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SearchThisVideo: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Review

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much at the time a new game in a
thriving genre has a unique idea that
distinguishes it and gives it a reason
to exist but not sniper ghost Warrior 3
if you've played games like Far Cry and
sniper elite it has no surprises in
store despite a lack of innovation it
still executes its open-world stealth
combat well enough that it ends up being
a fun game that doesn't overstay its
welcome or it would be if not for
numerous graphical and technical
sniper ghost Warrior 3 scatters a
variety of adventures over several
regions full of things to do in one I
needed to find and infiltrate a secret
lab in another I was tasked with
rescuing some engineers no two missions
felt exactly the same which kept it from
getting repetitive what kept me coming
back was the basic action there is
something very cool about lining up a
shot making small adjustments for wind
and elevation slowing time by holding
your breath and pulling the trigger a
slow-motion bullet cam shot is the
finale to most sequences of this type
these were repetitive but never got
overly annoying even when I had to go
loud the assault weapons felt
appropriately powerful and gun fights
are tense because you can't take a lot
of hits while gunplay isn't as slick or
exact as more action focused
first-person shooters the assault style
action was always satisfying beyond the
combat the other elements are adequately
playable even something is tricky as
first-person platforming which can be a
nightmare when done poorly was fine with
one sizeable exception three times
during my campaign I fell into
inescapable parts of the landscape
forcing me to reload and that's an
especially harsh penalty because low
times can be over four minutes
especially when you open up a new region
it also straight-up froze on me three
times in general sneaking around is easy
enough with patience I never felt that
staying hidden was ever out of my
control or random that said elements
like hiding spots and noise distractions
went largely unused because they usually
weren't necessary in fact a lot of stuff
in sniper ghost Warrior 3 is
underutilized for instance a set of
skills appropriately named sniper ghost
and warrior unlock based on your
gameplay style
this is a neat idea but with only nine
skills in each area
it feels shallow despite a decent array
of weapons I never needed much more than
the starting sniper an assault rifle
there's a basic modification system
allowing you to swap scopes magazines
attachments and camo and that got me
through just fine graphically it looks
underwhelming at times specifically when
looking at cartoonish character models
and textures I also experienced some
minor framerate drops usually when

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jumping into a scoped view and while the
draw distance is respectable the detail
of the surrounding areas isn't
remarkable on the other hand the few
weather effects and dynamic lighting
looked good enough to help create a
believable environment the campaign
story is also fairly predictable and
unremarkable and full of standard action
tropes thankfully there aren't many
cutscenes which again keeps the focus on
the most enjoyable part completing the
missions as enjoyable as these missions
can be they'll be enjoyed alone for the
time being
as of release there is no multiplayer of
any kind
despite being a previously advertised
feature while there is a lot to collect
and do the lack of multiplayer
definitely hurts its long-term
sniper ghost Warrior 3 is by no means a
great game though its value is raised by
short and varied missions fun action
elements and an ability to make me feel
like a legit action hero regardless of
how much it borrows from other games I
can't deny that I had a good time
blowing through missions and enemy
troops however the poor graphics and
technical issues like long loading times
and crashes occasionally ruin the fun
and without the promise multiplayer
there's not a lot of reason to go back

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 reviewed by Caley Roark on PlayStation 4. Also available on PC and Xbox One. The First 15 Minutes of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 ...


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  1. The game is amazing and so much fun. I am very upset that I let so many reviews prevent me from playing this masterpiece for so long.

  2. I bought this game, i almost like it, the only problem are, loading take time especially when transfer another region yes… Luck of bullets, very sad also because most part of the game you play alone and sound is lonely, hehehe

  3. I'm new to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and I'm not just starting Act 2 of the campaign, however I didn't get all the most wanted targets from the Mining Town region of the map and I'm on the snowy village mountains of Act 2 how do I go back to the previous region of the map?

  4. The updates have helped with the crashes and load times although it still take 2 minutes to load a mission. The added multiplayer is fun. The graphics do look cartoony but the Ghost Warrior franchise has always been the NFS of racing games. I'd give it a solid 7/10.

  5. I felt like i was robbed of my money, i never needed to adjust my wind or anything, it was a very bad game, i spent more time in the loading screen than actually playing


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