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SearchThisVideo: Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – PS4 1080p Full HD – No Commentary

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greetings mercenary I represent a third
party who wishes to make use of your
specialist skills
we are aware of your usual fees and are
comfortable meeting the cost in fact we
have several contracts for you to
execute all are in the newly formed
Siberian Republic as you are aware
Siberia was once part of the Russian
Federation which used Siberia's huge
natural resources to bolster Russian
economic success but Siberia did not
gain from this relationship in fact it
was mainly exploited and used a
political movement was established the
people for an independent Siberia even
the regional governor Mayer GUI
Kurchatov was swept up in the wave
joining the movement and cutting off
Siberia from the Kremlin
the siberian war of independence
followed russia's armies contained many
Siberians and defections arriving the
war was over quickly could set off
became Siberia's first prime minister
governing his new country with his
family and friends but like many before
them could shut off and his allies
hoarded this wealth and ordinary
Siberians were once again left wanting
betrayed and angry a militia form
calling themselves the Siberian wolves
and they declared war against their
government they attacked oil fields and
stole state assets their leader nasty
Asura Cova has now become a hero to the
people and kurchatov stemis Asst our
proposal comes with one requirement you
will need to wear a new high-tech mask
we supply it will facilitate direct
communication between us but there are
other benefits for you including combat
enhancements my designation will be
yours will be seeker I look forward to
working with you

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greetings seeker you should have already
received the mask it is a highly
advanced prototype that enhances your
capacity in the field and syncs with
your equipment the mask allows you to
upload contracts data to the client
after each mission before we drop you in
the designated location we want to make
sure you understand the tech we've given
you for this purpose you'll be taken to
a secure training facility hidden in a
secluded mountain location you're going
to perform a series of simple tasks to
familiarize yourself with the mask and
for us to make the necessary adjustments
report back when you're at the location
ready for action

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greetings seeker on this mission your
primary target is Dimitri - offski he is
a former Russian Armed Forces general
he earned the nickname bio even offski
during the second Mongolian war due to
his persistent hints of both chemical
and biological weapons he is first
cousin to the Siberian Prime Minister
Nehru you kept off during the Siberian
war of independence ef'n offski defected
from the russians to join his cousin
kurta Tom gave him the notorious Altai
24 Soviet military research facility as
thanks for his support our Intel for
this mission comes from an agent planted
in the facility before our source went

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is Intel specified that if turn-offs key
had completed human trials of his
we understand that quartet of plans to
use the weapon to secure Siberia's
disputed border territories the generals
plans are stored on an encrypted
military-grade laptop find the package
packet and obtain those plans
the weapons test results must be
infiltrate the main bunker and upload a
virus to the mainframe find our
informant if you can we need to know if
they're still alive above all else find
and terminate general Ethan offski and
recover any samples of the weapon
stay focused seeker
I'm in the area your first objective is
to infiltrate the enemy's facility it's
behind the electric fence you'll have to
cut the power we've dropped your weapons
nearby load your map to see the cargo
drop-off point
I'll update your map with coordinates
related to your contracts you can load
it via your mask at any time you can
manually mark waypoints on your map
they'll be displayed directly on your
masks HUD dead end use your mask scanner
it will mark potential passages on your
masks HUD huh looks like your gadget
really works whoa there's no way I can
jump that far down your suit is made
from extremely durable intelligent
microfibers that also support your
body's natural regeneration abilities
what's more your mask syncs with your
central nervous system heavily enhancing
your reflexes and coordination meaning
you will be fine

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

enemy ahead take him down quietly they
found your cargo it is advisable to deal
with them quietly
use a decoy to distract
I'll start down good your gear should be
somewhere near scan the area got it you
can only carry a limited amount so keep
track of your equipment before you
proceed more enemies looks like they're
guarding the transformer station ahead
clear the hostiles before you get there
you may need a key card to access the
station I would look for the officers
this one looks like an officer search
him when you're done copy that

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

old habits die hard
I've got the key card a summative the
switcher box should be inside power down
good the fence should be harmless so
I've marked the exfil location on your
proceed there and upload your data exfil
location will be visible on your mass
hub if you use the scanner copy

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

but stay in the area until the data is
fully synced it shouldn't take long
I've got your data well done Zika
I'm at the location outside 24 relative
avail them
we animated to serve one man's ambition
either both it won't matter to the
people they used a weapon on that's not
your concern
we'll stay focused
I've got eyes on the compound our Intel

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

places the laptop there it contains
critical data from a phone of skis tests
of the bio weapon secure the package
I've got eyes on the compound our Intel
places the laptop there
it contains critical data from ethan of
skis tests of the bioweapon secure the
package affirmative

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Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00


Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

dad is secure on the move
well done seeker you can explore safely
now check your map

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00


Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts is the forth entry in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series. It was announced by CI Games in August of 2018. It is to be released on PC, ...


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  1. There is a special currently to get bundle w this game and part 3 plus DLCs plus blah blah blah. Trying to decide if want…
    And well…. already found sumptin that’s a tad annoying not even ten min into start of game
    Which is it?
    Leave everyone alive but the target or kill the target and his assistants within 10 seconds….
    You can’t do both so makes is kinda BS to have as a bonus on the contract
    Kinda weird

    Unless my insomniac, tapioca brain is missing something, which is totes possible


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