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    SB Plays Endless Space 2: Awakening 01 – Nakalim

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    Welcome back!

    Awakening is the fourth major expansion for Endless Space 2. It introduces the Nakalim, a once-vast galactic empire whose remaining people fell into torpor millennia ago, waiting for the prophesied return of their murdered gods... I think. Now their heralds have awakened them, and they must step into the once-familiar unknown and try not to get killed by angry space birds.
    Get it on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128540/Endless_Space_2__Awakening/

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    Comment (27)

    1. Since you had access to hyperium and better probes from the start you should have retrofitted those scouts and hero with them + with the hyperium engines.. I used her (yeah its a chick 😀 ) as an admiral the whole game, she is a seeker, so insane bonuses to speed and fleet/probe visibility, but nothing particularly good as governor. Just use your advanced techs and selling luxuries ( you can access the market from turn 1 as nakalim) to buy a hero there to be governor, preferably one that boosts industry, they struggle a lot with that initially. Her + two retrofitted scouts can have like 8-10 probes, so you don't have to spend several turns at each node and also have almost twice the speed. Also get some more scouts to hunt for relics asap, early one they are your only source of science.

    2. Man i love this game's feel just cant run it or play/learn it much with what i have now… i'll be falling asleep to this silky smooth series for a few months probably so thanks for putting out a beginner friendly series for this amazing game.

    3. You impaired the growth of the species that helps you with dust just to get more dust… Big brain time.

      (Yes I know for now it's more convenient but still, the irony).


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