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    Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada – Just Starting out! Ep.1 [PS4 Gameplay with Commentary]

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    Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada - Let's start our journey! It's my first time playing this game, so I plan on learning everything I can all the while you are here along side me. :)
    SW: Spirit of Sanada playlist - http://full.sc/2ruT6IM
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    Comment (21)

    1. So I spent alot of time looking away from the screen during the actual mission. The fighting I did see seemed standard SW4, just the mission layouts are different. Doesn't look like something I'll actually be picking it up myself. Maybe my opinion will change over time but, regardless, I'll definitely be watching (or listening :P) what you do with it.

      As far as the time, I think @Darkness Tiger (I think I did that right) hit it on the head. I usually don't watch your stuff unless I'm in a position to dedicate the time to it, but I'd prefer the near hour long videos. I've come to realize those awkward 25 or so minute vids from you make me angry when they end XD. So yeah, 50-60, 70 at the peak, is fine

    2. ooh-es-E-gi – Uesugi 4 syllables in the clan name. not Ooh-sugi . please don't butcher my favorite clan's name T^T
      it hurts my soul
      sorry. 🙂 other than that. GREAT GAME PLAY! can't wait to pick up my copy.

      Thumbs up bro + sub

    3. Been considering getting this game, is there anything missable in these towns that would mess up the story? I'm a bit of a completionist so i don't want to miss anything =)


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