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SearchThisVideo: Sharing Audio in Meet – Update Alert

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hi my name is city and welcome back to

the channel where we make educational

technology easy for you since my

previous video on sharing video with

audio Google has made some updates and

it's now even easier to share that video

so let's dive into it with another

flipped classroom tutorial now Google

has made some updates and now sharing a

video with the audio track is as easy as

sharing your screen so let's just jump

into Google meat and look at those

changes so here I am in Google meats and

I'm going to begin the meeting so we're

going to click on join now now as soon

as the meeting is started we can now

start screen sharing now prior to this

update screen sharing meant that the

audio was not coming through however now

we have an additional option so let's go

ahead and click on present now now we're

going to select a chrome tab now it's

very important that you have your video

material or your slideshow with the

video ready and prepared in a separate

tab so we're going to go ahead and click

on that and what you will see is that

you can now select the tab you would

like to share now in addition to that we

have a tick box at the bottom and this

tick box allows us to now also share

that audio so let's go ahead and select

this tab here let us leave this ticked

on now as soon as I share this we're

sharing the tab and the audio of this

tab so this is a huge time saver we no

longer have to use the cast

functionality and do all these little

workarounds but we can now instantly

share that tab with the audio attached

to it this will save you a lot of time

and it's an update that is more than

welcome in Google meats now I hope you

found this helpful if you did make sure

to scroll down into that comment section

below let me know what you're trying to

do in Google meat and I will do my best

to make a video on that as well once

you've left your comment make sure to

hit subscribe notification bell so you

can be notified of future videos in the

meantime thank you for watching and I

will see you in the next one

A TABnificent update is being rolled out to how we share video and audio in Google Meet!
This is rolling out to domains as we speak! Sharing a tab with audio and video is now made Super easy! Here's the overview!

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Comment (0)

  1. Hi, I'm trying to share audio from macbook 'music' app rather than through chrome browser. I have found when playing audio from google drive in chrome that it often needs to be refreshed, particularly with larger files. I can more reliably play audio downloaded to 'music' app but can't work out how to share that audio in a google meet meeting

  2. But it's still lacking the important feature of sharing the audio from an external program or application outside Chrome. What if I want to cast a movie for my students directly from some media player? Google Meet just won't let me do that unlike Zoom for exemple.

  3. Thanks for the video. I'm having issues with audio when I'm showing a presenting a video while in Meet. I choose the correct tab, but the audio is very poppy. It is in sync but sound quality is bad. Any suggestions. Oh, and I mute my mic when presenting the video. Thanks

  4. Zoom doesn't limit you to browser content. It allows you to share DESKTOP audio too. Why can't Google just copy what Zoom does? Checkbox "Share Computer Audio" Done

  5. I wound up at this video because I looked up "how to present a WINDOW in google meet with audio."

    My disappointment can't be described with words.

  6. How do you share your computer audio (not in a tab) via Google Meets? For example, if I want to play music from the spotify app or share a game app screen and audio, is that possible?

  7. would really like to be able to adjust audio stream for Experiential Learning to help people understand how challenging it is for people with hearing loss to understand speech in various situations; is it possible to add an equalizer to a stream during a Google Meet so we can add an adjusted audio and listeners get the experience of having a hearing loss? for example a typical sensorineural hearing loss? Thanks indeed for any suggestions.

  8. That's fine, but what if I ONLY want to share audio (a song, say) and not my screen, window or tab? Sometimes we want to hear audio but still see each other as normal. Any ideas?

  9. This is really inconvenient. You must present and unpresent from single tab in order to use other material with the video. I tend to stop videos and point to something else. Also, while you are presenting and unpresenting your students can lose focus! External speakers (maybe held near the presenters speaker) work better for me. Because I am using me speakers no students can be close by as that causes feedback.

  10. for those who experience audio lag when presenting video in chrome tab, I suggest that you download the video instead. present it using "a window" you may use VLC window player. now for you to broadcast your audio, go to gmeet settings, click audio and set microphone to "stereo mix". This will prevent audio video to lag because data transmission is direct and short. Thank you


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