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SearchThisVideo: Sniper Elite 4 – Beginners Guide – 100+ Tips

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hey guys
welcome to the channel i've put together
a little video here of over 100 tips to
help get beginners started in sniper
elite four
so without further ado let's just jump
straight in
on cadet difficulty there is no wind or
bullet drop the bullet will go exactly
where your crosshair is aiming
on marksman difficulty there is no wind
but there is bullet drop
the further away you are from your
target the higher above the target you
must aim
sniper elite difficulty adds wind as
well as bullet drop over long distances
your bullet will be blown in the
direction the wind is traveling
so you must aim slightly into the wind
to compensate
if you want to disable the aim assist
diamond which tells you exactly where
the bullet will go
but you don't want to take on the more
authentic difficulties then you're able
to go into the options to disable it
which i very much recommend
in sniper elite 4 you are able to zero
your scope what this means is if your
target is 100 meters away and you zero
your scope to 100 meters then you may
aim dead center on your reticle and you
will not need to compensate for bullet
same applies if your target is 200
meters away and you zero your scope to
200 meters
this can be done all the way up to 500
meters and is especially useful
when playing without the aim assist
you are able to shoulder aim with the
sniper rifle by half holding the left
or holding left control on the keyboard
whilst aiming you can also swap shoulder
by clicking the right analog stick
or the middle mouse button
when using a machine gun the accuracy
isn't great so it's best used in close
it's also more accurate if you burst
fire instead of full auto
use the well rod to take out enemies
or you can use suppressed ammo
on the authentic difficulties the
silenced weapons make much more noise

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

you fired loudly from the same place
multiple times then the enemy will
eventually pinpoint your location
it's best to take a shot move to a
different location and take another shot
then move again and so on this is called
and will make it very difficult for the
enemy to locate you
don't forget that it takes time for the
bullet to reach its target
especially at longer ranges so if
shooting at a moving target be sure to
aim a little in front of it
this is called leading the target
this icon at the top of the screen is
the sound mask icon
firing your gun while this icon is on
the screen will hide the noise of your
sand masks include planes flying over
boats patrolling the shore
even vehicles exploding
but it's generators that will be your
main source of sound masking
go up to one and kick it to start a
sound mask
generators can also be shot with a
pistol to initiate sound masking
using a rifle on the generator will
simply cause it to explode
and will no longer provide sound masking
nearby soldiers that hear the generator
backfiring will come to investigate it
you can also rig generators to explode a
nearby soldier will notice the generator
isn't working
and upon investigation it will explode
sound masking is also very useful for
masking your footsteps
look out for these yellow planks of wood
they can be climbed
also look out for chains and pipes many
of which can also be climbed
you can melee whilst hanging from a

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

you can drop from ledge to ledge whilst
dropping from too far of a height will
make noise
use your binoculars to tag enemies this
will highlight them for the remainder of
the mission
and help you to keep track of their
binoculars would also tell you the
distance to your target
they will also show you what equipment
the enemy is holding
whilst using binoculars they will
highlight explosives
and weak spots on vehicles
they will also highlight any potential
environmental kill
the white circle around your player on
the minimap is how far soldiers can see
you from
soldiers with line of sight inside this
circle will spot you
this is not the same for vehicles and
snipers they can spot you from further
enemies will see you from the furthest
distance away if you are standing
the closer you are to the ground the
harder you are to spot
you are even harder to spot if you are
in the shade
you are completely invisible if you are
hiding in a bush
unless the enemy walks right up next to
on night time missions lights can be
shot out helping you to stay hidden
you can even throw rocks to destroy
search all dead bodies for supplies
this will come in very useful
this hand icon indicates that this body
has not yet been searched
binoculars will tell you if any enemies
are holding any collectibles
collectibles can be found on dead bodies
as well as around the world
hide bodies so you don't alert other
enemies they can be hidden in bushes
thrown off cliffs or just dumped
anywhere you think no one will find them
or you can just booby trap the body by
placing a mine on it

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

use rocks to distract the enemies
or use the whistle to attract enemies
melee from a bush for a stealth takedown
you can also melee from around a corner
you have an unlimited supply of rocks
use the whistle or rocks to lure enemies
into traps
unlike sniper elite 3 you can now melee
enemies from the front on all
enemies will never hear you if you are
moving whilst crouched or prone
you can now run whilst crouched
unlike normal crouch movement if you are
crouch running
you can be heard
whilst crouch running you are just as
likely to get spotted as if you were
crouched moving slowly
notice how the white circle on the
minimap does not change
this yellow arrow means the enemy kinda
sees you and are now suspicious
when the arrow turns fully red it means
you have been identified and will now be
when the minimap turns red it means your
cover has been blown and the enemy are
attacking you
this ghost shows you the location where
the enemy last saw you
it is also marked on the minimap as a

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

red triangle
when the minimap turns yellow it means
the enemy are alerted and looking for
enemies around the map are divided into
groups if a group of enemies contains an
killing him will result in the rest of
the troops becoming less organized
so killing the officer first is always a
good option
take care whilst stealth killing any
enemies whilst the group is yellow
because they will come searching for any
missing soldiers
a stealth kill will still alert any
enemies if they see it happen
this blue bar is your heart rate when
full it means your heart is pounding
when empty it means your heart is at
resting pace
what this also means is that when your
heart is pounding you will not be able
to hold your breath for as long when
it also slightly increases scope sway
making shots more difficult
also you will not be able to hold your
breath if your heart rate is over 110
beats per minute
when running normally your heart rate
will not go above
90 beats per minute
when sprinting or crouch running it will
eventually max out
if you place a trap and decide you want
to move it you can pick it back up again
you can disarm enemy traps and add them
to your inventory
use traps to cover your flank
place a tnt next to one of your traps to
create an even bigger explosion
most items have a secondary function
many kits and bandages can be used to
lower your heart rate
tnt can be turned into a timed explosive

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

telemines have the option of a double
press before detonation
damn boat's going to make an approach by
grenades can be turned into sticky
and s mines and trip mines have an
option to add a delay to the detonation
when tagging enemies you may come across
a spotter enemy type
when alerted to your position they will
use a flare gun to call in an artillery
strike on your location
if you kill him and search his body you
can pick up the flare gun
and use it against them
you have the option of targeting a
single area or a wider distributed
this glint will give away the position
of an enemy sniper
the sniper will be able to shoot you
from long distances as long as he has
clear line of sight
even at night
these are radio towers and they indicate
the presence of a nearby radio man

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

radio men when alerted will call for
backup and after a short while
reinforcements will arrive it's a good
idea to take out any radio men first
be on the lookout for these big green
crates they can be searched for supplies
this will come in very useful be sure to
explore the world thoroughly
there are plenty of goodies to be found
and alternate routes to take
some missions have multiple extraction
sniper rounds will penetrate certain
you can kill multiple enemies with one
if things are getting a little out of
hand there's no shame in running away
and waiting for the all clear
shoot explosives to kill groups of
suppressed rifle ammo requires more
compensation for wind and bullet drop
don't feel as though you have to kill
everybody you don't
you can shoot any grenades you see the
enemy carrying
if an officer is carrying a duty roster
killing him and collecting it
will reveal other enemies on the map
this icon indicates that you can put a
satchel charge down
they do not show up in your inventory
and you have an unlimited supply
when a satchel charge has been placed
you can shoot it to detonate it
or hold the action button to light a
short fuse

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

when looking at rifle stats muzzle
velocity means the speed that the bullet
higher muzzle velocity requires less
compensation for wind and bullet drop
don't forget to make good use of the
shooting range if you want to practice
your sniping
you can also practice with other weapons
in the shooting range
but maybe i should get some practice in
let's do this go
after completing a mission for the first
time you will unlock
five challenges for each
as you level up you will unlock tokens
to purchase new items for your loadout
be sure to edit your loadout to best
suit your style
single player and multiplayer share the
same loadout
anything you unlock for your loadout
during single player can be used in
every weapon has its own set of
challenges complete these challenges to
improve the weapons performance
the game allows you to save as often as
you like wherever you like
so make good use of this and save often
every five levels you level up up to
level 30
will allow you to choose a special perk
from the skill tree
you can also swap out perks for other
perks as much as you like
patience is key use your binoculars
learn the enemy patrol routes
and then plan your approach there's no
need to rush
this game has some great stealth
mechanics stay hidden stay quiet
and stay alive
so there you have it over 100 tips for
the complete beginner to help get you
started in sniper elite 4.
i hope this video has been helpful if
anyone has any other tips i didn't
mention that you think beginners will
find helpful please leave them in the
comment section below
also if you have anything that you need
help with or if there's anything about
the game you don't understand
feel free to leave any questions in the
comments section and i will try my best
to help you out thanks so much for
hit that like button if you like this
video it really does help my little
channel to grow
this is a dedicated sniper elite channel
so hit that subscribe button
to be kept up to date on all things
sniper elite and i will see you guys in
the next

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00


A beginners guide featuring 100+ tips for any new players to Sniper Elite 4. Stay tuned, more Sniper Elite videos on the way. Please like and hit that subscribe ...


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  1. Tip 109, if you've never played A sniper Elite before don't start the game before watching this video

    Thanks mate I started playing co-op with my brother and we didn't know half the things you've shown here. I don't understand how they let you jump into the game with absolutely no tutorials

  2. I'm no noob to the series but this is still a great video! There isn't too many mainstream video creators in the series so this is definitely handy. I even had my own attempt at videos on this myself!

  3. Awesome video! I'm several levels in and still trying to grasp – am I meant to be using explosives as a distraction? I'm more used to games where I'm trying not to be noticed, and I'm getting the sense that this is more about not being found, so I'm just trying to figure out where explosives fit into my strategy.

  4. This is such a massive help. As a guy who has only ever played V2, jumping into SE3 was a bit overwhelming. Glad to see there's a beginner's guide to SE4 for when I get around to it. Thanks very much.

  5. Awesome video thanks. I've been playing SE4 for years and am still finding new places on maps I've never seen before.

    I don't enjoy doing anything stealthy lol, I like to alert all the enemy and kill them all if possible. I shoot every possible item that explodes. I get killed a lot but its enjoyable hahahaaaa

  6. I just can't figure out the lines on the reticle as shouldn't they like each line is say 50-100-150m and so on but some rifles don't drop till a certain range so it hard to figure out which line is which distance


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