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    Review: DreamBreak (Steam) – Defunct Games

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    Defunct Games reviews DreamBreak, available now on Steam.

    By taking the best elements from games like Another World and Flashback, DreamBreak is an intriguing adventure game with fluid animation and plenty of colorful locations to explore. It's also a captivating mystery full of action and intrigue. Some will be turned off by the clunky gameplay and simple puzzles, but DreamBreak is a journey I won't soon forget.


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    Comment (6)

    1. .. I am glad you do not look at other reviews before you post yours. I subscribe to your channel because you do talk about indie games :o) even though i only play on a ps3, i stiil like to be informed on games available on all platforms.

      the tile puzzle in this game reminds me of the ones in bioshock. i bought bioshock because of all the praises it has received in its lifetime but have to say i have been disappointed. the game gives many abilities to play w/ but not many things to use them on. i really have tried to like the game. if i was gamepro, i would give it the red ecstatic face for sounds and graphics but the yellow one(i think that was the equivalent of 3) for fun. just goes to show everyone has different tastes in games :o) i also did not find braid as fun as everyone else did. it was good until it got ridiculously difficult.

    2. They still can't top the animations of Flashback I see.
      Even though they ripped the animations from flashback, they couldn't nail the fluid good motions.
      Also in Flashback when he runs he jumps a bit up and down which they didn't capture here


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