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    SearchThisVideo: SOLOING PRESAGE EXOTIC QUEST in DESTINY 2 BEYOND LIGHT (Complete Walkthrough Gameplay & Ending)

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    so i know to start things off just say
    what's up hope you're uh staying safe
    this was
    kind of a nice little surprise so i got
    an email from bungie they wanted to
    sponsor a video of me showing off
    beyond light which is a brand new
    expansion that just dropped this past
    and season the chosen season 13. and uh
    there's a brand new exotic mission i'm
    about to do and i was actually advised
    i was i was advised not to do this
    mission i'm about to do solo
    that i should have helped which is why
    exactly i'm going to solo this mission
    i uh anyways they they have a link they
    gave me it's very very top of the
    description you'll play beyond light
    uh click the link it should take you
    where you need to go and see i'm gonna
    tell you that right now
    season 13 season of the chosen is
    really good they have brought 25 plus
    weapons the new exotic quest i'm about
    to do
    a new social space helm uh the
    battleground seasonal activities like
    three players
    uh three strikes two from destiny when
    they had the saber strike
    which i used to farm in destiny 1 to get
    the imago loop
    uh proving grounds which i have not i
    don't think it's out yet
    and then devil's lair which is the very
    very first strike if you go back to my
    videos in 2014
    i'm playing the destiny alpha and the
    and i remember doing the devil's lair
    strike for the first time and it was
    such a
    crazy experience so they also have like
    a bunch of new stuff on the season pass
    new exotic bow
    i'm gonna show all that stuff off while
    we're playing but uh beyond light was
    because it actually dropped by the new
    the brand new raid which i think is one
    of my favorite raids
    um it i think it's it's up there
    probably my top three that they've done
    it's just it's fun it's a lot of fun
    it's very
    cinematic and i've done it probably 30
    plus times
    they have a brand new campaign which is
    essentially you getting the stasis
    here's my my guess for the future of
    this game
    uh i feel like what they're gonna have
    stasis is the first subclass for the
    and they had three light subclasses you
    know they had solar void and arc
    i feel like what they're gonna have is
    stasis that may be like a poison one
    with like the witch queen
    and then the final expansion or whatever
    it's gonna be
    i [ __ ] it's gonna be the third subclass
    and i they got a good little system
    going i think so
    anyways i'm about to jump into this
    sorry for getting long-winded but
    uh i do have a link very very top of the
    description it helps me out if you click
    it and all the support you drop on this
    is greatly appreciated so i'm having a
    lot of fun playing this game recently
    and i haven't made videos for it i was
    going to cover beyond light but
    i just uh i was just too busy i don't
    know i had too much going on so
    anyways i love you guys let's get into
    it all right here we go
    uh kind of show you my three characters
    i'll tell you why i'm gonna go with my
    warlock in a minute uh
    so titan here's kind of what my titan
    looks like
    i've got a triple 100 build on my titan
    with mo mobility recovering intellect
    same with my warlock
    i love those three stats i just feel
    like resilience obviously is best for a
    titan but i'm not really

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    i haven't used titan much i had three
    titans back in uh
    destiny one then the first week of
    trials they ever had
    i deleted my other two characters like
    the the two titans i mean
    and then i made a hunter and a warlock
    i've had the same three characters ever
    since destiny one
    uh my hunter haven't played on much pvp
    is probably the best
    for a hunter um but yeah you can kind of
    the light level differences of each one
    granted i have my best stuff on my
    warlock right now
    we're just gonna jump in i'll kind of
    show you what i'm gonna do first i i
    looked up how to start the mission right
    you have to go to the arms dealer uh
    strike which i don't know if i can just
    select it from
    if i select it from the registry i feel
    like i'm gonna have
    people join they may not care to do it
    so i
    might do this is right now the ordeal is
    this these first two have matchmaking
    i'm gonna do the 1300
    uh champion barrier yeah i got the i got
    everything you need for this one what
    are these other two
    uh incoming airborne damage increase
    match all match games on
    i just gotta get past the first room all
    right guys change of plans i
    i decided just to try to fire up the
    strike normally and just hope that maybe
    whoever's there with me lets me
    you know do what i got to do anyways uh
    i don't need all this extra stuff on
    i'll keep it on for now and just use
    these but um by the way they brought
    back the cosmodrome
    and they brought back or they didn't
    bring back they brought in europa which
    is a brand new planet
    it's like covered in ice and everything
    which is you know perfect for the states
    to stream
    pictures you know what the one time i
    get adult that
    jeez forget it you know what just forget
    it they buff rockets by the way
    like a lot
    so this should be open now yep oh let's
    go oh this person's going to
    need to get further into the base if i
    can access their network
    i'm gonna miss my shots i'm also a
    little rusty by the way
    i'm glad that other because if somebody
    else didn't want to do this i think it
    would just
    i have to do the nightfall and it's like
    1300 to not have matchmaking which is
    will be a nightmare to solo i tried it
    for like a second i was like yeah maybe
    i shouldn't do this
    they seem to be coming with me
    oh this is the enemy you gotta kill i
    i'm surprised how much damage
    rockets do now
    i'm actually curious how many of you
    have actually watched me play
    the campaigns and stuff beyond light was
    the only campaign i did not cover but i
    did play it
    i didn't run all three characters
    actually um

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    i should do it we get this and i think
    we're supposed to go talk to
    zavala gonna get it
    i think we're good i think everybody
    just comes this mission now for this
    i don't need to actually do the full
    strike so this item's gonna tell us to
    let's see it's one of these
    i don't know what it is but all right
    let's go to the tower i think that's all
    we have to do for that
    yeah it's it's blinking down there so i
    think this is perfect
    hopefully i did everything right we're
    gonna find out
    distress signals are far too common
    these days
    our recovery crews can hardly keep up
    with them
    this one however i want you to look into
    personally rahul brought it to my
    he tells me the transmission has been
    exposed to darkness
    our enemy worms its way into everything
    it touches
    even muddy now signals what's more
    is the point of origin near the reef
    from a guardian claiming to be aboard a
    ship belonging to the dethroned emperor
    title will no doubt respond to a signal
    from one of her father's ships
    they have a complicated relationship
    if there's a guardian on board exposed
    to darkness i want to know why
    extract them safely so we may have a
    word with them
    dude i i love that guy that i committed
    cervallos so here's the thing
    it's the guy i wish i could
    i like the best way to describe it he's
    been commander zavala for a while
    by the way let me turn on subtitles i
    didn't think about that
    uh sound did i do it right
    no gameplay here we go
    uh i think i just i'll just turn him on
    because if there's any subtitles on this
    mission we'll
    we'll be ready you know we'll be ready
    uh here's what i'm gonna use for the
    mission though
    i like the bottom dollar use that for
    now maybe a heritage shotgun
    i don't know this let me use the anarchy
    here's my weapons by the way i've been
    on the grind a little bit recently you
    know bottom dollar
    super lucky to have this um
    first and last out i was happy with it
    it's like the god roll right here
    and the fact that you had the two perks
    from that one season
    uh let's see what else steady hands
    better it's like just a kinetic version
    of these the 120s are so good right now
    brought the izanagi's burden just in
    case i'm gonna do some long range and i
    got the new uh
    this ornament is some heat world shaper
    anarchy finally got an ornament which i
    that's like printing money i will you
    make you make anarchy ornaments i'm all
    over it all right let's see what this
    mission is i heard it was on the tangled
    let's see is it here oh here it is

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    all right okay
    one to three players 12 30 recommended
    so i'm good on that
    jumping a jump coordinates matching an
    error distress signal
    so he was talking about the emperor
    kallus that was the leviathan read
    i'm uh not sure what's gonna happen here
    i'm i hope i got it oh this is the brand
    new exotic bow yet uh
    i haven't really used it much but i got
    it on my inventory
    i thought about trying it if this
    mission is easy but
    i was told to uh to not solo it
    i brought over my trusty uh scout rifle
    just in case
    need some range you know
    oh dear several months ago a cabal
    vessel bearing the name glycon
    disappeared near the reef
    this ship matches its description and
    heading so far our hails have gone
    and the distress signal continues to
    you're clear for live fire engagements
    board it
    and find our missing guardian
    this might be a jump puzzle
    uh well if it's gonna be a jump puzzle
    let me uh let me do top tree dawn blade
    so i got my scoot there we go
    uh can you jump on those
    i just oh there's a thing on both sides
    here i heard this game
    or not this game but this mission has a
    lot of i don't think you can go on that
    yo this is really cool
    music's like oh oh yeah you're supposed
    to go this way it looks like
    get dead space vibes guys
    so one of my favorite missions it was
    ever in destiny 2 was the zero hour
    mission they actually took it out of the
    oh yeah this is this is awesome dude
    look at the atmosphere
    being in space you hear the gun kind of
    muffled there oh yeah

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    this is about to be bad isn't it about
    to get destroyed
    uh let's see oh look at what's down
    yo the atmosphere in this is insane okay
    well here we go
    uh can i make that
    can i make uh i don't think i can make
    oh wait i'd go straight up
    by the way i haven't looked at any
    videos for this
    i had a lot of people text me and say yo
    you should try this mission out
    i think you'll love it and then i got
    the sponsor offer and i was like well
    this is just gonna
    work out hopefully is this right
    okay this has to be the right way
    there's a distortion in the feed
    no frequencies like ripples
    meeting in conversation executing trace
    anything back there oh you can shoot
    these oh nice
    hold on
    what is this
    nothing all right then
    we'll keep it moving
    what was that
    it's just the other side it looks like
    all right
    i love stuff like this man you you guys
    are watching something i was wanting to
    play anyways
    but i'm so glad i saved it for a video
    what am i what was that noise
    okay i'm officially scared
    no okay um oh wait
    nothing over here what oh we're going up
    so i'm wondering uh
    this doesn't seem timed the whisper
    mission and the
    zero hour there's an open patch into the
    ship's computer
    perhaps courtesy of our lost friend
    it doesn't seem time though the other
    two you had like 20 minutes through the
    full mission
    which is what kind of added to it i like
    this better oh
    what is this those spores are
    harmonizing with the nearby
    concentration of darkness

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    oh god almost died right there
    oh wait
    i got a leak there's no light
    here oh i pass through the door because
    of that
    if i get it again i need to keep going i
    whether those tablets i guess they're
    oh no am i gonna die when it's zero
    oh here we go
    oh by the way icon navigation system
    marks their destination as an anomaly
    left in the wake of mars's disappearance
    by the way uh for jump puzzles
    you gotta have this hunter mobility is
    i i like the triple 100 build this is
    kind of my loadout by the way
    um for pve i probably should put on
    reserves and like
    ammo finders but i just whatever you
    know this
    is like just a combination of stuff but
    i like triple recovery
    triple 100 uh recovery mobility and
    these other ones obviously are good
    certain scenarios but
    kind of what i like man granted this
    gear is going to be sunset soon anyways
    it was good while it lasted
    uh where are we going
    is there not like a thing i can shoot
    let me check hold on
    use it as a flashlight really quick
    i don't see anything up top okay it's
    kind of like a
    everything's gonna be like a puzzle in
    this i think wait which was
    we hop down in here didn't we or no
    i guess not
    i don't know if i'm going the right way
    i'm actually kind of lost i feel like
    i'm going in
    backwards right now
    uh hold on this feels like the right way
    oh dear what in the world
    uh we probably don't want to go down in
    there i'm guessing
    oh my god these guys they're swords
    oh my god i thought it was high enough
    i got autoloading holster on that

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    dude the fact that they're swords i'm
    high enough level where they shouldn't
    unless maybe that's just the way it is
    hmm guardian
    you're not the only life sign aboard i
    say at least
    one other maybe a missing friend
    it may not
    what did i just do so there's there's
    somebody else aboard this ship
    besides me okay for fighting screams i
    need to change my loadout just a little
    bit because
    i don't know man uh
    but that's gonna lower my light a lot
    more i don't want to do that
    rocket launcher i could infuse that what
    else do i have i could use a work with
    coil but that'd be a little much i think
    um this is full auto i might go for that
    i could use the smg if i need to
    maybe we'll be fine for right now we
    haven't had any deaths yet
    and we're not in a no respawn zone yet
    so what did i just do here
    i guess i'm supposed to go across
    oh no
    we need so we can't go through he's
    gonna damage us yep burning or whatever
    oh we gotta get an ability run back over
    here okay
    so we gotta find oh here it is
    all right we're going
    we got two paths here left and right
    oh god
    i'm not saying i'm nervous but i'm a
    little nervous
    uh all right we have that we gotta see
    where we're supposed to go oh we're
    jumping back and forth
    from okay from side to side i'm guessing
    you can go
    over here
    this opens up this
    what oh that's smart

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    this is why the anarchy is the best
    heavy in the game
    i didn't put on any kind of like special
    pve things
    there's all these mods you can put on to
    give you like weapons of
    not weapons of life but like you get i
    don't know people have all these
    different builds
    i just i didn't do any of that i'm going
    to go in just
    basic i found a journal of calluses
    onsite translation as follows
    today callous graced the glycon with his
    presence and gazed upon the anomaly
    his counselors prepare the exhibition
    chamber with gold from the castellam
    they are confident the crown is ready
    the end will lay eyes upon him
    and weep at his magnificence
    the fact that we're they're talking
    about callus still and they've already
    removed that from the game
    that was one thing there's always like a
    mystery i love the lore oh wait
    i love the lore and uh like behind cows
    because you don't know what he actually
    is he a giant cabal is he like a exo
    pretending to be it that you never knew
    what he actually looked like or anything
    or maybe
    who he actually was it was always a
    mystery and then they
    they took out leviathan and took out you
    know spire of stars and edo worlds and
    all that stuff
    all right so we're headed back i think
    you have to forgive me i'm still
    learning all this stuff for the first
    time this is
    i'm sure i'll run this mission later on
    i've heard this scout rifle you get can
    get random rolls if you re repeat the
    um at least that's what i've heard i
    think that's what's that was actually
    wait can you go up here looks like you
    i don't know why you'd want to though
    okay here we go now we're on the other
    side which is kind of where we started
    or or is this thing the other oh this is
    the final side i think
    oh no uh
    oh wait here it is
    not sure what we're doing exactly with
    all this we can't go through there
    so what did that what did that proc just
    i was so excited for this video guys you
    have no idea
    because i was eager to play this mission
    but i wanted to line everything up
    perfectly and
    i just i don't know it would mean a lot
    to me if this video did like well likes
    i think i just
    uh the fact that it's a game that i
    i've come to just love over the years

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    and you guys have watched me play every
    expansion if you've been on my channel
    uh god i mean since the first game came
    out in 2014
    i don't know if we're going back now
    now there was these things but what will
    be the purpose of getting this
    maybe there's something we can
    oh that opened up that other door which
    oh no it doesn't let us pass through
    there never mind so what is the purpose
    of that then we hit those switches what
    do they actually go to
    hmm got to figure this out what about
    what's down here
    uh let's see
    oh wait i need to take off i don't need
    unstoppable shot on anymore sorry i
    don't know why i didn't take this off
    oh i swear i was gonna do the the 1300
    i like basketball makes you throw your
    grenades a lot further um
    i don't know man let's see
    obviously we're supposed to hit that and
    when i see a door down there
    oh that looks like something you might
    can shoot let me go back across
    i might get lost for a bit but this is
    kind of part of the experience i feel
    it is what it is now we got two spots
    ah there we go
    i don't know what that even goes to but
    i'll take it
    it was the one i saw down here though
    wait can you yo if i jump down here and
    i feel like you can go am i hitting a
    wall with that
    i can't tell
    i might go for it guys
    wish me luck
    yo this is sick
    what oh my
    there goes the flawless man
    i would pull me back up top uh no
    right so i got this area
    pretty easy i think i just hop down and
    it's supposed to work
    there you go nice all right let's make
    sure we don't break our ankles again
    uh what

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    hold on me hold on
    i don't like this room already
    what are we supposed to do
    oh my god are the walls closing all they
    hold on this is glowing maybe shoot that
    no i can't shoot it anymore i'm totally
    uh look around look around look around
    oh my god oh my god oh my god i'm gonna
    die here guys
    this is the end
    oh god gee yo it's like star wars
    that's crazy okay
    yeah maybe you gotta shoot all the
    things in the ground because once it
    covers them up
    you can't shoot them anymore uh for this
    maybe i should change my loadout
    but i'm not going to
    this is yes it's fun dude i like this a
    all right so right now hit the switch
    and then we're good to go the screams
    kind of worry me though
    look at the ground look uh
    slowly unveils them one there
    all the enemies aren't here now
    where is the other ones
    oh dude i shot three of them
    yo that was sick
    reminds me of like trevor from zero hour
    you know
    mr trash compactor that's awesome
    oh respawn restricted oh my god
    who's that oh yeah oh i got a void head
    cannon how convenient
    probably should put on well for this

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    do i have time to change probably not
    that music is thumping right now
    i could just kind of punch those guys i
    don't think about that
    it seems like the common enemy
    aboard this ship
    is the one that came out when forsaken
    dropped think it's kind of cool how it
    all and
    the fact that this was on the tangled
    shore i kind of had a feeling it was
    either this or hive
    all right so far so good we got like a
    boss enemy in here somewhere
    all right you're dead
    i think we're good we must not
    forward guardian i've pieced together
    another of armstart's records
    it reads tragedy of silence
    he tore the wilting failures apart
    the connection is strong but the
    darkness does not speak through them
    an ocean without wind even the light
    bearer could not coax it
    to awaken
    i don't like this room it's too dark
    down here
    all right um
    this is cool
    okay hold on we got to get a like a
    chokepoint or something because
    we're gonna be surrounded by enemies we
    gotta be careful
    dude 120 hand cannons are so good right
    rampage times three let's go baby

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    usually when i play this game i actually
    have the music and the uh dialogue and
    all that stuff it's zero because i
    play like competitive and all that but
    for this i want to just embrace myself
    in the uh
    oh god
    well i mean
    so the scorn it just seemed to be
    overrun in this ship basically which is
    you know the type of race they are
    always like them in the fallen are just
    that oh god
    oh my god it's i'm stuck back here
    i'm totally gonna die here hold on be
    whoever did the soundtrack for this game
    give them a raise baby uh
    score are pretty scary in numbers like
    man it's uh
    oh yeah let me just to tap this guy with
    the anarchy and run
    how's he doing down there
    do a little more damage when you hop in
    the well
    oh there's two he's gonna die with one
    oh hold on
    i could have stayed in the well but the
    swords kind of scared me a little bit
    yo this is crazy and it's respawn
    i mean i'm surviving as much as i can
    i kind of like being up top though not
    sure the best
    point of uh
    i don't know we'll see let's get back up
    keep burning because that's stuff to
    keep putting these captains put those
    oh my god he's immune now

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    he has avoided
    white shield so i have to i have the
    right hand cannon for this
    the palindron also came back from d1 and
    i'm excited that uh
    i mean it's also good i was gonna open
    that would be kinetic though
    oh my god what am i doing
    heavy down there i really need that
    let's get back up here
    where'd he go
    he's directly like yeah he's right down
    here yep there he is
    hit him and run
    i don't know why i threw that there just
    ignore that ever happened
    oh my god
    okay we got to be careful here
    all right i should do it hopefully
    i don't get all the enemies yet though
    we did it nice
    very well done wasn't too overwhelming
    why didn't they try to run
    let me do some really quick let me just
    probably should have done this earlier
    i don't need hand cannon or any of this
    stuff i i just feel like maybe i should
    have just done this initially
    targeting what i might think uh
    i mean for this maybe
    hold on increase your chance while you
    have a grenade launcher equipped
    i don't like that at all
    whatever let's go for it i just wanted
    to put the scavenger on to pick this up
    see if it actually okay plus nine yeah
    that's definitely a little bit more
    you know have some more ammo for
    whatever's up next i guess
    i love it doesn't tell you what to do oh
    wait the door right here is the door
    right here is closed so
    um we'll look around

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    anything back oh wait back in here maybe
    some panels back here let's check them
    um i don't know guys oh wait
    no that wouldn't be that wouldn't make
    sense or would it hold on maybe maybe
    you are supposed to go back outside
    can't pick up anything else uh let's try
    isn't this eerie man oh yeah this is the
    right way
    so guardian go bu
    this is so much fun i'm so glad so that
    this game
    needs this type of stuff i feel like
    like this coming out of nowhere
    this so most time quests like someone's
    your hour dropped and the whisper
    mission dropped
    it wasn't like when the season first
    started this is like a week after the
    season of the chosen launched
    i guess this is the right way i didn't
    see any other spots
    i'm just jumping around so i see an
    opening um
    but i think it's perfect because then
    you can like
    the element of surprise is there you
    know me
    oh no boss music
    other puzzle i wonder what these things
    like little things you can collect but i
    can't pick anything up
    oh wait we got a door right here that's
    blocked by we need that stuff
    those are a block two
    another puzzle okay
    up here maybe no
    hmm who knows man who knows
    god that hurts you so much
    what to do what to do
    we have this room right here and i'm
    kind of like
    not 100 sure that's just something up
    i can get
    no seems closed off
    there's nothing back up what about this
    door oh wait here's a panel
    nice uh
    then the only place that had the thing
    was that door we'll try running through
    see what happens
    it reminds me of the stuff from

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    you get like when you it's like in the
    maze with the dogs or the beasts or
    whatever they are
    oh no hold on
    hopefully we're not gonna die okay okay
    uh but yeah you have to get the essence
    to be able to do more more damage to the
    actual dogs and i thought it was pretty
    right they're like dogs or beasts i
    guess is what they consider
    with scary screams that have that little
    sword symbol or oh my god oh god
    wait what wait do i gotta go back and
    the other one and make it over here
    through that back area oh my goodness
    let's see what this does
    uh opened up that
    what does that do
    doesn't open that up
    maybe uh
    does it open up this door maybe this
    store has some stuff on the other side
    no oh wait
    wait it's back up
    so timed maybe
    okay all right that's what you're
    supposed to do
    that makes sense
    what what was the purpose of that then
    i've already hit all the switches here
    if i had to guess maybe
    we need that stuff again i don't know
    where uh
    maybe i have to run for it oh here we go
    here we go
    we didn't get it hold on i was too far
    away wait there we go
    this is so such a bad decision here we
    i think i'm going the right way i could
    be wrong

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    immune what the wrong oh they must be
    behind that thing
    i don't think they all have void chills
    it's like void and arc i haven't seen
    any solar i don't think
    like these captains seem to be all void
    all right get all anarchy to the rescue
    let's see we can do here
    what does that do
    oh oh dude i i didn't i didn't know what
    that was i was like
    the floor just fell off from under me
    died more to misadventures than anything
    i wonder if there's a thing to solo this
    sorry i just banged my elbow on my desk
    we didn't hear it all right let's see
    what we got um
    wait can you go down there
    wait what oh wait you know what it's
    just like a trap basically
    a trap door i don't think it's i don't
    think it's meant to be anything
    it's pretty insane uh how this kind of
    came out of nowhere
    because it could have been like a raid
    or something too but it's i mean they
    did a really good job with this whole
    all right down here seems to be the only
    way and we're not going down there never
    what do we do what do we do we got to
    get that stuff so we can go down
    let's check right here
    nope okay this is attached to something
    if it's flickering right there and it's
    covered up
    oh god i haven't seen a scorpius since
    all right
    did we get it we didn't get it there we
    running running running here we go

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    i don't like this area at all man
    nice little maze down here okay
    dude they're down here with me no way
    i can't see anything
    this looks like the right way no it
    oh it's such a tight corridor man what
    are we supposed to do if they corners
    that's the pop pop well i guess oh we're
    not going there
    oh so down here there's probably the
    and then
    we gotta then make our way back there
    which i don't know how we're gonna
    remember that at
    all i can't see anything
    nothing okay i can't see anything yo
    i don't want supposed to do i don't
    supposed to get that oh this stuff right
    i think it's straight to the left here
    i could be wrong please be the right way
    please be the right way i think this is
    that was it yep has to be nice let's go
    wait we're back in the original room
    that was a waste what
    was the whole point of that then
    uh this is now
    open we need the essence which wasn't it
    back here right here
    or the link not the essence
    everything's creaking down here bro i
    don't like this
    abomination down here with us he should
    he should be down here in a minute

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    thanks to the old anarchy um
    i just saw a shadow wait is that
    something though
    way to see his switch right here i'm
    solid kept notes on experiments as well
    it seems that scorn exposed to the
    all suffered contiguous neuron death
    it consumed their mind all but one who
    spoke with many dead voices
    this survivor would become the
    centerpiece of their studies
    a door back there had three things
    over the top like three different out
    maybe one two and three
    i don't know this looks like it's
    attached to something else to get us
    power we're gonna probably get the buff
    from that door
    we gotta figure out where that is though
    nothing up top let's see this is the
    only one i saw
    unless it's like somewhere else i don't
    think that's the case though let's see
    okay we're not going back through there
    what about this thing
    it's glowing it's gotta be going for a
    reason right
    um it's a new one on me guys i don't
    quite see what you're supposed to do in
    this little spot
    i don't see the the thing anywhere like
    there's got to be more switches or
    stuff i can shoot like that right there
    you can't
    i don't know i do not know
    anything here no
    i kind of wonder like wait can i i can't
    run through there kenna
    oh yeah you're not being able to okay
    well cancel that we're stuck in two
    different areas
    we got the area back there we have to be
    like go up or something right
    it's gonna be like a vent in the wall or
    something around the edges
    we hit the switch what did this what did
    this even do
    ah here we go
    let's see that might maybe we just need
    the one thing for it
    no that's it okay
    all right here goes nothing
    i don't know if this is the right way to

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    go or not guys uh
    oh no oh god i already i was like i
    supposed to land on those but i was just
    like floating around
    i was kind of scared to be honest
    all right we're good figured it out at
    um let me go back up here and grab this
    just because i feel like it's gotta be a
    reason it's here right
    these you just jump on
    it's supposed to just take you where you
    need to go i guess
    ah okay that's what we're supposed to go
    it's like this all has to lead somewhere
    oh my god
    so that was just a trap okay so was the
    actually pointless there um
    we'll head back so we're gonna get this
    buff and then come back
    i think that's
    oh my god what did i just jump off i
    guess it's okay though i'll just respawn
    hopefully it puts me back over in the
    beginning because i can then just grab
    the buff
    i know exactly where to run now it's all
    about moving
    you get the the buff and then you just
    run for it
    seems to be kind of the theme of the uh
    secret mission here which it did not
    give that to me okay
    all right
    here we go
    oh no i did the wrong thing yo how are
    you supposed to make it over there that
    i got there's got to be something else
    i'm missing because
    i don't think i can get from over there
    to over here in that amount of time
    like it just seems unless there's like a
    shortcut i can take
    hmm ah wait a minute
    oh this buff does this open up something
    maybe oh that door in the middle is
    probably gonna have it too

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    all right that that makes more sense now
    well i'm gonna die
    all right sorry for the weird cut i
    actually saved my footage up to this
    point i didn't realize i've been playing
    for almost an hour
    uh i'm not sure what you're gonna see as
    far as the final video
    this has to be the stuff right wait what
    okay so now we're gonna instead of
    having to go
    all the way we're gonna just have to go
    to that one spot there okay gotcha
    you gotta be quick man
    please be the right way to go
    oh my god i'm an idiot don't do that
    brad you got this you got this
    nice let's get it
    wait why is there a rally flag right
    uh i don't like the way this feels
    putting a rally flag down is usually
    like a boss fight
    really i'm gonna guess respawn
    restricted here in a minute
    put this decrepit creature to rest
    wait is that the boss oh my god
    yo he's pissed giant scoring into me
    oh my god
    i got nowhere to hide it's
    oh my goodness uh there's got to be a
    thing i can
    run through maybe burning get out here
    get out here
    all solar shields too um
    so you can't run to that room
    we'll keep running around i guess
    okay this is i'm guessing this is the
    final fight can you go down here
    oh okay the boss is down there
    but how can i do damage hold on what
    is he right there oh he's immune
    oh i'm gonna die no gg boys
    ah all right you always pissed
    i like it all right we're good we're
    good i think we can do this
    i've got eight times though put this

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    decrepit creature
    so we're up top technically right now
    so he goes immune okay then it's just
    fine a bunch of scorn got you got you
    well this is going great already
    nobody wants to push me i got you
    i'm totally gonna die here this is a
    wrap boys
    let me go over here
    i don't like to the fact that they're
    solar i feel like maybe i should swap my
    load out a little bit for this
    because i think the trustee is solar i
    could use that
    it's not the only thing i have this
    solar though pull out the sun shot maybe
    i don't know
    okay even though it's not the same
    let me try this all right
    got him
    i think he was supposed to clear out ads
    i would put on the uh ariana's valve but
    the only problem with that is
    that i won't have the anarchy which i
    feel like is gonna be
    extremely useful for this boss fight
    which i don't know how you're supposed
    to damage the boss
    so we can go through here
    or burning though when we do that
    maybe let's scout this last enemy first
    and see what happens
    all right maybe he comes back up
    i don't know if maybe we're supposed to
    do something let me run in this room
    really quick and see
    i guess it's just like a little shortcut
    i think maybe i'm supposed to like hop
    down and do damage to him
    no he's immune
    how do we get him out of the immune
    immune phase i wonder so he likes being
    in the oh wait wait
    wait a minute
    oh little puzzle boss fight okay
    two switches over here once we clear all

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    the ads hit those maybe
    maybe is this one oh my god hold on
    i might die here guys what would i do
    without a healing rift what in the world
    maybe he comes back oh i can hop down
    there and damage him now
    how do you think he was right there
    let's go baby you want some of this he
    won't stop
    go get out of here brad jesus
    okay he's pissed he didn't like the
    right there
    oh my gosh you gotta do that three times
    it's a war of attrition kinda
    doesn't seem like it's going to be
    overly complex
    i think just focus on the ads at the top
    and then hop down there maybe to maybe
    play a little safer next time to tap
    with the anarchy
    and then run back up that that seems to
    be the uh
    better safer strat plus i'm almost gonna
    die here i gotta be careful
    that's why hunter recovery is too good
    come on dude
    all right nice killing rampage uh
    let's get these screams out of the way
    i don't want to waste anarchy on these
    all right um well that's a bunch of ammo
    here never mind
    some of it's from the finder come up
    from scav because one of them gave me
    four the other one gave me uh
    okay it's like wave two or whatever
    all right it seems like the seems like
    the right thing now
    we should be all right match this one
    once we do all three you see the floor
    will like change color so it's not
    warm down there anymore i guess
    this middle one though is kind of scary
    because you got to put down like a rift
    and there's usually an enemy in here
    which i don't really understand why

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    oh dear uh i don't know where homeboy is
    all right anarchy is doing some work
    oh he's right there
    um go to the other side
    the continual ads is kind of scary i'm
    by myself too so it's like
    i'm a little bit nervous
    i think i got two on him
    try to get him to the immunity phase
    which i did not successfully do just now
    all right one more tap of the anarchy
    should put him
    oh he's using me now all right another
    way vietnamese here we go heat's back on
    let's get in our little corner over here
    and hold it down baby
    oh my god i didn't see this thing
    yo you take a lot of damage in here too
    like that
    like i could go for that one first
    i kind of wonder uh there's anything
    after this
    i can see this being the final area

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    hold on i feel like this guy's gonna
    that gun he has is insanely
    we'll get some more enemies let's go
    baby let's go baby
    kind of fun uh soloing stuff in this
    i've always been a fan of uh
    a good challenge you know it's not
    overly difficult
    but for the uh it's the average player i
    you should be able to do it you know you
    know the one thing i will say like uh
    well i forgot what i was actually about
    to say i had it and i lost it
    it's like the pit of heresy but
    everything's been i feel like
    that stuff would be harder to so this i
    feel like this was more built for
    you could solo it if you wanted to you
    know let's go to the other side i'm
    going to keep her i'm going to keep
    everything the same since we made it
    this far because if i die i got to redo
    all three phases again
    all right
    here we go
    i didn't put the thing i thought i did i
    guess it just
    it didn't happen i don't know
    where's he was he up here
    i don't see him down there unless he's
    on the other side
    hold on let me go check
    no he's still scary
    well a radiance for the win baby
    all right get these ads cleared up kind
    of take it slow against them
    all right hopefully that's all the ads
    for now

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    i'm guessing more will pop up in a
    minute but i wanted to just kind of be
    cautious you know
    that's kind of a cool way to do damage
    i'm guessing there's more yep more
    enemies here we go
    y'all he's so hurt one more and i'll get
    i guess if you had three players have
    somebody stay up tight and
    clear ads we'll see if that's everybody
    i should do it let me hop down and
    see what happens
    uh where's he
    oh i saw him in the back all the way in
    the back
    i go i'll go to this other side right
    here he was closer to this spot anyways
    i think if i just one tap him honestly
    he'll be good
    yep he's done 100
    the glycon guardian it's anomaly
    too many spawn for an active guardian in
    place of each world the darkness stole
    at the edge of our heliopause kallus
    meant to commune
    with the darkness
    faint traces of light
    that thing was a guardian
    way too late far
    too late take the rifle
    it was offered was it not better in your
    hands than left for another
    i'll speak to savala about authorizing
    exploratory outings
    if we can recover our lost friend's
    we may learn more of how he died
    return to the city we must assess
    our findings
    that was really awesome i don't know
    what happens now
    i'm waiting for like a mission complete
    or something before i
    leave here they return orbit i mean
    did i get anything
    uh there we go something just there we
    go new step
    nice all right completed yeah i got the
    seal and everything or the

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    triumph let's go speak with zavala again
    that was amazing hey i'm surprised i was
    able to solo it though i i heard it was
    tough but
    it wasn't too bad i think as long as you
    just play smart
    the puzzle part was the what would have
    taken the longest you know because i was
    shooting vents i got stuck a few times
    final boss fight i think i did i get it
    on the first try
    i don't know if i did or not it's a long
    phase because you get the immunity face
    start you get him a little bit of damage
    and he goes down
    and then after that you got three bars
    of health you have to go through
    really fun really glad i was able to
    experience this with you guys for the
    first time
    um probably one of the better missions
    i'm going to say i like the better than
    zero hour and whisper
    i thought both those were excellent
    missions but i just felt like this one
    just top notch man we're gonna try out
    the the weapon we get as well
    i haven't used it yet i mean obviously i
    don't have
    oh it's uh oh it's a scout rifle okay i
    thought i heard it was a bolt action
    all right the voice on the other side
    attacks mechanics of all admires
    the rifles craftsmanship this rifle was
    a custom craft
    this creation was never reported to the
    vanguard after a moment of hesitation
    holds the rifle if it doesn't exist and
    there's nothing to
    confiscate so long as it's in good hands
    oh that's kind of a cool way to put it
    zavala smiles a smile fades as his face
    turns grim
    the discoveries were troubling keep me
    in front of any developments nice
    let's try it out man oh it's kinetic
    let's go baby
    yo let's check it out tell me you have
    now let me put that on let's go shoot it
    really quick
    let's go test this out shall we
    and i think after that i'll wrap i'll
    actually take you to europa we haven't
    oh they put a landing spot up top let's
    go baby
    that was a season 13 change by the way
    because i think in beyond light they had
    two at the bottom
    and everybody was like can we please get
    another landing zone and they added it
    let's check this thing out man let's see
    what we got i'm going to lock it up
    okay so it's got oh it's got a random so
    this is going to be kind of like the
    hawk moon if you look right here
    um hawkmoon i think where quickdraw is
    it like a random set i could get the
    catalyst for that um this can get random
    roses too
    so it's a 120 round per minute what is
    this one
    let me put on these two scouts and i'll
    show you the difference
    the trustee here it is
    go look at that range what in the world
    feels nice to have earned this you know

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    is it fully auto no it's not okay it's a
    bolt action yo it's
    really nice lever action
    somebody else is using it too i bet this
    thing with cooking pvp
    i haven't i haven't really used a scout
    much on there
    yo the rain for a 120 look out like the
    rate of fire right
    oh what does that perk do cranial spike
    wait what intrinsic traits here we go
    chaining precision hits grants bonus
    damage a quickness reload okay
    it's kind of like rapid hit
    times two and it gives you damage too
    reloads two at a time so it's like rapid
    hit rampage kind of in one perk
    and you're not getting precision on
    shanks but get the idea
    that's really nice and you got the
    trustee from the raid which looks
    insanely good fully auto
    doesn't hit hard enough uh as far as
    the impact on those two i don't think
    would be similar
    yeah this is really nice i can see it
    being good i don't know what the cast is
    going to bring but
    the catalyst uh doesn't have it on there
    but whenever that's available i would i
    would imagine that
    what would you want on this quick draw
    maybe box breathing mate no that
    wouldn't make sense
    something cool i don't know anyways that
    is it for this video
    again thank you bunji for sponsoring
    this if you guys want to know more about
    beyond light and season of the chosen
    uh just click the link and ship the very
    very top of the description
    this is a long video thank you guys for
    joining me on it
    and i guess i'll see you in the future
    take it easy guys

    Destiny 2 Beyond Light Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Solo Presage Exotic Quest Gameplay Walkthrough in Season of the Chosen (Season 13).


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    1. Hope all of you are doing well lately fam. I got a lot of content on the horizon but I'm just taking it easy right now. Thanks for all the support each and every video! I had a lot of fun doing this solo and this is definitely one of my fav missions Destiny 2 has done.

    2. Always try to avoid assuming things about people,or in general,about what i don't know,but you caught me off guard with this video.Somehow i assumed you only played singleplayer games…Damn me for breaking my assume rule 🙁
      But it was in a very good way,watching you playing my main game made me sure that you are an excellent video game player,besides that,you reiterate what i already think about you,has a content creator,a good person.Wish you all the best in your life,you deserve it,and i'm sure,i'm not assuming nothing but the truth here.Was a pleasure watching you nailing the Presage quest solo,no mods and commenting on it along the way.
      Wish all good people in this world are okay (unfortunately,the virus isn't selective),greetings from Portugal,Carpe Diem.
      P.S.-I think this video requires a follow up,Presage Master,for the masterwork,you are allowed to use mods… 😉

    3. Oh, Brad, there was one point in the video where you mentioned that the armor you were wearing was going to be sunset. Good news, they are removing sunsetting from the game. So you are now able to keep the armor that you are wearing. Two more things: Transmog is coming next season, meaning you are able to turn any piece of armor into a universal ornament. Witch Queen has been delayed to early 2022. Just in case if you don’t know.

      Edit: For my solo runs, this is what I use.
      Bottom Tree Voidwalker, Bad Juju, First In Last Out Slug Shottie, Code Duello. Since there are a lot of ads in the final encounter, I can proc Devour and constantly heal myself for being aggressive.

    4. Can we just appreciate how Brad did the puzzle way faster than any of us did in our first time guessing it now thats some destiny experience right there.Also Brad hook us up with the occasional Destiny video just to see how you are doing


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