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    ROR: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (GBA Vs. 3DS)

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    It's about time, am I right?

    It's time to make good on a poll I posted five months ago and review Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga for the GBA and Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions on the 3DS! How well does this GBA classic hold up in 2018? Does the 3DS remake follow through on the potential to improve what was already there? Is Minion Quest any damn good? The answers to all these questions and more, all in this exciting new episode of Remake or Rebreak!

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    Remake or Rebreak Scores:
    1- Rebreak: Fails to resurrect the same quality standard as the original due to incompetent design, technical failures, etc. A virtually worthless remake/port overall.

    2- Re-Meh: Not as good as the original, but a relatively competent recreation that is still playable enough. Additionally, a Re-Meh may not address the original's salient issues or fail to add anything substantial.

    3- Remake: An improvement overall, but not necessarily worth playing if you already own the original. Typically adds some new content or fixes salient issues with the original. Remakes with this score often don't reach their fullest potential or otherwise lack something meaningful you can only get in the original.

    4- Replace: A remake/port that changes, fixes, and adds so much that it renders the original virtually obsolete. A Replace not only faithfully recreates the original, but fixes most (if not all) of the original's issues and adds a sizable amount of worthwhile new content as applicable.

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    Comment (40)

    1. They toned down the difficulty too much in the remake. This game was a breeze to beat and I had sooooooo many syrups and mushrooms left over that it was impossible to lose

    2. I am waiting a RoR about M&L Partners in Time. Because I played this game exactly 3 times and I know the mechanics and "Why the Creators doesn't put the Special Points in the Battle System".

    3. 29:41
      Well, M&L Super Star Saga is not very difficult. Literally after you obtain the hammers and defeat the HooHoo Dragon. You can will be OP if you defeat especific enemies. And Yeah if you use the mathematics and if you are constant you can go Up in level 15 or 16. After of that you can defeat The next Bosses easily, seriously I defeated Popple and Rookie in less of 45 seconds.

    4. 18:02 Well, they puled 3d off in the 3d classics such as kirby's adventure or sonic 2, and it looked great. I think something like that would have looked really good on SS+BM

    5. The GBA soundtrack cannot be beat by the remake soundtrack. I was disappointed when they did the final boss like that. The organ combined with those gba sounds, in my opinion, is what made it the most memorable soundtrack ever

    6. One very minor quirk I found is that when bowletta kills Mario and Luigi in the original the cackletta theme plays. In the remake the bowletta boss fight music starts playing again.

    7. You forgot to mention that since we can't switch the bros' positioning at will anymore, the funny little animations that played when you used the hand or hammer on the front bro before getting the special overworld abilities (e.g. mini mario, fire dash) in the original no longer exist in the remake

    8. While I love remakes of old RPGS(The 2D PSP FF games are AMAZING examples of a well done remake), and I think the graphics are good, I can see why people say they are less "Expressive". They don't seem to "pop" quite as a much as in the GBA version, where everything does look sharper with the art style and hardware.

    9. I like the idea of these remakes but to be honest, I wish I could have them on the TV so I can share them with my wife. I love my 3DS for some games, but handheld gaming can be kind of…lonely? Definitely want to revisit the original on Wii U at some point.

    10. The battle theme goes harder in the GBA version mainly because of the louder bass and percussion, but the remake makes up for it by extending the song and adding another section to it.


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