Rugby 22 – MY BEST 2 GAMES So Far? (Rugby 22 PS5 Gameplay)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20well hello there and welcome back to a brand new video where today's video is gonna whoa whoa whoa whoa matt well that's your voice i have no idea a little bit croaky don't know why it's not morning it's i mean it's it's half nine at night don't know been a long day boys we're a long day boys anyway today is going to be a two game special because if we head over to events we have two matches so we've got ireland and scotland and france and england obviously when we attempted this basically throughout the week just gone it never actually checked it looks like you actually have to do it in order which is kind of annoying because like we started like a rant we started like with france and england and island scotland but it looks like you have to do an order which is a little bit annoying but we did kind of miss the cut-off date but as well like you know we think we'll think of the positives here is that today is the 22nd so i'll probably try and get this video up today on the 22nd or tomorrow 23rd um but essentially in this video we'll play a matching island scotland france and england and then basically we'll get 10 000 score points get a scotland pack an ireland pack and this will be superb for our career mode which i'm very excited for and it says here as well head to head oh that starts from the 20 oh that's the next event ah it's telling us what's coming up next okay so what we're gonna do first we gotta do island and scotland so i thought we might as well just do what you call it should we play scotland yeah yeah why not we'll play scotland versus ireland um the reason why i thought we might just like do one video of two teams a we haven't done like kind of a longish video for a while and i thought it'd be pretty good oh obsidian stadium why not um yeah the reason why for you know we haven't done a long video in a while we have a little bit of a chit chat let's see how's it going um and all that stuff got myself a coffee got myself some water we're loving life especially when you've got coffee especially when you've got some water i still find it interesting how the substitutes i mean like an 84 hookers on the bench did he say something to the manager like here an 89 rated hooker are you mad what but this guy here 96 and fraser brown is looking he's 32 i don't know but he's coming on the pitch but um and then let's get this other hooker mate look at the bench it's going to be a solid bench we've got a hooker we've got two hookers this guy's a freestyle okay we'll take the hooker off for like uh a center so on the bench we've got a hookah awenga a center flanker prop prop prop scrum offline um i'm kind of debating like we don't i don't think we're in a scrum hub i kind of want like a number eight flanker um i think that should be okay tactic wise so against ireland i think it's going to be a close i think we want our wingers wide our fall back far kind of want a should we go for a flat line no let's go diamond and then penetrate no white will go wide we'll see if we can go wide defense drift defender channels ring as far fall back far happy days we'll leave the set plays as they are and we'll just try and give them the go when we can so it's probably difficulty scotland rated 82 ireland raid 86 that's going to kick off right what's the first question going to be in which year was the first rugby federation founded let's go for you now we got that wrong well we definitely have an interesting match playing this evening i like how we've only seen one star quizzes is it because i'm that rubbish let me know if you play rugby 22 have you seen anything more than a one star quiz but anyway here we go do your thing do you think the players bring to the pitch so some of you say oh matt you kick really far click here a little bit so your forwards can try and get to it oh oh oh my goodness the ball's kept alive i don't know what it is but rock forms terrific tackle whenever we kick the ball at the beginning right whenever we get the ball away we always seem to do somewhat well he says now he has to release ah mate almost mate we're all getting into touch whoa i mean i don't know what it is but whenever we kick off we always seem to do pretty well oh i don't know what we're doing oh [Music] fagerson gathers the ball from the throw the ball is being moved very quickly oh my goodness that wasn't good some of you guys said double tap l1 and it does like a dummy pass i think so we'll try we'll try and give that a go oh my goodness oh wow okay we are getting i think we are getting better with the old turnover look at that we would never do that in a million years oh no no he's on the run take him down me take him down always kicks it long hog takes the ball in the air go on hoggy boy that wasn't a good kick what were you trying to do there matt he wasn't going for touch he wasn't doing anything i really want to get get him in a touch how is he not in touch there we go finally um i'd like to get good enough on pro difficulty that we do get to a point where i can play on the hardest difficulty good throw by fagerson comes the support mate the support was too slow honestly the support there's a rock being created mate the support was take him down boys oh mate i feel like arlen could score here to be honest oh my goodness if only i press x quick enough back onto his feet i feel like we're getting better with with uh something special that's right nick be really interesting to see what exactly no he's going to score no he's not into the rock oh that throw has been intercepted kicking [Music] they're gonna work hard for the ball oh come on scotland i feel like we can dominate the irish here oh me go wide conway managing to elude conway the attacking oh mate we're so close to the old jackal in there come on scotland take him down excellent ah yes kick it mate kick it oh oh what a kick beautiful absolutely fantastic and it's our line out okay right we're gonna go for a cheeky cheeky hey nice here we go push boys push come on scotland keep pushing keep pushing i don't think we can drive them all the way but we want to get them as close as we can to the left the mall has run out of steam here the defense countering oh no they quickly turned it over the ball is taken clean oh but what what a charge down by us oh catch it mate come on so safe under the high ball he's bombing it he's vomiting he's bombing him oh [ __ ] still got it for us oh my goodness this is a close last couple of minutes here in the first half here we go what is island going to do oh we're pushing them back we are pushing them back ryan steps in front of the receiver no take no we haven't bit imprecise they're kicking they're kicking they're kicking they're kicking right go on hog you're opting for a set move here ben that's right nick oh i think set move is when you can do um what was it he's keeping the ball in play oh harris oh come on scotland come on scotland gibson park makes a pass oh where's the interest always intercepted oh brown no this is a close first i always hoofed it down field oh it's going into touch meat what's up what's a half boys whistle from the referee and we're on the way again at the start go on finney boy oh it's bouncing the ball it's bouncing there's the tackle i wanted to see if it was going to touch but wasn't going to was it here we go go on hog go on hog oh you oh oh the offload wasn't you like i literally wanted the perfect pass there that's too long taken by graham oh mate your kick under here mates not the greatest right pantic gone finney finney boy the 46th minute and it's nil nil oh come on scotland mate when i go right to left i'm not as good i don't think i don't know why we've just given away a penalty right in front of the post you absolute lemon finn russell absolute lemon it's an easy three-pointer right down here there's so much space i mean is that a good idea is that a bad idea here we go they're kicking it okay here we go hog beneath the kick kicked along the ground into the 22 oh oh beautiful kick absolutely fantastic there oh that's a terribly executed pass come on win it when it when it went thrown in here we go push push push push push push come on scotland oh i think we're too far away i think we're too far away here we go good defense puts a temporary break on the map work hard for the ball and they keep here we go oh finn go sam johnson whoa look at that strog lovely boss he found the space in my toy story mug oh this is heating up this is heating up finn russell come on mate i need you to get this in oh so close but not good enough oh catch it catch it okay where are we going where are we going where are we going prepare kicker and finally the mall stopped finn russell seeing the space oh brilliantly positioned come on you know i i probably should make some subs i think everyone needs the time i think i'm in here make some subs here that looks like it'll be a rock oh box kick it decides to kick the ball clear the ball's taken oh he's gone for a big old hoof here we go in his arms the backs getting into position often these moves are the best ones oh mate yeah double r1 it was like it was like do you want to do a move like a special move and i'm like what special move is it the defense seems less effective out wide and in the rook matt ferguson matt ferguson right should we make a sub i think we need to um let's go and change the full front row just because even though they're doing pretty well i just kind of feel like you know fresh players jay batty coming on um who else our scrum half is not looking good our winger do we have a wing on the bench we do indeed but you took the scram half off mac because you're like don't do the scrum off no um oh number eight and number eight how's our number eight doing yep change you scrum half has seen better days but i'm sure he'll survive we've got a center there we go happy days making a lot of subs we are what are they gonna do they're gonna three point i would go for three points if i was them they'll be looking for some impact but no ireland are pushing they're wanting to try they want the [ __ ] ready for the full line out the ball has been lost i wonder if they're going to confuse the defense with this move exactly oh my goodness we managed to pull it off there's nothing more to be said look at this plenty of space out oh graham graham man you had one job yeah that's how to keep the ball oh what a hit graham take him to the ground here we go here we go here we go look at the left he gets back onto his feet to challenge for the ball left price passes to jones oh johnson oh unlucky boy he's unlucky unlucky take him down here we go here we go here we go prepare the kicker come on jones kicks the ball kicking great catch that was not easy that's not why we've won the ball back we've won the ball back oh we're so close to winning it it's a rock oh my goodness set play set place that play yep and that's the end of normal time in this match oh what a response oh executed get him in the touch oh my goodness it's full time matt don't mess up here take him down oh come on there's not a great deal of support there yes right that was appalling oh you lumpy came off ben you're right nick so very well done oh he's he's going for it we were too greedy there we were too greedy i mean what do we do do we go for one more try it's a turnover no we don't i think we just kick it out matt you play it save me like you've already won you've already won me into touch five three what a game what a game awesome cool who played that match yes getting some more score points i don't think it's crash ration but we'll go oh it was i thought he don't know we scored a lot of tries but anywho back to events we already france and england here we go france versus england get up on the boys three players france as their licence team go on then go on and then let's do england missions trophy england where are you royal stadium oh redmond con oh alex yeah why not why not um i think the friend i mean dupont i mean look at him 95 right i love it i would love to have him in my career mode um i mean to be honest on the bench they've got a proper proper hooker unlock i mean they've got a lot of players on the bench which i think is very very good look at this guy 92 speed for a winger i'm kind of thinking like we should have him but how's our other wing is that guy's got 96 95 are you kidding me what mate this team's unreal tactic wise i think tactic-wise how we played was superb so let's go i think wide again fallback far diamond yeah defense drift oh no that's uh drift defend the channels yeah i think that's perfect cool kickoff match another pro i think we're getting better at get getting better at pro which is awesome uh which pro division two team won the playoff match i don't know beritz oh what a guess definitely knew that was the answer i'm sitting alongside ben kay in the commentary box thanks realistically it was the only team of them they must be quite good look at this for a stadium here we go it's going a bit to the right i think let's hoof it down the middle look at the gap they're not going to be expecting a big old hoof to the right here we go oh here we go if we can win this game wow giving away a penalty in the first minutes i don't get the kick animation sometimes it's a bit weird so the first line out of the match i pressed x at the right time there but apparently not intent on keeping this ball alive mate the french whenever i play as french like france yeah whenever i play as france under the high ball he kicks the ball ah about to say that was going to be a sensational kick here we go number seven safely taken oh me the french are so powerful i was about to say the french are so powerful just lost the ball i think it's gonna be a tight game saying that we've just we've just um i think there's box figure over here i just want to try well taken successful offload out of the tackle oh mate that was so close and here we have the first scrum oh we have a scrum we haven't had scrum in a while come on boys here we go one two one two one two one two push push boys push get him into oh my goodness you had one job mate oh mate what a kick he caught that ball well i mean i like the idea that matt oh look at the energy the dynamism oh mate turnover again a great platformer to attack from here we are getting i feel like we are getting better but this is going to be a big clue it's going to be a close game i don't think it's gonna be easy the balls passed i mean okay england doing well at the moment it's a close game i would say at the moment i feel like we can win the ball here no that was close i saw the button that i mean that was the referee says that's a rock once again we were super close to winning it there here we're going to win it no so close just don't give away a penalty as long as i don't give away a penalty in front of the post like last game we should be okay we'll see what happens oh take him down look at the backs getting into position oh why are you so slow getting into the rock man there's no need to be very skillful handling what why was he the french i just find silence the friends are so slow they have to get the ball what's he doing i mean we gotta watch the replay there my players were standing still i'm sure i did not get this one bit look at this right look number 15 why did he stop running and then this is not gone the plan yes and they've scored as well seven nil today come on france can we get some points before half time that is the question we are all asking ourselves right now can france do something pushes back the tackle that looks like it'll be a rock it's going to kick it they're going to kick it okay come on mate catch it catch it safely taken it's kicked clear got underneath oh mate if only you didn't catch it it would have been might be okay okay look at that what a kick by front of france great catch there we go it's not easy they are in place for the move everyone needs to time his run correct oh whoa let's go you guys are probably thinking he was gonna kick it off he goes oh he goes look at that the perfect offload and he's running and he's running and we're right in front of the post so the conversion two more points up for grabs just should be easy five seven for the moment between the two oh seven oh it's gonna be interesting boys boys and girls oh gotcha olive oil recovers the ball olive oil oh my goodness olive one is so powerful they're going to kick it they're going to kick no they're not they're not going to kick it he's taken to the ground now he has to release the ball oh hands in the rock pool yeah he wouldn't be called paul would it be bow bow we're approaching the end of the first half can we win the lineup the two teams are ready for the five-man line out oh that's a great steal by the defensive jumper there's not a great deal of support there dupont is calling the play they pile into the rook may i think we should i want i didn't actually mean i pressed square so we could kick it but it he makes a pass he manages to avoid the tackle they're keeping the ball alive with all these offloads how many people is it turnover ball and now a kick do paul kicks the ball over yes dude nice seven oh half time big second half coming up here to mark the boys of the second half that's a big long kick trying to get the opposition on the back foot oh beautiful kick there matt beautiful kick he gets back onto his feet come on here we go england kicking england clicking in the arms of penal penal sends the ball back the other way oh oh the pressure the pressure oh gets his hands free in the contact mate that almost worked in our favor ah but what i kicked by england what a kick ah oh england hands in the ruck interesting it's rare we get penalties um penalty kick nice kick mat nice kick we'll take that we'll take that any day of the week here we go we're gonna push we're gonna push look at the french we're pushing we're pushing hard i mean we're getting closer but it's not enough here we go to the right strong defense progression you're opting for a set move here ben ah they're looking for some way to crack this no you had one job rock forms here comes the support the attacking oh again one job catch it mate well taken he kicks the ball clear got underneath it superb ah great catch that was not easy quite a risky offload in that tackle wonderful technique oh he's so close he was so close he passes [Applause] yes oh [Music] great precision and really good timing for that offload turnover oh of course it's turnover again great handoff rock they've held on to the ball get him in the touch oh du pont du pont anyone want i think let's just let's just change the front row even though they got good stamina kind of felt like tactically you know for the last little bit we should be okay okay lock um you know just the stamina i think is just gonna be great winger for you just want the extra stamina center um yeah it's just a stamina for me all right what they're gonna go for maybe we should have went for three points it was a big old kick though that's on the bench so you can make changes 80 minutes oh this is going to be a close one the line out general opting for a full line out i really want to win this a line out that did not go to plan that ball's been stolen well the way the backs are lined up they have to be trying a planned move it's a really interesting lineup interesting he chooses to kick oh did that bounce before it did oh my goodness the numbers to just five at the line out i mean we're pushing we're pushing we're pushing but like oh oh the moment it feels like the momentum is in our favor the referee tells them they've stopped moving forward there's a rock created it's stolen may yeah that's how to keep the ball alive a late penalty for us well he needs to cool down and he'll get that with 10 minutes on the sidelines right no oh my goodness how did he not get out no not quite this time it doesn't work oh it was worth it oh mate they took the ball in and it's still theirs he gives the ball now then this is good attacking ball he's there to [Music] oh my goodness the referee says that's a rock oh no this can't be we got we're one man advantage here one man advantage here we go left the ball's passed he sets off down the touchline oh he's running he's running that's a clever pass out of that ball still in their possession there's the tackle here's the rock we've created they set up a rook and they jesus england are making moves england are making moves at the moment and a rock is formed come on france it's a rock they've kept possession at the back of this rock oh he's put absolutely everything into that handoff oh there's big gaps on the outside oh oh oh he's done it oh my goodness and it and been works for their patience i thought the grubber kick wasn't gonna go to plan but it did perfectly and it's 12-7 we won two games back to back on broadway difficulty that's unreal hey we got that done scott uh which is the last six oh wait we're doing well on the quizzes as well so did we did we only get the scotland pack or did we get scotland and wales mate we scored we've got scotland and ireland mate look at the packs we've got an epic pack we got mate i really want to do like a pack opening i would you guys just want to see like one video of us opening packs or do you need to do like in a kind of like a career mode video because they're gonna be like we're gonna have videos like opening packs i mean the island pack i'm interested in the scotland pack i'm interested in hmm yeah i think let me know do you want one pacific video on me like opening all these packs or do you want a video of us like playing career mode but with our new players let me know because we now have um what was that so the most expensive packs we've got 98k right if i want to 100k is a new zealand player i personally think for the price you know um we could even get a player from a certain team which i think would be fantastic right but i'm kind of thinking if you go down this end like an epic back 60k it could be anyone but be epic and that's what i think we might go for spend 60k like i think realistically what's better an epic forward or an epic back let me know in the comments guys if you're still here what do you think we should go for an epic back or an epic forward let me know but we did it we want two victories so if you have enjoyed today's video then be try massive thumbs up subscribe if you need comments regarding this but anyway guys i don't want to play and i just got my next video adios chop spoons [Music] meWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch 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