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    Ruiner Nergigante Guide: Unlocking, Movesets, All 14 Weapons and Armor | MHW Iceborne

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    Can’t get enough of Monster Hunter World’s apex spiky boi? Here’s all you need to know about Ruiner Nergigante in Iceborne, including how to unlock it, a preview of its movesets, plus all its weapons and gear.

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    1. I'm literally right on the edge of unlocking him MR 98.5 But the guiding lands leveling system is starting to get to me I just want silver rath and gold rath optional quests =( I trapped 2 gold raths and slayed 1 never got the arena quest or the optional.

    2. I really like his fight. And I do think that he is harder than the first time you fight him. But this depends on the environment (This may just be me though). I found him pretty easy in the Highlands, mediocre in the Wildspire, a bit challenging in the Forest and fairly difficult in the Recess. It is a little weird but it does feel like this when I am fighting him in the different environments. Overall he is not a pushover, not too easy but not to challenging. A fair fight on the lines of Brachydios and Acidic and was really fun. Even with 1089 defense and level 5 Divine Blessing I took a quarter to even a full half of my health on his larger attacks and you could be one shot or two shot really easily if your just flailing around your weapon and not paying attention just because of how much Ruiner uses his heavier attacks and his aggressiveness. Yeah the small attacks pretty much did absolutely nothing (Like I mean nothing) but they could flinch me in to a combo if I got hit by them. So yeah, overall Ruiner isn't really a pushover like people are saying he is. If you aren't paying attention he will pummel you in to the ground with heavy attacks and easily kill you if you don't have enough defense. Other than that it's a fun, fair and challenging fight, fun and fair all around but if you want challenging just fight him in an environment like the Recess or Forest (I mean that's only for me but it may be for some other people as well). Also don't worry about the bleed. With a defense like mine the spikes do pretty much nothing and are easily dodge able if they fling at you and even if you do get bleed inflicted upon you just use Aster Jerky, not like the bleed does very much anyways though, I had a recent investigation for him and was bleeding through a whole area and a bit and it did almost nothing to me. Edit: Oh yeah forgot to say the armor set looks completely and utterly badass (Not sure about the female armor though). Got the full beta and going for the full alpha soon.

    3. I feel like everytime I try to see an armor set that I think I would like on YouTube (aesthetically) all of a sudden my vision gets blurry…
      Automatic spoiler prevention

    4. Solid video! Glad to see Nerg not take getting trash-talked lightly :p

      The only thing is that I feel (PC player here, so big grain of salt, just going off observations of various streamers) Ruiner Nerg's bigger moves like the Dive Bombs can totally whiff (even in the footage you used, except for the double-arm frontal Dive Bomb) since they're (mostly) aimed where the player used to be at the start of the animation. And since they have big starting and ending delays (which is good design IMO since they're supposed to be strong attacks), it can look a bit weird that Nerg misses by such a huge margin. Maybe they'll be sped up more in (Arch) Tempered form? Or just add some more tracking for the moves where Ruiner has the big ending lag due to shooting out spikes.

    5. Thing about AT nergigante is that it’s difficulty is frankly bullshit lmao. It’s just difficult because it’s damage is upscaled to ridiculously unfair levels. Not to mention it’s new quick pounce attack that is almost impossible to avoid. Fights should be difficult in an interesting way, not a frustrating way.

    6. He is tougher in the sense that if he was arch tempered it wouldn't do as much damage to ur master rank armor ps old arch tempered not ruiner arch tempered

    7. I get that you’re trying to stall out the video to make it longer, and maybe it’s just my tastes, but it would be nice if you didn’t waste so much time spouting lame jokes and instead kept focused on being informative.

      If people wanted colorful personality with their videos on MHW, you really wouldn’t be the first choice. Better to stick with what you’re good at?


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