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    Revisiting Assassin's Creed Origins In 2020 Made Me Even More Excited For Assassin's Creed 2020

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    Assassin's Creed Origins 2020 Made Me Even More Excited For Assassin's Creed 2020
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    Comment (42)

    1. Its better than valhalla i think…i mean, a complete product.
      They did a better work on graphics physics..for example youre outfit….here they have a physics but in valhalla youre cloack looks like wet paperboard. It doesn’t make any movement and when u are in stealth mode it move from ur front to ur back in one frame…and when u run it doesn’t make any movement. Bu If u check the ubi North American channel u can find 2 video about what u need to know from ac where the cloak is moving on the back of ur character….so…why now i have a lot of long outfit that cant make any movement?!? They are terrible…and this is inly an example…flames….water…texture of the ground in general…they looks better in origin but im talking about a product that they did 3 years ago.
      Texture of pelth and metal after a jump in the water…so if we have to talk about mechanics of the game they improve it…without doubt….but about the character i idont know onestly…it seem a jump in the past…

      (Sorry for my bad english in advance…i tryed hahaha)

    2. Here while playing Valhalla! I loved AC odyssey with dlc as a whole. But I skipped origins because Egypt didn’t interest me. Thinking about giving it a chance now

    3. here's a bit of functionality that I never seen anyone talk about. I discovered it by accident.

      You can shoot darts at fires. And what that does it aerosolize the effect of the dart. Try it.

      First, I only attacked bases at night. So some times, especially in bandit places, there were people around the fire.

      Throw a sleeping dart in the fire, everyone around the fire, if not already asleep, will fall asleep. Same for the disease darts.

      I think it should have been a UBI challenge or a trophy. Still didn't shoot 5 in a row with a ballista.

    4. Playing for the first time in 2020 and I could not be more amazed or blown away. I overlooked it because I was sick of the previous AC games and honestly the whole assassin's creed trope, I wished it to end. I really thought they were stretching it, putting it in ptolemaic egypt.

      Turns out, I could not have been more wrong. This is by far the best looking game I have ever played on my PC to this date, everything is living and breathing, but the actual storyline, the storytelling… My mind is really blown by how good, dark, foreboding and masterful it is. Bayek is the best protagonist so far, and I'm just overall speechless at how much every single aspect of this game screams quality. AC Odyssey is good too, but this is on another level.

      I only wish the gameplay was a little better. Sure its fun but I really miss more RPG elements, like custom armor pieces that I could obtain, and some more agency in my own hands. The combat and the gameplay are good, but inconsistently so. They can go from amazing to underwhelming. The bow gameplay is actually really good, but I do find the hidden blade to be a bit meh still. The melee combat is pretty fun, at times gloriously so when you have to fend off levels higher hoplites, swordsmen AND archers at once. It actually requires some tactics and reflexes both, shame that the combat's quality (like in a lot of open world games, like the witcher and RDR2, I noticed) is largely situational, depending on who you are fighting, when and how. But its good.

      Overall, a masterpiece. Never had I been so motivated and eager to hunt the next target as I was in this AC.

    5. Yeah man, I just finished Valhalla and tbh I’m utterly bored of it. However, I can still open AC origins clear out a fort that I already cleared an year ago and still feel awesome.

    6. The becoming an isu god route in odyssey was really fucking fun. I wish they would have done something similar in origins. They should have had bayek, alexios, and eivor become isu, thus why no one has heard of them in the original assassins creeds. I dunno. I like the mythological portions more than the extremely played out brotherhood and Templar storyline.

    7. I was gonna buy odyssey during a sale a few weeks ago but by the time I got money on my Xbox account the sale was over. Luckily AC origins was still on sale for 15 bucks, coulda had both for a total of like 35 dollars but I’m still happy because it’s so much fun.

    8. Loved Origins overall best in the series. Great story, cast of characters, iconic soundtrack. I ran and bought Odyssey thinking it would continue this new arc but instead it had horrible, flat characters. I'd love to see Origins remastered with dialogue choices, more customization and more side quests.

    9. tbh Valhalla did disappoint me , I liked odyssey a lot en Origins was just fantastic but Valhalla has these bugs, slow boring story and yea just not the legendary vibe like the two previous games

    10. Just bought this and Odyssey after getting Valhalla for Christmas. I was hesitant on getting the new 3 because Im an OG assassins creed fan and these are very different, Black Flag and 2 are my favorites, but I’m loving Valhalla so far, and I can’t wait for Origins and Odyssey to install!


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