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    SearchThisVideo: SO SAVAGE! – Devil May Cry HD Collection Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

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    what is up everyone and welcome back to
    the channel you may have not been
    expecting this one and I didn't even
    know that I was gonna be playing any
    Devil May Cry either however I saw the
    HD collection collection okay I was
    gonna say it all right I saw this was on
    sale and obviously we've got a brand new
    Devil May Cry coming out I think it's in
    like two weeks time or something like
    that and I played the demo for the
    latest game and I really enjoyed it
    but I was a like obviously I was really
    confused by the story because I haven't
    played any Devil May Cry games at all so
    I bought the HD collection and I just
    wanted to try it out and obviously see
    if I could get into these now these are
    old games and sometimes old games are
    great like if you played them when they
    first came out but other times old games
    they really just don't age well so I'm
    kind of hoping the Devil May Cry 1 it's
    gonna be like an enjoyable experience I
    can only imagine it gets better from
    there but I'm gonna try it anyway
    Devil May Cry 1 would you like to
    continue I mean it is a HD you know
    remake so it might be totally fine and
    maybe I'm just worrying too much this
    game contains scenes of a explicit
    violence and gore
    let's rock baby oh my god it's so arkady
    it's unbelievable like I feel like I've
    gone back in time I'm at the roller bowl
    with all my friends after school and
    we're like with our guns up and we're
    like come on P I'll be I'll be help
    y'all my spoilers spoilers I don't want
    to see I want to be surprised by family
    so yeah I have no link anything up and
    let's get into this two millenniums ago
    there was a war between the human world
    and the other the underworld
    but somebody from the other
    to justice and stood up against this
    was spun
    later he quietly rain
    and continue to preserve
    a legend the legendary Dark Knight

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    Devil May Cry sorry we closed at night
    again no password I can't seem to get
    any rumors whoa slow down babe well well
    what do we have here nature calls
    send it back
    so you must be the handyman he'll take
    any dirty job am i correct
    almost I only take special jobs if you
    know what I mean you're the man who lost
    a mother and a brother to evil 20 years
    ago the son of the legendary Dark Knight
    Sparta mr. Dante
    well the way I figure it in this
    business a lot of you
    and if I kill each one that comes
    eventually I should hit the jackpot
    sooner or later in that case you should
    be used to
    time to go to work guys
    even as a child there's demonic balettan
    you were the first one to know about my
    adventures looks like I'm getting closer
    it seems that way but I'm not your enemy
    my name is Trish I came here to seek
    your help
    to put an end to the underworld what
    oh yeah when they say guys them I mean
    just don't eat well
    his powers were sealed by
    she's attempting to gain control of the
    human world once again
    he has been preparing to open the gate

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    the castle is above this cliff come on
    let's go
    oh okay then so she can jump pretty high
    all right how do I jump ex look at how
    high I can jump I can jump the length of
    the door okay it's not too bad actually
    I thought it might be worse what is that
    a yellow that kind of space a sacred
    stone that brings back life after death
    okay is that like a safety net for
    myself at some point whoa whoa whoa
    bloody Capcom being the kings of fixed
    camera angles anyone in this image
    that's like fixed camera angles are the
    best no no no way
    josée okay remake was good because it
    didn't have fixed camera angles break
    the evil spell and open the cursed door
    curse of the bloody puppet okay
    this place is cursed right so do I get a
    bloody tutorial okay well I have a map
    oh it's inverted why is it in four it's
    don't don't where I cancel it oh my god
    why why are things inverted roll the map
    okay cool
    cool story so that is for map it's not a
    taunt it's not WWE okay that's my health
    bar I've got some weird purple thing in
    my top right corner so triangle is sort
    oh wait what why why would I want to ton
    that's really weird
    that's so weird okay so I'm totally new
    to this game so you guys are gonna have
    to bear with me I am NOT new to video
    games but I am new to Devil May Cry and
    I'm not the best at video games
    thank God I decided to run away just
    then I don't want to know what might
    have happened I redstone used to unlock
    new skills and doors to acquire new
    skills you must offer the stones to the
    god of time oh who the hell's out when
    he's at home see this is before you had
    tutorials that would hold your hand okay
    so I got a bunch of those this is very

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    nice she's playing some tunes for me
    thank you
    Hey Jebus can I jump across it Edward
    seemed not okay motion sickness do your
    thing I II just don't
    I swear see when they were composing the
    music for this game they hired me oh
    wait is this taking you down here yeah
    but what's this can I use it
    this door is sealed shut a rusty key may
    help all right
    so go find a rusty key but how do I use
    my guns oh wait a minute no since to
    hold them up ah okay there we go
    caught it's like I'm playing bloody Tomb
    Raider Simon I got nice hair though so I
    am playing as Dante I don't think that's
    who you play it's in the fifth game
    though I don't know what's this the
    statue must be the watcher of time this
    God knows and remembers all of the past
    the words of this God are engraved those
    who desire to acquire the ancient ways
    of war shall offer the blood of monsters
    in exchange it's not responding
    I better unseal the door beneath here
    yes okay so this is all one big tutorial
    for me I am learning whoa oh my god
    camera angles like just don't don't do
    hey that's dad she's got a third eyeball
    that music sounds like from that video
    game I played called rain okay jump
    across this way
    it's gonna be a lot of people that love
    this game because of nostalgia and then
    there's gonna be people like me that
    never played it with nostalgia down
    there there we go
    what's this whoa Chula um okay I think
    we're gonna have to jump down okay so
    I've cleared out all the thingamabob
    routes but I'm looking for a key now I
    saw a way to go up even higher you think
    oh it's a statue of a knight who's
    leaving for war with the divine forces
    yeah whatever okay

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    don't even look at that one cannot get
    up honestly guys I feel like when you
    you come from a generation of fixed
    camera angles and then move on to better
    it's very difficult to go back and enjoy
    fixed camera angles I think I went this
    way tonight can I get across there
    oh my god there's no way that I am lost
    already I mean there probably is but
    there's blue stuff across there okay so
    I've been messing about with the
    controls just a little bit I wanted to
    get accustom to everything before I
    actually progress so what am i add I've
    got 45 of these red things I'm honestly
    not seeing anything else that I can do
    although there is this thing here
    I feel like I could probably get that
    but maybe I need like a double jump do I
    even have a double jump he's 45 red orb
    oh did it tell me that I needed 45 I
    don't feel like it did the heck okay
    what's this whoa hello mister statues
    whoa okay uh-huh
    apparently that's a thing blue or
    fragment also known as the fragment of
    life but it's only one-fourth of the
    whole piece when it becomes whole it
    will have the power to increase the
    vitality x' maximum limits so obviously
    just need to pick up as many of these
    like bad things as possible I feel like
    I'm playing a zombie game oh my goodness
    destroy everything hey can I pick that
    up what the hell that tree is terrifying
    look at that I can see the castles
    garden from the window I mean you can
    see a tree from the window that's for
    all right let's go in here
    I will say this though games men it's
    come a long way can't go up again no hmm
    I don't trust those guys I feel like
    they're gonna get up at some point can I

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    get up there
    it is basically gonna destroy everything
    to get out there so I can jump on this
    yeah I can okay well before I go up
    there there's a door here
    I don't like the look of any of this
    there are three openings to insert
    something okay maybe it's up in this
    room it's just playing like a puzzle
    game I didn't think it would be so
    puzzle II but maybe it is I'm definitely
    coming to grips with it now the only
    good what the hell is that thing
    oh the rusty key the key is rusted but
    it should work
    did he just come to life oh my god oh my
    god puppet oh no way roll out the way
    let's keep certifying oh my god okay
    all right whoo no puppets everywhere
    come here puppet oh wait a do I fire
    I'm blocking oh man things have started
    to come to life now I don't like it it's
    what's this nothing is that a ladder
    that is there's a ladder but the lid is
    closed and I can't go through okay well
    we did get a rusty key so telling me I'm
    dull you're dull with me the game Zelda
    oh my god I'm scared

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    I don't like it am i safe in this room
    feel like I'm saved in this room all
    let's use the key use the rusty key okay
    no bad statues or these puppets up there
    you see that hoechlin this castles got a
    lot of weird stuff in it like lots and
    lots of weird stuff oh hold on
    what was that this emblem responds to my
    what kind of powers Oh
    oh wait a minute legged huh
    Oh Oh No
    these puppets down here
    what I don't want to be in here I don't
    want to be in here this looks like a
    boss or something okay
    okay why am i down here Oh Lord
    gladly instead of out of em oh no bad
    puppet bad puppet stay back stay back
    doing some like radioactive me Oh No
    back up back up Tomb Raider this [ __ ]
    so it's gonna be okay
    it's gonna be okay
    [ __ ] shot me
    whoa what's the green thing green orb a
    sacred stone that revitalizes energy as
    soon as you get it what a horrible place
    so now what can I just go back up is

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    that like some sort of testing place I
    guess to test my mad skills oh I totally
    was I was totally just to test my skills
    it's okay he said oh my god no
    oh where was that I haven't even seen
    that door yet was that in this room
    thank you is so I came in the red one
    didn't I can I go up here I can a blue
    orb fragment also known as the fragment
    of life but it's only one-fourth of the
    whole piece when it becomes whole it
    will have okay so I know about that so I
    have two of four I have four yellow orbs
    and I have eighty two of the red ones we
    have my devil arms this weapon is
    currently equipped I Bini and ivory
    Dante's handmade guns
    mm selection you can select your Devil
    oh so it's actually that's his father's
    that's cool all right so I don't think
    there was anything else up there let's
    go oh wait that was it uh okay so yeah
    as I said to you guys I know that
    there's like missions and things like
    that but it is my first playthrough so
    I'm not gonna be doing it to like rush
    around and you know I don't know like
    rush through it or anything like that
    I'm sure people could do that in minutes
    we did that safe yeah I did
    all right next mission mission to judge

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    of death open the door of the Cathedral
    power up what's this you can acquire
    health magic and other enhancement items
    I hate this fun hated a crystal with
    magical powers that will recover fire
    devil trigger gages a rare stone that
    revitalizes energy I can't hold any more
    of that I am no so I don't have enough
    orbs got a thousand increases your
    vitality devil trigger stay what is
    devil trigger state I don't know what
    that is
    so can I know I can't do anything at the
    moment because I don't have enough orbs
    I don't think
    okay mission - let's do this
    all right that is creepy as [ __ ] it's a
    landscape painting there's an eerie aura
    surrounding it I'll say the music is
    Wow god sakes
    jumpy jumpy jumpy don't like of it no
    Mike of it
    [ __ ] music is brilliant
    kind of see why this game is played top
    I think he's dead Suzie
    so I kill them all get it come on I
    can't wait to get to my first boss I'm
    so excited
    what is that what another one
    I'm seeing it right now
    get all the red orb all the red orb okay
    I don't know why if you like they just
    keep coming
    okay well before I do anything I did see
    there was a door here
    nice music what the hell is that
    also there power-ups all I understand I

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    totally understand okay but I I almost
    have enough for the blue orb so is this
    like a safe room then I don't move how
    many sets just three isn't it yeah okay
    so that's just a safe room let's get out
    of here get the puppies follow me yes
    they did
    that's a lot of puppies it's awesome so
    what's in here this door is locked but
    it looks like a rusty key may help okay
    so I gotta find some rusty keys
    uh-huh what is that just a tree I can
    see a room on the other side there must
    be another way to get there okay so yeah
    I wonder if just in that other room if
    it's like it's just infinite enemies
    maybe hey a grim reaper like devil is
    dipped to the i key is embedded should i
    take it yeah that's my rusty key thank
    you so I wonder if I get like different
    guns and things like that as the game
    progresses or if I just upgrade the ones
    I currently have
    wait a minute what was that there was
    something I loved the music there was
    something shining just there what is
    that it's not a shotgun hey take it a
    shotgun a wide-range gun very
    destructive at close range oh hell yeah
    weapon that's gonna be cool wait look at
    the way he walks
    that's amazing I love it all right let's
    go get these bad boys out here with a
    what is this there's a sculpture of a
    female in agony with a sword pierced
    through her chest wait I can hear a
    I am alas sir the weak shall give their
    heart and swear their eternal loyalty to

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00
    me what
    ah oh my god that's twice I've been
    oh my god what the [ __ ] [ __ ] that's
    [ __ ] up how are you gonna get one for
    the next day I don't want to know to be
    honest uh what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ]
    just happened
    what just happens
    that's not normal that's not normal
    did I just get a new awesome weapon
    that's us
    okay so apparently getting stabbed is a
    good thing
    gives the possessor lightning speed and
    aerial capabilities please tell me that
    you have automatically equipped that for
    me you have side the force edge that's
    mental Thanks it's a carving of the
    judge of death
    it looks like the judge should be
    holding something really okay so I got a
    shotgun I guess
    don't even think about it huh Oh
    okay you use the recipe key oh this is
    gonna be fun hey buddy
    look ahead get [ __ ] up but it's
    amazing it's actually

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    okay so there's something in this room
    behind ah there's an immense power that
    will not allow anyone to get closer
    before I can confront the lion I'll need
    a science
    I mean it's not a big enough sign that
    I'll kick his ass
    I'm sorry this game
    I was really worried about the actual
    end the graphics or whatever but it's
    good it's a statue of an angel the
    guardian of a God
    guys whooping um financial out here
    give me that
    that was one hell of a block
    thank you okay that's a lot of enemies
    so the main door is there I gotta get up
    these stairs I think yep what's this
    it's an engraving of a lion there's
    something written only those who the
    lion has accepted can set me free set me
    free why dontcha lion
    don't be a dick you stupid Lana it's a
    statue of an angel the guardian of the
    god yes so there must be the same one
    that's aha
    what the [ __ ]
    hold on a minute what is this there's

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    something engraved beneath the opening
    this is where the guiding Souls gather
    can I put something in you
    well I don't bloody know
    a god standing before thee to open the
    path use thy strength to drive it back
    okay use a strength to drive it back
    okay I've done that
    can I
    I mean I'm standing on it what more do
    you want from me is there another one
    that I gotta push [ __ ] a like so going
    off over there why stupid [ __ ]
    what are all these pictures don't come
    at me door
    don't even bother something about this
    something of friends according to Alexa
    I don't think that helps me though
    there's something written a God stands
    before thee to open the path use those
    strengths to drive it back well i dad oh
    I forgot to press action on it duh
    what is this am I gonna get stabbed in
    the dick again staff of judgment is
    staff that shines with mysterious light
    what is that like a different weapon No
    so doesn't actually tell me what that is
    for that I have it I went back in here
    didn't they say that there was something
    I have to put that in someone's hand
    where was that again I think that was
    back in in the other room what the [ __ ]
    what the [ __ ]

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    what a bunch of them
    there another one oh no I got them
    holy Moses quit your [ __ ] laughing
    hen it's not funny ah why is there
    it's a carving of death it looks like
    the judge should be holding something
    Shelly's the staff of judgment yes
    again these [ __ ] spiders away oh my
    god haha that mission was terrifying oh
    my god I think that's what I really like
    about this game though is that it's got
    like old-school vibes to it and games
    back in the day used to be so terrifying
    and they can push the boundaries you
    know let's go ahead and save it
    next mission destroyer of our door let's
    power up gonna be a benefit of this what
    is this
    with lightning speed plunge the sword
    into enemies okay so with that or it's
    got a blue orb don't I have to leave
    those already so again another one of
    those then I'm good right overcome the
    trial and acquire the prize of Lion
    what this missions gone a little bit
    weird oh no way was it not a blue or
    maybe it wasn't I'm not sure

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    all right guys unfortunately that it's
    all I got time for in this episode of
    Devil May Cry this is fun that I'm
    really enjoying it so yeah I will catch
    you all in the next episode bye guys

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    Comment (39)

    1. I know what you mean about old games I’ve tried to play older games that people said were great but I just can’t get into them since I’m used to next gen gameplay

    2. '' there's something engraved beneath of the opening ,this is where guiding souls gather '' I've never solved that and I still wonder if we could pass that door or not

    3. Albums I like to listen to while playing DMC1

      Bloody Kisses – Type O Negative

      Anghellic – Tech N9ne

      Helter Skelter – The D.O.C.

      6 Feet Deep – Gravediggaz

      Hellbilly Deluxe – Rob Zombie

      White Pony – Deftones

    4. 2 may be hot garbage but it's still apart of the story. These comments say to skip it DON'T! (yes I realize she played it already this is for anyone wanting to skip it) You don't want to miss out on story because you may not understand some things in the future games. Please play 2 gamers!

    5. Wow only came to the channel because I saw a DMC5 playthrough, but didn't expect that you did all previous games too! Guess I'm in for a trip down memory lane @.@

      And man, I forgot how different the series was before 3 😮


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