SIFU: Vengeance Edition Gameplay Walkthrough ( PS5 ) – Part 1 – INTRO

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20okay guys hello as i promised in my unboxing video i'm gonna do a full gameplay of this game oh there's like a ninja running on top of the building i can't wait to do this one because i'm a big fan of the wind chunk style which was invented by the ape man and i saw it in this game so you know oh this is the first thing i wanted to do the first knockout who are you okay i don't know nothing about the story yet but leave him to me i think we're gonna find out who's sifu all the combat is brilliant all of this you can see them in the deepman trilogy the movies [Music] three punches three knockouts i don't know yet what was it with this focus mode i think we're gonna find out later okay so this is one of the guys from my game barely breaking a sweat sweep the place nobody leads sure okay so i'm the gang leader or that guy's the gang leader i don't know yet okay running is pretty smooth i like it kind of realistic okay every time you open this type of door there are enemies behind it so who the hell is that okay get him now can i pick up stuff and throw it i think so wait okay yeah yeah that was nice that's a nice touch you know this is sort of a jackie chan style where you can use everything around you i'm not sure about these chairs yet i see they have a news but [Music] i'm not gonna use it now yang how dare you set foot in here again okay so this is the focus mode oh that's helpful i'm pretty sure i'm the bad guy right now i don't know if i'm gonna play the whole game with this guy but he looks like the bad guy i don't know how i did that believe me every game you play on ps5 runs smoothly oh my god there's a big difference i have ps5 and i have an xbox x but i'm trying not to go not to choose a side but every time i play something on the ps5 it feels different stop yang of course you've gotten smoked sifu so my name is yang and this is sifu this is sifu i'm that old i'm gonna play with this guy just step aside okay he's not you're gonna step aside you [Music] i should never have taught you now you know too much knew it i'm the bad guy yep they look like bad guys am i returning here tonight you've given me a second chance so i'm fighting sea for now oh i need to get closer so i can use this one that's like a snake style or something huh a snake in the eagle shadow no the jackie chan movie he was using that one the old man is pretty tough man i did the combo i still got thrown out the door how's that oh we're fighting in the rain when i look into your eyes i see nothing a frightened angry child this guy doesn't look frightened at all looking at my computer and my tv the the difference of colors i have the nitro 5 the pc the gaming laptop but the colors are i don't know so this is me i think right i'm not going to be this guy i don't want to be the bad guy [Music] show yourself boy okay so i'm this guy but what does this old mowgli wants from me intense staring the subtitle would say that some do what what no so now i'm grown up and i have a huge scar on my face or something right how come he didn't kill me is that bad but oh my god he cut me oh i think he killed me oh he killed me but because i had that in my hand i didn't die oh i died then i i came back that's the point of the game yes no now i get it oh so as long as i have that one i'm immortal i don't know we'll find out father that's his father my father oh yep it's our train and now what is this oh this is like a tutorial or something yeah okay so i have to perry [Music] all the music is amazing it's like the the environment makes you believe you're actually in a tournament [Music] these combos are amazing and the fluidity of the game oh my god i can't believe it i wish all the games had this type of fighting fluidity what's this one avoid high attacks wait a second wait yo man this is a tutorial let me rest for a second [Music] ah i still don't get it okay god damn it took me awhile let me get better with this one i'm not gonna kill it just yet i spoke to it while i was talking then i'm not gonna kill him i wanted to train a little more i'll kill him okay yeah i don't know the name of the weapons guys i'm sorry [Music] [Applause] i've never seen any of those in real life they look dangerous i want to keep it a little longer fighting with them you know because i want to get a brief part of the game so i won't properly suck when i get into the real game [Music] okay believe me if you play this game when you're gonna do these combos you're gonna love it more and more and more the ceo sweet i should love this oh i love it i'll do this when i fight you need to get in close range anyway so again the music is just amazing i'll try to talk to you as much as possible while the music is on [Music] it man or the wind okay so now i'm ugly [Music] there was a nice kick from here in it [Music] this is one of the best intros ever guys come on if you love this these types of games oh my god i'm so excited for this one i mean i'm excited while i'm playing it so you know you know it's a good game when that happens okay so this is me what is this okay the skill tree so every time i'm gonna do some experience points i'm gonna upgrade it on the tree all i can i do it at all times so this is the first guy i'm going after in it yo this is the guy who caught me when i was a kid right that's why he's coming first after him it's gonna be something like remember me like that guy he's not going to remember it because he thought he'd kill you oh so we're running on the streets yeah they've blocked the entrance to the warehouse okay we need to find another way inside hopefully let's go this way okay nice climbing so while they extend to do one punch i can throw like five or six which is amazing you know they don't even have time to say hey i told you i'm gonna use the sweep i like the sweep okay this looks pretty complex you can get lost easy but i think there's only one way to go right it's not like free free roaming or stuff like that so no okay let's go up [ __ ] you doing it hey don't don't talk like that look what we have yes imagine knowing this style in real life huh whenever someone tries to attack it he don't even he doesn't even have time to realize what's happening and he's down oh i love throwing this stuff it already takes half of their life boom no something it depends on the bad guys see some of them for one punch i can make it another one you need to run at it you can throw two or three okay so he's in good with parkour what is this that i just beat up a woman oh my god i told you i'm not going to be that good i need some time did i just i dodged that oh he did i think i did right okay it's good we're getting some experience points so we can upgrade our skills later don't make me bust this damn door down check this [ __ ] clown out well you gotta talk like that why i can't use this one now i have one full yes get out of my way did nothing get out okay now i can i love that snake whoa i'm always trying to get the one closer but this oh i think this is good yes look at the way he's using it he makes it part of his style you know that's what i like it's not just mumbo jumbo eating with the ball he's actually doing wing chun [Music] ah why you have to come in pair one at a time guys one at a time oh my god i'm gonna die i'm gonna die in this game i saw some gameplays that had no deaths in it no death no nothing i feel like i'm gonna die why is this guy's leg on fire i'm trying my best but i need to get to get better at this game all those guys didn't die playing this game whoa they had some training done in it yep i like the pipe okay oh why is this guy leg on fire he's stronger than the others yep looks like [Music] oh i hate that leg of his welcome to the snake so this one is done i think the underarm and the elbow made it special okay parkour still the game is amazing it's going to take a while for me to get used to it but the gameplay is fantastic believe me especially all these combos used imagine when you upgrade you your skill tree and you can do a lot more probably some leg kicks or 360s or something oh my god i only have that for now i don't know why i'll probably get more later i took it too easy oh my god in this game you have to be focused 100 i wasn't expecting for that to happen he just got his life full so now i'm 21 years old do you mean you thought you was over you just came back to life almost nerves get the better of you oh my i don't believe this so what's that zero did i get my back left did i get it or what happened why it went from one to zero oh i need to find out so many things about this game okay i'm losing it i don't like spinning around like this i was here i'm pretty sure this is where they change the camera angle and i've done all that stuff yep sorry guys i just got beat up i don't know what i'm doing well i need to to be more careful because imagine those guys i'm getting closer i don't finish the game without dying and i already died in the like the first 20 minutes when it was supposed to be easier okay so this yes i was thinking about this one 360. that's like some van damme kick now he did the 360 while jumping like the the helicopter kick oh but he's in the focus mode okay strong sweep what can i get from here some age 21 died once okay thank you for the trophy what was that age i can go up to 60 so i can dive 39 times more i'm not gonna make a goal out of it but i'm not saying it's impossible what sometimes i feel like i press the button but i don't know i'm probably just not on point that was me that was all me no okay [Applause] another jump here i can make it wait let me let me take a swing let's be okay oh my god you're fat you're so fat so what do i have to do with this guy avoid froze well i'm pressing it i'm pressing it impressive wait a second i did i don't know what's happening but i'm pressing it you know this is awkward it's going to kill me i'm sure of it i don't know what happened okay i need to be closer i just upgraded my focus but now i can't seem to get a hold on okay so i'm pretty powerful if i can move that fat guy with front leg did you forget how to fight i told you oh i knew it oh i knew it no i should have stayed down 22. if he kills me again i'm uh i'm deleting the game you like that oh my god i still don't know how i can deflect his throwing attempts again what what is this i don't get it oh i need to get better at this i love this game but i need to play like real play i'll need to do some training in real life study some wing chun to get a hold of it surprise surprise mother hello i'm gonna speed you up all of you who in the [ __ ] are you are they gonna use this language i hate them for that dude this video is not meant for kids okay so i can parry even the weapon if i time it right how many punches does he throw [ __ ] half of my life i don't understand this one okay i need some time i need to relax how the [ __ ] you get in here with great difficulty yeah and i bet your keys i'm gonna take care of these guys and i'm gonna pause for now i love this pipe the way he's using it making it look like it's a real weapon you know yes these will be nice okay so there's money over there it's this one okay let's see what i can do here i'll take this one everything that helps me live longer i will use it hook okay unlocked no problem okay guys so this is for now remember to subscribe and i'll see you in part two take care and thank you for watchingWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 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