RISE'S EVOLUTION – Let's Play – Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 17 – Walkthrough Playthrough

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20previously on persona 4 arena Ultimax are you serious Itachi son damn it shut up Adachi and now back to kicking monkey ass Oh sneak OB that was more suited for arena Ultimax we last left off things really picked up and it was like oh it's good really good it's like so right into a new character show me and Zuki who's kind of badass I'm gonna be honest again you look pretty like the red hair the scars [ __ ] superpowers that make you me give it up you know like they do in Dragon Ball Z where were some powers oh [ __ ] oh and then and then we were into [ __ ] a - you said the building and then it's like oh just get it to be continued you're like [ __ ] alright anyway so we're now we're gonna go do you hear a story who's the real one see what the hell she's been doing it's gonna get like sad I'm really liking it so far hey you go what you doing myself were remains unresponsive in the shopping district is still involved in red fog what general Teddy said on the midnight channel is true on a hunch that this is a continuation from last time I dashed at the end and ran to the shopping district but what I saw there were two we're two conjugant I Drive I gaze inside and side before looking back the two cons you can seem to be having a sound stare down if it looks good hey kanji kun what's up you could go senpai what's up Yukiko senpai what the hell are they doing how'd you what are you doing I can't help us I against the do kanji is responding stereo I think one of them is fake but they acts so much in unison that I can't tell them apart what is this what's this or thing called again synchronized swimming it work you bastard don't go bothering Yukiko senpai what you're the one bothering her you imposter what was that I'm the real one oh god not this [ __ ] hurry you can get shoot the real one I don't know you don't look anything like me damn it to Concha gustar squabbling Conde hatch accuse the same in any situation so you lurk there get along pretty well I'm so everything they could just leave the mayor you never actually never actually do anything but come on hit me come on try this god damn it tell me exactly how old I was when I last what the bag it was when you were in second grade right why do you know that your mother told me once sorry I don't have any more time to waste oh I know what if we say the one who can summon his persona is the real one but that's impossible it's not like we're inside the TV right now huh you're giving up before even trying you can call yourself the real me when you put your cuts into it summoning a persona is no big deal at all yeah persona [Music] Oh worked what seriously how's that you could go senpai now you know I'm the real one no he's the fake one I know you told you bastard you could do it so can I come on out bar Sona oh it actually worked hey what are you copying me for damn it what you're the one copying me all right I think it's kanji a is the real one cuz can't you be new to summoning error back to square one but a contribution is persona does that mean I can use mine we're just defeating both of themselves the problem is like we go problems Annie makes like he's a scrubber window it's like that it's like that uh like Monty Python the holy grail where you see Lancelot just running in the distance cuts back of the guards were just looking each other like it's like he's come back he's getting any [ __ ] closer and then finally it gets back to the guards then all of a sudden II just there it's real like my favorite seeing that movie I like choices fog where the familiar voice comes from familiar looking round shape is approaching me Jenna dies with open arms [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] don't you love me don't you love me teddy so that's the limit of your love for conjugal can we just say that they're both fake what why are you listing them would that be bad of course it would something never miss thought it's pretty messed up oh I know could you use your nose to figure this out tape Nick I wish I could but this red fog is getting in the way my nose is no use right now damn it Eddie stop sniffing me Oh your smile like sweating sweating shake after all just gonna murdering everybody hey Ted just do something and tell us apart damn it yeah you [ __ ] I'm disappointed at you got stopped up what he would Teddy can't tell them apart well there make any progress in this rate what else can we try please what a useless bear I'm just gonna like the mud fire you say that but I bet you're actually pretty relieved what did you say you're the one breathing easier [ __ ] what was that I'll take your punk ass down Oh sixteen you they're endless squabbling I think guess we for a plan this is a good idea which I always pretty Teddy mmm this might work well then let's bring it up [Music] what are they doing [Music] question number one how many stories it's not Sagami high schools classroom likes oh man this is like Teddy stupid game shoot you give really doing this it's three stories boost or how many buildings away is the mole of gas station us you think you think this super get I think we've got Reese's place if de Adar is place the bookstore I think three it's four buildings wave what does it have to do with being a need of a resident so easy it's 24 [Music] you're wrong I kept cuz the real country would never figure it out did I sound 2.2 kanji kun who answered correctly with a flourish I was a writer was kind it was kanji be thank goodness surprising as it seems the plan worked [Music] there's no way kanji could do math like that heck he can hardly do basic arithmetic you're the fake he was even dumber than I imagined it's so stupid that I ended up playing around huh you picking a fight with me I'm surfing like an idiot kanji Kim but I saw I'll come up with the plan did confirm you're the real one come on what kind of way was that it tell us apart you making fun of me or trying to cheer me up you just doesn't give a [ __ ] about anybody how long are you gonna keep this up dammit just cuz my covers been blown doesn't mean that's the end time for the real reason I'm here I was waiting for him to do that face mm soon as the big kanji kanji can cries out for red pillars all around us they slam on the ground with a heavy sound and give off a dull don't like like I signal no fought this fall cover town same time the fake kanji Cunha called on the pillars slowly search shy ready for some reason oh yeah baby [Music] invisible walls just like the last p1 Grand Prix that's my shadow I can deal with my own crap okay next she picked a take for it hmm let's do kanji Connie's got faces oh man man problems here I think cons you might be the slowest one but he's I think he might but I think here's me like them like the most strength like he's really [ __ ] slow have the music blanks I can see we got here Tatsumi style burned to a crisp [Music] shut up teddy now nothing [Music] stop it now that's my thing I knew I'm in danger I am sick of your worship I'm not a waking state yet [Music] oh I noticed something before when I was so look I've got my fit my my portrait is glowing I think that means I can actually do my super move the man series brofist I think that my portrait starts blowing like that anything that means I can do it so normally I couldn't do it in this the other storyline so let's see if I get let's see if I can do it all right oh that was it but I was too far away it's gotta be 100 damn it okay maybe I can get it next time with other characters but that's cool I'm glad I sure I guess a really neat so when you get down to like your when you get down to sort of critical and you get a hundred SP you can do your and it usually only does if it's the final round but it didn't do it in the story mode of persona 4 arena but it apparently it's let me do it here you can unleash a super move that automatically kills the enemy but it's really it's usually really cool-looking [Music] [ __ ] what we doing yeah we're totally doing what they wanted us to do obviously though I mean I don't know why they want us to murder them but we're probably giving up a piece of our powers and they would do this when the fake conjugates words into cracking sound echoes and red polish shatter reflects only thickens the fake country music melt like chocolate put over a flame that's the fake who watches surprises the fake ganja give him complete melts then one looks like a golden powder clumps flying out of the puddle powder shimmers a bit before mixes with the fog and finishes in way does this mean that wasn't my shadow as seriously thought that part of me was coming back for more no seriously did all we had to do from the start which beat the crap out of it that's not my fault you two were the ones getting all up in each other's faces hey Teddy could that general Teddy be the culprit after all wouldn't that make him the one behind lab resist problems too I don't really know about that who is that general teddy anyway all I know is that he's an impostor of mine huh if you don't know then there's no way we'd know but if he can do this to our town but he's not an ordinary person you got that right didn't they say he'd brainwashed the hijackers when laparoscopy adapt deep for example if the culprit happens to be persona user like us cover the whole world at whole town and red fog hurting fakes of us from shadows it's beyond what normal people can do so there must be something bigger looking about in this case I noticed it happened but when you John and cons you were fighting the fakes these shiny things were flying out what do you mean shiny things oh I think I know that's what we saw when the fake kanji cone was melting too right yep you got it that stuff never used to come out when we fought what could it be good question also how should I put this it seems like fighting in this fog is tiring everyone out faster than usual hmm maybe one after we've eaten them we actually are losing a piece of our power so feeling weaker huh yeah now that you mention it it's like when we would go into the TV world without Teddy's glasses if you need them I have some right here oh no that's okay it's true that I can't see very far but I can still see where I'm going and the exhaustion comes more when the fighting ends not during the battle so what does that mean I mean when those shiny things come out after a fight we get really tired I don't know why they didn't try putting him on the air so we're like no [ __ ] it we're not well they already have the pictures of them with the glass sounds an octave or read wrong again but whatever getting tired are two separate things so what's it this is all because you suck at explaining [ __ ] shut up Kenny if you can conjugate begin their usual squabbling they really are good friends aren't they goofy so thank God kids to catch my attention I start to conjecture a few things touch cue in conjecturing as ever this [Music] [Laughter] Yukiko senpai as yukie-chan lost it no hang in there hang in there me I can't crack up now take a deep breath before looking back to say any times good kanji could might have been right just now know what I say I know I know he said things come out you get tired right I thought that actually could be the case oh I don't really get it what do you mean well could it be that that's what the culprit is really after he's making this fight getting those shiny things to come out and going Yuki job oh yeah see that's what I was thinking I don't know what it is but it's something so you didn't figure out the important part is his goal just to make us tired hmm I don't know what could this all mean I wish I could concentrate in pink but this is just gross violently irritating my nose oh you're my personal tissue gargy huh what is it I did notice something about those shiny thingies Hayley hmm those shiny thingies have all been flying towards sensei in your school on the hill when I fought General Teddy earlier he told me to head to the school too something smells fishy about that place so what's the deal if you knew something why didn't you spit it out before well let's go there if the others noticed it too I'm sure they're on their way already Teddy can you lead the way leave it to me you two follow me Brad they tries to leave the way Keys often especially let's sneeze she really be following him we have a trust trust him for now he didn't find contact you and me after all this I mean he'll we just bought a big [ __ ] giant Tower in the sky let Teddy take the lead in sneezing like a foghorn all the way as we run towards the gas coming up oh do be continued all right you look some more stuff now oh whoa tonight Oh deduction and Oh Theresa as well should we go with first uh let's do we say just cuz I have the icon right there up at the river what's happened here what I saw I finally reached yes it yes Anna bus station was an eerily distorted building in a town that had turned to a maze keyboard for a while I mean she made to the flood plain but I didn't see any people around at all and I feel like I've had ever since the train stopped so suddenly but I'm I'm Reggina both at that twinges changed into survey that's what's going on but this is the same as the TV world and they're saying I can do custard hard to speak to the president sleeping inside of me the way I've gotten so used to doing I can use my persona I don't know what's going on but I might be able to find everyone come satellite TV press hurry once again search for presences and also for free Netflix I said slowly sharpen at first I can only feel out what's near me but then it extends further and further out but my sister spread all across town like I'm reaching out my my arms out wide the readings that get her faint and hazy probably because the red fog every bike still pick up on several familiar presences but it is doing my attempts to reach them are working really no use after all no no we have the same type of power what if things would be different if focus on was doing this just just the other day focus on stated room from a bad situation but much further away than I could that I could manage she were here she probably could support her companions even through the fog I can't even give proper backup no good to anyone oh you still love you say Custer should break some move what readings I had slip into the fog just I'm about to fall my needs and despair of strong reai sense even without focusing piercing this guy what are you doing you know we're doing it whenever whenever we fall short it was it was always come to save the day she's like Nanako just kind of comes out of it just comes out of [ __ ] nowhere tempered the sky with a loud declaration came a wooden pole ooh I guess yeah you never met Elizabeth have you believed you send slightly and gaze at the dumbstruck look on my face with it that wasn't really me wait who are you no remember those blue post in the p1 Grand Prix's with the tremendous power of that general Teddy was mad at calling her an intruder okay I guess that's candid apparently I don't think she's an enemy I have no idea who she is our wandering okay exactly greatest name it feels odd to bring this up can you explain the question I guess I kind of abandoned my duties once - I ran away from where I was her voice actors sounds a little different I think it might be the same person though I think I don't know I think it's probably kind of hard like troubling you have me boys somebody in a while I mean like you know there's a time period between this and persona 4 arena and stuff where you know you didn't voice his characters hit to come back and then voice it again try to voice it exactly a boy stood back then you know so I I can kind of understand that I think it is the same person it is a mysterious ritual that only chosen ones can perform give him a flood of sound the temps the crowd repeats a chaotic dance to their heart's content eventually achieving a state of rest I have been observing this town state for some time and it seems this red fog has completely enveloped it yeah I know Elizabeth left a sneeze if you believe that matters will take a turn in an unfavorable direction for you and your friends Elizabeth do you know something is using pipe is everyone okay my why are you asking me when it comes to searching for your clothes I recall your power be neatly suited to the task I can't find anything in all this fog I see in other words you are grieving for your powerlessness electing to stand here without attempting to search for your friends on your own what a disappointing turn of events I have no interest in such a dull person please excuse me see you later [ __ ] she's right why my I was I staying around here alright keep worrying so much I may be in trouble but I can I can move I can think I might even be able to help I think it close enough to pick up on everyone's the location till I've run around so much I can't take another step search as hard as I can done everything my power I have no right to whine that is what seems to be the matter I've already lost interested no I just wanted to thank you I'll try doing what I can oh what a horrific change of heart or is that heroic either way it seems you have realized the potential that slumbers within you truly impressive you two can also kick monkey ass but if you were to encounter a shadow right now your current strength would not be sufficient to fully beat the snot out of it huh which is why I have the sudden urge to test whether your resolve is truly sincere what do you please do not waste your breath as I come at you your fate is in the cards l began wait huh what was happening no I need to go look for some everyone I might kill you though sorry the shadow that appears beyond Elizabeth swings a sword a shockwave shoots for part of the red fog and gouging the concrete in my feet this would be like oh yeah alright this is like it's my first time fighting I don't know if I could beat a regular shadow but so instead I'm gonna file is Amit who's like level 99 oh yeah sure that's totally [ __ ] fair isn't good this Ray Elizabeth will wipe me out before it can find everyone no gonna break you Sam back ok I did a few of you pre 6 challenges so I'm starting to grow excited ooh they're sweet see it's been rather a long time since I last felt this exhilarated this inanimate cuts were loving this [Music] oh yeah [Music] whoa tricks board oh she got some air now oh dams looking at the bottom part of her wearing pants oh hell yeah oh it's awesome that was [ __ ] awesome now show me the transformation of the potential within you burn it into my memory oh hell yeah all right URI she's got some crazy moves she's got this one move who are you she like sings you have to like time your button presses to the beat I'll be able to do it but choose a microphone to smack people - [Music] [Music] okay see reset live-ins oh wait you have to be in waking state damn it I can't okay that's yeah that that's the one she sings a song and reset field here we go [Music] I didn't get hit holy [ __ ] i won truly impressive you have indeed shown me the power of mankind's potential with all your brushes away the destined are close from the fight and smiles at me why did you help me out help you I didn't even have the shiniest intention of helping you I just like beating people up I didn't know that my persona could do that stuff isn't that why you helped me I see that was not my intention at all but if you say so then I'm starting to get the sense that it may be true in which case it would only be natural to demand worthy compensation for such assistance [Music] definitely not a ticket to your comeback concert we do as well no I choose no matter what your soul give it to me no I believe I should ask for this world's future instead pretty vague either it is decided struggle between solitude and bones the two great potentials of mankind is about to begin I have no intention of assisting either side but neither can I dismiss the contest is irrelevant to me you lost me there but what you're talking about is why this town got messed up right indeed whether your bonds will win the day or whether that young man solitude will emerge victorious oh she must be referring to to show right I am massively intrigued as to how this struggle will end oh I bet schon was probably the one who was in the Velvet Room right and said he didn't want the help of their help because then he would you know he would that be the acquiring the power bond so he's instead choosing to fight without that power just with his own I guess interesting I feel like the power bonds versus someone who rejects bonds this fog is if dodging your own words while not letting off that easy but you probably tell me anymore little puzzle but I go ahead and look where she's pointing then I get to help and learn leaned forward for an utter shock but there in the hill were you asking me how it would be is this we're huge tower what's it some cute kind of evil villains lair I'll go to so I can fight with them I give you a gold star yeah she was a large star with one hand and goes directly into an elegant bow she probably headed off somewhere now there she's probably headed off somewhere now I really can't figure out I bid you good luck miss resets what are you feeling her see her often she managed in the fog a look up I've got it Geass got me hi I'll help everyone this time for sure this is really good I love her they're adding a lot more animated cutscenes to that that was that was a cool one badass like fighter who's Reaper Ezra say what you could have done that move that I was talking about but alright not Oh deduction far down do you get whoa she's a Gina's the town becomes a labyrinth as the clock strikes midnight it's just like the dark hour described in those documents yes somebody brings it up I take a deep breath and check my surroundings first I review the situation if I remain calm and collect as much data as I can't I should be able to put together a picture what's going here yet I'd have thought someone would have come straight to jeunesse dare dare dare damn when I can tell on my way here the town is utterly empty are you Sinn féin the others alright this phenomena was the same as a dark hour from the documents and they all ones capable of moving about in another centre use just like us but why this is deliberately induced and what does the culprits aim in doing so so my call with lab versus cut off I have no idea about her state or safety either his helicopter she and her companions were riding safe and what's happened to mr. sound a repair retinue yeah red red new yeah this is a this is a dangerous line of thought I'm losing my cool and I can't keep my thoughts straight I'm no detective in this state calm down if I start worrying there'll be no end to it do you know the deep breath and already the red the red fog filling the area isn't poisonous at first blush I did consider that the enemy might be employing an airborne toxin but the whole town's covered in this stuff and there's no way to move about well it will still avoid it may be best to try not to breathe it in to the extent I can avoid it huh now do [ __ ] huh no turn for a loop it being called out of the blue I was so lost that my reaction asleep hi is that you uh-huh why thank goodness you're safe what about the others how should I know they've got nothing to do with me I thought it was I thought it was lavish for a second I don't know nope and it's evil gee a cheerful answer the tunnel which sounds like Chiefs invites you to supper actual words ring a warning bell my momma seemed untampered with from which I take it that you are not she a senpai who are you I see so you make no effort to hide your true nature and what are your intentions what fools questioning for me now it's covered in strange fog shortly after the disappearance of mr. asunder people now false jeez I'm fine identical there one stands before me I've no inkling it's the enemy's goals but is the least apparent that they expect us to find an order to accomplish are you rather it's the culprit who created you the same one who sees laparis or is it an accomplice of his own information right now I'm on it for what stands before me as an imitation is honestly answering it is honestly answering me this much I thought it would be smart to draw us as much information as possible mosha it takes form behind the shakiest empire impossible baka not as close as these fakes are they are not the genuine article yet not well not only was this one able to some of the same person of the chiesa phases it did so in the real world the world when the fuzz is going on here - the attack I jumped back and drove my gun at my side is no illusion I was a heavy struck four syllable is private it seems the circumstances are different from before what sort of scheme is unfolding now so you have no intention of providing answers very well general teddy [Music] Shaunda the others you're looking for were smushed and captured by the general Teddy he will turn in other words I consider this is possibly I can't before my brow germ taste words so mr. signer team were indeed captured chapters are professionals when it comes to shadow related matters so if our opponent captured them so easily I mean can't color they cannot afford it on our estimator Julian for the fix cry red pillars appear midair surrounding us they simply fall embedding themselves in the ground so this is the ring this time I surmise the basic rules fair to say invisible wall strip between the pillars and I will not be able to foresee until the match is completed which case there's only what you can never win against me yeah look at that kick she does boom baby machine gun power oh no you don't Oh gasps ticket okay okay [Music] it's kind of cool actually be able to like whip it out and shoot in the distance as I said you cannot win against me our forms can be mimicked but you can never replicate our inner drive strong though I wore a brave face intimidate my foot I had I put one wrong foot it could have been could have been me was defeated I don't know about that if I got hit once but uh the reason I feel much more exhaustion I remember being in the case when I fought with fighting said the TV world it's because of my opponents abilities for setup there's a mighty cracking sound and the right post of the for size of me shatter I've evidently emerged the victor without any problem and gained the right to proceed as it happens it's the fall see a senpai begins to disintegrate before my eyes what's been created by tampering with a shadow what is that [Music] there's be grains of life flow from the rapidly dissolving fake they form a ribbon of life drawing an arc in the air and twisting away in a particular direction as if drawn to something think back from the battle I believe I saw cranes of light whenever my persona and the fakes would clash what are they could they be frag fragments of something fragments of the soul I follow the light with my eyes I can scarcely believe what I see there's an enormous and bizarrely shaped structure which has no place in a real town or any Wells in the real world we also call me high is the orbs of light are gathering their signs off the Epona's methods are different from lavishes case they're challenging us head-on now the salient aspects of this case of the red fog at developing the real world to giant our top es got me high and the grains of a light that appear in battle and this is strange exhaustion I feel suddenly something pops in my mind as doc you this documents I became for public safety one detail the past case involving mr. Assange team involving a giant error only appeared during a special period of time the Ricola was called Tartarus yes that parrot tower was built to call for something monsterous is it possible that it's a culprit of this case intending to oh holy [ __ ] dude where do you come from show zoom its voice sounded different didn't it possible this is unlike my camera the false cheese if I swing close to my surroundings [ __ ] this may slowly appear behind me is it from thin air Shiro clear voice the red fog next under that reached my ears is what cease we have blade slicing the air holy [ __ ] wait was this nguy did his voice sound like really different whoa what the [ __ ] was that not to a cornered Itachi's rubies Oh [ __ ] [ __ ] oh I want to continue both of them honestly okay what a daddy's doing hey Itachi what the [ __ ] are you doing here [Music] Josh like Witte has admitted to you're like Johnny young but like Johnny Yong Bosch Johnny Yong Bosch son hey Johnny Yong Bosch is getting a Bosch what are you talking to yourself so dad about it cuz we get on the [ __ ] field hull if we see a man work very familiar with Harley forget his face could he'd be a fake fake oh right I forgot about that whole thing going on a friendly smell jerky manner contemptuously nonchalant laugh so now let's think about you selling me know and hate but why are you here oh well I had intended on staying well behaved but someone begged me to help out and you know I'm not the kind of guy who can say no to something like that cow cutting it it's like we're by the enemy or something how about you mean that show guy hmm have you guys already met man that doesn't matter don't tell me you're working with the culprit this time - oh well what do you think don't play dumb I don't like your answer they'll be boot prints all over your face Yaga till you guys mention this to me actually before how to my sword if range differentiate Itachi's voice from the used voice and the anime they made his voice sound a bit higher so I I could tell he's sort of like I don't know yeah he's he's made it boy son I've been hired for a dodgy and I guess it's made a bit lower and cuz like cuz the use voice normal voice is really how dachi sounded and persona 4 golden so uh who cares about all that come on aren't you kids in serious trouble right now what with all the world ending and all so you are you guys really like sticking your heads into dangerous situations don't you you don't gain anything in life I'm doing it you know Adachi sana you said you would abide by the rules of this world so why are you here rules rules eh don't you understand how the real world is in trouble because of sho this isn't like the TV world where only we were involved oh man I see you never learn the only reason I took that brat up on his invitation was because I was bored that's right it's [ __ ] hell that's right that's right hey so he said the whole reason of his doing issue is cuz he was [ __ ] bored all the questions about what he's after what's gonna happen to this town I don't give a damn about any of it what do you think Dutch you lousy whoa whoa give me a break I don't intend to get involved with kids like you anymore like I bet you're honestly abiding by the rules here that's how you think the rules here you know the one on one stuff you don't even know what's gonna happen because of that honestly that's like you barely even think what's not supposed to mean like I keep saying if you keep fighting them on their own terms they can bite you in the ass I bet he's collected quite a lot of those persona fragments by now oh [ __ ] I knew it oh my hazy scattered thoughts will come together right here where - honest to say who vaguely watching those light particles slap to the top of the tower what is this but those are what sure was after could be the reason shows that the rules to make us fight one-on-one was to get more of those particles persona fragments of corn adachi-san during the constant fighting have we been inadvertently helping him oh man you really had noticed you need to get your act together under the balloonosaurus building creaks with a loud noise jari scent echoes in the depths of the red fog like an animal's growl hmm looks like there's no more time left earlier than I expected well that's why I need to get going good luck to you I guess oh and your friends who got caught they might be in trouble if you leave them be you know it means just what it sounds like then again I guess it might be impossible for just you three [ __ ] you Adachi ow dashi Sun turns back on us into piercing the red fog tries to go after him but he slams her into her visible all that look I get hurt nobody's okay it's all right yes he just used to crashing into things it's only then that I realized were surrounded on all sides by rib [ __ ] [Music] actually hurts more than you think I mean when did these get set up shadow Akiko trying to see the bear or the familiar boys so the vote fog is a man staying is it to show off his will develop muscles ooh we stopped with support from a red cape definitely my mystery sounds my pants Oh oh yeah see this is what you guys are telling me that she calls her she was gone the master by the end of the last game that was part of what Chie story Shh rest assured our sharp fists wheezes right in front of her swings I've seen a right for one thing I could hear son could should be captured somewhere for another he wouldn't challenge us to a fight like ecocide [Music] who should I be yeah oh you're my [ __ ] Akiko I know right David Adachi doing what he wants it looks like we don't have much time hey hold on a second Adachi said something about persona fragments earlier he made last time show tried to get powerful shadows by shaking us up so our personas would turn back to their original form and this time he's lured us into this red fog and made a spider face so we can carve off persona fragments in the process yeah show us trying to do something with the persona fragments he's collect I still those weird like I don't know I maybe he just changed his voice to sound a bit more than me before he sounds sort of like yeah like he just not a lot like Jun Bay but the one that cute that attacks natto didn't sound like didn't sound like you pay oh by the way you guys told me apparently the I was actually wrong no that's not the same voice actor that does Jim pay that does show it's the one that a show is actually the one it does Tara cares voice doesn't he sound a lot like Jim pays voice actor like I thinks it almost exactly like it my yeah but uh but anyway yeah like so I'm wondering like I don't know I I guess this possibly just deepened his voice or something maybe gets really serious as voice deepens but I don't know but all the persona fragments I saw so far we're headed to the top of this tower we might find our answers there I say figure it out now won't do any good we phone for the enemy strap so far from here on out we're going to going on the counter okay I see so okay maybe okay so he's choosing to do it this way maybe instead of using the power of the velvet room is to using this to make as a kid his own persona guess he doesn't have one right way to avoid fighting if it takes as much as we can rescue mystery sounds team and get to the top of this tower if we all know each other we run with a renewed purpose down the road all sheesh these hallways are too long how far they go you think we'd have gotten to the stairs by now at least I think we're still in that same section maybe just riding down the hallways we'll work [Music] during the last p1 Grand Prix do you have a point but there's tons of classrooms here should we just start with the closest one best the door is the unmistakable view of a classroom we're on the wall inside of as they said of familiar-looking stairs get you to do it like they were forced Center no like this plan we have to check every door we find from here on out don't worry you can do it yes k we did this [ __ ] all time in last game ten percent of for golden remember cuz the stairs in it no [Music] blind trust in me remember you guys being such goody-goodies COC suspected our progress to the next floor on gets pretty rough we don't run in any fix if we make as much we don't make much headway either Fr we climb feeling a patient put my hand on the nearby door giant guilty like bleh wishes by my right before my eyes dodge barely but it was too much for us that voice blabbers yep Jan Lammers again punch this step in the classroom inside we find stairs leading from a figure blocking just I thought you're going too far what are you trying to do with all these persona fragments if it was well from the classroom ceiling and in their ominous glow I can seal a versus long hair long hair persona thing I was fearing the worst but I said the giant bull one I guess this doesn't seal a versus shadow it's more like a fake glabrous crate from a shadow I've heard it whichever it is attached to the jaw action was backing crypsis metallic hands speak elaborate stares of the golden eyes Dixit firefighting students all right I'm gonna go with yes [Music] [Music] oh I have my move too oh well yeah [Music] dan wanted to use my super Maya super move but here's to Lois the lawn health all according to Isis plan dammit [ __ ] you isin the way you're doing here in this game fate begins the mem there's a lot of crack as a regular shatter same time sometimes for Abbas that were carved off and in the battle turned to particles of light and flew into the air gotta catch'em she looks it I bet it looks like she's about to chase after him he is he stops her understand she feels because he's right once they scatter there's only we can survive we just need to hurry on ahead we're out of time jisu frustr of hue breeze and it was hartford to sit around i leave unless she's a understand something just crossed my mind personas were originally our shadows right what's this all know I was thinking about what the culprits after I wondered why he'd be so hell-bent on our personas huh well think about it there's a bunch of shadows in the TV world so why is he so fixated on a personas good question it's absolutely right lesson the culprit was targeting our personas to collect powerful shadows but not this time we wanted to play it safe you wouldn't have goaded a bunch of percent of users and do a fight with them swishy since we've already got a score to settle it's not just because the TV world's peaceful again doesn't mean all the shadows we've gone away it's all he wanted you just gather those real the culprit was controlling she has to make fake versions of us to fight for fight for him and then why we go through all the trouble preparing these arenas and carving away at our personas does he want a revenge for last time oh no show doesn't show didn't seem to care about that so what reason he's targeting our personas in particular any old shadows you see in cheers' are stumped to need some more hints missing some key information maybe I just haven't put it together yet mr. young man him show persona fragments and adachi-san just a lot left to find a dude damn all right well I'm gonna enter here for now but oh this is really good I'm really really liking this so far I hope you guys are too I I think it's really interesting and it's keeping up a really really fast pace and I don't know I'm just I'm really enjoying it I can't wait to see more I'm worried about nah so after that was like oh [ __ ] that was like where the [ __ ] did he come from just coming down slashed her in the back so but uh anyway life review enjoy right now become a picky penguin aboard the assail Peter days are always sunny it's always funny into next time guys stay classyWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 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  1. Another cool thing Johnny did was Emil's 2 voices in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. One was really high and supposedly timid, while the other one was his regular anime voice.

  2. It gets me bawlin' every time I hear that "fwik! fwik! fwik!" walkin' sounds of Teddie. XD

    And I sure can understand why they're changin' Adachi's voice pitch, but damn. Sounds like funtime at the fair, but hey, lovin' the series, man.

  3. The one who plays Teruteru and Sho is kind of like Johnny Young Bosch. He's a jack of all trades with voices. I've heard him in so many things, but he does have that one quality that I can't describe that leaks out in every character. 

  4. "Rise' s got this one move where she sings you have to time your button presses to the beat. "
    Cuts to ALL of Nico's Panic Talk Action sequences
    "I don't think I'll be able to do it"

  5. Only Kanji's shadow-made fake would actually try to pretend to be the real one for a little while. All the others didn't pretend at all. I guess once you assume the Kanji shape, you can't help but be a little Kanji too. Because Kanji is best character. Morphic resonance, as the Discworld books might put it.  

  6. I'm really liking this series, I had to stop watching the original p4A after you "finished" the story with Kanji, it was just too much overlap.

  7. Ah, I almost forgot why I liked Yukiko. Parts of this reminded me of Danganronpa – "You're the culprit!"
    As for Kanji… it took a few seconds to remind myself that this is Matthew Mercer, not Troy Baker. Really good impression/impersonation.

    Speaking of voices, the new Naoto sounds close enough to the original that it's fine. But Margaret… ehhh….
    Adachi on the other hand, yeah you can tell JYB is making the voice higher. But understandably so.

    The whole defeating Shadows to gain Persona Fragments, which helps the bad guy(s) reminds me of Kingdom Hearts II with the Organization using Keyblade wielders to gather hearts. And the heroes have no choice but to fight.

  8. I did love this game myself, but to be honest, after a while, I just turned auto-battle on and watched the story unfold. They were some decent fights, but I can't help but wonder if that mode is scripted or not; 'my' character always won, if I recall, but there were also some pretty close times, too.


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