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    SearchThisVideo: Snowcloak Dungeon Guide – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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    hi everyone welcome to the visual guide

    for snow cloak this is one of the three

    new instances made available by patch

    2.4 dreams of ice this instance may be a

    little isolated but it's a cool new area

    and home to some really chill music my

    name is Miss tech and all via our

    dungeon guide the trash in this instance

    is fairly simple watch out for the usual

    AoE sand keep an eye out for patrols you

    may also come across a few deadly

    icicles and some snow balling boobs but

    it's nothing you can't handle

    the first boss is Wandel over time Wanda

    will cause a snowdrift that will place

    and stack the frozen debuff should the

    stack reach for the player will be

    trapped in ice for 10 seconds before

    resetting stalks all players need to

    watch out for the large AoE circles as

    well getting hit by these will also

    increase your stack periodically a frost

    bomb will spawn that should be destroyed

    immediately if not killed fast enough

    the bomb will explode freezing everyone

    it hits eventually Wanda will cause the

    outer ring of the romina to turn into an

    icy tundra this area slowly applies

    frozen stacks if you stand in it it

    really only serves as a nuisance as it

    gives you less room to dodge the rest of

    the abilities keep dodging a ohi's kill

    ads and burn the boss until he's down in

    this area you'll notice heavy winds

    blowing over precariously dangerous

    paths sadly these winds do not push

    people off instead when the winds are

    blowing strong any players standing in

    them will be afflicted with a frostbite

    debuff give your healers a break and

    avoid that's the second boss is Yeti

    throughout the fight Yeti will spawn a

    number of Spriggans do not kill these

    Yeti will frequently cast frozen missed

    an icy breath that will turn any

    Spriggans into snowballs the more

    breaths to hit a snowball the bigger the

    snowball gets you may also notice that

    Yeti himself has an incredible amount of

    health and dpsing him traditionally

    takes an annoyingly long time the main

    mechanic of the fight comes into play

    with the snowballs in the boss's room

    wide AoE attack north early

    this cast will do a massive amount of

    damage to the raid and your goal is to

    avoid it as much as possible however the

    only way to interrupt this cast is to

    Pelt him with this friggin snowballs

    to aim these snowballs at Yeti you need

    to be in line with him before smacking

    the snowball with anything you have each

    snowball hit has the ability to

    interrupt his cast however the bigger

    the snowball the more damage Yeti will

    take ideally the tank needs to force

    Yeti to breathe on as many snowballs as

    possible before you throw them at Yeti

    the rest of the group should be keeping

    an eye out for these frost bound ads and

    destroying them as soon as possible

    these ads have abilities that can

    destroy any snowballs they hit so it's

    best for a DPS to grab it and kill it

    away from where the tank is playing with

    the snowballs continue pelting Yeti with

    snowballs until he's down

    in this section of the instance you'll

    run into this mini arena kill each wave

    of ads while dodging the respective AO

    ease before progressing to the last boss

    the last boss is Fenrir Fenrir has a

    frontal cleave and should be positioned

    away from the rest of the raid

    throughout the fight three icicles will

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    drop down to will target a random player

    and shoot across the room towards them

    the third will cast a point-blank AoE

    after some time both of these abilities

    are really easy to dodge healers be on

    the lookout for thousand years storm

    which will do group damage this is

    pretty easy to heal through as long as

    the rest of the group is not getting hit

    by any of the other mechanics every

    second set of icicles

    Fenrir will cast lunar cry after the

    first two icicles do their thing the

    rest of the rain needs to make their way

    to the third icicle and line-of-sight

    Fenrir if you rakaat in the open by

    lunar cry you will be frozen in place

    and federal pounce on you dealing a

    large amount of damage if everyone

    successfully avoids lunar cry federal

    will instead pounce on the tank and

    doing substantially less damage the rest

    of the group should also quickly move

    away from that last icicle as its

    explosion will happen soon after the

    fight then repeats as long as you

    remember - ello s lunar cry every second

    set of death circles you'll be fine

    and there you have it snow click I'm

    saving the rest of my icy pods for Shiva

    so this outro is going to be cold if you

    have any questions or comments please

    let me know up next we'll look at

    secession hard as always thanks for

    watching until next time

    ::Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Snowcloak Visual Dungeon Guide::

    Why watch 40 minutes of someone else playing when you just need the highlights? This video gives you a quick overview of the dungeon, boss mechanics, and overall group dynamics. Enjoy!

    WANDIL: http://youtu.be/6UDn3ev42uE?t=31
    YETI: http://youtu.be/6UDn3ev42uE?t=1m30s
    FENRIR: http://youtu.be/6UDn3ev42uE?t=2m50s

    Music: FFXIV OST - Snowcloak

    Questions? Comments? Drop me a line and I'll get back to you!

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (38)

    1. Awesome guide, so well explained and I also really appreciate your pleasant and calm voice, very soothing! I have never subscribed to a game-related channel but you just got my subscription. If you narrate all/most of these guides, you will be getting quite a few views from me. Thank you!

    2. Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating these guides! I'm currently trying to make it through to Heavensward, and these videos have been incredibly helpful along the way. I really appreciate that you keep the content short and focused, great job!

    3. god i love your guides u make them easy for even someone like me who is completely new to MMOs FFXIV bein my first an all guys like mr happy are just way to technical when talking about this stuff lol plus yours are short an to the point gotta love it haha

    4. I know this is late here but forgot to say something about WANDIL: Snow Drift that is to keep moving after Snow Drift but before the move actually hits to not get any stacking debuffs

      only need to add time indexes like these cause the link in the description doesn't work!

      WANDIL: 0:31 YETI: 1:30: FENRIR: 2:50, or WANDIL: 31s, YETI: 1m30s, FENRIR: 2m50s

    5. I know this is late here but forgot to say something about WANDIL: Snow Drift that is to keep moving after Snow Drift but before the move actually hits to not get any stacking debuffs

      only need to add time indexes like these cause the link in the description doesn't work!

      WANDIL: 0:31 YETI: 1:30: FENRIR: 2:50, or WANDIL: 31s, YETI: 1m30s, FENRIR: 2m50s

    6. You have the best most inciteful quest guides for FF14. I go to you before each challenge so I don't have to count on someone to tell me, most do not anyway.

    7. This girl sounds like the kind of sheltered virgin princess that would make a guy do everything for her in life and still friend zone him. If she stopped trying to sound like she was richer than jeff bezos maybe her stuff would be watchable past the 1 second mark. Thank god for mr happy and the others.

    8. My party I found in the duty finder when I did this quest yesterday just didn't know any of the mechanics, we just defeated everything with dps and got pounced at the end in ice xD

    9. trying to force yeti to aim his cone at spriggans is enraging, and spriggans keep running out of the way. i just learned that tanking him at the side of the room (facing party instead of facing away) means his aoe will be much easier to direct but i've yet to actually try that


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