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SearchThisVideo: SHADOW WARRIOR 3 Gameplay Demo (2020)

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clear so what I'm saying is that if it
has two legs
technically it's a y ver not a dragon I
might be getting my facts from comic
books but no one said knowledge can't be
fun right you're just too old to get it

the older the tree the deeper the roots
he older the [ __ ] the louder the
tools you are stressed talking again the
Lang are you in doubt we can do this
kill a dragon as big as a mountain with
a Halloween mask damn right well
personally I'd rather have a battle
cruiser with photon torpedoes the mask
holds great power and once activated by
the spell it will call out the
omnipotence of the gods but my
experience magical objects never do

what's on the label
I don't think the math like Sheila
Zillah he's turning into a little abuse
and part of your plan where are you can

you hear me what i [ __ ] away but they
transported me to some kind of sanctuary
I think what the hell is that noise is
there a party and their demons they're
trying to break through the gates I
track you down

Zillah I read some walls they are
freaking huge
and wobbly wobbly it's a tragedy for the
site of the greatest architectural feat
of the Kubo Brotherhood is wasted on
your ignorant I think I'm losing you
just get me out of here

before the demons do

I love six-shooters

winter is coming

I suppose in margarita
that cool or Brotherhood you mentioned
it's not like a boy band or something
there's a society of assassins
disciplined and deadly and boring

oh [ __ ]


come on don't make me chase you

just stand and fight three legged freak

is it the fourth of July already a lot



all right hi Santa

magical water hidden in the Puma well
makes the dragon grow we mustn't let the
demons take it so in a grand scale of
rescuing you is actually a secondary

objective not to me


very day

it's hammertime

I think I just peed a little

way that horde of demons is crashing
through you have to keep those gates


Watterson Wang oh yeah you wanted some
Wang ji Zilla this place you've seen

better days how this is gonna affect
resale value no builders use sacred
geometry shielding this ancient
sanctuary from earthquakes floods
countless inventions and nowadays just
ask the old rocks


only thing you're opening today
these can of whoop-ass

you're not a bleeder

d Matata

all the demons are dead and the gates

are still standing
you are welcome a howdy stranger Frank
where are you hear me
demons they're trying to break through
the fates I'll track you down

oh I bet that had to hurt
stay Ross

honey I'm home

Hey hey buttburn how's my favorite agent
doing yes sir on my way to the reveal
trailer right now so high to be working
with the hogs again such a talented
group of nerds sure devolver operated
but they pay the bills so what do I care
right the tech is outstanding I mean
check out these forms
freaking stunning yeah hey hey burn

these marketing suits want this in one
freaking take so I got a boom yeah yes I
I will make sure they see the grappling
hook I gotta go all right
aren't you adorable

Oh baby
sighs great

three days
I'll see you at the gameplay reveal

SHADOW WARRIOR 3 Gameplay Demo (2020) Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embark ...


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