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    SearchThisVideo: SolidWorks tutorial | Design And Assembly of Ball Bearing in SolidWorks | SolidWorks

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    welcome back to calc and tutorial today
    we are going to assemble design and
    assemble a beautiful Bering Sea we will
    design separately inner outer ring this
    inside ball and this cage outside and we
    will fix this rivet also see this rivet
    from both side you sure you will enjoy
    so let's start the assembly and design
    of Sol bail ball bearing now we will
    sketch first part of ball bearing inner
    ring so let's start choose front plane
    sketch select centerline and draw on
    center line passing through origin now
    choose Center rectangle okay now we will
    assign dimension
    keep the length 31 mm
    and make this distance
    and this distance
    65mm okay now select centerline and
    drawn centerline to origin make sure it
    is vertical now select center point are
    draw an arc inside the box now exit
    choose smart dimension select distance
    from here to this line aeternam and keep
    the radius to 11
    okay now choose trim and trim inside
    inside okay now select this side line
    and this side line make equal equal
    relation okay now Rivaldo boss/base
    select this as axis okay
    select chamfer select 2.1 and select
    this face
    okay now inner outer ring is ready now
    save it
    new folder
    ball bearing right outer ring

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    now we will make second part inner ring
    so choose front plane is sketch select
    center line and draw one centerline
    horizontal line okay now select center
    rectangle draw one rectangle like this
    okay now we will assign dimension assign
    31 mm distance from here to this line 25
    mm and outer line 37 mm okay now select
    Center Point R and draw an arc
    now exit
    select one centerline connect from
    origin point make sure it is vertical
    okay now again choose distance from this
    point to this line 8mm and radius skip
    to 11
    okay choose trim entities and trim
    inside portion okay now select this
    outside line both both side make
    relation equal okay
    now choose charge schilit select 2.1 mm
    and select both and corners
    okay now our structure is fully defined
    so go to feature select revolve
    boss/base and choose this line as axis
    okay now this inner ring is ready now
    save it
    in early
    now go for next part now on is kiss
    third part of ball bearing ball so
    choose front plane a sketch selects a
    line and draw on line just go back and
    draw a half circle okay
    now exit from the line just select this
    center of the line shift key origin
    point and here choose make coincident
    now it is Center choose a smart
    dimension and keep the length tall mmm

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    12 mm okay I know P 24 mm
    okay now choose reward the boss/base
    select this okay now save it boy
    now this is the ball we saved now go for
    another panel we are going to sketch
    cage for ball bearing so choose front
    plane is sketch draw two circles from
    origin point not assign diameter outer
    194 mm and inside 86 mm okay select
    extrude boss/base choose mid plane keep
    width to 16 mm okay
    now select this face sketch normal
    choose centerline and draw on centerline
    select the line and draw online go back
    and draw a half-circle exit from the
    line choose circle drawn circle to bid
    and assigned I Ament diameter 90mm
    and okay now select the center point of
    this line and select this diameter
    first select this for construction now
    center point and this line click here
    relation make coincident okay
    delete this relation now choose this
    point and this point may coincide now it
    is coincide with this okay now select
    revolved cut she is going to cut from
    inside select okay now choose fill it
    2.1 mm and select both the corners okay

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    now here show item and click temporary
    axis now see temporary axis are visible
    now choose
    circular pattern select this cutout and
    this choose this line as axis we want
    eight numbers 360 degree equal spacing
    okay now see the half portion is created
    now select she'll keep thickness 1.5 mm
    and select this outer face back face and
    inside face only three remaining this
    outside face 1.5 mm okay
    now do one thing is sketch sketch select
    here show this looking select this
    now our circle is looking small so just
    select edit a sketch choose the smart
    dimension and select this radius keep
    this radius to 11 now exit okay now our
    sketch looking perfect select this face
    is sketch normal now choose a center
    line and draw a line from here to this
    circle exit choose circle and drawn
    circle here and assign diameter 2 mm
    okay now select
    now assign 360 by 16mm this is the our
    angle okay select extruded cut and
    choose through all is going to cut okay
    now select circular pattern choose this
    axis eight number extrude cut hole okay
    now select this geometry hide now the
    same as here

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    temporary axis Auto hide now this is the
    cage for ball bearing now save it as a
    now we will start assembly for cage full
    power bearing now we are going to start
    assembly a ball bearing so let us start
    choose new assembly now select browse
    select these all parts ball bearing for
    path open ball cage inner and outer ring
    met plain white
    now first select this one met inside
    okay now to the advancement width select
    this side this side this side and this
    side choose okay
    now drag ball here
    right-click float the ball
    now we will do one thing ball ball front
    and in a ring
    front press control and slur front
    select met it is going to met okay now
    bring here ball right
    in Irving right select okay okay I'll
    just drag up select ball choose met and
    select this inside select flip mat okay
    okay now see
    this one select fixed now this
    now make it float
    select this outside
    fix now see it is rotating inside
    now we will make circular component

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    choose born
    select temporary axis and select here
    this axis
    and make eight number of balls okay now
    see it is rotating
    eight number of balls now bring this
    part here
    choose mat select this centerline this
    here very small looking here and select
    this Center choose okay
    drag it this side
    now select ball and this inside face see
    it is fixed with him here
    now we will make rivers so just go to
    back reverse okay now we want to make
    mirror for this
    so select mirror component select this
    face we want to make mirror on this face
    and choose this body okay now here one
    key select next now see it's showing
    your component going to a mirror this
    side choose okay
    now hide temporary axis
    now see it is rotating
    now your ball bearing is ready
    now only we have to fix some rivet so go
    to toolbox 9 choose pin
    pin in that choose rivet and here one
    rivet this 66 just drag it here
    now it is asking keep sighs - mmm
    and select six number choose okay cancel
    now we will make mirror so again show
    temporary axis
    choose circular pattern and select this

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    select this as access key eight numbers
    because there are eight number of holes
    select okay now hide now we will change
    the color forbearing go to reference
    geometry and select plain carbon steel
    all that's it now see this is the ball
    bearing now your ball bearing is ready
    this is very beautiful and pleasant ball
    bearing I hope you enjoyed this tutorial
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    in this tutorial video i will show you Design And Assembly of Ball Bearing in SolidWorks ...& i hope you will enjoy the tutorial, please subscribe our channel for more videos & projects in solidworks & dont forget to hit like & share the videos, thanks for watching.


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    1. The tutorials you have in your "CAD CAM TUTORIAL" page are AMAZING YOU ARE A MASTER. In order to be a better TEACHER you need to take time to show us how everything is done, share your creativity, how a designer like you CREATE, etc., ALMOST NOBODY teaches that. When people post something THEY TRY TO IMPRESS THAT THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT. MASTER think that one day will be MASTERS too, but WE need your INFLUENCE in our lives with even the details. THANKS FOR SHARING !

    2. Brilliant tutorial, managed to complete the bearing as a complete novice to solidworks, only having done two drawings before this. Can you tell me why your material has a polished surface? All my materials on the 2020 version are dull, looks so much better with a polished surface.


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