Review: .hack//G.U. Last Recode (PS4, also on PC)

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Note: I did that silly thing where I forgot to put a caption in for the score, it’s a 8.2/10 for this one (I will put a card in that will hopefully come up and rectify this!)


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.Hack//G.U. Last Recode:

PS4 (Console):

Sony ECM-PCV80U Microphone:
Elgato HD60:

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  1. I remember playing the original trilogy on PS2 many years ago. The series kind of died out and was all but forgotten. I didn't expect to see GU resurface again. If I had a PS4, I'd pick it up.

  2. one thing about vol 4 that you didn't mention, at the end of the 3rd volume, Ovan's plotline was left open ended especially after the Forest of Pain, so vol 4 finally brought a satisfying conclusion to Ovan's plot.

  3. If anyone wants to know about the four original .Hack games having a collection is that it doesn't have a collection probably yet.
    Hope Namco Bandai release a collection of them and fix it's hugest grind though it isn't has bad as the Final Fantasy Bravely Default game series grind though it is pretty bad of having grind.

  4. Didnt all the .hack GU games come out within a year? Im more than sure they were absolutely intended to be played back to back, if not that then played very soon after one another.

  5. Reconnection is the worst part of the game in my opinion I couldn’t get past the gameplay the xth form was where I feel it should have ended when it came to the job extension but yeah like I said just my opinion but I won’t be completing that chapter


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