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    SearchThisVideo: Resident Evil Revelations Nintendo Switch Gameplay #1

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    What is good everyone ulti over your
    complaint since I'm welcome to their PE

    gameplay video today we're taking a look
    at Resident Evil Revelations on the

    Nintendo switch I've got the physical
    cartridge in there and I'm playing with

    the Nintendo switch pro controller
    pretty much everything from the game is

    in here as far as content goes all the
    DLC everything is here I wouldn't even

    say pretty much all of it is here RAID
    mode achievements they even have a me

    will support HD Rumble
    there's IR controls there's motion

    controls it's got everything so let's go
    ahead and get right into the campaign

    here we're gonna start off with the nice
    campaign start up a new game here can't

    with the top 2 HD Rumble in this game

    alright so we're gonna play on normal
    just because infernal is crazy I've

    actually beat this game multiple times
    I've been on the hearts difficulty

    before I have it on the 3ds I also have
    it on the Wii U and I beat both times

    there but and yeah the infernal mode is
    just it's too much waiting too much mad

    it's pretty hard the normal mode like it
    gives you a challenge though it gives

    you a challenge enough at least let's go
    to get into this here can fill some HD

    waves here on the Mediterranean Sea this
    is nice


    this thing is lucky to be a flaw

    I've always loved the boat setting or
    any type of vehicle settings for

    Resident Evil games the boat setting was
    fantastic in this game and I think even

    like the Contin behalf of Resident Evil
    4 before it got scrapped and they redid

    everything the airplane like a haunted
    airplane type of area that would be

    awesome too so I would like to see an
    airplane return for like a real resume

    Evil 8 you know and kind of go away from
    that VR game that we had with Resident

    Evil 7 they brought back like what
    Resident Evil 4 was about but you know

    in the airplane for Resident Evil I
    think that'd be a pretty cool setting

    for Resident Evil game

    use an herb after taking damage to avoid
    death that's a good idea

    all right so like I said I have played
    the Wii U and I've also played the 3ds

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    upped from what I know Resident Evil
    Revelations one that runs at 1080p 60

    frames per second on switch and resin
    Hebrew Revelations 2 runs at 1080p 30

    frames per second and you guys will get
    gameplay present even revelations 2 I'm

    downloading it it's all large so it
    takes a little bit of time so we're

    gonna give it to some Rev 1 first okay
    so this is the art of fire but we don't

    have to do that we can just go ahead and
    hit it with that on our button actually

    Zr to be exact

    for a while yeah imagine how I would
    smell with all this disgusting

    decomposition in here that's disgusting
    man like I don't like taking on my trash

    and it smells bad so I could only
    imagine that type of smell in there yeah

    something before getting drug around
    here not looking good definitely not

    Jill can't wait to try this HD Rumble
    with great deduction Jill this HD Rumble

    with with the controller the pro
    controller been hearing that it feels

    pretty good I don't want to waste any
    bullets yet so it feels great though

    looks great - I have a 4k TV you know
    and it looks great on my 4k TV 55-inch

    Oh gracias on dude yo shut now it's
    killer instant

    no power which means no elevator for us
    it's okay we don't need elevators head

    off this way

    it's not working nope doesn't look that
    way let's continue on I don't know one

    of my um Oh kind of the Ducks here
    resident you'll revelations this was one

    of the I think it's one of the better
    Resident Evil games especially because

    it came out around the time of Resident
    Evil six and everyone kind of hated

    Resident Evil six everyone's like man
    this game is much better than when they

    did like the remakes and they put it on
    Wii U and ps3 and 360 and all that

    everyone's like okay cool this we can
    play this you know with 1080p we can

    play it on our TV you know but switch
    but you get to get the three of the Wii

    U rigid and plus all the upgrades bells
    and whistles so if you haven't played

    the games I highly suggest picking up
    this one like especially Resident Evil

    Revelations one I highly suggest picking
    it up it's only twenty dollars both

    games are twenty dollars and it has
    pretty much everything has no not even

    like I said not even pretty much just it
    just has everything that has everything

    as far as from the other games man and
    plus the HD Rumble the IR controls it's

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    doesn't even revelations one is you can
    play it comfortably portable mode which

    I still need to try it out I'll
    definitely try that out and let you guys

    know how it is as far as what book and
    the motion controls as well I'll try

    that out and let you guys know in a
    video at some point

    all right so gotta look around make sure
    we get ammo you can never have too much

    ml Resident Evil but this place is most
    trash - let's take a look at this I look


    I got something
    I think it's a gun now what

    give me a second

    so it's not Chris

    Oh behind you Jeff let's test off this
    HD Rumble oh I was a crit that crit

    dropped him pretty quickly

    HD rumble felt good shooting that felt

    now we'll find you Chris swap weapons
    with the left or right Reza deal

    relations let's go
    episode 1 into the depths the original

    feel it's just a great game as far as
    how it felt you know like I said this is

    the first time that I've played in 60
    frames per second I didn't play the PC

    version northern I play the ps4 and Xbox
    one version of the game because it's

    like why buy that version when you can
    get it the game portably as well also

    this one has free online for the time
    being until Nintendo has they're all 9

    service so free online with this one
    plus portability to be just like the

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    cutscene here for you guys take a look
    at it here it took 11 years to finish

    constructing the world's first cordless
    the floating city of Terra Grigio a

    sustainable in the trouble is operating
    on a massive solar energy matrix and

    equipped with the latest green
    technologies never before had solar

    energy being used to supply power to an
    entire city

    but in 2004 Veltro a terrorist group
    opposing the city's development launched

    a bioterrorist attack
    they not only released a virus but also

    several creatures known as bio organic
    weapons further complicating the

    situation this launched one of the worst
    tragedies the world has ever seen

    the FBC the world's leading Colonel
    Brian and Joe Theismann's the FBC

    realizing the need for immediate and
    decisive action supreme local

    headquarters issued the order to use the
    city solar energy matrix on itself media

    outlets around the world began to refer
    to the incident as the terribly Jie Penn

    following the incident the FBC announced
    it has successfully disbanded the

    terrorist group called Veltro it is now
    2005 and a sense of calm and security is

    finally returning to the people but as
    you can see the lost city of terra

    Grigio remains inaccessible a silent and
    potent symbol of the threat that

    bioterror poses for people around the

    alright nice cutscene they're not bad at
    all learn not what I learned what

    happened well my doctor told me I need
    exercise carcasses have washed up

    I guess the FTC wouldn't cover up a mess
    this big anyone who knows what happened

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    investigate its name you didn't bother
    to read the manual did you come on man

    use physical attacks on that means when
    they falter definitely be doing that

    alright so we're gonna go to wrap this
    one up here getting into the beachfront

    so let me know what you guys think so
    far you playing the game how does it

    feel to you the 60 frames how do you
    feel about the IR shooting if you've

    tried that out let me know your thoughts
    and always if you want to see more

    gameplay videos just make sure you hit
    that like button share this video if you

    want to social media is always good
    check out the links in description below

    there you'll have my social media you
    can give me a following all that

    subscribe if you're someone new
    especially if you want to see more

    gameplay videos and Nintendo switch news
    will definitely have more of that for

    you guys and definitely more gameplay of
    Resident Evil Revelations in addition to

    resonating revelations too when it's
    done downloading because that's gonna

    take a while so thank you guys so much
    for watching I do appreciate it and

    we'll see you guys in the next video
    peace out

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    1. I still haven't brought re r1 and 2. I am going to buy it eventually its only 20 bucks. Bruh they need to release re 1 and 2. Probably 3 too. Also they need to release NFL street 1-3. And NFL blitz. Also banjo and kazooe something like that I can't spell that title for nothing Lol.

    2. Hey O.J., I know I'm a little late with the comment, but I just got a chance to check out your Gameplay video of Resident Evil Revelation, I never had a chance to play the game or even see the game before this and the game looks great on the Switch and it was great to see you play through the game giving me a better idea of how good the game is.


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