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    Sculpting Basics Tutorial

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    Since sculpting is such a vital part of Mudbox, we'll take some time to cover the basics of sculpting, including how to use the sculpt tools and set sculpting properties.


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    Comment (47)

    1. When I load any mesh, like the T. Rex, nothing shows up. The program acts as if it's there (as far as I can tell) but nothing shows up–there's no 3D image. What must I do?

    2. I cant get the same, precise, sculpting as you do. For instance i cant make eyes. It doesnt matter how small size or the amount of strength i use, it just looks like shit.

    3. I know you said have fun and do it yourself but no matter how i try i cant get the lines like you do with sculpt or buldge, mine are very defined even with a lot strength. Could this be because your using a tablet? Do tablets change the opacity/strength of the markings made in mudbox?

    4. For thinner sculpt strokes use the v_wrinkle vector displacement stamp. If your copy doesn't have it, you should be able to download it. I had the same problem for many months until I discovered that stamp.

    5. it may appear easier then zbrush, but it lacks so much content, including brushes, and is really slow with high poly objects, that I just sticked to ZBrush,  the ultimate tool in 3D sculpting.

    6. Why don't you have a real sculpture, or pro character designer presenting your program so we decide whether we choose mudbox instead of zbrush…


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