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    SearchThisVideo: Rogue Trooper Redux Gameplay – 5 Things You Need To Know

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    hello it's Rob from access joining us

    his name

    hello and this is rogue trooper on ps4

    name I know I remember it when it wasn't

    on ps4 well don't get too far ahead of

    yourself now because I'm going to give

    you five things you need to know about

    rogue trooper especially if you know

    nothing about rogue troopers so far the

    first thing you need to know is that

    rogue trooper is based on a sci-fi strip

    from a 2000 ad Comics of which Judge

    Dredd was also character very true to

    believe and so if you don't know

    anything about rogue trooper thinks kind

    of you know Judge Dredd he is a

    genetically engineered super soldier is

    that why he's blue for Jesus I think

    that's just he's blue being blue cool

    isn't it I mean it's camouflage on this

    particular planet it is um and he can

    also is immune to almost all toxins he

    can submerge it says very specifically

    in acid I don't know if he can submerge

    in water basically submerged in acid

    this is old and he can also withstand

    the vacuum of space just his skin what I

    was going to say his skin seems to be

    pretty tough Rob because he's not

    wearing any clothes on top doesn't need

    to I mean I think they kind of do

    actually because there's we're about to

    see in a minute they are they aren't

    invulnerable to bullets no but crucially

    and we're going on to point number two

    now each rogue through death each

    genetic infantryman or GIS as they call

    for short they have bio chips inside

    them that when they die their entire

    personality is quickly downloaded onto

    this bio chip and then you can install

    that bio chip into different bits of

    gear their incident what you can install

    a bio chip into your gun we're going to

    see it in a minute this is our character

    here his mate dies

    that's a cool item quickly downloads the

    biochip and installs it into his gun

    well that is an idea that we know

    Battlestar Galactica eve does that a

    little bit tight at all - I didn't know

    that happening it's not cool and you get

    I think over the course of the game

    three of your buddies died and you can

    doubt you download their bio chips and

    put them in your gun your helmet and

    your backpack no helpfully the people

    who die are cool gonna bag man and helm

    are they really mote yet almost like

    determining yeah it's almost like they

    knew they were gonna die see ah gonna

    gun has been killed

    he should have warned something about

    his like she's going to the be mature

    you know their skin isn't very a it's

    not pervious to bullet no I'd have

    swapped impervious to bullets for the

    acid ya understand he takes revenge here

    experience any very air comes up to his

    mate very softly knife sim in the neck

    and takes his bio chip which is really

    like and it handles him into his gun

    so after this this guy just becomes a

    gun if you ever die at a trade show yeah

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    I will do this view robber I'll cut your

    neck open will put you in a gun what

    would you install me into not only a

    dual shock for DualShock forward and you

    just win all that now I that I'd only

    work if you were playing a JRPG number

    three you've mentioned it before now

    this is a remaster of ps2 game from I

    think over ten years ago now I'm played

    on ps2 right yeah well I remember

    reviewing it yeah for a magazine

    thousand years ago back when you were

    only 36 or so yeah yeah I'm gonna do the

    same joke is a bigger number but yeah

    sure ah yeah there you go Gunners

    biochip is now in your rifle so now your

    gun has like personality do you know

    that's a good I mean it's a good

    mechanic for a game as well isn't it

    because it ties into upgrading your gear

    and also like Auto Amy it's just a nice


    to do have a gun with the personality

    that can shoot targets gaming is much

    easier when you have gunner installed in

    your gun and number four and I really

    like this the setting for the game that

    was set on new earth right new spelt nu

    not new new new earth and new earth is a

    planet caught in the gravity of two suns

    and the black hole why did they put new

    earth here don't know why they did you

    can see like in the sky let fall of the

    matter around here is getting sucked

    somewhere we've got a binary star system

    and we've got a black hole why are they

    fighting over it let it go because

    that's what they do Saul they know they

    rogue through prison a genetically

    engineered for war yeah here's me

    blowing up the tank

    I like there's quite a lot going on

    there is a lot going on mostly dead then

    it's a black hole of do you see it then

    I did a little bit yeah so I love to

    know I hope glance with a black hole in

    a mystery of them another that we're

    fighting over planets being sucked into

    a black hole suck towards a black hole

    and point number five you've also

    mentioned this or guess this and you can

    upgrade gun and your rifle with lots of

    very exciting attachments for instance

    you can attach you can have a sniper

    attachment you can have a shotgun

    attachment you can have cluster mortars

    you can have an anti-aircraft rocket

    launcher and an electric beam rifle I

    thought you said beam rifle no no no II

    want to be a beam an electric thing

    basically just tools that allow you to

    have fun blowing things up which i think

    is the whole point of this game I

    sincerely I can totally see that you are

    a character who is just you know just

    for Nizhny to be a soldier and kill

    things do you know it's funny because

    the mm lady is not like an area which

    I've explored very much but rebellion


    we also do smart pretty game and the new

    one is like a strange bookcase and they

    brought this back over sin it's the only

    one of their games I know if it's based

    on a 2000 ad characters that they have

    all of that in their locker I think they

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    did the Judge Dredd game as well it's

    interesting I mean they've got like a

    heck of a lineage yeah this here and now

    is go spite of my Marvel games they're

    coming back man comic books are the way

    forward I don't if you've noticed over

    the last 20 years or so a lot coming but

    comics yeah - people seem to like those

    yeah there's a thing by now by big

    invest and comment year excellent advice

    there Renee to the investor Here I am

    just blowing up some flames I love a

    good emplacement but you know it's a

    real throwback to I mean PlayStation 2

    era shooters I mean every one of them

    had like an anti-aircraft emplacements

    in Section otherwise your money back

    yeah it's just go hating it blowing

    things up that you shouldn't be able to

    blow up and this is the end of my days

    off from Rocksteady instead ah mate

    maybe that's bad man on helm I didn't

    get to find out the rogue trooper finish

    this - this lot for throwing a grenade

    in and just shutting the door bye-bye

    there we go there are five things you

    need to know about rogue trooper let us

    know in the comments what you think of

    the game and please do subscribe so you

    don't miss anything from the world of



    New gameplay of Rebellion's reduxed 2000 AD super soldier, who's heading to PS4 this year for some explosive shooting action.

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    Comment (41)

    1. For the life of me I can't think of why there was a need to remaster this game. And not that there needs to be a reason necessarily, but more so as to WHO was clamoring for this in the gaming community? Not that it won't be cool and nostalgic, but really just …why?

    2. They are not rogue troopers, HE is rogue trooper.
      They were massacred and he's the only GI to survive, he goes rogue to find out the truth and to act revenge upon the traiters / enemy simpathisers who were involved in the massacre.

    3. When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was a picture of a very manly Widowmaker >.> I have definitely been playing too much Overwatch as of late…

    4. Rogue Trooper way, waaaay, predates any of those games… This is awesome news, loved it the first time around…just a shame it's not a completely new game…

      Edit: So many good 2000AD characters that would make great games…a Dr & Quinch GTA style game would be amazing and I was always a fan of Slaine…would probably work well in a Skyrim type game…

    5. Honestly this seems like kinda a waste of time and money. The game was fun but there really is no point if all it has is a different engine. I'm getting flashbacks to fable anniversary.

    6. Rebellion must be really proud of this game because they also rereleased it on the Wii several years back, which is how I experienced it.

      Or, I guess more cynically, they're hoping that eventually they can recoup those licencing fees if they just keep releasing it.

      I did enjoy the Wii version though. It was one of those rare shooters that got the pointer aiming right.

    7. everyones complaining about these remakes but so far all these remakes were my favourite when i was a kid and you know what? i wanna play them again and dont have a problem buying them again for the next gen of consoles! if you dont like it you dont have to buy it but personally playstation are crushing it lately on all fronts including the remake/remaster.

    8. I played this to bits back in the day, Rouge Trooper was always one of my favourite 2000AD characters. I'm not sure that the Redux version will drag me back tho, gameplay has moved on and I don't think that rose tinted glasses of nostalgia are gonna be enough.

    9. I remember renting the game back in the day for a weekend. It was okay but definitely not the kind of game you'd think it would get remastered ten years later.

    10. rogue was the last of his kind & was on a personal mission to kill norts find the col & get new bodies for helm & gunner, & backpack this game as far s lore goes is bullshit , gameplay i dont know yet, i need to know a bit more first,

    11. A GI-Soldier can get reborn in a new Body by installation (interlink). Rogue connected Gunners chip with his gun 😀 to safe his mind for the deletion, that is very interesting, the GIs are far from being called cyborcs despite their nature, I love this concept of genetic infantry


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