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SearchThisVideo: Ring Fit Adventure Playthrough Part 23 (FINALE)

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In this part, we complete the main game’s final world, World 23: Finalia! Afterwards, we fight the final boss and watch the game’s ending!

Are we done yet? Of course not! I’m planning on showing off the next set of worlds! Yep, this post-game is massive and contains over 40 WORLDS to explore. Granted, they’re just harder versions of the already-existing worlds, but I’m trying to 100% the Catalog. I’ll probably stop after I finish World 46.

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  1. There we go. The game's over. You freed Dragaux and saved the world. Now there's only one question left unanswered.
    Where the fuck does the dark influence actually come from then? Who created it if not Dragaux? Is that going to be revealed in Extra Fitness?


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