSAA
in to investigate did you pick up your
new equipment from quit yeah
Genisys something is that its name you
didn't bother to read the manual did you
know just in case I hope you read
quickly if you're gonna need it on your

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

all right so we got a little bit of a
background for the game so far now I
must say that I'm really impressed this
looks like more of like an extension of
Resident Evil 5 this resurgence for
Chris Redfield rotted to hell what the
skin so pale I've never seen anything
like it
use the Genesis to get a reading on it
oh this is pretty badass this is a whole
new dynamic and the carcass is on the
beach and send me your data are so we
got to go body hunting I guess yeah so
this takes place Oh what's up [ __ ]
can you kill it Jesus
I'm all that have you saw his MO good
thing else is good yeah we're just gonna
just stay the [ __ ] away from that
oh Jesus anyone else remember that movie
The Blob like it was made in the
eighties well the one what I saw was
made in the 80s this is kind of what
that reminds me of [ __ ] so I got a 2/2
herbs oh yeah I'm staying away from that
[ __ ]
oh man I scare all the stuff on the
beach let me scan this why am i close
enough there it is what the [ __ ]
I can tell whenever they put this on 3ds
I thought it was gonna be a great game I
just there's no way to really record
that from what I guess so I just now get
releasing all the consoles newspaper
from last year oh yeah what is your
favorite Resident Evil game without
playing this one I can't really judge it
and include it in the mix but oh nice

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

that's basically just swapping through
that I only have one grenade and a
handgun I gotta stay away from this [ __ ]
mines probably - just because clearing
Leon's first agents there
Claire is the sister of Chris Jesus
anything else
I'm gonna do my best to make this first
part pretty long for you guys so I
appreciate all the likes to support
2013's been a great year for my channel
or our channel really and I think on
average most series that I've started
have gotten in between like 15 to 20
thousand with ratings or mics if you
would so much love for that see what
else we're going I think I've pretty
much scanned everything oh hang on this
temperature I actually missed this right
here I don't know if it just closes off
after I've scanned everything please
scan that too
my guess is I'm supposed to kill this
that's the only thing
take a good a pitch this is it dead yes
I suppose so why'd you quit the FBC for
this outfit I wanted to fight I see you
two are okay continue with the
investigation but proceed with extreme
caution careful now don't worry I've
done this before
I've got something what is this
if it's an engineered mutation this
could prove a link I'll run some tests
on this continue with the investigation
we don't have an update at I run a
complete analysis gather some more
samples from the carcasses on the beach
I don't pay you to play I pay you to
I've already scanned everything I guess
I'll scan them all again I don't know so
do I have any Walking Dead fence here

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

I'm sure I do I did The Walking Dead
survival instinct that everybody thought
that game was god-awful but then there
was the aspect of people just wanted to
see the story and that's kind of what
I'm hoping happens with this if I scan
everything once I'll go ahead and scan
the other side too oh yeah I think this
game overall plays a lot smoother than
Resident Evil 6 I don't see a lot of
QuickTime events so it seems like it
went back to its roots just a little bit
the second I thought that it was gonna
be a complete thing where I'm actually
sitting there on a on a ship the entire
game of course it cuts to like a beach
somewhere so I thought that was pretty
funny there's a little blob right there
I missed you [ __ ]
so I got all but 8% that's one more than
I'm missing so we're gonna find it my
guess is it might be over here near the
water oh look at this
you go they hit some [ __ ] over here
there it is there you are
that is everything now let's go talk to
homeboy and see what's up
getting your analyzer rate up to
hundreds of earn you help recovery time
cool I've collected enough samples here
the graphics are what really throws me
off I didn't expect him to be this good
for a game that they ported from 3ds
what da [ __ ]
I have no more days and your mouth off
[ __ ]
I'm guessing shooter when the mouth is
the best thing to do
[ __ ] why is he so close to it you know I
was gonna ask what year you guys were
born and where you're from I was born in
1987 so I'm not sure the age group that
I usually I guess talked to all right
enough chitchat get that sample data to
me hey nice work
no doubt about it these corpses show
signs of viral infection there is no
coincidence they came through the FB C's
block a well we did all we can now we
wait for the results to come back from
HQ it's the emergency line yeah it's me

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

yes that's fine I'll take it from here
we'll have to speed things up
starting now
good get doing
Phil Parker you two are still on the
case what happened we lost contact with
Chris and Jessica well Oh
we're not certain I've sent their last
known coordinates to your terminals
the signal was lost over the ocean
thought they were in the mountains to
sing feltro but judging from their
position they must be on a ship I'll go
back to HQ take charge of the search and
rescue you two will be my eyes out there
yes sir
I guess that's it for the first episode
or the first part of the first episode I
kind of liked that they went back the
way res evil five broke it into chapters
so it makes it for easier videos alright
so I'm gonna keep going I'm gonna do the
next one and combine it with this video
for you guys and I will see you there
I think these things got to Chris and
Jessica I hope not
hey no one's saying Chris is dead
alright then let's find him already I'll
check it out okay
it pretty much just Tarantino the whole
faces trail search for Chris I'm pretty
sure it's not gonna be that easy
oh okay so right now I don't have much
too much ammo left
I don't think you can jump across there
usually games like this don't have that
option I was gonna say rez evil 3
nemesis was another great game she was
the main character net - that's when
they met Carlos and who else that's when
the nemesis was there it was a first
they had like the tyrant from the second
one but if you go through a door he's
not on the other side but with nemesis
he was the first one that would actually
follow you through like a loading screen

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

and that was some scary [ __ ] I'm showing
my age now what the [ __ ]
telling you that's just a little bit of
the amnesia monster right they're all
about two shots to the face did it I
really need some more ammo bed I'm like
two shots away from being empty
something tells me that I'm not sure
what what's the name of the movie where
the ship is like I guess is possessed
work like electronically not not like
overrun by zombies I never finished
watching it but it seemed like a good
movie so this is a very intriguing
concept to me at least okay so what I
can say so far is it has its moments
it's not quite anchor mark on the door
so I need to anchor key I like that that
it's not really telling you too much
about it it's locked no [ __ ]
I didn't sound too good is that is that
sherry oh [ __ ] whoa that's the kind of
[ __ ] you see a dead space you know
please be some ammo yes go ahead and
keep these 12 rounds handy
all right so I'm not sure I got to get
to this ammo but I'm not sure if I can
make it this this woman just got
absolutely slaughtered oh [ __ ] I'm
telling you that is that is the same
monster from amnesia ash big Oh God
where zo there is scared the [ __ ] out of
me I there's no easy way to really get
past them just have to hope for the best
their face looks like venom from
spider-man Oh God
get the [ __ ] off me I didn't do a quick
turnaround with the control okay he's
good I found a survivor the vo w's got
her though I'm still trying to piece
that together
alright time to examine let's target not

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

found see what the Genesis can tell me
well that's what I just tried but
nothing should I show him over first the
hell is that crew quarters area key okay
so currently the menu is pretty basic
not a whole lot really there Parker I
couldn't find anything out on the woman
but I did find a key is that it so she's
pretty much dead okay there's no
bouncing back from now I'm gonna go back
to the other area where the crew key
will work I'm not really sure you know
what thinking about these res evil games
is they all have the same familiar way
of being played what the [ __ ] are you
luckily that was my last bullet J'son
you found Chris what I was supposed to
find him there better be some am oh yes
there is
take another hand grenade any day of the
week okay this is the part where I need
to save ammo if you ever played any of
the other Rose Evil games you will know
that saving ammo and herbs is something
you need to do to survive okay let's go
and head back to this oh [ __ ] you
holy [ __ ] that scared me
suppose it's the same speed though which
is alright I guess I'm just trying to
get back so overall at a 10 if I had to
give this game a rating I don't see any
reviews yet the DS version or the 3ds
version for Nintendo it got pretty good
reviews like eight and eight and a half
something like that so I don't know yet
this is the area
Chris Chris what is this great

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

it's telling you marked the turbulent as
all right well thank you guys for
watching this video I try to make it as
long as I could I figured I'd just do
the entire first episode but with that
being said I preach a little like
support if you want more if you want
more in this series just do what you
guys do always show that supports and
I'll see you next time

NEW Resident Evil Revelations Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes Episode 1: Into the Depths of the Campaign Story for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U and 3DS ...


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  1. RadBrad or any of your subscribers watch the anime bleach please tell me im not going insane the voice actress who voices the english version Rukia Kuchiki voices Jill Valentine in this revelations i own this game to cant believe coming her to watch you brad i just realized the link 3:09

  2. Hey brad. I’m back again watching this series for the billionth time. This is my favorite game played by my favorite guy. After I finish this playlist I’ll be starting dead island. That’s when I found your channel. Dead island came out and other you tubers were only putting out 10 min videos once a day. But you were popping them out. So I stay with you my man!

  3. Another RE game thats shit. Proportions/Size/Scale is incredibly stupid large and lighting is dog shit just like re5. re,outrbreak, re2, re3(og),re4, re7 only hold the title well. Rest are actionbase non horror which basically has no meaning to play.

  4. Can anyone please help with a achievement on this game. On XBOX ONE Dynamic duo. Both players land physical attack at the same time. Very easy to do just need another player. My gamertag is xVypyxyVx please help


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