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    SearchThisVideo: SOLIDWORKS Tutorial "Introduction to SOLIDWORKS (My first part)" (01/10)

    Watch video at 00:00

    introduction to salvers in this tutorial

    we'll create multiple circular bases in

    multiple circular cuts we'll also create

    a circular pattern later on in a

    separate tutorial we'll make this

    drawing I'll create a new part and click

    OK the tutorial template that's being

    used has units set to mm GS and a

    dimension standard actually set to ISO

    not ANSI to begin I'll draw a circular

    base starting with the extruded

    boss/base command I'll put this on the

    top plane well enable the circle tool

    select the origin move my cursor way and

    click and I'll add a dimension of 128

    with the smart dimension I'll click on

    the circle move my cursor up here and

    click 1 to 8 and instead of clicking ok

    I'll hit enter on the keyboard next I'll

    exit the sketch

    I'll key in 7 for the extrude depth and

    I'll click in the open space to see the

    preview update then I'll click OK

    next I'll save the part as pressure

    plate I'll overwrite the existing one

    next I'll add a boss I'll start again

    with the extruded boss/base command this

    time I'll select the top face

    I'll reorient to a top view I'll draw a

    circle centered at the origin

    I'm not going to click OK to these

    property managers that step may be

    unnecessary in some cases such as after

    drawing sketch geometry

    I'll move directly to the smart

    dimension tool click on the circle and

    key in a dimension of 75 next I'll

    offset the entities by 5 I'll select

    offset entities I'll click on the circle

    and then I'll key in 5 and turn on

    reverse and click OK I'll exit the

    sketch I'll select trimetric

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    to see the preview better i'll key in 12

    for the depth and I'll click OK

    next I'll create the center hole cut

    I'll select extruded cut I'll select

    this faith and then I'll reorient to a

    top view I'll draw a circle centered at

    the origin

    dimension the circle 25 I'll exit the


    I'll reorient to a trimetric and I'll

    select through all for the end condition

    and click OK optionally you can walk

    through these instructions to create

    whole wizard holes next I'll add some

    fill its with the fill it tool I'll

    select this face and this face when I

    can too and click in space I should see

    a preview as long as full preview is

    selected I'll click OK next I'll create

    another extrude select extrude boss/base

    I'll select this face reorient to a top

    view I'll expand the line fly out to

    find centerline I'll click on the origin

    move my cursor up click again I'll add a

    circle to the endpoint of the centerline

    and next I'll add a few dimensions with

    smart dimension I'll select the

    centerline key and 35 and I'll select

    the circle and key in 27 I'll exit the


    okay and 34 the depth and click okay

    I'll reorient to a trimetric view next

    I'll make a cut through that boss I'll

    select extruded cut I'll select this top

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    face I'll draw a circle I'll use this

    edge to center the circle with the

    dimension of 15 smart dimension select

    the circle can't 15 enter I'll exit the

    sketch and I'll make this into a through


    to add a few fillings I'll change to a

    hidden lines visible mode I'll select

    the fill it tool and then I'll grab this

    top face this back edge this bottom edge

    and this front edge the fill it

    automatically goes around tangency

    I'll click OK I'll change back to a

    shaded with edges next I'll create a

    circular pattern with six instances I'll

    turn on a temporary axis next I'll

    select the circular pattern tool and

    I'll select the central axis for the

    pattern axis I'll make sure to set the

    number of instances to six turn on equal

    spacing and for the features to pattern

    I'll pattern the Philip feature and

    additionally the cut extrude and the

    boss extrude all three of these

    finally for the last feature I'll add a

    couple of Phil 'its I'll turn off the

    temporary axis tool for now I'll enable

    the Phillip tool and I'll select this

    outside edge here and I'll select this

    inside edge here after clicking ok I'll

    save my part thank you

    This series is intended to allow you to preview the existing tutorials in a VIDEO so you'll be able to go through them in a fraction of the time!

    If you'd like to try to follow along, you may utilize built-in Youtube functionality to speed up, slow down, or pause the video.

    Youtube suggestions:
    "K" - pause
    "L" - forward by 10 seconds
    "J" - backwards by 10 seconds
    Shift+. - Speed up the video
    Shift+, - Slow down the video

    This lesson includes:
    Creating base, boss, and cut features from sketches
    Adding fillets to smooth edges
    Creating a circular pattern

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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