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    SearchThisVideo: SOLIDWORKS Tutorial "Lesson 1: Parts" (04/10)

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    Watch video at 00:00

    lesson one parts create your first Sal

    works model this lesson we're going to

    create this simple part it includes a

    base feature a boss a cut some Phillips

    and a shell feature to hollow it out to

    again we'll create a new part click ok

    let's save our part I'll save it as

    tutor 1 next we'll create the base it

    will have dimensions 120 by 120 by 30 to

    create this feature select the extrude

    boss/base command Y start with the

    extrude command in order to create a

    sketch paste feature such as an extrude

    revolve or cut you're either have to

    select the command first and then create

    a sketch or you can create a sketch

    first and then select the command to

    begin our extrude feature we'll select

    the front plane to place a sketch on

    that plane next click on the corner

    rectangle tool hover your cursor over

    the origin if the origin does not

    highlight you may need to change a snap

    setting in your system options click on

    the origin move your cursor up into the

    right the exact size of the rectangle it

    doesn't matter since we'll be placing

    dimensions on it in a moment

    click again next we'll turn off the

    corner rectangle tool by using any of

    the following options in most cases I'll

    simply press escape on my keyboard which

    I'll do now the corner rectangle redrew

    contains sketch relations this line is

    horizontal this line is vertical in this

    corner is coincident to the origin also

    some lines are black and some are blue

    black lines you cannot drag however

    lines that are blue you can drag and

    move them around they are under defined

    the same applies to end points

    next we'll dimension the rectangle so it

    looks more like this start with the

    smart dimension tool select the top line

    move your cursor up and click again key

    and 120 and press Enter the entire

    sketch scales to match this first

    dimension click zoom to fit next repeat

    the steps for the right edge click on

    the line put again 120 enter and select

    zoom to fit once again next let's exit

    the sketch when you do this the view

    changes to a try metric so we can see

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    the preview key in 30 for the dab and

    click OK you can use Z on the keyboard

    to zoom out or shift Z to zoom in

    however you might prefer to use the

    scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out try

    this now if you get lost use F on your

    keyboard to do a zoom to fit also loss

    extrude 1 was created in a tree and

    underneath it you'll find the sketch if

    you ever need to make edits to these

    next we'll add a circular boss with a

    diameter of 70 and a depth of 25 this

    time we'll begin by selecting the front

    face of our base and then selecting the

    extruded boss/base

    feature this puts us in a sketch mode on

    that face let's go normal to the sketch

    I'll select the view orientation

    drop-down and select normal to click on

    the circle tool and place a circle near

    the center of the face Luca Chris your

    way and click again and now we'll add

    dimensions click on the smart dimension

    tool click on the circle move your

    cursor up and to the right click again

    70 enter

    next we'll constrain the position of the

    boss to be 60 from the top and 60 from

    the right

    since my smart dimension tool is still

    active I'll select the circle and the

    top edge and then I'll move my cursor to

    the left and place this dimension 60

    enter and I'll repeat this same series

    of steps by clicking on the circle and

    the right edge you might cursor down 60

    enter next we'll exit the sketch to see

    the preview better will change to a

    trimetric View key and 25 for the depth

    if you click in the open space you'll

    see the preview update and click OK boss

    extrude 2 now appears in the feature

    manager tree next we'll make a hole cut

    the radius of the hole is 10 millimeters

    less than the radius of the boss this

    time we'll select the extrude cut

    command first and then we'll click on

    the front face of the boss this places

    us on a sketch on that front face select

    normal to and now we'll draw a circle

    hover your cursor over this edge the

    center point lights up click on the

    center point move your cursor away click

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    again and now we'll add a smart

    dimension of 50

    click exit sketch switch to a trimetric

    view and we'll set the end condition to

    through all and click OK next we'll add

    a few Phillips on the outer edges will

    be five millimeters also this edge here

    will be five millimeters and on these

    edges it'll be 1.5 millimeters let's

    start with the Filat tool select the

    front face of the base careful not to

    accidentally grab one of the back edges

    set the radius to 5 and select full

    preview now let's select the other four

    edges here here and then the other to

    notice that you can select through the

    front face to grab this back edge if you

    make a mistake selecting any of these

    faces or edges you can remove them from

    this list on the left click OK when

    finished next we'll add a fill it to the

    front face of the boss select the

    Phillip tool set the radius to 1.5

    select the face of the boss to see the

    preview better

    we'll use zoom the selection this tool

    is not visible unless you activate the

    view toolbar or if you go to the view

    pulldown under modify select this tool

    and it zooms to fit on the face that's

    selected this preview looks ok click the

    green check next we'll hollow the part

    out and remove the back face with the

    shell command let's view the back face

    of the model in order to rotate the view

    hold down the middle mouse button on

    your cursor and move your cursor around

    do a zoom to

    it select the back face and select the

    shell tool type in two millimeters for

    the thickness and click OK

    this command removes the selected face

    and leaves a two millimeter thickness on

    all the other faces next take a closer

    look at the shell thickness by changing

    to a section view

    first select trimetric next we'll click

    on section view and select the top plane

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    drag the arrow upward maybe about here

    and then click OK we can rotate and zoom

    to look at the sectioned region to

    observe the thickness turn off the

    section view command by clicking the

    button again and select save to save our

    model next we'll make a few edits to our

    model we'll increase the depth modify

    the edge Phillips and recreate the face

    Phillips first we'll change the depth of

    the base from 30 to 50 will change to

    our trimetric view once again

    double-click on boss extrude 1 in the

    feature tree this will show you the

    sketch dimensions and the feature depth

    double click on the 30 key and 50 and

    hit enter the geometry of the part does

    not update until you select the rebuild

    button after rebuilding click Save

    I'd like to change just these corner

    Phillips from five millimeters to ten

    millimeters but I'd like to keep the

    face Phillips at five millimeters in

    order to do this I'll have to break the

    philippi drop into two separate Phillip

    features right-click on Phil at one and

    select edit feature under the items to

    fill it list right click on face one and

    then select delete the Phillips on that

    face are removed next change the radius

    to ten millimeter and click OK next I'd

    like to recreate the Philips that were

    on the face since I'd like these Philips

    also to be shelled I should drag the

    rollback bar up above the shell feature

    before I add this next Philip next I'll

    select the Philip tool I'll select this

    face key in five and click OK if you

    rotate your view at this point you'll

    see your pardons not shelled drag the

    rollback bar down and now it's shelled

    with the internal Philip finally let's

    add a realistic appearance to our part

    instead of shaded with edges change it

    to shaded make sure real view graphics

    is enabled you may not see this option

    if you don't have a certified graphics

    card or driver combination visit the

    system requirements on the SOL Works

    website for more information

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    finally edit the material of the part

    right click on material and select edit

    material and select chrome stainless

    steel from the list of steels select

    apply and close and you're finished

    thank you

    This series is intended to allow you to preview the existing tutorials in a VIDEO so you'll be able to go through them in a fraction of the time!

    If you'd like to try to follow along, you may utilize built-in Youtube functionality to speed up, slow down, or pause the video.

    YouTube suggestions:
    "K" - pause
    "L" - forward by 10 seconds
    "J" - backwards by 10 seconds
    Shift+. - Speed up the video
    Shift+, - Slow down the video

    This lesson includes:
    Creating the base feature
    Adding a boss feature
    Creating a cut feature
    Adding fillets
    Adding a shell feature

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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