Shadow Man: Remastered Playthrough – Part 4 Experimentation Rooms

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hello and welcome back to the next part of my shadowman remastered playthrough um if you're wondering how to access the cut content or you're playing the cut content right now and you're stuck then this video is for you um if you remember my last video i showed how that the cable car now has been modified it's got some new levers um before it was just one lever you had to press now we've got the option of going to um back to the asylum which is one or we're going to go forward to the cut content which is two so i'm going to go ahead and press that now and this cable card takes us off to somewhere that um in the original game didn't take you to i'm just going to edit this loading screen so here we are in the cut content area i guess everything from this point on it wasn't in the original game uh pretty crazy how this cable car uh now textured in new places to me um this first area as well like i love how it really shows off the new um shadow effects the game night has like the real time rendering of shadows which didn't really happen in the original game um i can't compare this to the original because like none of this was in the original but i love how the shadows are all um shining up under the i'm sitting there so yeah this this area i can imagine there's probably some people watching this video that are playing the cut content and i've got stuck so um it took me a little while to figure out how to do some of this stuff i think i played this section for about an hour and a half one night and i absolutely loved planet and just seeing stuff that had never been released before and um it's actually fairly difficult to to work out how to get around which is to me fun because actually i like the challenge of kind of being a rat stuck in amaze and that's definitely the feeling i get from this um you can also kind of get stuck in this level as in like you can't once you're in you can't get out which i rarely see i don't think i remember much um of the levels in shadow man doing and i actually also wonder if maybe uh it was part of the reason why this section got cut from the game because they maybe found that it was maybe too difficult for players and people didn't like getting stuck at this part um but i also wonder like how much uh how much of this stuff was decided by night dive and how much they just night they've just stumbled across and in the games files or i just what i'd love to know how it came about that this content was uh out of background like what the process was um but i also wonder if maybe it was something to do with like uh like it being too dark like it gets pretty grim later on um i'll show you later what i'm talking about but this is like um the the temple of pain and the asylum was kind of all oh yeah we can't go down here just yet um and that's where i think some of the black dragon comes in but yeah i think it's like i wonder if um if it was just a little bit too grim because this the the the whole point in this asylum was that it was set up so that like people would be tortured and stuff like that and i feel like you don't get you get like a little bit of a taste of it in the in the earlier assignment parts but this but it really hammers that message home yeah it starts to get pretty grim and you see some of the torture chambers and stuff like that okay i'm just gonna go down so this is the part where you can basically get stuck you can just fall down you can go down here i'm unaware of how much of a um trap you're coming in so if you go down here you're not essentially trapped you can't get back up here now of course if we use luke's teddy bear and we can warp out of here or if you die you actually go back to the start so there's that but um if you're kind of playing and not wanting to die i guess um which i generally don't then you have to then play this through to completion this this area and with that being said you can come back and do stuff that and with new abilities but um yeah you have to once you're in here you just have to keep playing which i kind of thought was pretty crazy um make a note of this door by the way if you're playing this and you're stuck you may need to come back to this door like way way back at the start and you might not have realized that that's the case because i i did wander about for a long time and not realize that technically that is actually the way out and to get to that door you have to then backtrack your way through the level again and i guess that's part of why the ramp's there as well because it's like um just got another dark soul there and because the ramp is kind of telling you like no this isn't the way out you should be able to play your way through so that's why i kind of did i get stuck in here and ran about forever and got to that ramp and i was like okay there must be a way out of here and essentially is that door so just keep that in mind it's the door with the uh cross on it so later on we'll we'll unlock that door but you it won't be made automatically obvious and unless you have a really good memory you'll not remember that that's the case so you can probably get stuck around here for a while but what you have to do is jump up onto this ledge and probably wait for this steam and just wait here because that steam will actually knock you off oh [ __ ] okay so don't get too close to the the edgy there um i didn't think i thought it was far enough away there so yeah that will happen but if you're standing over the lava then that'll be about time i can hardly see this little edge as well i'll just wait here for the steam to go and then oh my god i guess i could zoom out a little bit way over here but yeah i was really surprised that like so actually that's another thing i should say like i was surprised at how much i mean i haven't played the whole game yet so i don't know if there's more i hope there is more cut content but um i was really surprised at how much this was caught this so um and and it kind of forces you to play it so like right now because i just picked up that dark soul you'll see that i have now three um uh levels in my i don't know i don't really know how to how to describe it but i'm like level three uh that i can i cannot open um soul gates that are of level three is what i mean so but i was only only because i picked up that last dark soul um up until now i wouldn't be able to access any of those other levels but now teddy i could just leave this area and go and play some of the other levels but i'm not going to do that i'm going to push on through and play the game as it's intended and get as many of the dark souls as i can in here and this is a really awkward little ledge by the way so just be careful to not fall down here you have to kind of walk on this very narrow ledge and a pretty cool physics mechanic actually reminds me of something like half-life is this fan will actually pull you in so just be careful of that because it will kill you and i think what we want to do it's kind of been a few days since i actually played this so i think we have to come over here and first of all press uh this lever over here and this will unlock a door that's later on yeah so this is opened up one of these piston things and see what's the best way let's see if i can grab onto here make my way over i don't go in there just yet that's kind of a shortcut for later let's see am i above going to be okay so i've opened up one of the pistons that'll allow me access later on let's see and then you can have to just like walk along this i think is the best way you probably just like crawl along but are like shimmy along it there we go falling off this tightness a few times oh just about made it so let's see i think the way oh i didn't really i thought that was like i was close i didn't realize there was a bigger drop there um i don't know you don't go up this way i think the way is over here oh no i'm really dead already oh i'm really close to being killed right now let's see let me give it a quick save just in case i die because it will start me right back at the very start if i die let's get some health you have to fight a sniper hog here which isn't ideal because i'm really low on health and these guys can do a lot of damage okay and i got another one these guys are real like i don't remember them being as hard as this like i i was actually convinced that night dive maybe made them a little bit harder just to kind of i don't know increase the challenge but i'm not entirely sure that's that's right but it definitely feels like and when i was playing the original they were a little bit easier to kill open up some of these things get some health and some fire i can come back here and collect the karu if i need to i'm just going to show you guys like the main things i'll get ones if they're easy enough to get oops uh but yeah i'm just kind of showing you guys the main things for now like the me and where the souls are that you need uh before just in case you miss any of them i'm full on health and fire which is good so i'll just not bother breaking down these things around here okay so here we have like a few um doors that have symbols above them uh the cross symbol for example so the way what you might miss at this point is actually what to do here firstly this is a door you may or like a key you may miss i guess or a lock you may miss so make sure you unlock this because that's important later and that's easily missed and up here is another thing you might not see is like a uh you can climb up on the ceiling and there's a couple of um a couple of locks up here we have to unlock uh a few lock doors here we don't actually get to open just yet and i guess that's part of the back dragon for this level okay so that's one locked and then i think we have to yeah there's one more up here now you can climb up a further level here but um up there but it's kind of just uh it's more like a shortcut to get out i believe so we don't need to do that now so now that we've everything's unlocked now so we can progress through this part of the play through and actually i'm gonna bring my fire because it gets a little bit hard here uh this part of the game is called the experimental i think it's the experimental oh what's it called experimental rooms so like really this is like a little bit of uh i guess lore in the game that you don't never really got to see and the original like you you you knew that like they were experimenting with the dark souls and they were trying like nay tells you that they're trying to put the dark souls into um uh into like some army to the like obviously they aren't being moral and then take over the world but in this part of the game we actually see firsthand i'm actually trying those experiments so they're um i guess it's part torture and part um experiment and then how they can make better art mechanic and make some uh soldiers that are indestructible and that's how they take over the world and it's pretty crazy that you know like something like this was cut because it although it's not essential to the story but it's just like part of the lore of the game that we never got to see which is crazy like you can see already i'm probably about i don't know 10 minutes in and we're not even halfway there's there's so much of this only a shadow man or something more powerful could release a dark soul from a govi this is bad real bad yeah there's a little bit more lure there so that's clearly there was a govi here but it's been destroyed and uh shadow man just said like you know this looks bad and that he said that um you know they're gonna try and use them and stuff so this is the progress of them so we're kind of catching them in the act and we're stopping them from creating their army and we're trying our best anyway and uh we will see a little another little cutscene in a second or two so this time i'll try and shut up so there's a there's a kind of a hard enemy in here i'm gonna go and fight and i don't think it's a new enemy i think it's like one that we see later on the game but we're just seeing him a little bit earlier and he has like a well i didn't know i kind of wasted him a little bit quick but he had a machine gun and i think we see them later on the game but we wouldn't normally have seen them uh so early and i think we actually do get that machine gun later on too and like a dead side machine gun because i know we get some in live side and like when we're fighting the psychopaths or the serial killers but uh we uh we'll get one on dead side too so this is i'll i'll be quiet on this but i think let's see if i open this door okay so a little bit after i open the door yeah i think i'll be quiet right now because there's another cut scene that's going to happen these are the armies of the damned the accursed vessels for the dark souls i must find a way to stop them from traveling across the veil to the world of the living so these are the vessels of the dark souls so the idea was like um what they were doing was putting the dark souls i guess in their chest um but i've kind of broken in the middle of this one and we get to claim the dark soul um in my in a previous video i showed that one of the dark souls or one of the govi had been moved from an earlier level and i think it's been moved basically to here to give you the ability to pick up an eye because there's still the same number of 120 i believe let's see yeah 120 dark souls um so i was thinking like how is that possible so i mean obviously they've redistributed them about um the levels a little bit okay another key over here see what this one does just opens the door beside me i guess and but you'll see earlier i opened another door um which we could have actually backtracked to but this way is a little bit better because we get to come and get our dark souls and stuff okay and this bit can be a little bit awkward yeah got it okay so yeah this door here was not open and this is essentially the back of where that fan was if we go left just where it brings us to there's the fan actually yeah it'll actually pull you away this time which is cool because i don't remember there being many physics based things in shadow man like that but yeah this bit isn't seen i love this um this area so let's uh jump up here and climb across like this isn't seen it's like it reminds me um and again it's insane that this was cut because how much time would have been spent in designing this and putting in the game and stuff um it was just it blows my mind that this would not have been added into the game in some ways i'm sure a real shame for the developers that um did it didn't add and i'd love to know the story behind that and i wonder is it because some stuff's just a little bit too too too dark maybe they thought the rating would be too high or something i don't know i wouldn't get approved clearly you can drop onto this as well because like there's a there's a career there um and i guess whenever we get the ability to walk on lava and there's a there's like a little um archway over there so i guess we can walk over there so i'm not gonna drop down just yet because i don't want to die but this this really reminds me of like uh if you've ever watched the merricks where like the machines are drilling into the the world um um it just reminds me of like that like as if like i don't know like they're just trying to drill in the end of the earth and it looks really nice it's a really cool effect there especially for like what was a nintendo 64 game maybe like the maybe some of this stuff was too onerous on the graph on like the 10 of 64. like i just couldn't run well maybe it was like performance wise some of this like the room's too too much going on like it was too ambitious i don't know so again all we have to do really here is open up this door and this is the point now where like you might just get lost like you may have just pushed that and what happens is this opens up one little shortcut which i need to my in my fire because this bait's a little bit hairy i think get some sniper hugs and stuff that they're not really easy to kill let's see a couple of things um and really all this next bit does is open up a shortcut so if you're playing this right now and you're stuck um i understand because this like leaves you at the same but what i think all it's doing is it's basically opening up a shortcut for that you know like um engine room bit i was just that maybe it's like a shortcut to get to there and i think shadow man just like she likes to just tie up loose ends and lets the level be more accessible um which again i keep talking about but it reminds me so much of dark souls in that respect because all i'm doing right now is just opening up this door um which brings us right back to here and you can see there's something someone with a chainsaw and they're trying to go and i thought for the longest time that we had to go in there but we don't um and again that must be like a back uh we have to come back to that like a backtracking thing whenever we get more powers or something because i cannot open that door at this point and you probably won't either and the other way of going let's see if i open this so down here is where that drilling thing is and over here just takes you to again another oh sh i didn't realize there's going to be a guy here oh my see how deadly those thick guys can be well um so yeah it just brings you again back full circle to here so if you're like wandering around in circles here like i was um there's nothing else to do here i'm just letting you know so what we now have to do is go back to right back to the start so i think there may be a quicker way than i think i think the quickest way to actually do this um yeah let's see down here um yeah so what we have to do is actually i think this is where we can probably use that shortcut i was talking about earlier and to get back so we go up here and then i think this just kind of this way cuts out the um some of the fire that we have to get through so let's see you know jump up on this and there may be a quicker way of doing this i'm not sure but this is just the way i get out of here but we now have to go right so slide down here and then jump across see i think that just um let you avoid having to like jump over all those fire traps and potentially die oh that was close oh no i died all right actually this isn't too bad that i died because um this will take us back to the right back to this oh no it took us back to here damn it and they came the game knows that i was hoping it would actually take me back to like the cable car because i think depending on where you die it does sometimes take it back to the cable car all right let's go back here um i don't i can't tell you the number times i've i've died maybe trying to make some of these jumps but um i will say that uh from playing going back and forth between this and the original um i really appreciate the new controls because um all right i appreciate the fact that knight dave spent the time and updating the controls because it does make the platform and elements a lot easier and especially this this specific part here it's like i find that some jumps are kind of awkward to make so i'm really glad that the we have a lot more precision with the controls now so yeah i think we have to more let's go let's see back this way oh i'm just thinking actually there is another way uh i think there is another way of getting back this but um i can't remember what it is i need to do some more playing just to test that out oh this is kind of a hard jump to make oh yeah i made it so now this is where we use that door we talked about earlier uh the one i told you to remember this is my where we get to the next part of the cut content and how do we get out of this place well that was close i nearly landed in the lava again oh that's a hard jump to make okay so this is the door i was talking about um right here this is how we get out of the uh um yeah so yeah we have to climb up on this uh just kill this guy because i don't want to take them into my life and climb up here and then up under the roof again there we go um at this point let's see we're going over here yeah so let's see do we fall down yeah so we fall down um this leads oh yeah no there isn't actually a quicker way i think this is the only way so this leads to some of the door some little doors that were where we picked up our first ever dark soul if you remember that um so there's no need to drop down there really unless you want to do a little bit more exploring there could be some caddo in there just want to kill this guy and unlock this door see if this brings us i can't actually remember oh yeah so that's unlocked that lower door this is the ramp we came down in and again at this point you might be thinking all right nowhere because i've just kind of done everything um at this point we have to actually jump into the water and what we have to do is unlock this file i didn't even even know this was like um he could interact with us but if we just go and press the e button oh yeah he actually said there's something like an unlocking that too so press the um e button or the interact button and i'll actually open up a valve down in the water below us so i'm gonna have to end the video here because i believe i'm probably this one's probably quite long as it is and there's still a decent amount of plan to do left so um i'll finish this cut content in the next video because i don't want this to be too long so yeah thanks for watching this video and be sure to check out my channel for the next one where i'll complete this section of the cut contentWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 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  1. i didn’t want to spoil myself but here i am lol.. i am currently in this level and i went the reverse way to the water first and i’m super lost ! lmao just to realize that there’s still a lot to do actually

  2. you missed a secret here, if you walk toward the back of the fan, when you get close enough to almost touch it a secret is revealed. When you figure out what the secret does……tell me so we can both know.

  3. Oh my god, the valve… I thought it was just a part of level geometry, ffs. I have all the dark souls except one and the last retractor was the last thing I needed. Thanks.

  4. I watched a dev on the nightdive channel explain the cut content. He said NightDive mostly created it from scratch. They had a few pictures and a few unused models. So to answer your comment about "It's insane that this was this cut" — it wasn't cut, cause it didn't exist in 1998. It was designed and produced by NightDive in 2021. Acclaim cut this content from the game before it was designed.

  5. The n64 and playstation, and probably also the Dreamcast would not have been able to deal with this level. Especially the drill room. There is too much going on and parts move way too fast.

  6. i had no idea that the train had 2 leavers for 2 different areas. nice one. also trying to open that big door right near the dark soul monster room (the one with a red light door). have activated as many switches as i can find inc the ones that you have to climb up levels etc. man this game is great though (first time playing shadowman).

  7. We get it…you love shadows and light. You don't have to mention it in every video. Also you sound like you're saying Temple of Peeing instead of Temple of Pain. Put more emphasis on your 'a'. Otherwise, good job!

  8. 09:46 is where i got lost. i couldn't work out how to get in that little room full of boxes without dying. so i assumed u must go somewhere else first. I've done the fire temple & finally worked out where I messed up. very good guide through as I've been able to follow in your footsteps back to this point.

  9. Currently stuck on this level mainly because the room at 10:46 is glitched. For me the hole you would jump up through to unlock the symbol doors isn't there idk if it's because I'm playing on the Xbox remake and they changed it? Or something else if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it

  10. At 7:06 you go through a door. On MY game, this door remains closed. I know it's the right door because I did it multiple times to make sure. Why is my door not opening? This means I'm literally at a dead end and cannot go through to jump up on the ledge by the ceiling in that room.


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